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For a given box, the height measures 4 meters. If the length of the rectangular base is 2 meters greater than the width of the base and the lateral area L is 96 square meters, find the dimensions of the box.

-46 x -2 - (-42)x(-27)= 200 Is that correct?

Spanish-8th please check for errors
¿Cómo se llama tu maestro de español? Mi maestra se llama es Señora Johnston. Mi maestra se llama es Maestra Johnston.

Spanish-8th-Please check answers
1.¿Qué aprendas en la clase de español? Yo aprendo hablar y escribir en español. 2.¿Qué piensas hacer mañana? Pienso ir a una escuela. 3.¿Te gusta la escuela? Por qué? Sí, me gusta la escuela. Porque yo ...

Spanish6th grade
thank you

Spanish6th grade
What does the Spanish word cuate mean. I think it means best buddy but I'm not sure and I can't find it anywhere?

an electron is launched at a 30 degree angle with respect to the horizontal and a speed of 3.0*10^6 m/s from the positive plate of the parallel plate capacitor. THe plats of the capacitor are oriented horizontally. The electron lands 5 cm away from the point of release. a) ...