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  1. math

    Let L be the length then the width is (L-3) and we know area is L(W) So Area = (L)(L-3) and Area is 28 so 28=(L)(L-3) use the distributive property then move your equation to the right hand side and solve for the roots : ) Hint the factors of the quadratic are 7 and 4, you ...
  2. Science

    Why don't you make a poster for your portfolio. The information is just a google search away, or use your textbook to get the facts : )
  3. Math

    (2/5)x200=80 So the first charity got 80 200 - 80 = 120 which is left. 120x(1/3)=40 The second charity received 40 cans. so 120-40 = 80 cans left to give to the third home.
  4. Math

    Since 10 times 15 is 150 and 8x15=120 we see that each unit is 15 feet.
  5. maths

    Start with a Principal of $1 and see it grow to $1.75, thus I=PRT and you have I, P and T so solve for R : )
  6. Math

    Use the z-score formula to get your value then look it up : )
  7. Math

    YES : )
  8. Octotarian!

    Wow! Congratulations Ms. Sue! You are sharp as a tack : ) It is exciting that you are still excited to help students understand their studies.
  9. math need help fast

    Wow! Congratulations Ms. Sue! You are sharp as a tack : ) It is exciting that you are still excited to help students understand their studies.
  10. math

    0.492063492 divided by 226
  11. math

    3.72380952 divided by 4.16190476
  12. math

    (3/4 divided by 3/100 - 47/2) divided by 3/2 times 1/2 +7/6 =
  13. math

    (8.75?17/6) divided by 7.1+(9/2+8/3) divided by 43/10
  14. math

    13/6-11/15x=0.15 x=
  15. math

    5/9 divided by x=15/4 x=
  16. math

    3/x=x/12 x=
  17. math

    7/x=12/14 x=
  18. math

    13/6-11/15x=0.15 x=
  19. math

    0.25x-7/6=7/3 x=
  20. math

    0.25x-7/6=7/3 x=
  21. math

    13/6-11/15x=0.15 x=
  22. math

    11/2+0.6x=16 x=
  23. math

    5/9 divided by x=15/4 x=
  24. math

    144/25=x/5 x=
  25. math

    3/x=x/12 x=
  26. math

    7/x=12/14 x=
  27. math

    Solve the problem by making up an equation. A child is 12 years old, and his father is 32 years older. In how many years will the age of the father be 3 times the age of the child? Just tell me the equation.
  28. Math

    Multiply your 36 by 2/3 and then convert to feet : )
  29. Maths

    Do the first 2 years at the regular amount then ADD it to the final five years at the new amount. Both parts using the simple interest equation.
  30. math

    You have a right angle triangle. Just remember where the angle of depression goes and what it means. Then you have the TAN theta ratio with 40 being the adjacent side, and x being the opposite side. And do the math.
  31. physics

    I am sorry Amanda this platform does not allow graphics to be added to your question. Thus without a graph there is no telling where a,b, and c are located.
  32. Calculus

    I am sorry Michael this platform does not support inserting diagrams into your question. Thus m(x) and n(x) could be anything. Again, sorry.
  33. plz help right away!!!

    It is a proportional situation. You have 1cm/4m = 6cm/x, you can cross multiply to get your answer.
  34. math

    Since A=(L)(W) and the L length is twice the width we have A=(2w)(w) and 72=(2w)(w) 72=2w^2 now solve for w
  35. Algebra

    Sub h=16 into the equation and re-arrange to get 0 = ... then factor to solve for the two different times that the height is 16 feet. hint: 0=-16t^2+30t-12
  36. maths

    He spent 2/5th leaving 3/5th but then spent 1/5of 3/5th, which is (1/5)(3/5) so he spent 3/15th. So he has 3/5 - the 3/15 he spent : ) 3/5 - 3/15 = ...

    You could draw a tree diagram it has three branches for the different lengths, then from each of those branches it has 5 branches for the different colours, and from each of those branches it has 2 different styles : ) so... 3 x 5 x 2 is the total number of final branches (...
  38. math

    I=PRT, but the time is 14/12 (as you need to consider years) So I=1850(.08)(14/12)
  39. intermideate lgerbra

    Using the sum of an arithmetic sequence with a=5 and d=4 we have to solve for n (which is the number of rows). so... 780=(n/2)(2a+(n-1)4) but we do the math and get down to 0=4n^2 +6n-1560 which needs the quadratic formula to factor. One of the roots of the quadratic formula ...
  40. extended mathematics

