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The equation (x + 6)2 + (y + 4)2 = 36 models the position and range of the source of a radio signal. Describe the position of the source and the range of the signals.

A sample of Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) has a concentration of 5.00 %(m/v). Determine the molar concentration of the solution.

Algebra 2
2(x-2) 2(180-2)=360-4=356

What are the vertical and horizontal asymptotes of y=(4/x-3)+2

6 grade math

language arts
It also affects the way in which one family relates to another, to the neighborhood, and to the community. What correction should be made to this sentence?

carrie says that one solution to y=3x-5 is (4,7).Describe two ways to check if her statement is true.use at least one way to check her answer.

Chemistry (Stoichiometry)
Thank you very much

Chemistry (Stoichiometry)
Two students react 15.50g of Lead (II) nitrate with 3.81g of sodium chloride. Predict the mass of the excess reactant left over when the reaction is complete.

there are 8 cards, five are black and three are white.The question is " Find the probability of icking a black than white card. HELP PLEASE!!!!

College Geometry
In discussing Frieze Groups it was assumed that there is a smallest positive translation along the axis. All translations for the pattern form a subgroup. Consider the axis to be the Reals and G to be a subgroup under +. Look at the infimum T of all strictly positive elements ...

Inverse of 275? I think it's -275, but I am not sure.

Physics Help
Does atomic excitation occur in solids as well as in gases? Yes or No and Why?

For the arithmetic series 13+19+... a. find tsub27 b. find Ssub27 c. if tsubn = 445, find n

Math algebra
Write the following as a sum and/or difference of logarithms log((∛x^2+1)/(x^2-1))

What is the [CrO4] in a 2.5 L saturated solution of lead (II) chromate to which 0.05 mol Pb(NO3)2 is added?

Actually S=12 L=10

Chemistry help!
Hi! In practice, why is the volume of oxygen obtained from the electrolysis of water LESS THAN half the volume of hydrogen obtained? I'm guessing it might have to do with gases escaping? Help!

sin^4t-cos^4t/sin^2t cos^2t= sec^2t-csc^2t i have =(sin^2t+cos^2t)(sin^2t+cos^2t)/sin^2tcos^2t then do i go =(sin^2t+cos^2t)/sin^2tcos^2t stumped

Pre-Calc help NOW PLEASE!!!
Evaluate the expression under the given conditions. tan(A+B); cosA=-1/7, A in quadrant 3, sinB=1/2, B in quadrant 2.

Which of the following will cause a greater amount of oxygen to dissolve in 100 g of water?

thank you so much!

A liquid was analyzed to be 54.5% C, 9.10% H, and 36.4% O. An empty flask, whose mass was 45.32 g, when filled with the vapor of the liquid at 735mm Hg and 99.2°C had a mass of 46.05 g. The volume of the flask was found to be 263.2 mL. empirical formula -> C2H4O What is...

Pre-Calc !!!
Prove the identity. 2tanx/1+tan^2x=sin^2x

A closed container has a mixture of methane, CH4, ethane C2H6, and propane C3H8. If 12.5 g of methane, 36.0 g of ethane, and 14.0 g of propane have a total pressure of 890. mm Hg, what is the partial pressure of each of the gases in the container?

College Comp II
What is the meaning & how did you figure it out? thanks March for a One Man Band by David Wagoner He’s *a boom a blat* in the uniform Of an army *tweedledy* band *a toot* Complete with medals *a honk* cornet Against *a thump* one side of his lips And the other stuck with...

Comp II
Need to write a 1000 word essay about this, but I can't figure out what the poem is even about. What is the meaning & how did you figure it out? thanks March for a One Man Band by David Wagoner He’s *a boom a blat* in the uniform Of an army *tweedledy* band *a toot* ...

What is this poem's meaning and how did you understand it? March for a One Man Band by David Wagoner He’s *a boom a blat* in the uniform Of an army *tweedledy* band *a toot* Complete with medals *a honk* cornet Against *a thump* one side of his lips And the other ...


the only chromate used was the amount present in 1mL of Mohr's indicator. Does it matter if no addition chromate was added?

Using the total volume at endpoint (51.98mL) and the fact that the concentration of CrO4 ^2- due to Mohr's indicator is 0.26 M, find the actual concentration of CrO4^ 2- at the endpoint (or at the instant just before Ag2CrO4 begins to form). Any help I am completely lost ...

What is the number of revolutions in a 450pi radians


31 lbs of bananas cost $248. How much would 40 lbs cost?

A rectangular loop of wire, L = 26.2 cm and W = 15.4 cm, carries a I1 = 1.83 A current and lies in a plane (d = 13.6 cm), which also contains a very long straight wire carrying a I2 = 10.5 A current. I used this equation: F1+F2 = mu0*I1*I2*0.262/(2pi)*(1/0.136-1/0.290)=2.57*10...

