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  1. spanish 2

    Please fill in the blanks with the correct spanish form of the word in pernethesis!!!! Help Hoy yo______(ir) a un guateque campesino. ______ (ser) un ________ (event) especial en Cuba. Hay mucha _________ (food) y _________ (music). Yo _______ (estar) muy ___________ (excited...
  2. History

    i wish i knew
  3. Statistics

    Suppose systolic blood pressure (the higher of the two blood pressure readings) of a large group of individuals is normally distributed. If the mean is 122 and the standard deviation is 20, then
  4. algebra

    (x-1)/6 = 1/3 3x-3 = 6 3x = 9 x = 3
  5. Math

    16 + 7 = 23 oz. the other piece ways 12 oz.

    It is the median and it is not misleading. The $23.50 is an outlier. find the middle of the data it falls between 9 and 9.50
  7. math

    Whenever you multiply or divide across an inequality by a negative number, you change the direction. Think about 2 > -4 Multiply both sides by a -3 -6 > 12 NO... change the inequality -6<12
  8. Management

    low price
  9. Management

    If time is running out to finish the operational-planning process before the start of the new fiscal year, it should be cut short with the resolve to start earlier the next year. true or false?
  10. Mathematics Help

    35 females + 11 males who got a C 46/64 =
  11. algebra

  12. maths

    15(35.75)+16(42.25) = James total 25(35.75)+10(42.25) = Sally's total 18(35.75) + 13(42.25) = Andres Find the amounts then subtract the smallest from the largest.
  13. Math

    What is the standard form of five and three hundred fifty-two thousandths? 1: 5.0032 2: 5,352,000 3: 5.352 4: 5.30052000 Is it two?
  14. maths

    4, 6,7, 8 in the ten thousands 0,1,2,4,6,7,8 can be used in the thousands hundreds and tens could use any of the digits ones would have to be 0,2,4,6,8 if we can repeat the digits then 4 times 7 times 7 times 7 times 5 The only problem is that we don't want to have 40000 ...
  15. math

    A = lw 96 = (w+4)(w) w^2 + 4w -96 = 0 (w +12 )(w-8) =0 w=-12 cannot have a neg value here w = 8 so l = 12
  16. Math

    Jai = julia + 2/5 julia I am not sure what you mean by the next sentence.
  17. Math

    P = B+12 (P-1) = 3(B-1) P-1 =3B-3 substitute for P using first equation B+12-1 =3B -3 14 = 2B B = 7 P = 19 last year they were 6 and 18.

    true positive happens 96% of the time. Multiply .006 times .96 false positive .006 times .04 add the two together.
  19. Statistics

    c) When you create a 99% confidence interval this indicates that If you made many intervals by taking samples of the same size from a population then...99% of all of the intervals that you make will contain the true population mean. It would not contain 99% of the population. ...
  20. Math

    Thank you so much Bosnian!
  21. Math

    Find the product and explain the process and reasoning 0.67 x 0.3 Please help I don't know how I could explain this :(
  22. Engineering/Physics

    When gasoline is burned in the cylinder of an​ engine, it creates a high pressure that pushes on the piston. If the pressure is 150 ​pound-force per square​ inch, and it moves the 3​-inch diameter piston a distance of 6 centimeters in 0.1 ​seconds...
  23. History

    Mel is 100%
  24. Physics

    Briefly describe the relative quantities of kinetic, gravitational potential and mechanical energy as a stone is thrown in the air vertically upward and falls to the person's hand at the same height that it left.
  25. math

    r/b = 3/5 5r = 3b 20 + r = b 5r = 3(20 + r) 5r = 60 + 3r 2r = 60 r = 30 b = 50 ratio is 30/50 or 3/5
  26. Chemistry

    Base = NaOH, 0.084 M drips 2ml at a time Acid = Phenol, KA=1.3*10^-10 You have 28.0 ml in flask, and it is 0.06 M How would you find the molarity and moles of OC6H5-1
  27. Math

    x + x +1 = -11 2x = -12 x = -6 x = -5 product = 30
  28. Math

    That means that you have to multiply 11 times itself 2016 times. You would need to use a calculator with 11 ^ 16.
  29. Algebra

    distance = rate x time 5 + 40x = 50x 5 = 10x x = 1/2 hr
  30. math

    F = 4J F+J>= 55 4J + J >= 55 5J >= 55 J = 11
  31. Math

    7 x 3000 and 7 x 4000
  32. Algebra

    Tell us what you think and we will check it.
  33. MATH

    The forty and the 9th term of an AP is -3 and 12 respectively. Find the common difference and some of the frist 7th term
  34. Chemistry

    An Unknown Compound (M=60.09 g/mol) is composed of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen. Combustion of 0.255 g of the unknown compound produces 0.561 g Carbon Dioxide and 0.306 g of Water. Determine the molecular formula of the compound.
  35. math

    2) The lifetimes of light bulbs of a particular type are normally distributed with a mean of 370 hours and a standard deviation of 5 hours. What percentage of bulbs has lifetimes that lie within 1 standard deviation of the mean on either side?
  36. psychology

