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language arts
What is the Possessive noun for Parkers as in family last name

WHat is the displacement of a car that starts at 10m/s east and accelerates at 3m/s west for 2s

On the opening night of a play at a local theatre, 895 tickets were sold for a total of $10,514. Adult tickets cost $14 each, children's tickets cost $11 each and senior citizen tickets cost $8 each. If the combined number of children and adult tickets exceeded twice the ...

Assume that X, the starting salary offer to psychology majors is normally distributed with a mean of $47,507 and a SD of $5000. 1. The probability that a randomly selected psychology major received a starting salary offer greater than $52,000 is______. 2. The probability a ...

business math
need max and min points for c(x)=-0.001x+2+2000/x

Name the postulate or theorem you can use to prove mc138-5.jpg.

When a tuning fork is held over the open end of a very thin tube, as in the figure below, the smallest value of L that produces resonance is found to be 33.0 cm. (a) What is the wavelength of the sound? [Hint: Assume that the displacement antinode is at the open end of the ...

Assume you have a computer that contains 1 GB of memory. It contains four memory slots. Each slot can contain 128 MB, 256 MB, 512MB, 1 GB, or 2GB memory modules. Two of the slots contain 512 MB memory modules. What memory chips would you buy to increase the memory on the ...


space science
True or False: If it were 80 times as massive as present, Jupiter could become a star.

Alex Le and bowisha you're all probably stupid in school thats y u want to let people down idiots answer is correct as mb to the 1/2 not negative this is the Right answer

4th Grade Math
I need to explain how i got theese prices.

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