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The answer is supposed to be 15

I Think of a number. If i subtract 8 from it and multiply the difference by 3 the result is 21. What is the number i am thinking of?

How many 10 bills are the same as Ten 1 bills

24.0g CH4 * 1mol CH4/16.04gCH4 * 1mol O2/1molCH4 = 1.5 MOL O2

Algebra 2
Coordinate for y is -2 and for x its 10.5

pre calculus

what % of 480 is 270?

$63 is what % of $84?

66 2/3% of what number is 76.2

33 1/3% of what number is 26.5?

The tires of a car make 58 revolutions as the car reduces its speed uniformly from 92 to 33 . The tires have a diameter of 0.86 . What was the angular acceleration of the tires? If the car continues to decelerate at this rate, how much more time is required for it to stop?

A cooling fan is turned off when it is running at 880 . It turns 1300 revolutions before it comes to a stop. What was the fan's angular acceleration, assumed constant? How long did it take the fan to come to a complete stop?

East Battle Lake in Minnesota covers an area of about 1950 acres or 8.5X10^7 square feet and its average depth is about 3.2x10^1 feet. a. Estimate the cubic feet of water in the lake. (hint: Volume=area x average depth.) b. One cubic foot of water equals about 7.5 gallons. How...

Suppose f(x) = x ^ 4 – 4x ^ 2 + 6, and g(x) = 3x ^ 3 – 8x. Prove, via the Intermediate Value Theorem, that the functions intersect at least twice between x = –2 and x = 4.

Algebra (HELP)
To buy both a new car and a new house, Tina sought two loans totalling $319,531. The simple interest rate on the first loan was 2.7%, while the simple interest rate on the second loan was 2.6%. At the end of the first year, Tina paid a combined interest payment of $8334.15. ...

wha are the relative numbers of h3o+ and oh ions in an acidic, a basic, and a neutral solution?

English Essay Writing MS Sue please check
Ok this is what I have please let me know what you think thanks so much for your help Hi Cuz, I gald that you have move close by to me. The last time we spoke you had mentioned that you were looking for a job.Now I know that you have only worked as a cashier at that department...

English Essay Writing please help
please let me kmow if you have any ideas thanks

English Essay Writing
I was wondering if I could please get some help. I am having trouble with this Essay. thank you very much for your help in advance Ok this is the scenario.. Your favorite cusin has moved to your area and is looking for a job. Since she had previously worked only as a cashier ...

I am havve problem's with math.*_*