    According to a survey in the U.S. in the 1990s, people in their 40s reported more lifetime sex partners than did people in their 50s. Which of these is the most likely explanation? a) People in their 50s were starting to lose their memory. b) People in their 40s had been young...
  37. psychology

    According to Hans Selye, stress is a) a specific response to a specific demand on the body. b) a cognitive, not physical, response to a threatening situation. c) any reaction that increases activity in the parasympathetic nervous system. d) a nonspecific response of the body ...
  38. psychology

    According to Abraham Maslow, what do we do when we have several motivations? A) We alternate between one and the other. B) We try to satisfy them at the same time. C) We are frozen with indecision. D) We start with the lowest need and work up. D Is my answer
  39. math

    john hiked 8 1/3 miles in 3 3/4 hours. what was John's average speed for the hike
  40. Math

    (3/4)pg/1 min = 3 pg/x cross multiply 3 = 3/4 x x = 4
  41. Stats,

    Put the values in order from lowest to highest. 25th percentile will have 1/4 of the data below that number. 90th will have .9 of the data below that nu
  42. Algebra

    7 more than 5 times a number is 10. Replace "a number" with something from the real world.
  43. STATS

    for anyone one question is .50
  44. math

    In a pet store there are 12 kittens for sale and 80 puppies. what is the ratioof the number of puppies to kittens ? write your answer as a fraction and reduce your result . thank you
  45. English

    I checked 1-9 and I agree with all of them except for the first one.
  46. math

    a^2 + b^2 = c^2 x^2 + 11^2 = 12^2 x^2 +121 =144 x^2 = 23 take the sq rt of 23 to find your answer.
  47. Math

  48. Algebra

    Graph y = -|x -5| Make it a dotted line because the original problem is less than not less than or equal to. Let x=0 y=-5 x = 5 y = 0 x = 4 y = -1 shade
  49. adv algebra

    x/5 -3 = x/4 -2 x/5 -x/4 = 1 4x/20 -5x/20 = 1 -x/20 = 1 -x = 20 x = -20
  50. science

    Density = mass/volume 56/22 = If the answer is greater than 1 ..the density of water then it will sink.
  51. Math

    8 orange/12 selzer or 2/3 divide each part of the fraction by 3 to get per 1 cup of selzer. 2/3 over 3/3 or 2/3 for 1.
  52. Math

    A wire of length 24 meter is to be folded in the form of a rectangle. If each side of a rectangle has to be an integer (measured in meters), what is the maximum number of rectangles that can be formed by folding the wire?
  53. Algebra

    Pick any two points (0, 17.5) and (3, 35.4) Find the slope (35.4-17.5)/(3-0) 17.9/3=5.96666 or 5.97 y = mx+b 17.5 = b since x=0 y = 5.97x + 17.5 replace x with 15 and find y.
  54. Algebra

    Do this one the same way that I did the other one. (5,80) and (12,85)
  55. statistics

    An outlier is a value that is much larger than the rest or much smaller than the rest. range is the difference between the largest and the smalleest value. mean = add them all and divide by 30 mode is the value that occurs more than once. median. put all of the data in order ...
  56. math

    6200-6300 divided by 400 to get the z-score. Then use the z-table to find the probability of less than you z-score or you could use a stat calculator like at TI-83 or 84 to find the probability. For forty days you have to use 400 divided by the square root of 40 as the ...
  57. Statistic

    A recent poll conducted by Gallup Inc. asked the following question: In general, how much trust and confidence to you have in the mass media - such as newspapers, TV, and radio - when it comes to reporting the news fully, accurately, and fairly? A great deal, a fair amount, ...
  58. Math

    a ratio is when you put one number over another so I would say the ratio of 3 and 6 would be 3/6 which equals 1/2
  59. math

    x + x+2 <= 7+(x+4+x+6)/2 2x+2<= 7+x +5 Can you finish from here?
  60. math

    A quick way would be to multiply 1 1/2 times 8 which would give you 12 lbs. So..all you need is 12 lbs and you have 14 4/5. you have enough.
  61. Math

    It depends on what the graph looks like or the units that you are using.
  62. Math

    You are okay until the 8+8 step 8-8 = 0 5 - 16 =-11
  63. Ap Chemistry

    Saccharin has a pKa of 2.32 It has a formula of HNC7H4SO3 If you dissolve 4.6 grams of saccharin in 478 ml of water, what is the resulting pH ?
  64. Expected Value? Help

    Kyd and North are playing a game. Kyd selects one card from a standard 52-card deck. If Kyd selects a face card (Jack, Queen, or King), North pays him $6. If Kyd selects any other type of card, he pays North $2. A) What is Kyd's expected value for this game? Round your ...
  65. English Check My Answer

    Try saying the sentence aloud with the words in each one. Only one of them makes sense in both.
  66. English Check My Answer

    Which word from the following list has meanings that fit both sentences? I’ll start the fire after _______ a match. The workers are ______ for a higher wage. A. Protesting B. Lighting C. Fighting D. Striking A is my choice.
  67. Math

    This is a right triangle (BD)^2 = 7^2+8^2 (DC)^2 = 16^2 +8^2 Can you finish from here??
  68. Maths

