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  1. english -please check my answers

    anyone fimilar with the merchant of venice by william shakespear check my answers please 1.which of the following elements of comedy are not used by shakespear in the merchant of venice? a.a clown like character b.puns c.slapstick d.cleaver language i chose c am i correct? 2....
  2. Algebra 2 Probability

    There are 10 cards. Each card has one number between 1 and 10, so that every number from 1 to 10 appears once. In which distributions does the variable X have a binomial distribution? When a card is chosen at random with replacement six times, X is the number of times a 3 is ...
  3. Math

    Well the answers are 1.A 2.B 3.C 4.A 5.B 6.C 7.D 8.B 9.C And 10.B There I got them wrong so I'll give them to you to help...YOUR WELCOME M8
  4. Math

    Solve for the unknown quantity in each proportion
  5. MATH

    Thanks for the help Reiny
  6. MATH

    No Abbies
  7. MATH

    Multiplied by 2?
  8. MATH

    The volume of a cylinder with a radius of 2 feet and a height of 4 feet is 50.2 feet^3. The volume of a cylinder with a radius of 4 feet and a height of 8 feet is 401.9 feet^3. The volume of a cylinder with a radius of 6 feet and a height of 12 feet is 1356.5 feet^3. If the ...
  9. math

    In ?ABC,AD and BE are the angle bisectors of ?A and ?B and DE? AB.If m?ADE is with 34° smaller than m?CAB,find the measures of the angles of ?ADE.
  10. geometry

    Given: ????, m?ACB = 90° CD?AB,m?ACD =60° BC = 6 cm. Find: ?D
  11. History

    @Ms. Sue Thanks! That helped a lot.
  12. History

    Can someone please tell me what this quote means, I am having trouble understanding. “When Andrew Johnson took upon himself the duties of his high office he swore to obey the Constitution and take care that the laws be faithfully executed. That, indeed, is and has always ...
  13. Chemistry

    For problem a. I did this: 53gKClO3/122gKClO3 * 3molesO2/2molesKCLO3 * 22.4L = 3562/244 = 14.6L O2 That's how I came up with 14.6L O2 Now I'm not sure about problem b. still. What do you think about for problem b.??
  14. Chemistry

    Hey Damon- Thanks for the tip on the molecules/mols. This will help. I'm so new at this stuff I'm trying to keep up.
  15. Chemistry

    So for problem a. I have the answer of 14.6L O2 which they gave us so we could learn how to solve it so I know 14.6L O2 is correct unless they gave me wrong answer. Being that your answer is a bit off from problem a. I'm thinking we may be a bit off on problem b? What do ...
  16. Chemistry

    Wait a minute here is this the correct answer..I might of been over thinking this one: Answer: 75g/mol KCl x 2 = 150g KCl Produced????
  17. Chemistry

    Been stumped on this problem for a day now. 2KClO3-->2KCl+3O2 a) If 53.0g of potassium chlorate breaks down, what volume of oxygen is produced? For this one I got: 14.6L O2 b) How many grams of potassium chloride are produced from problem a? For the life of me I can't ...
  18. Chemistry

    I'll post it as a new problem. Its a Stoichemetric Problem that I'm completely stumped on. I think I have part of correct which i'd be happy to see if its correct so far or not.
  19. Chemistry

    Would you have another 5 minutes to help me one more problem I'm stumped on???
  20. Chemistry

    Ya and that equals 164. Thank you a ton for the help I've stomped on this whole problem for like a half an hour and I got lots more to do. This was my 2nd limiting reagent problem I've ever done so I'm still learning how to handle these.
  21. Chemistry

    Phosphorus is 31g.
  22. Chemistry

    3.) Cool that makes sense. So I believe this is how you convert mole to gram: .83 x 164g/mol = 136g Na3PO4 left over
  23. Chemistry

    Gotcha, thanks. Can you one of you guys see if I got 2 & 3 correct from the tips bob was giving me.
  24. Chemistry

    3. 200g Na3PO4 - 163 = 36g Ag3PO4??
  25. Chemistry

    Can you check my answer from your last tips: 1. Ok I think I understand. Still a little unsure tho where we're getting the 3 times the silver nitrate from for silver nitrate to be limiting reagent. 2. 1.18/3=.39 x 419 Ag3PO4 = 163g Ag3PO4 produced??
  26. Chemistry