    When you sketch out the diagram... two triangles. Since MN=2ML, and MN=N0, then NO=2ML and it also provides that angle LMN is 90 degrees and since it is an isosceles triange, angle LMN = angle LNM and they are both 45 degrees. Triangle LMN has a similar triange sitting on top ...
  41. alegrba

    65 percent... is out of 100 65/100 reduces by dividing the top and bottom by 5 so... 65/100 = 13/20 and 65% when written as a decimal is 65/100 on your calculator gives you the second one that is also correct. So... the question says choose all that apply... and there are two ...
  42. Science

    How many calories of heat energy are required to melt 20 grams of ice at 0 °C? Answer: _____ calories How many calories of heat are required to evaporate 20 grams of liquid water at 0 °C? Answer: _____ calories
  43. Math

    3/8 th of a litre because there are 8 people sharing the juice (Akio and 7 friends makes 8 people)
  44. Math

    A carpenter has several boards of equal length. He cuts 3/5 of each board. After cutting the boards, the Carpender notices that he has enough pieces left over to make up the same length as four of the original boards. How many boards did the Carpender start with?
  45. physics

    is that all there is to it?
  46. physics

    A 18 kg rock is attached to a 52 N/m spring, you then start to swing the spring above your head in a horizontal circle at 32 radians/s. Calculate how far the spring will stretch during this motion assuming its relaxed length is 1.5meters. Ignore any effects of gravity
  47. algebra 2

    The mass of the particles that a river can transport is proportional to the sixth power of the speed of the river. A certain river normally flows at a speed of 3 miles per hour. What must its speed be in order to transport particles that are 200 times as massive as usual? ...
  48. math

    definition of hypotenuse
  49. math

    How many different right triangles are there with a hypotenuse of length 5 cm?
  50. math

    How many different triangles with sides of measurements of 3, 4, and 5 are there?
  51. math

    83/55 + 93/50 can you give me the actual answer
  52. math

    definition for linear
  53. math

    (3/4 divided by 3/100) divided by 3/2 x 1/2 + 7/6=
  54. math

    83/55 + 93/50
  55. math

    3/x=x/12 what is x
  56. math

    if eight times a number is increased by three the result is 19 more than six times this number. find the number
  57. 8th grade social studies

    The Los Angeles Times Printed an article criticizing the way President Bush was dealing with the economy
  58. algebra

    in a 3 digit number, the tens digit is twice the hundreds digit and 1/2 the units digit. if the digits are reversed, the new number is 49 more than 3 times that of the original number
  59. calculus

    If an arrow is shot upward on Mars with a speed of 52 m/s, its height in meters t seconds later is given by y = 52t ? 1.86t2. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) What is the average speed over the given time intervals? (i) [1, 2] (ii) [1, 1.5] (iii) [1, 1.1] (iv) [1, 1...
  60. Biology

    After a family picnic,Ella dumped the ice and rock salt from ice cream maker in the back yard.that area of yard now contains dead,brown grass. Explain why this happened using word plasmolysis in your explanation.
  61. AP Bio

    Discuss how translocation/transpiration is an adaptation that allows flowering plants to overcome problems of life on land
  62. math

    (4/3 x 4/3) x (3/2 x 3/2) divided by 2 2/5 =
  63. math

    13/3 + 35/4 divided by 21/4 =
  64. math

    how to find triangular numbers
  65. math

    A collection of coins has a value of 64 cents. There are two more nickels than dimes and three times as many pennies as dimes. How many of each kind of coins are there?
  66. math

    7+(x-9/24)times40=480 what is x
  67. math

    44-(7695/x)=25 What is x.
  68. math

    Write two mixed numbers so that all rules are applied: 1. One number is larger than the other by 4 2/3 2. The difference of the numbers is equal to the smaller number. 3. The sum of the numbers is natural number. What are the numbers?
  69. math

    The sum of two consecutive numbers is n+1. What are the numbers?
  70. math

    a three digit number has ten digit two greater than the units digit and the hundreds digit one greater than the tens digit. the sum of the tens and the hundreds is three times the units digit. what is the number
  71. math

    Sheri's age in 20 years will be the same as Jerry's age right now. Ten years from now, Jerry's age will be twice Sheri's. What are their present ages?
  72. chemistry

    *when you
  73. chemistry

    What kinds of lab techniques could you cite in your conclusion with a molarity lab? When determine what molarity is correct.
  74. math (trigonometry)

    d) With a d=100 we know that the distance the wheel travels C=pi(d) so c=3.14159(100m) c=approx 314m to go around the ferris wheel once. But you can go twice 314(2) in 10 min so... setting up a proportion distance/time = distance/time 618m/10min = x/6 min and solve for x
  75. Math

