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physical science
what is the electric force of attraction (in newtons) between a proton and an electron? assume the distance between them is 5*10 negetive11 meter

pls help. A weak acid HA (pKa = 5.00) was titrated with 1.00 M KOH. The acid solution had a volume of 100.0 mL and a molarity of 0.100 M. Find the pH at the following volumes of base added and make a graph of pH versus Vb: Vb = 0, 1, 5, 9, 9.9, 10, 10.1, and 12 mL.

math fair
My school is having a Math fair using the strands. we are to make the project fun. I need to know how and what to do. I need help! my email is

Business English
How do i convince my supervisor that this change is cost effective and also convince my employee that it's necessary and to their benefit?

Business English
What are two or three solution that might improve the efficiency of my office What does each solution involve and how much work and money is required to introduce that change How exactly does each change solve the problem? which is the best solution at this time? why?

Business English
Ms. Sue, thank you

Business English
How long has this situation been going on

Business English
Help Please, it's my first time using you system today. I am not very good at Business English. I have to write a short argument to my supervisor to convince her to accept the changes that will improve productivity in my office. Background Your office manager, Daisy Miller...