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  1. Math-trig

    So how do find the arcsec(-3)? secy = x secx = -3 1/cosx = -3 1 = -3cosx -1/3 = cosx Now what angle is this?
  2. Thank you Jiskha Teachers

    I just wanted to say thank you jiskha teachers for helping me get through 8th grade. My last day of school was yesterday and I'm going on to highschool next year. Thanks for helping work out, check, or help me solve any problems I couldn't get through, you all helped ...
  3. Math

    Thank you
  4. Math

    Janna is using a cone-shaped cup to fill a cylindrical container. The cup has the same height and radius as the container. How many times will she have to fill the cylindrical container? A. 1/3 B. 1 C. 2 D. 3 It didn't show the numbers for the radius or anything, I'm ...
  5. Math

    Thank you, Damon
  6. Math

    What are the coefficients in the polynomial 4x^2+3x-3? I'm not posting this to get the exact answer, I just need help on finding the coefficients. I'm not real good with polynomials, and I've been struggling a little. I just need explaining on how to find the ...
  7. Social Studies

    Which of the following were the cost of mining? Choose all that apply. A. Streams that were polluted and forests cut down B. permanent settlements began C. foreign miners were treated unfairly D. lawlessness and disorder were rampant I kinda don't really understand it, ...
  8. network basics

    4. What is the purpose of netstat?
  9. network basics

    1. Open the command line with Administrative privileges by right-clicking (RC) the Windows Start button. 2. Move to the root directory by typing CD\. Then create a folder with your last name: MD [LastName]> now move to the folder by typing: CD [LastName] (Note do not put ...
  10. network basics

    3. How do you find out the purpose of commands and their associated syntax?
  11. Science

    The inheritance of genetic traits from parents to children follows predictable rules. Knowing that each parent contributes genes equally to each child, what determines an inherited trait such as eye color? A) Only the interaction between dominant genes. B) Only the interaction...
  12. English

    my research paper is suppose to be 8- 10 I just need help writing it
  13. English

    I need help writing my essay for Wannacry
  14. Math

    Steve I am confused sorry what is the actual answer?
  15. Math

    Jennifer got a box of chocolates. The box is a right triangular prism shaped box. It is 7 inches long, and the triangular base measures 2 inches x 3 inches x 4 inches. What is the surface area of the box of chocolates?
  16. Algebra

    a. Do some research and find a city that has experienced population growth. Determine its population on January 1st of a certain year. Write an exponential function to represent the city’s population, y, based on the number of years that pass, x after a period of ...
  17. Science

    What is continental drift?
  18. History

    Which examines the relationship between the colonies and their imperial governments? The interdependent relationship between imperial powers and colonies was created through infrastructure and construction projects. Imperial powers used various forms of influence over their ...
  19. science

  20. Science

    OH!!! Your right so the answer is so obvious now. It s most likey compounds made by bonding atoms of known elements. Right?
  21. Science

    Scientists have discovered a new virus that is very different from any known viruses. What type of matter is the virus most likely made of? A)combination of protons and some atoms that have not been discovered so far. B)Combination of protons of differnt atoms that exists in ...
  22. Chemistry

    Calculate the rate constant at 200.°C for a reaction that has a rate constant of 9.20 × 10?4 s?1 at 90.°C and an activation energy of 59.7 kJ/mol.
  23. History

    Sorry Im confused about How it effected europe
  24. History

    Im confused about hoe of effecten europe
  25. History

    Please help And quick
  26. History

    How did magnetic Compass And porcelain effect life in europe? Im really confused help me Please!
  27. Math

    Thank you so much
  28. Math

    1: Goldbach's Conjecture is a famous conjecture that has never been proven true or false. The conjecture states that every even number, except 2, can be written as the sum of two prime numbers. For example, 16 can be written as 5+11. 1 a: Write the first six even numbers ...
  29. Math

    Thanks ms sue your Very helpful
  30. Math

    I meant to put Many
  31. Math

    Which question is an example of an statistical question? Ask all your friends,"What is your favoriet color?"(my anwser). Ask your teacher,"What college did you attend?" Ask one of your neighbors,"How Manu times do you eat pizza a month?"
  32. Math