    Hey bob- Here's what I got so far: 3AgNO3 + Na3PO4 ---> Ag3PO4 + 3NaNO3 Silver nitrate and sodium phosphate are reacted in equal amounts of 200. g each. How many grams of silver phosphate are produced? 1. What is the limiting? 2. How much silver phosphate is produced? 3...
  27. Chemistry

    Ok this is what I got so far: 200gAgNO3= 1.18 mole AgNO3 200gNa3PO4= 1.22 mole NaPO4 Then 419g Ag3PO4 x3 = 1257Ag3PO4 limiting reagent- Ag3PO4?
  28. Chemistry

    3AgNO3 + Na3PO4 ---> Ag3PO4 + 3NaNO3 Silver nitrate and sodium phosphate are reacted in equal amounts of 200. g each. How many grams of silver phosphate are produced? 1. What is the limiting? 2. How much silver phosphate is produced? 3. How much is in excess?
  29. Chemistry

    But what does "volume=22.4*1.04 dm^3" mean??? I'm new to chemistry so don't know the lingo that well. Would it be 23.3 excess?
  30. Chemistry

    Mg + 2HCl ----> MgCl2 + H2 What volume of hydrogen at STP is produced from the reaction of 50.0g of Mg and the equivalent if 75g of HCl? 1. What is the limiting reagent? 2. What is the volume of hydrogen produced? 3. How much is in excess?
  31. Physics

    calculate the specific heat capacity of the materials for which the heat supply, mass, and temperature below: (i) 2.52 x 10^4j, 0.3 kg, 20 k (ii) 8 x 10^3j, 500g, from 20'c to 60'c (iii) 9.45 x 10^3j, 150g, from 15'c to 45'c
  32. S.S

  33. Social studies

    Aaron the answer to number 1 is C
  34. Social studies

    Check your answers
  35. Physics Please

  36. help stats

    Use the Poisson Distribution to find the indicated probability. A computer salesman averages 0.9 sales per week. Use the Poisson distribution to find the probability that in a randomly selected week the number of computers sold is 1. (Round answer to 4 decimal places.)
  37. stats

    The probability is 0.7 that a person shopping at a certain store will spend less than $20. For groups of size 13, find the mean number who spend less than $20.
  38. Trigonometry

    a^2 = b^2 + c^2 - 2bc x cosA a^2 = 100^2 + 120^2 - 2(100)(120) x cos(45) a^2 = 10,000 + 14,400 - 24,000 x cos(45) square root of a^2 = square root of 11792.27227 a = 108.59
  39. math

    building lot in a city is shaped as a 30° -60° -90° triangle. The side opposite the 30° angle measures 41 feet. a. what is the length of the side of the lot opposite the 60° angle b. what is the length of the hypotenuse of the triangular lot. c. what are ...
  40. Social Studies

  41. History

    thank you for your help Damon
  42. History

    Why do you think state and local governments have a major role in providing important services? Why doesn't the federal government take on more of this role?
  43. Chemistry

    calculate the concentrations of H2S04, H30+, HSO4- and SO42- in 0.4 M H2S04 solution
  44. Finite math

    Consider the following annuity scheme: regular payments of $200 are made every two months at the end of the month (in other words, there are six equally spaced payments over the year) into an account with a nominal rate of 6% compounded monthly. Note, this is not an ordinary ...
  45. algebra

    Justin rode his bicycle to a park located 4 2/3 miles from his house.he returned along the same route. After riding 9 1/8 miles total, how many more miles does justin need to ride to reach his home?
  46. Social studies

    Thanks Ms.Sue
  47. science

    You normally drive the south expressway between Calubang and Magallanes at an average velocity of 105km/hr (65mi/hr), and the trip takes 2 hours and 20 minutes. On a Monday morning, however, heavy traffic slows you down and you drive the same distance at an average velocity of...
  48. Math

    A square plot of land has an area of 1,156 square feet. What is the perimeter of the plot?
  49. Social studies

