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  1. math HELP

    what is the most easiest way( or can you teach me) for Pythagorean theorem using composite solids for my test tomorrow?
  2. math

    the Temperatureat night usually decreases at an average of 40 degree per hour. write an integer to represent the temperature change from 10 pm to 5 am?
  3. Algebra

    A ball was thrown into the air with an initial velocity of 72ft per second. The height of the ball after t seconds is represented by the equation h=72t-16². The graph of the function is shown to the right. It says to describe the dependent variable for this problem and ...
  4. physics

    In a certain right triangle, the two sides that are perpendicular to each other are 7.00 m and 8.30 m long. What is the tangent of the angle for which 7.00 m is the opposite side?
  5. physics

    In a certain right triangle, the two sides that are perpendicular to each other have lengths h = 4.40 m and b = 8.70 m. What is the length of the third side of the triangle?
  6. physics

    A right triangle has a hypotenuse of length 2.00 m, and one of its angles is 24.0°. What are the lengths of the following sides? (a) the side opposite the 24.0° angle (b) the side adjacent to the 24.0° angle
  7. Math

    Nevermind, I figured it out. I do not know how to delete the question. Thanks
  8. Math

    Suppose f(x)=x^(2)+6x+1 What is the average rate of change of f(x) with respect to x as x changes from −1 to 1? The AROC is:_____?
  9. algebra

    the dress store is having a sale where all merchandise is 1/4 off. a woman buys $42 of merchandise at the sales price. what would she have had to pay at the regular price.
  10. math

    What calculation would I do to figure out how many miles are in a 10k?
  11. Math

    See where you posted below.
  12. math

    Think about having a pizza divided in to 4 pieces. Then think about a pizza divided into 8 pieces. We are saying if I have 3/4 of a pizza, someone is going to remove 3/8 of it. It doesn't make sense unless we are talking about the same sizes.. so we would change 3/4 to 6/8...
  13. math

    Try adding some of these together to look for the pattern: -13 +16 = 3 odd+even = odd -7 + 16 = 9 how about -13 + -7 = -20 -8 + 16 = 8 It looks like even + even = even odd + odd = even even + odd = odd So, we only get an odd result in this case. It seems that it is always true...
  14. statistics

    If the data is skewed to either the left or the right then you would use the median because the median is not influenced by single large or small inputs. If the data is normal, you will use the mean to find the middle of the data.
  15. Math

    5 lbs times 16 ounces/lb. 80 ounces of oatmeal. Now how many 8 ounce servings can you get. Divide by 8 to get your answer.
  16. Math

    p - 2o = sale price
  17. Math

    there are 12 inches in 1 foot. if you have 60 inches then you have??? feet. Can you finish from here 12 inches/ 1 foot = 60 inches/? foot
  18. math

    c + t = 70 c = 50 so: 50 + t =70 Can you find the number of trucks? Once you get that number you will subtract it from the number of cars to find out how many more cars you have than trucks.
  19. Calculus

    Evaluate using substitution ∫(2x^5+6x)^3(5x^4+3)dx where b=0 and a=-1 I got to here and then got stuck u=5x^4+3 du=x^5+3x+C ∫(2x^5+6x)^3 u 1/(x^5+3x+C) ∫(x^5+3x)^3 u
  20. math

    That is right. Rates have different units like miles/hour or feet/second
  21. Algebra

    0x^2 +0x +6 That would reduce to 6 This term has degree 0 because the degree refers to the x^0 and x to the zero power is just 1 so if I had 6x^0, then I really have 6(1) = 6 Since all of the terms in the original trinomial cancelled out due to the zero in the coeffient, we ...
  22. Calculus

    I was mistaken, it is b=x and a=0
  23. Calculus

    Find the interval on which the curve of ∫ 6/(1+2t+t^2) where b=0 and a=x is concave up. Heres my work but im not sure at all g '(x) = 6/(1+2x+x^2) g ''(x) = -(2+2x)/[(1+2x+x^2)^2] upward when g ''(x) > 0. - (2+2x) > 0 x < -1
  24. langauge arts

    What is the answer??
  25. math

    2.08*10^-8=(9*10^9)(1.6*10^-19)^2/d^2 please solve for D
  26. Suggestions needed... No specific class

    If you could see an everyday object improved by adding something mechanical what would it be? Cause be something that has to do with transportation, help disabled people, etc. For example, creating a wheel chair that is rough terrain and water accessible
  27. Math

    okay. Did you get 8?
  28. Math

    40/100 = 2/5 Multiply 2/5 times 20 Can you finish from here?
  29. Algebra

    Tangent problem of opp/adj tan 67 degrees = x/137 Find tan of 67 and multiply by 137 to find the height of the pole.
  30. Math

    If it is decreased by 17% then you will have 83% of the 200 which equals 166. This is similar to going into a store where there is a 20% off sale. You pay 80% of the original price.
  31. Math

    11.52(10) + 8x = 1160x where x is the cost of a pencil. 115.20 =1152x x = .1 or 10 cents. 1160 time .1 is $116 11.52(10) + .1(8) 115.2 = .8 = $116
  32. Multiply

    There are some short cuts: 1 will always work since the number is even (ends in 8) the number is divisible by 2. If the sum of the digits is divisible by 3 then the number is divisible by 3. If the number is divisible by 2 and 3 then it is divisible by 6.
  33. Math

    x + y = 12 x-y = 6 add these equations together to get 2x = 18 so x must be 9 Can you find y which represents the other digit?
  34. accounting

    Do a google search of these two terms and you will find a lot of good information.
  35. Mechanics(Ms.Sue)

    Yes.. velocity has a direction and speed does not. also, above the right answer is D.
  36. Chemistry