    Sorry unknown but Im not sure
  33. geometry

    Ray BD bisects ?ABC so that m?DBC = (x + 6)° and m?ABD = (2x – 12)°. What is x?
  34. algebra

    How to solve 5x - 3y equals 0 to determine if x and y show direct variation?
  35. algebra 2 - minimum or maximum

    Show steps for 5x - 3y equals 0 to determine if this is a direct variation
  36. algebra 2 - minimum or maximum

    Sow steps for 5x - 3y equals 0 to determine if this is a direct variation
  37. Science helpppp

    Are you Sure Its right?
  38. Social Studies

    Im still need an anwser
  39. Social Studies

    For their part, native Americans introduced Europeans, Africans, and agent to new foods, customs, and ideas. After 1492, elements of native American ways of life gradually spread around the world. Sadly, disease also spread from the Americans to Europe and other parts of the ...
  40. math

  41. Geometry

    Which of the following describes the growth rate of the exponential function in the graph below?
  42. math

    Two sides of a triangle measure 25 cm and 35 cm.Which could be the third side.
  43. trig

    Suppose that ? is an angle in standard position whose terminal side intersects the unit circle at , ?15/17,?8/17
  44. Social studies PLEASE HELP!

  45. Social studies PLEASE HELP!

    1. What was one impact of the Iranian Revolution on the United States? a. Higher oil prices*** b. Increased terrorisim c. Increased taxes d. Increased military spending
  46. Geometry

    A mountain bike tire has a diameter of 26 inches. To the nearest foot, how far does the tire travel when it makes 32 revolutions?
  47. English Help!

    lol thx
  48. English Help!

    What is one of Carmody's main motives in this scene?
  49. History

    How were natural disasters linked with the Mandate of Heaven?
  50. Math

    Thirty six members of the middle school choir or 30% participated in the regional contest as shown in the model below
  51. Social

    CAN is correct for Connexus Unit 7 Lesson 5 global Challenges.
  52. Math1

    trinomials 7d^2 + 50d + 7
  53. Math1

    trinomials 2n^2 + 15n + 7
  54. College Algebra

    A goldsmith has two gold alloys. The first alloy is 30% gold; the second alloy is 80% gold. How many grams of each should be mixed to produce 50 grams of an alloy that is 68% gold? amount of 30% gold ______grams amount of 80% gold ______grams
  55. Math1

    C = 2~r solve for r
  56. Algebra 2

    On a cold winter night, Anna makes a cup of hot cocoa. When she takes the first sip, she realizes that the cocoa is too hot to drink. She drops a thermometer into the cup and discovers that the cocoa is 170° F. After 20 minutes, she tries again and the cocoa is still too ...
  57. Math1

    Y = 5.25
  58. Math1

    You buy a new computer for $2100. The computer is decreases by 5% annually. When will the computer have a value of $600? Y = a(1+r/n)^n(t)
  59. Math1

    furmula for 24*2 48
  60. Math1

    Bacteria can multiply at alarming rate when each bacteria splits into two new cells , thus doubling. If we start with only one bacteria which can double every hour , how many bacteria will have by the end of one day?
  61. Math1

  62. Math1

    In 1985, there were 285 cell phone subscribers in the same small town of Centerville. The number of subscribers increased by 75% per year after 1985. How many cell phone subscribers were in 1994?
  63. Math1

    P=6438 P=4%
  64. Math1

    The population of Winnemucca, Nevada , can be modeled by P=6191(1.040^t where t is the number of years since 1990. What was the population in 1990? By what percent did the population increase by each year?
  65. Math1

    was is the formula
  66. Math1

    y=100(1+.04)^x y=16777216
  67. Math1

    Find a bank account balance if the account starts with $100 , has an annual rate of 4% , and the money left in the account for 12Yrs. This is a Exponential growth word problem.
  68. Math help! Check my answers ASAP!

    wouldn't num 7 be 4,960? at the end of 3 years is earned $960 I know for a FACT that num 3 is C and that num 6 is plan B 1,040.00.
  69. Social studies

    My Name Isn't Important is 100% correct
  70. math

    a backpack is discounted 10% on sale for $37.80
  71. Statistics

    A physical fitness association is including the mile run in its secondary-school fitness test for boys. The time for this event for boys in secondary school is normally distributed with a mean of 450 seconds and a standard deviation of 40 seconds. If the association wants to ...
  72. math

