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  1. Using Geometry in Probability

    Allen and Bethany each arrive at a party at a random time between 1:00 and 2:00. Each stays for 15 minutes, then leaves. What is the probability that Allen and Bethany see each other at the party?
  2. physics

    A force F applied to an object of mass m causes it to move in a straight line a distance D during an interval of time T. The object gains kinetic energy K during this interval. In which of the following cases will the object gain the same kinetic energy K? A) A force F is ...
  3. Chemistry

    Look to the structure of the alcohol. Alcohol types are determined based on how many carbons are attacked to the carbon bearing the hydroxile. Primary will have no other carbons, secondary will have one, tertiary will have two.
  4. Calculus

    Find d/dt integral[2 to x^2](e^x^3)dx
  5. Health

    Sorry your right bacterial and viral infections are caused by microbes and spread by coughing and sneezing. Thank you I now know my answer.
  6. Health

    Thank you and now that I did some research could c also count?
  7. Health

    How might a forest fire affect the health of people in nearby communities? (Select all that apply.) a. increased risks of asthma attacks b. increased risks of viral infections c. increased risks of bacterial infections d. increased risks of heart problems i think its a, b, and d
  8. Health

    Thank You :)
  9. Health

    Why are routine screenings for cervical cancer important? (Select all that apply.) a. Cervical cancer screenings guarantee a longer life. b. Cervical cancer screenings can identify precancerous cells. c. They can identify cancer cells before symptoms occur. d. They can help ...
  10. Statistics

    What is a diagram that shows the frequency of data on a number line. I honestly don't know.
  11. math

    Thank you!!
  12. math

    Find the area of the figure. Round to the nearest tenth if necessary. L(3,6), M(7,3), N(6,-1), J(2,-1), K(3,3)
  13. math

    I just went back and checked... I should have written quadrilateral...thank you!
  14. math

    Find the area of the rhombus. Round to the nearest tenth if necessary. M(0,4), N(3,0), P(0,-3), Q(-3,0)
  15. math

    Given the coordinates of the vertices of a quadrilateral, determine whether it is a square, a rectangle or a parallelogram. Then find the area of the quadrilateral. E(–7, –1), F(2, –1), G(–4, –8), H(5, –8)
  16. Math

    Solve the equation. 100^(5x+2)=1000^(4x-1)
  17. Math

    In a class of 20 students, 40% are boys. Twenty-five percent of the boys and 50% of the girls wear glasses. How many students wear glasses?
  18. Geometry

    10. Which of the following quadrilaterals always have diagonals that are congruent. Circle all that apply Parallelograms Rectangles Rhombi Squares Isosceles trapezoids 19. Given square ABCD: if the measure of angle ACB = (1x - 32) degrees, find the value of x. Round to the ...
  19. Geometry

    10. Which of the following quadrilaterals always have diagonals that are congruent. Circle all that apply Parallelograms Rectangles Rhombi Squares Isosceles trapezoids 19. Given square ABCD: if the measure of angle ACB = (1x - 32) degrees, find the value of x. Round to the ...
  20. PAVCS

    How many moles of gas are in a 20 liter scuba canister is 300k and pressure is 200 atm
  21. Science

    I agree I took the test and it was very difficult for me to do but cheating is not the way because one day you will get in trouble for it.
  22. Social Studies

    Thank you Reed your amazing
  23. Social Studies

    Answer: B I dont see a text
  24. Social Studies

    Reed I put answer B
  25. Social Studies

    Can anyone please help me with this question its on my test and I need help I've tried several times and cannot get the answer. Its from connexus.
  26. Social Studies

    1. In the AD 600s, North africa was conquered by A. Egyptians B. Arab Muslims C. Europeans D. Africans from south of the Sahara
  27. History

    Sorry meant c
  28. History

    Is it A
  29. Physics

    a golf ball is shot from a tee which is located 18.0m above the green. The initial velocity of the golf ball is 42.0 m/s at an angle of 50.0 degrees above the horizontal. The ball behaves as an ideal projectile during its flight from the tee to the green(i.e. no air resistance...
  30. Maths

    A woman is seven times as old as her son. In five years time, she will be five times as old as him. How old are they now?
  31. Chemistry

    C (s) + S2 (g) = CS2 (g) . Kp=5.6 At equilibrium, P cs2 = 0.152 atm. Find P s2 How would I start this problem?
  32. Chemistry