All Sub
Yeah im talking about grades.

All Sub
If you have 21 questions and you miss 2 whats your score? How do you find out?

rectangle a is similar to smaller rectangle b. the scale factor is 5/3. if the area of rectangle a is 150 square inches, what is the area of rectangle b?

Physics - Static Forces
Blocks 1 & 2 are connected by a string. Block 1 is on an incline & has a mass of 5.4kg. Block 2 is hanging from the string & has a mass of 2.1kg. The coefficient of friction is 0.22 between all surfaces. 1: What is the minimum angle "theta" can be while keeping the ...


Use Euler's method with step size 0.2 to estimate y(1), where y(x) is the solution of the initial-value problem y'=5x+y^2, y(0)=-1 y(1)=

cal 2
Use Euler's method with step size0.4 to estimate y(2) , where y(x) is the solution of the initial-value problem y'=5x+y^2, y(0)=1. Y(1)=

English 11
Thanks Roscoe if these are true...

a 75w and 50 w incandescent light bulbs are designed fot use with the same voltage. what is the ratio of the resistance of the 75- w bulb to the resistance of the 50 w bulb?

the elecric potential at a certain point is space is 12 V. What is the electric potential energy of a -3.0uc charge placed at that point? is it +36uj?

A -4.0UC charge is located 0.45m to the left of a +6.0uc charge. what is the magnitude and direction of the electrostatic force on the positive charge?

I have a Question about The Merchant of Venice By william shakspear. What are Some promises made in the stor??? Please help!

For the next three problems, evaluate each expression if x = −2, y = 4, and z = −3. (4 − 2x)−2 (y − z)−3 (x − 5y)0

Rewrite using only positive exponents: x−5y3. ??

Write an expression for the volume of a rectangular prism if the length is 5 feet shorter than some x amount, the width is 3 feet longer than x, and the height is x feet.

(-5,-2,) end point (-7,-5) mid point, how do I find another end point?

Spanish-Thank you Srs JMcGin and Ricardo8th grade
Sra, Thank you for responding. I use spanishtypeit to do accents but I actually forgot the accents in both words above Thank you again and thank you Ricardo also for responding

Spanish-8th grade
Thank you Ricardo-it was a spelling mistake with te should be de but I see where I made the other mistake. Thanks again.

Spanish-8th grade
I'm having a problem answering some questions we're learning about shopping and stuff like that so could someone check these please. 1. ¿Qué buscas cuando vas te compras? Busco variedad de cosas cuando voy me compro. 2. ¿Quien es la persona mas de ...

A rectangular block of lead with dimension 43 cm x 53 cm x 63 cm is melted to mould spherical balls of 3 cm radius. How many balls are made? (Round your answer to the nearest whole number and take Pi as 3.14)

algebra 2
Graph the function f(x) = –3x^3 + 9x^2 – 2x + 3 using graphing technology and describe the end behavior

I need help with finding the theoretical yield of Mg(s) + 2HCl(aq) → MgCl2(aq) + H2(g). So far I have 24.305 + 37.4688 = 61.7738 g based on the weight of MgCl2 + H2, but I'm not exactly sure what to do or if I've even started it properly. Also, if you could help ...

Solve Cos^2(x)+cos(x)=cos(2x). Give exact answers within the interval [0,2π) Ive got the equation down to -cos^2(x)+cos(x)+1=0 or and it can be simplified too sin^2(x)+cos(x)=0 If you could tell me where to go from either of these two, it would be great help.. Thankyou ...

Identify two distinct fallacies you see committed in the media.

Algebra 2
My question involves "Graphic Representation of Radicals of the Second Order" I know that the length of the hypotneuse of a right triangle equals the square root of the sum of the lengths of the two legs. The problems I'm having trouble with are the square roots ...


3. Answer the following questions: For each question show a balanced chemical equation and show all calculation for full credit. a. Assume that you had 100 nuts (N) and 75 bolts (B). How many NB molecules could you make by screwing one nut onto each bolt?

consumer math
6. These items were on Cyril's last credit card statement. Last Balance Payment Periodic Rate New Charges $567.18 $120.00 1.56% $45.17 What is his new balance? (Points : 1)

i come u face???

Biphenyl, C12H10, is a nonvolatile, nonionizing solute that is soluble in benzene, C6H6. At 25 °C, the vapor pressure of pure benzene is 100.84 torr. What is the vapor pressure of a solution made from dissolving 18.9 g of biphenyl in 26.4 g of benzene?

consumer math
23. Jeremy had a starting balance of $122.00 in his savings passbook. He made these transactions: Deposits of $68.52 and $46.35; Withdrawals of $95.00 and $20.50; Interest $1.50. What is his final balance? (Points : 2) $125.22 $120.22 $112.22 $122.87 24. Banks pay interest on ...

