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  1. math

    Find the equation of the line of best fit for the points (-4,10) (-1,5)(2,-1)(3,-6)(5,-7)
  2. Math

  3. Math

    so the answer is 47.1 right
  4. Math

    oh ok
  5. Math

    oh so i do half of 15 then multiply 3.14
  6. Math

    So do i multiply 30 by 2?
  7. Math

    "You have to figure it out then she says if your right or not. She can't just give you the answer." Oh okay i understand
  8. Math

    What does the r^2 stand for?
  9. Math

    "I'll be glad to check your answer." What do you mean about that?
  10. Math

    Micah has a new remotely controlled car that has a circular range with a radius of 30 feet. What is the area of the circular range?
  11. Chemsitry

    A student reacts 0.506 grams of aluminum with excess KOH and H2O according to reaction one from the lab manual.   2Al + 2KOH +6H2O ---> 2K[Al(OH)4]+3H2 Enter your answers in numerical format. How many moles of aluminum was reacted? How many moles of K[Al(OH)4...
  12. Chem 1C

    the hydrolysis of sucrose is a part of the digestive process. to investigate how strongly the rate depends on our body temperature, calculate the rate constant for they hydrolysis of sucrose at 35C given that k=1.0 mL/(mol*s) at 37C and that the Ea=108 kJ/mol
  13. Statistics

    Suppose that grade point averages of undergraduate students at one university have a bell-shaped distribution with a mean of 2.62 and a standard deviation of 0.43. Using the empirical rule, what percentage of the students have grade point averages that are at least 3.48? ...
  14. Math

    What is the work for the problem 61,125 divided by125
  15. math test help

    So what are the answers?
  16. math seriously help me

    Sally graphs the geometric sequence an = 2(3)n - 1 on a coordinate plane where she plots an on the y-axis and n on the x-axis. This graph is the same as the graph of which type of function? A) cubic B) linear <my answer C) quadratic D) exponential
  17. math

    Sally graphs the geometric sequence an = 2(3)n - 1 on a coordinate plane where she plots an on the y-axis and n on the x-axis. This graph is the same as the graph of which type of function? A) cubic B) linear <my answer C) quadratic D) exponential
  18. Psychology

  19. Finance

    I don know
  20. algebra

    find the periodic payments necessary to accumulate the amount given in a sinking fund. Assume end of period deposits and compounding at the same intervals as deposits. $70,000 in a fund 7% per year, monthly payments for 5 years Thank you your time is appreciated !
  21. Stoichiometry

  22. Geometry

    At a campground, a rectangular fire pit is 5 feet by 4 feet. What is the area of the largest circular fire that can be made in this fire pit? Use 3.14 for ?. Round to the nearest square inch.
  23. AP CHEM

    I think it is 6
  24. Math

    On friday,a cold front came through the city at 8am that dropped the outside temperature at an average rate of 2 degrees every half hour. Which integer represents the change in temperature from 8am to 11am
  25. math

    So it would be 5s+15s+5s=575?
  26. math

    Two cars leave Kansas City at the same time. One car is moving east and the other west. After 5 hours, the cars are 575 miles apart. One car is traveling 15 miles per hour faster than the other. Let S = the speed of the slower car and F = the speed of the faster car. If one ...
  27. math-circles

    The area of two circles are in a ratio of 4:9. If both radii are integers, and r(1) - r(2) = 2, what is the radius of the larger circle?
  28. math

    In pallelogram, ABCD, E is the midpoint of DC, AE intersecs BD at point O, the area of triangle DOE is 12cm^2, what is the area of triangle AOB?
  29. triangles

    In triangle ABC, AB = 12, AC= 9, D is a point on AC, AD = 3. E is a point on AB, so that triangle ADE is similar to ABC, what is the length of AE? (two different answers)
  30. math

    two concentric circle with the ratio of radii as 2:3, what is the ratio of the area? thanks
  31. Math.

    two concentric circle with the ratio of radii as 2:3, what is the ratio of the circumferences
  32. Language Arts

    B A C and i got 100%
  33. Language Arts

    Homework help is right I got a 100%
  34. ELA

    Thanks @Girl got all the answers got a 100%
  35. Math

    A marine surveyor uses a rangefinder and a compass to locate a ship and an island in the vicinity of the coast on which she stands. The rangefinder indicates that the island is 379 ft from her position and the ship is 600 ft from her position. Using the​ compass, she ...
  36. math

    how many squares are there in a 3x3 geoboard? how many rectangles?
  37. financial math