    The information provided in the bracket above.
  33. Chemistry

    Calculate the tota bond energy of ethanol from this info:(C_C=347,C_H=414,H_O=464,C_O=360)kJmol-1.Thanks for responding
  34. biochemistry

    Yeah.(H+) (OH-)=1x10"-14.(H+)(0.2)=10"-14.H+=10'-14/2x10"-1=0.5x10"-14-(-1)=0.5x10"-13 or 5.0x10"-14.
  35. Chemistry

    M=1.1kg,C=0.385,change in temp=50-27.5=22.5C.Q=1.1x0.385x22.5=?KJ
  36. english

    2 and 3 is not wrong
  37. science

    I don't understand your question.
  38. Science

    Molecular mass= density X 2 = 1.56X2=?
  39. Physics

    Q=MxCxchange in temp=0.8x4.2x100=336KJ.
  40. Chemistry

    For water to to boil,ice to melt and for temperature to increase from 35C to 45C,it means heat is absorbed(endothermic).
  41. Chemistry

    b.The liquid water freezes because heat is given off from it(exothermic) to form ice unlike other options.
  42. Chemistry

    5Cm3 Of SO3 will be formed by 2.5Cm3 O2.
  43. Chemistry

    Of O2
  44. Chemistry

    2SO2+O2=>2SO3 From the equ,1Cm3 of O2 formed 2Cm3 of 2SO3.Therefore, 5Cm3 will be formed by 5 X 1/2=2.5Cm3 of SO3.
  45. Biology

    i'm not talking about location but functions and actions.
  46. Biology

  47. Biology

    Is medulla oblongata responsible for peristalsis?
  48. Physics

  49. Physics

    Two perpendicular forces have a resultant of 13N.if one of the forces is 5N, the other force is?
  50. Biology

  51. Biology

    Thanks a bunch!
  52. Biology

    Phylum in the animal kingdom rather.
  53. Biology

    What's the largest and most successful kingdom in the animal kingdom?
  54. Chemistry

    What's the resulting solution if 2000cm3 of 1MH2S04 is mixed with 20cm3 of 1M NaOH? i got 0.5M,acidic in concentration.
  55. Science

    I mean what is can the name of this enhancer be?
  56. Science

    When a silvery powdery substance was added to boiling beans,the beans get cooked quicker than normal. what may this be?
  57. Chemistry

    The relationship between velocity(U) of a gas molecules and their relative molecular mass(RAM) is?
  58. Chemistry

    28.11 i got this but 29 is the answer in my text.
  59. Chemistry

    what is the relative atomic mass of a silicon containing ore with 92% 28'Si,5%29'Si and 3%30'Si?
  60. math

    7.55 rather
  61. math

  62. Chem

    Actual mass=47.623-46.719=0.904g. mass of CaCo3(Ca=40,C=12,O=16X3=48.40+12+48)=100g %=100/1.631X100
  63. social studies

    ways in which individuals can apply the concept of independence and self-reliance in their lives.
  64. math

    1/8X 20=2.5.therefore each dose contains 2.5ml
  65. maths

    express log9 in terms of log3 x and log3 y and solve for x and y simultaneously
  66. Math

    A spinner is divided into 8 equal sections. Each section is numbered 1-8. Find each probability for one spin.
  67. Chemistry

    It's molecular mass is 2.The compound is H2O2.
  68. value

    A Biased Coin Is Such That The Head Is 4 Times More Likely To Show Up Than The Tail.What Is The Probability Of Obtaining A Head?
  69. Calculus

    A particle moves along the x-axis so that at any time t, measured in seconds, its position is given by s(t) = 5cos(t) ? sin(3t), measured in feet. What is the acceleration of the particle at time t = ? seconds?
  70. Calculus

    The position of a particle on the x-axis at time t, t > 0, is s(t) = ln(t) with t measured in seconds and s(t) measured in feet. What is the average velocity of the particle for 1 ? t ? e? a)1 b)e c)e-1 d)1/(e-1)
  71. Calculus

    The driver of a car traveling at 60 ft/sec suddenly applies the brakes. The position of the car is s(t) = 60t ? 1.5t^2, t seconds after the driver applies the brakes. How many seconds after the driver applies the brakes does the car come to a stop? a)60 sec b)40 sec c)20 sec d...
  72. Calculus