When 4.73 g of a nonelectrolyte solute is dissolved in 965 mL of water at 28 °C, the resulting solution exerts an osmotic pressure of 945 torr. What is the molar concentration of the solution? How many moles of solute are in the solution? What is the molar mass of the solute?

What probability value should be used for determining whether the modified process results in a defect rate that is less than 6%. I got part a and b of the question but I am completely lost on what this is asking me. Can anyone help?!?

US Government
Doing my homework!

When do you put the suffix (g) after a compound?

the answer is the standard deviation is 6 but i don't know how to get that

the distribution of scores on a test is mound shaped and dsymmetric with a mean score of 78. if 68 percent of the scores fall between 72 and 84, what is the stand deviaition

csc(θ) / cot(θ)

Use a ratio identity to find tan(θ) if given the following. sin=6/sq rt 37 and cos 1/sq rt 37

Find the remaining trigonometric ratios of θ if sin(θ) = -1/6 and θ is not in QIII cos tan cot csc sec

Give the reciprocal of the following. 7/15

If sin(θ) = 8/17 and θ terminates in QI, find cos(θ)

Find y if the point (7, y) is on the terminal side of θ and cos(θ) = 7/25

A certain substance has a heat of vaporization of 34.65 kj/mol. At what kelvin temperature will the vapor pressure be 3.50 times higher than it was at 331 k?

5th grade math
A pair of shorts would cost 12 dollars. I solved it by setting the two equations equal to one another. 2T+2S+42=T+3S+45 Minus 42, minus t, minus 2S gives: T=S+3 So you know S is 3 more than T. Then just trial and error solve to get shorts are 12 dollars and tshirts are 9.

In parallelogram ABCD, BC = 8, DC = 12, and measure of angle D is 50 degrees. Find the area of the parallelogram to the nearest tenth.

A piece of metal with a mass of 1.9 kg, specific heat of 200 J/kg ◦ C, and initial temperature of 100 ◦ C is dropped into an insulated jar that contains liquid with a mass of 3.9 kg, specific heat of 1000 J/kg ◦ C, and initial temperature of 0 &#...

Algebra II-Please check
I'm sorry the computer jammed on an earlier post and I couldn't do anything-so here is the problem I need asistance with Please check and offer advice-I'm NOT SURE IF I USED CORRECT FORMULAS-thank you the problem is List the center, vertices, and foci of hyberbola ...

algebra-Please recheck this
I think I did the vertices and foci incorrect This is a verticl hyperbola, correct? So formula for vertices would be (h, k+-a)=(8,2+-6)=(8,8) (8,-4) Foci should be c^2 = a^2 + b^2 8^2 + 2^2 = 64+36 c=10 foci=(8,2+-10) (8,-8) (8,12)

AlgebraIIPlease check-sorry my computer jammed
I'm sorry the computer jammed and I couldn't do anything- the problem is List the center, vertices, and foci of hyberbola for following equation: (y-2)^2/36 - (x-8)^2/64 = 1 b=6 a=8 Center(8,2) Vertices=(h,k+b) (h,k-b)=(8,8) (8,-4) Foci =(h +-c,k) c^2 = a^2 + b^2 c^2...

¯3 x 5 + ¯36 ÷ ¯3 -- ¯7 — 10 + 6 x ¯8 ÷ ¯24 —1 =

algebra 1
formula A=P(1+r)^t An account earning interest at a rate of 4% has a principal of $500,000. If no more deposits or withdrawals are made, about how much money will be in the account after five years?

penn foster Main ideas
Both Greta and Fred were on the bus that arrived in Pittsburgh. Fred was glad to be home. He looked forward to visiting with old friends. Greta, on the other hand, dreaded seeing her old boyfriend. She already missed her days in New York City. 16. What can you most safely ...

algebra 1
The midpoint of XY is point M(-12,5). If the coordinates of X are (3,-3), what are the coordinates of Y?

Frances sells greeting cards. The materials for a card cost $2.40, and she will include an 80% markup. What is the selling price of each card?

6meter west




Electric Power Tools
just checked you answers, 100% correct

9. Assume the weight, W, of a randomly selected adult has a normal distribution with a mean of 175 pounds and a standard deviation of 10 pounds.. Find the probability, P(W < 190), that a randomly selected adult weighs less than 190 pounds.

Pre Calculus
Newton's law of cooling T(t)= Tm + (To-Tm)e^-kt, k >0\ Evaluate T(0). Simplify and explain the result I'm very confused on how to do this, i think i will be able to explain the result but if you could help me simplify this that would be great, Thank you very much.

I get the second one, but the first I don't. What identity are you using for the first to get from line one to two?

Getting ready for trig semester finals. Can't figure out how they are simplifying these equations. (these are the review not actual test) tanx-sqr3=2tanx and 2sin^2+sinx=0

C. A small force over a long time period. With the small force being divided by a larger number (time), it will have the least momentum.

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