    Thanks Arora! After more thought I believe all cases are covered in your eloquent solution : )
  76. Math

    Hmmmm.... can it really be that simple? WHat about the no copies of s, 1 copy of s, no copies of n, 1 copy of n?
  77. Math

    "How many ways are there to arrange some, but not all, of the letters in "Suspension" if at most once copy of each letter can be used? I have a start... I think the part that says "at most" one copy means that you have to remove one of the "s"...
  78. Math

    Looking at the question as a proportion would give shadow/object = shadow/obj then put in your numbers... 9feet/6feet = shadow/20 then multiply both sides by 20 to obtain what Damon said : )
  79. HELP HELp

    Hey, guys joke on you because I pass!!! hahahaha
  80. HELP HELp

    You guys are no help if I fail is because of you guys!!! Also reporting all of you.
  81. precalc final?

    I need help on the precalc final
  82. Science

    In the system shown above m1 = 9.5kg and m2 = 2.6kg. If the coefficient of kinetic friction UK = 0.15 and the system is released from rest
  83. Math

    google search the DESMOS website is a graphing website You can graph in radians or degrees : ) It is free : )
  84. Chemistry(Photoelectric effect)

    I've got this question wrong 2 times now... Which of the following statements about the photoelectric effect are correct? I. If electrons are being ejected, the number of electrons ejected increases with increasing light intensity. II. The minimum energy required for ...
  85. Math

    Awesome! Now I truly understand the scenerio. Thanks so much for your wise and timely replies and solutions : )
  86. Math

    The "atleast 5 tosses" part means 1-P(50rless tosses) so I think we also need the fifth toss that has 1 in 32 ways to get HT, that being TTTHT So that has to go into the subtracting bracket as well... I think : ) Please advise.
  87. Math

    Or... do we not break up where the tree ended (as in my 1- solution), but do 1 - 7/32 which would then be 25/32 for the probability of it taking atleast 5 times for a head followed by a tail to occur?
  88. Math

    When I made a tree diagram for 4 tosses of a coin... I had 6 branches where you tossed until a head was followed by a tail. That was 6 branches out of 16. Then I added another toss and came up with one more for the sample set. HHHHT, so that would be 1 out of 32 produce the ...
  89. Math

    If you toss a fair coin and you toss until a head is followed by a tail. What is the probability that at least 5 tosses are needed for this to occur?
  90. physics

    Look at the area of the triangle
  91. math

    YES :) and another way is to say... If 12 out of 180 have spots, then 180-12 do not have spots. So out of 1200, we know the percent with no spots is 168/180 (written as a decimal), then 168/180 times 1200 is also 1120 : )
  92. Alg 1 -Further explanation PLEASE

    Suppose f(x)=|P(x)|. Determine the range of f (1,-3), (4,1), (3,3), (2,4), (-2,4), (-3,5), (-1,6) Algebra 1 - Damon today at 10:12am Nothing can be negative. No y can be different from x Can you explain further please
  93. Algebra 1

    Suppose f(x)=|P(x)|. Determine the range of f (1,-3), (4,1), (3,3), (2,4), (-2,4), (-3,5), (-1,6)
  94. Algebra 1

    Cassandra bought a car for 22,385. The value depreciates 14% a year. a. Write a function, d(x), that gives the value of the car after x years. b. What will the value of Cassandra's car be after 10 year
  95. English

    This is all for the poem "To His Coy Mistress" They're all short answers. 1) What is the speaker trying to convince his mistress to do? 2) Why is she being "coy"? 3) Outline the author's argument in the form of a syllogism or a logical argument ...
  96. Financial analysis

    I have 2 question. If current assets increased, then current liabilities also increase or decrease? And if current liabilities decreased, then current assets also increase or decrease?
  97. statistics / probability

    A cooler full of sodas has 12 lemon-lime drinks and 18 gingerales. If one drink is selected at random and then a second drink is selected at random, what are the chances that both sodas will be gingerales?
  98. math

    Terry bought some gum and candy. The number of packages of chewing gum was one more than the number of mints. The number of mints was three times the number of candy bars. If gum was 6 cents a package, mints were 3 cents each, and candy bars were 10 cents each, how many of ...
  99. calculus1

    Let f(x) = x^5 + 3x^2 ? 5x ? 7, find the interval(s) where f is increasing and decreasing.
  100. math

    Terry bought some gum and candy. The number of packages of chewing gum was one more than the number of mints. The number of mints was three times the number of candy bars. If gum was 6 cents a package, mints were 3 cents each, and candy bars were 10 cents each, how many of ...
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