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  1. math

    A plane flew due south from a point A, 60°north and 45°east to a point B.The distance covered by the plane was 8000km. Determine the position of B.
  2. physics vectors

    A snow-covered ski slope makes an angle of θslope = 34.0° with the horizontal. When a ski jumper plummets onto the hill, a parcel of splashed snow is thrown up to a maximum displacement of 1.10 m at θsnow = 24.0° from the vertical in the uphill direction as ...
  3. physics vectors

    Consider the two vectors A with arrow = 3 i − j and B with arrow = − i − 6 j. Calculate the directions of A with arrow + B with arrow and A with arrow − B with arrow. A with arrow + B with arrow ° (counterclockwise from the +x axis) A with arrow &#...
  4. physics

    A plane flies from base camp to Lake A, 260 km away in the direction 20.0° north of east. After dropping off supplies it flies to Lake B, which is 150 km at 30.0° west of north from Lake A. Graphically determine the distance and direction from Lake B to the base camp. ...
  5. physics vectors

    i don't understand the direction
  6. science

    While exploring a cave, a spelunker starts at the entrance and moves the following distances. She goes 75.0 m north, 250 m east, 109 m at an angle θ = 30.0° north of east, and 156 m south. Find the resultant displacement from the cave entrance. The figure below ...
  7. Math

    Change the next 3 numbers
  8. Math

    How do you compare whole numbers through the millions?
  9. Social Studies PLEASE HELP!

    How does the US regulate the gathering/use of wood? I am working on a school project, I am supposed to research, I looked everywhere in my textbook and online and couldn't find anything. Can anyone help me?
  10. Social Studies

    Freds answers are correct
  11. Algebra

    Not sure why I thought I wasn't able to divide 32.4k by 9.9 Anyways, thank you for the help, my answer came out to 3.98 (rounded up)
  12. Algebra

    Need some help with this question 65.9 - 32.4k/9.9 = 13.3k / stands for a fraction bar
  13. Math

    This is a long division problem Divide 24 into 576020 When you get to a number less than 24 that is the amount that will be donated.
  14. Math

    I think you meant all 3 pillows. 4 inches times 4 sides = 16 inches then 16 inches time 3 pillow = 48 inches
  15. Math

    -1/2 + 2 = 1 1/2
  16. physics

    calculate the escape velocity of a satellite from the earth's gravitational field,if the radius of the earth is 6.4×10^6m
  17. math

  18. Science

    I like 1.
  19. Math

    .72 would be 72/100 if repeating 72/99 always create the non repeating and subtract 1 from the denom. now reduce 72/99 to 8/11
  20. Math

    A = K cube root 8 divided by 2/3 A = K 2 times 3/2 A =2k K stands for a constant. I don't know if your teacher wants A= 2 or 2K for the answer.
  21. math

    1/3(10t + u ) = t + u + 1 3t = u 1/3 (10t + 3t) =t + 3t +1 1/3 13t = 4t + 1 13t = 12t + 3 t = 3 u = 9 check: 1/3(39) = 3 + 9 + 1 yes 13 = 13
  22. Math

  23. probability

    John hs 3 red markers and 5 blue markers. What is the probability that he picks a red marker, and then, without replacing it, selects another red marker? Please show me how to set this up (you don't have to give me the answer)...thank you
  24. math

    I agree
  25. physics

    A cm^3 is a block that is a cm x cm x cm. If you have a piece of gold that is that size. 1 cm x 1cm x 1cm then it will have a mass of 19.6 grams. Just another note a cubic cm is also equal to a milliliter.
  26. Chemistry

    If 0.896g of a gas occupies a 250mL flask at 20 degree celcius and 760 mmHg of pressure, what is the molar mass of the gas?
  27. Math

    5 units to the left because you are going from a -2 to a 3 which is a difference of 5.
  28. Statistics

    Question was 15 years or more.. so the answer is 41.9% or 42%
  29. Math

    The average age of Ali,Ben and Chandra is 10 years.Ali is 3 years older than Ben.Ben is 6 years older than old is Chandra
  30. math

  31. Physics or Math

    Question: A Toyota car travelled at the rate of 70 km/hour leaves the house 2 hours after a Kia car has left and overtakes it in 5 hours. at what rate was Kia car travelling? what's the formula pls?
  32. Physics

    Question: A Toyota car travelled at the rate of 70 km/hour leaves the house 2 hours after a Kia car has left and overtakes it in 5 hours. at what rate was Kia car travelling? What's the formula?
  33. Physics

    Question: A Toyota car travelled at the rate of 70 km/hour leaves the house 2 hours after a Kia car has left and overtakes it in 5 hours. at what rate was Kia car travelling? What's the Formula pls? Thanks
  34. Physics

    Question: A Toyota car travelled at the rate of 70 km/hour leaves the house 2 hours after a Kia car has left and overtakes it in 5 hours. at what rate was Kia car travelling?
  35. College Chem.