    A= 2R A-800=R-240 2R -800 = R -240 R = 560 A = 1120
  69. Algebra

    Multiply the second equation by -4 an add to the first equation. 4x - 6y = 10 -4x-4y= 0 -10y=10 y=-1 find x
  70. chemistry

    In a large building, oil is used in a steam boiler heating system. The combustion of 1.0 lb of oil provides 2.2×107J. Part A How many kilograms of oil are needed to heat 110 kg of water from 24 ∘C to 100∘C? (Assume that 1lb=454g, the specific heat of liquid ...
  71. University South Carolina

    $9000 + $3x =12x solve for x and that will give you the break-even point. One more person will give you the profit.
  72. math

    This works just like an equation. Divide both sides by 3. The only difference is if you had -3x<18 you would divide both sides by -3 . Dividing or multiplying by a negative number means you have to switch the direction of the inequality.
  73. 5th grade math

    insert in parentheses: 14+2=6+2x3+2
  74. dosage calculations

    Sorry wrong spot
  75. Cmax e exponent

    How do I solve for Cmax= 8.5/ e(-0.257 * (1-0.5))? Also, how would I input 'e' in my calculator?
  76. Math

    Not a. You have to multiply the coefficients - the numbers and you add your exponents. Also,the correct answer only has one number to the left of the decimal point. The answer for the first one is d. I agree with your answer for the last one. Retry the other 2.
  77. Math

    You have to make table of the sample space 1,1 1,2 1,3 ... 1,6 2,1...............2,6 3,1................3,6 4,1 5,1 6,1 You should have 36 entries. Given the sum is greater than 3 will eliminate 1,1 1,2 and 2,1 So you are working with 33 possibilities for the denominator The ...
  78. Statistics

    Try adding one.
  79. Science

  80. Science

    A group of parts that work together is called. A. Technology B. Process. C. System. D. Feedback I think its C?
  81. Algebra

    John earns $3 more than hugh. Leslie earns $2 less than twice Hugh. Together they earn $101. How much does Hugh earn?
  82. Chemistry

    10. Use the accepted Ksp value of Calcium hydroxide to calculate the following: a. What is the most calcium hydroxide that can be dissolved in 1.0 Liters of de-ionized water? b. What is the most calcium hydroxide that can be dissolved in 125.0 ml of de-ionized water? c. What ...
  83. Commom Core Algebra

    Factor out the common x + 2 (x+2)(x+3) Once you factor out(x+2) what is left is just x +3
  84. Algebra

    You have to decide which variable to eliminate. Lets choose x. We need the coefficients to be equal and opposite. I will multiply the first equation by 3 and the second equation by -5 15x + 12y =42 -15x -30y = -30 Add the two equations and the x will be eliminated. -18y = 12 y...
  85. algebra 1

    Divide both sides by 3 x-2 > -3 add two to both sides x> -1 The rules for inequalites are the same as for equations unless you are multiplying or dividing by a negative number.
  86. Physics

    A rocket accelerates upward at 3m/sec2 for 60 seconds when it releases a booster. How long will it take the booster to reach the ground from the highest point and what is its velocity as it is striking the ground? I'm unsure how to find the time if time is already given. I...
  87. math

    Simple interest 400(.05)(2) = $40 compound 400(1.05)^2

    32/ft/sec^2 or 9.8 m/sec^2
  89. Math

  90. Math

    Is the first one (y-5)/3= 1 multiply by 3 y-5 = 3 add 5 y = 8 6x =-24 divide by 6 so x = 4
  91. math

    -4x-4b =p + 8b -4x =p +12b divide by -4 D
  92. Math

    1 lb he saves 13.60 then for the other 1/8 he saves 1/8 of 13.60 Divide 13.60 by 8 and then add that answer to 13.60
  93. math

    just subtract 1/2 x from both sides r- 1/2 x =y
  94. Math

    A = x^2 P = 4x A = 1/2 P x^2 = 2x x^2 -2x =0 (x)(x-2) = 0 x= 0 and x = 2 Ans x=2
  95. Math

    are you solving for r or h
  96. Mathematics

    Thanks. Forgive my grammar.
  97. Mathamatics

    If it has been determined that the probability of an earthquake occurring on a certain day in a certain area is 1 over 20 , what are the odds against an earthquake? Would the answer be 19:1?
  98. stats

    The area between -1.75 and 1.75 is equal to .91988 or .92 I would use those z-values. You can get these values from looking at a z-table. There are many different version of z-tables. You might be able to see the tails in it or a cumulative area z-table. Think of 92% being in ...
  99. Math

    If we toss four fair coins, what is the probability that we get more heads than tails? HHHH TTTT HHTT TTHH HTHT THTH HHHT TTTH HTTH THHT Would the answer be 2/10? I am a little confused. Thanks for the help!
  100. Physics

    A man claims that he can hold onto a 9.0-kg child in a head-on collision as long as he has his seat belt on. Consider this man in a collision in which he is in one of two identical cars each traveling toward the other at 49.0 mi/h relative to the ground. The car in which he ...
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