    Rate: 7% Payments: 360 @ $665.31 Total Interest: $139,511.60 How much will be repaid for this loan? $ 239,511.60239,502.40100,000.00 What percentage of this total is total interest? What will be the average amount per payment for interest? $ 387.53385.51387.51
  38. College Algebra

    Scott, thanks man!
  39. College Algebra

    Find the formula for the EXPONENTIAL FUNCTION that satsifies the given conditions. f(0)=8 and f(1)=2.4 f(x)=_____
  40. Social studies

    What were protestants want to true friend and elation church called
  41. math

    Irrational Perimeter and a Rational Area of a rectangle. a can = b can = Or, if it's impossible, explain how. Help me I'm confused.
  42. math

    can you explain to me what you mean when you said you need "b" in the middle? thanks
  43. math

    The length of three line segments are a,b, and c respectively, and a=2/3b c=3/2b then a : c = ?
  44. math

    You are a genius! 15 is the last one.
  45. math

    Mistaken, I did 30 + 105 and thought it was 145 :P thanks for your help though.
  46. math

    That would be 145 degrees. 11 combinations in total! Thanks for your help Reiny, I appreciate it.
  47. math

    using two triangle rulers with angles of (30, 60, 90) and (45 , 45, 90) how many angles less than 180 degrees can be drawn?
  48. math

    Two angles are complementary to each other, if the ratio of the two angles is 3:2, then what is the difference of measures in degree of these two angles? please explain :(
  49. maths

    Find the measure of an angle with measure three times the measure of its supplement.
  50. math

    Find the measure of an angle with measure 8 less than the measure of its complement
  51. math

    The solution of x for equation a (bx - c) = d - (x + e) (a > 0 and b > 0) the answer is x = ac + d - e/ab + 1 How?
  52. math

    Find the experimental probability. Sheila drew single marbles from a bag, recorded the outcome, and replaced the marble. In 50 draws, Sheila drew 20 white marbles and 30 black marbles. What is the experimental probability that the next marble will be black? A.2/5 B.3/5 C.2/3 D...
  53. math

  54. english

    In the United States, cell phones are a very popular item. What are all VERBS both "Action" and "Be."
  55. science

    A ball of mass 0.5 kg is released from rest at a height of 30 m. How fast is it going when it hits the ground?
  56. Chemistry

    How many grams of perchloric acid are dissolved into 3.86 L of water, if the pH of the solution is 4.03.
  57. please help

    Two point charges are fixed on the y axis: a negative point charge q1 = -34 μC at y1 = +0.19 m and a positive point charge q2 at y2 = +0.32 m. A third point charge q = +8.9 μC is fixed at the origin. The net electrostatic force exerted on the charge q by the other ...
  58. Health

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  59. volume

  60. physics

    Argon is a monatomic gas whose atomic mass is 39.9 u. The temperature of eight grams of argon is raised by 95 K under conditions of constant pressure. Assuming that argon behaves as an ideal gas, how much heat is required?
  61. physics

    A mass m = 0.068 kg of benzene vapor (Lv = 3.94x105 J/kg) at its boiling point of 80.1°C is to be condensed by mixing with water at 45.0°C. What is the minimum mass of water required to condense all of the benzene vapor? Assume the mixing and condensation take place is...
  62. math

    How can you write an equation of two test scores 97 and 88
  63. math

    Given: 1 post=2 Yards Therefore, Dimensions are: Width= 4 Posts Length= 8 Posts Let p=post Width= 4p Length= 8p Since p=2yards, Width= 4(2 yards)= 8 Yards Length= 8(2 yards) 16 Yards
  64. Math

    Convert the fraction 4/5 to a fraction that is more flexible to work with: (1-4/5)=(5/5)-(4/5) (5/5)-(4/5)=1/5 Eating half of one fifth: Again, convert the fraction into something that is more flexible to work with. Here, the best thing to do is to make the numerator even. You...
  65. Math

    No my teacher didn't teach us this just gave it to us for homework
  66. Math

    Marisa says that reflecting a point across the x axis and then reflecting its image across the y-axis will produce the same final image as just reflecting the original point across the line y equals x is this true?
  67. Math

    The smallest package weighed only 1/3 more than 1/2 the weight of the heaviest package. If the two packages combined weighed 100 kilograms, how much did the smaller package weigh?
  68. math

    The answer is yes because the probability of the red pen is 25 percent(1/4). The percentage of the not red is 75 percent(3/4). The probability of the black pen is 75 percent(3/4). The probability of the not black is 25 percent(1/4). If you add these together you get 1, which ...
  69. Physics