    Why was the mayflower compact so significant?
  50. English literature

    WTF( wow that's fantastic ) 😃😃😃
  51. Pre algebra

    ^if you see this umm dude on any 8th Grade Threads don't listen to him he misleads you all the time and can get you into failing a very important test.
  52. Algebra

    Been working on this problem for nearly 45 minutes now, totally confused. 4.5x - 6.7y = 8.6 3.8x +2.2 = y
  53. math

    its ok, i just didn't know how to verify if there was a horizontal asymptote and I didn't know that x=-1 is hole, thank you for the help!
  54. math

    Given the function f(x)=x^3-2x^2-5x+6/x^2+3x+2 a) Determine algebraically the equation for any asymptotes (HA, VA and or OA) b)State the domain of the function c)State the behaviour of the function at each of the asymptotes
  55. math

    is there any other way to find the maximum profit
  56. Math

    An only son inherited a 3/4 hectare lot. He decided to build a 40-door condominium on the lot. The floor are of the units is uniform and the total floor area of the entire condominium is 1/5 less than the area of the lot to provide for certain amenities. What is the floor area...
  57. Trigonometry

    Get back to ELP wimp.
  58. Chemistry

    What's the formula for Li2Co3+Co(NO3)3(aq) ->
  59. Math

    Use three rectangles of equal width and the left endpoint approximation method to estimate the area enclosed by the x-axis, the lines x = 1 and x = 4, and the curve y = x^(1/2). Could you please help me understand how to do this? Thanks in advance!
  60. Math

    An area is bounded by the x-axis and the parabola y = 16 - x^2. Use four rectangles of equal width and the midpoint approximation method to estimate the bounded area. Could you please show me how to work out this problem? Thanks!
  61. Physics

    i dont know the answer this is why i am here to learn the method from this website thank you.
  62. math

  63. math

    Martha rides 29 miles everyday on her bike about how many miles did she ride in 6 weeks
  64. math

    Martha rides 29 miles everyday about how many miles does Martha ride in 6 weeks
  65. Physics

    A spiral spring of nature 20cm,has a scale pan hanging freely in its lower end. When an object of mass 40g is placed in the pan,its length becomes 21.8cm.when another object of mass 60g is placed in the pan,the length becomes 22.05cm. Calculate the mass of the scale pan
  66. Math

    Milo's pancakes recipient makes 9 serving. It's calls for 3/4 cup milk.Milo's wants to make 6 serving. How much milk will he needs.
  67. Math

    In Kelly's career on the basketball team, she made 7 out of every 10 free throws. Last season, she made 168 free throws. How many free throws did she attempt?
  68. math

    I do not know
  69. math

  70. math

    Mr. Angulo buys 5/8 pound of red grapes and 3/8 pound of green grapes. How many pounds of grapes did mr.angulo buy in all?
  71. algebra 1

    simplify (0.4)3
  72. English

    First, identify the gerund in the sentence below. Then, replace the gerund with the infinitive of the same verb. Type the infinitive form of the verb in the space provided. Debbie loved watching the skaters glide around the rink.
  73. Physics

    A student drops a lead ball 4" in diameter from the top of a large live oak tree. As the ball is falling, a bird flies under it, slowing the ball's velocity to 30 feet/sec. Two seconds later the ball strikes the ground. What is the coefficient of friction due to air ...
  74. Science

    100% Yay thanks smile more
  75. Literacy

    1.Write the participle in the sentence. Why do you need a new pair of hiking boots? My answer - NEED 2.Write the first and last word of the participial phrase. My answer - BEGINNING 3.Write the first and last word of the participial phrase. Disappointed by the lack of ...
  76. chemistry

    What mass of carbon dioxide can be produced from 4 moles of sodium bicarbonate according to the following unbalanced reaction, NaHCO3 --> Na2CO3 + CO2 + H2O?
  77. algebra 1

    graph the function for the domain of 3x -y=1;D:(-3,-1,0,4)
  78. physics

    A uniform horizontal beam 5.00 m long and weighting 2.88 102 N is attached to a wall by a pin connection that allows the beam to rotate. Its far end is supported by a cable that makes an angle of 53.0° with the horizontal (Figure (a)). If a person weighing 5.99 102 N ...
  79. Chemistry