    A particle moves with velocity function v(t) = 2t^2 ? 3t ? 3, with v measured in feet per second and t measured in seconds. Find the acceleration of the particle at time t = 2 seconds. a)3/4 feet per second^2 b)-1 feet per second^2 c)32 feet per second^2 d)5 feet per second^2
  73. Calculus

    A particle is moving along the x-axis so that its position at t ? 0 is given by s(t)=(t)In(2t). Find the acceleration of the particle when the velocity is first zero. a)2e^2 b)2e c)e d)None of these Any help is greatly appreciated
  74. Math

    Jean has $280 in her savings account starting next week she will deposit $30 in her account every week is the amount of money in her account proportional to the number of weeks. Thank you for helping
  75. algebra

    I think the answer is 4.5
  76. English Check

    You would say for me. So it should be you and me since its in the objective form!
  77. English Check

    So my original answer is correct You and I
  78. English Check

    But "I" is the subject and you is the object.
  79. English Check

    The advice was meant for ____ A)you and i B)she and i C) you and me Hello i need help. My original answer was A)you and I. But then I started reading a book on English grammar and it says it should be C)she and I since they are subject pronouns.
  80. 10th Grade Math

    A history class is comprised of 6 female and 9 male students. If the instructor of the class randomly chooses 5 students from the class for an oral exam, what is the probability that 2 female students and 3 male students will be selected? Round your answer to 3 decimal places...
  81. pre calc

  82. Math

    Thanks you! I got the answer!
  83. Math

    Two trains leave the station at the same time, one heading east and the other west. The eastbound train travels 12 miles per hour slower than the westbound train. If the two trains are 400 miles apart after 2 hours, what is the rate of the eastbound train? No Rounding.
  84. math

    If 35% of people surveyed prefer orange to apples.Out of 475 people surveyed how many can be predicted to prefer orange
  85. World History

    It is ture
  86. english

    It A
  87. Geometry

    Point $G$ is the midpoint of median $\overline{XM}$ of $\triangle XYZ$. Point $H$ is the midpoint of $\overline{XY}$, and point $T$ is the intersection of $\overline{HM}$ and $\overline{YG}$. Find the area of $\triangle MTG$ if $[XYZ] =150$.
  88. chemistry

    what volume of glycerine C3H8O3, with a density of 1.26 g/mL should be taken to obtain 2.50 ml of glycerine?
  89. Math

    Larry hit 24 home runs last season and 50 this season. What is the percent of increase in the number of home runs Larry hit from last season to this season?
  90. U.S History

    Don't You Push Me Down Words and Music by Woody Guthrie Well you can play with me And you can hold my hand. We can skip together Down to the Pretzel man You can wear my mommy's shoes Put on my daddy's hat You can even laugh at me But don't you push me down. ...
  91. physics

    calculate the electrostatic force between charges of -2.4 µC and +5.3 µC, placed 58cm apart in a vaccum.
  92. physics

    An artificial Earth satellite, of mass 3.00 × 10^3 kg, has an elliptical orbit, with a mean altitude of 500 km. (a) What is its mean value of gravitational potential energy while in orbit? (b) What is its mean value of orbital kinetic energy? (c) What is its total energy...
  93. maths

    determine the thrust produced if 1.5 x 10^3 kg of gas exits the combustion chamber each second, with a speed of 4.00 x 10^3 m/s
  94. maths

    4x+16y:32 and 4x+y:17
  95. physics

    A capacitor,consisting of two metal plates each of area 50cm2 and space 0.2mm apart in air ,is connected across a 120V supply.Calculate (1)the energy stored..(2)the electric flux density and the potential gradient..
  96. Geometry

    A photographer enlarged a picture. If the width of the image is 5 inches and the width of the pre-image was x, what is the scale factor for the dilation in terms of x?
  97. gale math

    How to write 233.75 and 85.50 as a decimal number
  98. math

    a)without using a spreadsheet, construct an amortization table for the loan repayment b)what is the final payment if she takes all of the four years to repay the loan c)what is the last payment if she chooses to repay the loan in seven payments
  99. math

    meredith borrows $3600 to help pay for nurse's college. she will repay the loan by making equal blended payment of $625 each at the end of every six months. The interest rate is 11%/a, compounded semi annually.
  100. Math

    If 500 feet of fencing is used to enclose a rectangular plot of land that borders a river, what is the maximum area that can be enclosed? Answer to two decimal places.
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