    A scientist adds 1.00 moles of phosphoric acid to a liter of water to make a solution. How many moles of NaOH should be added to ensure that the concentration of H2PO4- is equal to three times the concentration of HPO42? Remember that H3PO4 is a triprotic acid. I don't ...
  36. statistics

    Break even is when R(x) =C(x) 200x - x^2 =70x +2200 0 = x^2 -130x +2200 Factor (x-110)(x-20) = 0 x = 110 or x =20 Given the values of x stated above. Your only possible answer is 20.
  37. mathematics

    There are 7 days in a week. 1/7 chance that today is Tuesday. If today is Tuesday then we have a probability of 1 that tomorrow is Wednesday. 1/7 times 1 = 1/7
  38. math

    n = 1st n+1 = 2nd n+2 = 3rd n+n+1+n+2 = 18 3n + 3 = 18 Can you find n? Once you substitute the number for n to find the three numbers listed above. Then add them up to be sure that they do add to 18.
  39. Algebra

    sugar 3 1/4 cups = 13/4 cups Multiply 13/4 times 3/8 (13 x 3)/(4 x 8) leave in simplest form. Most likely you should convert back to a mixed number. flour triple batch means to multiply by 3 2 3/5 cups = 13/5 multiply by 3/1 39/5 = changed back to a mixed number.
  40. Math

    x^-1/4 = 4^-1/2, what is the value of q?^ raise both sides to the - 4th power multiply - 1/4 times -4 = 1 multiply -1/2 times -4 = 2 x = 4^2 x = 16 Now you can find q.
  41. Sociology

    Conflict theory :) Now, all I have to do is explain how it is that way.
  42. Sociology

    Would the factory workers be under the conflict or functionalism theory?
  43. Sociology

    I'm doing a discussion board on Apple iPhones and how harsh the work conditions are for their employees. I'm trying to tie that all together into my sociology class.
  44. Math

    The shorter edges of a 36 cm x 20 cm metalsheet are joined to form the vertical surfaces of a square base prism. What is the volume of the prism? what is the area of metal sheet required to make the top and the bottom of the prism.
  45. statistics

    A basketball player makes 60% of the free throws that he attempts, except that if he has just tried and missed a free throw then his chances of making a second one go down to only 30%. Suppose he has just been awarded two free throws. Find the probability that he makes both. ...
  46. Algebra 2

    thanks scott
  47. Algebra 2

    Lines x + y = 12 , x + y = 12. Are they parallel or other? is it parallel?
  48. maths

    A(–4, 3), B(3, 7), C(0, –1) and D(–7, –5) are the vertices of a parallelogram on the Cartesian plane. Determine the coordinates of the point where the diagonals of ABCD intersect.
  49. Algebra 2

    thanks steve
  50. Algebra 2

    how can u tell if a equation is liner?
  51. Physics

    100 - (80m/sec times 20 sec)
  52. Physics

    An astronaut constructs a pendulum with a length of 1 meter on a new planet. If the period is 3.9 second, what is the acceleration due to gravity? Can someone help me with formulas to determine this?
  53. Physics

    80 x 41 x .129 wrong 80 x 41 x .03 wrong Thanks
  54. Physics

    I understand the formula. I haven't been able to get a correct answer. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Thanks though.
  55. Physics

    How many calories will it take to raise the temperature of a 41 g gold chain from 20°C to 100°C? The answer is 102 calories. I've tried everything and can't come up with that answer. Does someone have any idea what was used for a formula? Thanks
  56. Math (Quadratic Equations)

    Two pipes that are open at the same time can fill a pool in 12 hours. When only Pipe A is open, it can fill the pool 7 hours longer than when only Pipe B is open. Find how long Pipe A can fill the pool when it is the only pipe open?
  57. Physics

    I've tried everything and can't come up with the correct answer. Help! A liter of water has a mass of 1 kg and the mass of a water molecule is 18 amu. How many molecules of water are there in 4 L of water?
  58. Physics

    Thanks much. This is what I needed to understand.
  59. Physics

    I don't understand your question, however here are other parts of the same question and the answers are correct. All on the same 1 meter stick. Assuming g=10m/s/s: 500g weight on the right end of the stick; torque = 5 Nm. 750g weight on the right end of the stick; torque...
  60. Physics

    Find the torque on the meter stick for each situation. Ignore the mass of the meter stick. At 1/2 meter there is a 1000g weight. At 1 meter on the same stick there is a 500g weight. What is the torque? Not understanding how to come up with this answer. Keep getting it wrong.
  61. Sociology

    If you could make changes with regard to our social class stratification system, what changes would you make and why?
  62. Math