    How much work does a 50 kg student to climb 3 meters high stairs
  70. Health

    Thanks yeilinn got a 100%
  71. physics

    As shown in the diagram, a bullet of mass 7.0 g strikes a block of wood of mass 2.1 kg. The block of wood is suspended by a string of length 2.0 m, forming a pendulum. The bullet lodges in the wood, and together they swing upward a distance of 0.40 m from the original position...
  72. Calculus

    I am standing on the roof of a building with a pea shooter, and I shoot a pea up into the air from a height of 80 feet. The pea reaches its maximum height 2 seconds after I shoot, then falls to the ground. Give the position of the pea as a function of time
  73. Statistics

    I have gotten the concept of probability but the following question has really stumped me. Help please. The probability that a tomato seed will germinate is 0.9. Estimate the probability that of 100 randomly selected seeds, at least 86, but no more than 91 of them will ...
  74. health

    Thanks JDog got a 100%
  75. math

    there are 5 pounds of apples in one bag. Make a table to show how many pounds of apples are in 6 bags
  76. math

    To date, Jay Ward has xumulative earnings of $ 107,600. This week he is paid $3,000. What is the total amount of Social Security tax for this week? Assume a rate of 6.2% on $110,100 for Social Security and 1.45% for Medicare.
  77. Finance

    Need Solution problem Nealon Manufacturing Company
  78. Social Studies

    thanks @skullcrusher95 got a 100%
  79. Match

    Describe two ways you could evaluate 37% of the sum of 27 3/5 and 15.9. Tell which method you would use and why.
  80. Match

    Describe two ways you could evaluate 37% of the sum of 27 3/5 and 15.9. Tell which method you would use and why. *
  81. trig

    Find the component form of v and sketch the specified vector operations geometrically, where u = 4i − j, and w = i + 5j. v = −u + w v = ( , )

    The price of a necklace is $15.99. if the salesperson earns 9% commission on their sales, how much commission is earned on the sale of the necklace
  83. Ela

    Don't know how to make them plural or singular possessive or plural possessive
  84. Ela

    Write each phrase below to make it a plural or singular possessive or plural possessive.the backpacks belonging to the girls,the covers of the bookd
  85. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of each solution given the following or values: a. [H3O+] = 1 * 10-8M b. [H3O+] = 5 * 10-6M c. [OH-] = 4 * 10-2M d. [OH-] = 8 * 10-3M e. [H3O+] = 4.7 * 10-2M f. [OH-] = 3.9 * 10-6M
  86. chem

    Please give the complete mechanism for the acid catalyzed addition of methanol to 3 - methylbutene
  87. physics

    A ball is projected upward at time t = 0 s, from a point on a flat roof 10 m above the ground. The ball rises and then falls with insignificant air resistance, missing the roof, and strikes the ground. The initial velocity of the ball is Consider all quantities as positive in ...
  88. physic

    Between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, several thousand small objects called asteroids move in nearly circular orbits around the Sun. Consider an asteroid that is spherically shaped with radius r and density 3000 kg/m3 . You find yourself on the surface of this asteroid and ...
  89. ELA Reading

    Lin is right I got a 100%
  90. Math

    x/(x+1) - 2/(x-1)= 1 I have been trying to solve it but I do not know the steps to solve it.
  91. Chemistry

    Can I know the molarity of acid rain?
  92. science

    In the cabin of a jetliner that cruises at 600km/h, a pillow from an overhead rack falls into your lap below since the jetliner is moving so fast, why doesn't the pillow slam into the rear of the compartment when it drops? What is the horizontal speed of the pillow ...
  93. Math

    144x+21x squared??
  94. algebra

    whats the difference between a 16 ounce brick and a carpenter?
  95. Lanuage Arts

  96. Math

    How to find the perimeter of a 10 step staircase
  97. geology

    1950 + 979 = 2929 1950 + 1843 = 3793
  98. ss

    Sb is dumb
  99. math

    Renee is a sales associate at a store. She earns $80 a week plus a 15% commission on her sales. Last week, she sold $200 worth of items. What is the total amount Renee earned for the week? How much did she earn from commission?
  100. math

    Two months ago, the mean daily rainfall in a local city was 9.4 cm. The mean absolute deviation was 3.5 cm. Last month, the mean daily rainfall in that city was 11.5 cm, and the mean absolute deviation was 1.6 cm. Which statement about the rainfall is true