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Calculate the pH after 0.010 mol gaseous HCl is added to 250.0 mL of each of the following buffered solutions: a. .050 M NH3/.15 M NH4Cl b. .5 M NH3/ 1.5 M NH4Cl

Honors Chemistry
molarity = moles/liter 3moles/liter = 1.8 moles/xliter cross multiply =.6 liter

40 miles

density = mass / volume if you don't change the amount or add weight, then it has no affect on the density.

Mass measures the amount of matter in an object. Volume is the amount of space something takes up. Density is the amount of matter is in a certain volume. D=M/V

Social Studies
Christians don't consider any sites along the Jordan River holy

World History
Muhammad was a trader. He traveled everywhere which made it easy for his religion to spread because he brought it with wherever he went.