    A sample of oxygen occupies 38.9L at STP. What will the pressure need to be in Torr. if the volume is to be changed to 32.2L without a change in T. Is this P1V1/T2=P2V2/T2? How would I set it up.
  80. AP Human Geography

    Migration plays a big role in understanding the movement of people, culture, and language around the world. In NC, migration introduces new cultures to different parts of the state as people move from other areas, and those cultures interact to create a new way of life for ...
  81. physics

    An airplane is travelling at a speed of 600 mph on a heading of 345 degrees. There is a wind moving at a speed of 70 mph on a heading of 20 degrees. The pilot would like to maintain his planned course. Find the speed and heading he should set in order to travel with the wind ...
  82. Language Art's

    thanks vro that's correct
  83. Physics

    What average power would a 1.20 multiply.gif 103-kg speedboat need to go from rest to 18.0 m/s in 4.79 s, assuming the water exerts a constant drag force of magnitude fd = 5.34 multiply.gif 102 N and the acceleration is constant?
  84. History

    After 1815, the quest for natio al self-determination posed a grave threat to the____ empire with its many and potentially dissatisfied nationalities.
  85. physics, please help

    An object of mass m can slide without friction on a tabletop. A horizontal string tied to the object passes through a frictionless hole in the table and is connected to a second, hanging mass, M. If m is put into motion so that it moves in a circular path of radius r, find a) ...
  86. chemistry (Organic)

    According to the two reactions below; 1-chloro-2,2-dimethylbatune + (warm NaOH 3)) 1-chloro-2-methylpropane + (cold dil.NaOH) 1) identify whether the reactions are Nucleophilic Substitutions (SN) or Elimination (E) reaction. 2) Complete the reaction mechanismin each and name ...
  87. physics

    10. The drawing shows a baggage carousel at an airport. Your suitcase has not slid all the way down the slope and is going around at a constant speed on a circle (r = 12.4 m) as the carousel turns. The coefficient of static friction between the suitcase and the carousel is 0....
  88. Math

    Jamie brought $72 more than Sally brought. Tia and Sally brought the same amount of money. Sally brought $50 more than Kelly brought. If their total souvenir money did not exceed $502, what is the greatest amount of money Jamie could have brought?
  89. Plz help with literature

    The Most Dangerous Game Directions: Each question has a different point value. (134 total) As always, answer in complete sentences. Use the back of the sheet or your own paper. DO NOT CRAM ANSWERS ON THIS SIDE OF THIS SHEET! (5) 1. What do you admire or dislike about Rainsford...
  90. U.S. History

    Why is each topic historically significant and what impact did it have on colonial development? Algonkian- Iroquois/Haudenosaunee- Mestizo- Encomienda- Canary Islands- Maize Cultivation- Pueblo- Thanks
  91. Science

    How much heat is produced when the body metabolizes a gram of trioleylglycerol?
  92. precalculus no clue

    Find the fifth term and the nth term of the geometric sequence whose initial term, a, and common ratio, r, are given. a =^3 ; r =^3
  93. Math - Polynomials

    off-topic: yay it's friday :D Simplify each polynomial. 1. 6g + 8k + 9g + 2k A) 3g + 10k B) -3g + 10k *** C) 17gk D) 10k - 3 2. -4x + 6x2 + 5x A) 7x^3 B) 6x^2 + 9x *** C) 6x^2 - 9x D) 6x^2 + x 3. a^2 + 5a - 3a^2 A) 5a + 2a^2 *** B) 5a - 2a^2 C) 2a^2 + 5a D) 5a - 3a^2 Are ...
  94. English Ms Sue/Writeacher

    Sure! What is it?
  95. English Ms Sue/Writeacher

    So, yes, D would be your answer.
  96. English Ms Sue/Writeacher

    D is incorrect, the comma after "was" is not needed.
  97. ELA

    What socercy is this
  98. chemistry

    how much copper sulfate do i need to make a solution of 100ml of 1M copper sulfate?
  99. chemistry

    is the reaction between Copper sulfate and zn exothermic or endothermic and does that involve the activity series?
  100. algebra

    you and me
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