    Sove the inequality x+2/4-x+1/3>1/2
  63. math

    (7,000)(20,000) write in scienfic notation
  64. calculus

    haha is this for 16a?? same question :P
  65. english

    The of broken glass followed the of the bullet as the rifle . The soldiers were awakened by the of the bugle
  66. Algebra

    D = independent variable P = dependent variable 3d+9p=x
  67. Math

  68. Math

    The difference of a number and its opposite is 28. Find the number
  69. Chem

    mass of hydrogen/mass of compound times 100 to get %
  70. Math

    A large standard deviation occurs when the data has a large spread of data points. This might happen with the heights of students in grades K - 12 A small standard deviation might be the heights of students in grade K. b) will have both larger prize amounts than a and smaller ...
  71. Math

    x + y =20 5x -1y =70 x = # correct y + # wrong. add the two equations together since the y's will cancel. 6x = 90 x = 15 correct how many are wrong?
  72. Math, Please Help

    I just did this above.
  73. Algebra

    fee = flat rate + ___ per mile times miles. You need to find a current rate using the internet. repla
  74. Math

    The e is supposed to be theta.
  75. Math

    Given that tanè = -5 and è is in the 2nd quadrant, compute exactly: A. sin(è) B. cos(è) C. tan(2è)
  76. math

    The widths of two similar rectangles are 16 cm and 14 cm. What is the ratio of their perimeters? Of their areas?
  77. Math

    36 km/hr times 1 hr/3600 sec I used 3600 because there are 60 min in 1 hour and 60 sec in 1 min. 36 km/3600 sec times 10 sec 360/3600 = he would be 1/10 or .1 km The tortoise takes 2 hours to go 1 km rate is .5 km/ hour chance to kim/sec .5/3600 tortoise'rate He has to ...
  78. Math

    (72 +x)/2 =81 Multiply both sides by 2 and subtract 72 to get ... 81(2)-72
  79. science

    KE = 1/2 mv^2 1/2 his mass times velocity squared.
  80. Math

  81. Math

    Create a rational function with a linear binomial in both the numerator and denominator. Part 1. Graph your function using technology. Include the horizontal and vertical asymptotes and the x- and y-intercepts on your graph. Label the asymptotes and intercepts. Part 2. Show ...
  82. Science

    d = rt d = 100 times 64 answer is in km.
  83. mathematics

    That is the answer, but your teacher might not want to see the word "squared" written. I just did that for you for clarity.
  84. mathematics

    Your teacher wants you to check that (x − y)^2 = x^2 − 2xy + y^2 We showed that 900= 900 It was a lot of work, but proved the equation works.
  85. mathematics

    30 squared = 900 Now, look at the other side of the equation. 40 squared = 1600 2(40)(10) = 800 10 squared = 100 1600 - 800 + 100 = 900
  86. mathematics

    30 40-10 (40-10)^2 = 40^2 -2(40)(10) + 10^2 Can you finish from here?
  87. Math

    I agree with D.
  88. Pre-Cal: Domain

    The denominator cannot = 0 For f(x) x cannot = 0 for g(x) x cannot = -7 1) If you add the two fractions together, the denominator will be x(x+7) Domain would be from (-infinity, -7)U(-7,0)U(0,infinity) Using ( ) because those values aren't included in the domain. 3) you ...
  89. basic science

    work = force x distance Multiply the two values.
  90. math/algebra

    ratio (2(lw+wh+lh)/lwh
  91. physics

    A large aquarium has viewing ports so people can watch dolphins swim by. What is the net force on a rectangular window, 2.30 m wide and 1.20 m high, if the top of the window is 4.50 m below the surface of the water?
  92. Math

    5 times 24 divided by 6.
  93. Biostatics

    45-48 divided by 3 -1 = z score find z< -1 use a z-table or a calculator to find the p-value which is 15.9%
  94. Science

    change in y / change in x (2--4)/(3-1) or (2+4)/(3-1) 6/2 = 3 that is the slope of the line. Now, you can find the equation y -2 = 2(x-3) simplify and finish. Leave your answer in ax+by = c or y = mx+b form.
  95. Math (Circle Equations)

    I agree. I would just write 2^2 as 4.
  96. Math help plz??

    I'm not right, I'm just so ugly, I want to ruin other students life's. So plz, I'm just the worst!!!!!!!!!
  97. th help plz??

    (3.54 x 10^7) divided by (3.00 x 10^8) divide 3.54 by 3.00 = 1.18 10^7-8 = 10^-1 1.18 x 10^-1
  98. Pre-Calculus

    With linear programming, you have to graph each of the equations. x<=y also is needed along with your other equations. Shade in the correct area for the inequalities and look at your intersection points.
  99. math143

    Are you looking for the x and the y intercepts? if so, let x = 0 and solve for y let y = 0 and solve for x. 4y = 18 -5x = 18 Can you finish from here?
  100. math143

    Find the way intercepts for 4y-5x=18
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