  73. math

    thank you so much for your guidance
  74. math

    my question is Identify the percent of change as increase or a decrease. Then find the percent of change. Round to the nearest tenth of a percent, if necessary. 1/3 to 2/3. How do I figure it out? I put 33% decrease
  75. Technical writing

    You are correct. it is A they need subjects and verbs and has to express a complete thought for it to be a sentence.
  76. Science

    hi ano pong section mo?
  77. Math, Data Management

    A President and Vice- President for a school council are chosen from a hat with the names of all 12 members in the hat. Determine the probability that Nisha and Anne are chosen as President and Vice- President respectively. Answer Provided: 1/132.
  78. History

  79. History

    How did silk cloth charge europe?
  80. Social Studies Please help

    I need the answers to Unit 4 lesson 8 Constituition for the United states. It is a pretest not a test and it is for connections academey.
  81. social studies

  82. physics

    A hoop is at rest at the top of a 3.0 m long ramp with an angle of evelation of 24°. If the hoop rolls down the ramp, what is the final velocity of the hoop at the bottom of the ramp
  83. math, please help

    home work help al's garden is 18 feet long and 30 feet wide , he wants to put fence posts the same distance apart along all sides of the garden , what is the greatest distance apart he can place the fence posts
  84. Physics

    A 775 kg roller coaster car is at the top of a roller coaster car is at the top of a roller coaster as shown below. The height of the car at point A is the minimum height that is necessary for the car to stay on the loop. The radius of the loop is 30 m. What is the height of ...
  85. math

    10*2 = 20 ft (Length of boards that he has) 20/3.5 = 8.57 (Number of 3 1/2 feet pieces that he can make) So he does have enough wood.
  86. Math

    Number of pizzas = 4 Servings = 3/5 Servings that can be made = 4/(3/5) = 6.66666666 As 0.6 is recurring, this is equal to 1*0.666666666666, so as a fraction, this is 2/3. Therefore she has 6 2/3 servings, so Jamilla is correct.
  87. Math

    Since a 0 has been added to the number being divided by 562, this means that the answer given by the original equation will have an extra 0, so this will be 170.
  88. Math

    a) 3.4*200 = 680cm = 6.8m b) 3.4*25000 = 85000cm = 850m c) 3.4*10000 = 34000cm = 340m d) 3.4*500000 = 1700000cm = 17000m
  89. Math

    a) 3.4*200 = 680 b) 3.4*25000 = 85000 c) 3.4*10000 = 34000 d) 3.4*500000 = 1700000
  90. math

    9+(2/10)+(6/100) = 9.26*10^0
  91. math

    9+(2/10)+(6/100) = 9.26*10^1
  92. Pre Algebra

    Thanks you very much for your help. Now I can understand and grasp the concept more. That would be a good thing because our class is having a chapter test on Tuesday.
  93. Pre Algebra

    Allie needs 4 2/3 yards to finish sewing the edges of a blanket. She only has 3/4 of that amount. how much lace does Allie have?
  94. math

  95. science

    g = 9.81
  96. chemistry

    The number of unpaired electrons and the element for [Xe]6s24f145d7: I know the element is Iridium but I cannot figure out the unpaired electrons!
  97. Chem

    Phenol is a weak acid. We take 3.7 grams of phenol and dissolve it in 65 ml of water. To that water we add 40 ml of a 0.52 M solution of NaOH. You will need to look up the Ka value for Phenol a. What is the pH when the phenol is dissolved in the 65 ml of water ? b. Once the ...
  98. Physics

    A pair of objects with masses 3m and m are connected by a hook and have a massless compressed spring between them. Initially the objects are at rest. Then the hook unlatches, the spring expands to its released length and the larger mass is then found moving left with speed v. ...
  99. chemistry

    A sample of 45.1 g of methane gas (CH4(g)) has a volume of 6.20 L at a pressure of 2.90 atm. Calculate the temperature. Another one that I'm stumped on, last question for my practice exam, can you explain how to solve?
  100. chemistry

    When the following solutions are mixed together, what precipitate (if any) will forms? Write the reaction equation for all the cases and write the net ionic equation for only those reactions that react: potassium nitrate solution and barium acetate I am seriously lost on this...
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