    I think it is because atoms are so small, you have to measure many of them.. so we are actually taking an average which results in decimals. Does that make sense?
  37. Help

    As you heat air molecules, they gain more energy and move farther apart which results in less density. control would be the amount of air in the balloon because that doesn't change since air isn't leaving or entering the balloon. Indep. would be the heat dep. would be ...
  38. Algebra

    There is no GCF here. I assume your -30 is supposed to be -30x. Right? (5x-3)(5x-3) This is a perfect square. You can tell because 5x times 5x equals the first term and -3 times -3 equals the 9. When you have perfect squares in the first and last term of the trinomal try the ...
  39. geometry

    41 1/3 sq yds divided by 2 1/3 gallons You need to use improper fractions 124/3 divided by 7/3 124/3 times 3/7 124/7 sq yds per gallon which you can change to a mixed number. To find out what Jack is getting you need to multiply the answer above by 9 since 1 sq yard = 9 square...
  40. Math

    1 dollar / 1.14euros = ?/25 euros cross multiply to get dollars = 1.14(25) Multiply and you will have dollars. 1000 g = 1 kg you have 500 g = 1/2 kg divide your dollars by 1/2 which is the same thing as multiplying by 2 and you will have dollars/kg
  41. Math

    Are you trying to compare this to feet? So you can see if it makes sense for the shark to be 4.9 meters.
  42. Math

    Looks right to me because they wanted the ages 10 years ago. Did you use formulas like these? y + m + d = 50 y = d/2 7(y-10) = d -10 You need to work with the last two equations because they have the same variables.
  43. Math

    r + g =30 That first equation gives you to total number of balls. This next equation is the number of balls times the weight of each ball. Taking into consideration that the green balls are 49 lbs heavier than the total mass of red balls. 9g = 49 + 8r r + g = 30 or g = 30-r ...
  44. Algebra

    If two lines are parallel, then they have the same slope. 6x-2y =13 -2y = -6x +13 y = 3x -13/2 slope m= 3 y-intercept b=-4 y=mx +b can you finish from here?
  45. math

    If you are talking about simple interest and not compounding interest then you would just use the formula: A = P+ Prt Where Prt is the interest. 500 x 25 = 12500 A = 12500 + 500(.064)(25) Can you finish from here?
  46. Math

    I assume that a system means two equations. That means that you graph each equation on the same x-y axis. You can find the points for each graph by using a table of values or you can use the slope intercept method to draw the graphs.
  47. Chemistry

    C3 H7 because you have to use whole numbers.
  48. math

    50 boys there would be 30 girls 100 boys there would be 60 150 boys there would 90 girls The above should give you an idea of what the ratio means 125 boys would be 75 girls and a difference of 50 more boys.
  49. Physics II

    21.576 N
  50. Math

    If our car uses 0.7 gallon of gas in going 10 miles, how much will it use on a 100 mile trip?
  51. us history

    Pensacola is in Florida and New Orleans is in Lousianna. So..I don't agree with east.
  52. Math

    Drive is 6 hours 30 min Stop for gas is 10 min Now we have 6 hrs and 40 min. 45 min for lunch so 6 hrs and 85 minutes I hour = 60 minutes so you have 7 hours 20 minutes Can you use this information to figure out when to leave?
  53. Physical Education

    I agree.
  54. math

    Are you looking for another solution? if so what do you think/
  55. Math

    You can tell the lines are parallel if you solve each equation for y. The number in front of the x is the slope as in y =mx+b 6y =3x + 10 divide by 6 to get m=1/2 second equation 6y = 3x -4 m = 1/2 or you could graph both equations and see that they are parallel.
  56. 2 NDT grade math

    green = blue + 2 blue + green = 15 blue + blue + 2 = 15 2b = 13 You can't have a 1/2 of a marble or can you? blue = 13/2
  57. Math

    I would say elimination since the x has coeffs that are equal and opposite so they will eliminate very easily.
  58. us history

    I agree again.
  59. us history

    I agree with you.
  60. Math

    If you use the elimination method and add the two equations together, if the variables are eliminated and you have a false statement like 0 = 15 then there is no solution. If you have a true statement like 0 =0 then there are many solutions. To check your work, you could also ...
  61. math

    this is pathegreom theorem 22. Points A, B, and C are corners of a triangular field where mABC is 90°, AB is 40 meters and BC is 45 meters. a) Find the length of AC . A 40 m B 45 m C b) John walks along the edge of the field from point A to point C. If P is the ...
  62. math

    John walks along the edge of the field from point A to point C. If P is the point on AC when John is nearest to point B, find the length of BP.
  63. Algebra 1 Honors

    Does your formula work with what was given?
  64. Math

    (9 + x)/2 = 6 This represents the average of the tests equal to 6. Multiply both sides by 2 9 + x = 12 Find x. Check to me sure the two tests have a mean of 6.
  65. Physics- just verfiying an equation

    As long as there is no denominator in the formula, each of your variables is directly related to centripetal force. This means if m, r or angular velocity are increased, then Fcent will increase. Due to the squaring on one variable, an increase in that variable will have a ...
  66. Algebra

    You are correct. If you plot these points you will have a horizontal line crossing the y-axis at 3. If you do the vertical line test, It will only touch one part of the graph; therefore it is a function. It is okay to have different values of x map to the same value of y. ...
  67. math

    3.60/12 4.96/16 5.20/20 You will get the price per ounce which represents a unit rate. Complete the division in each case and compare them to find the best unit rate.
  68. math10

    If something cost $100 dollars if you have a 10% discount you would pay $90. Another 10% discount then you would pay $81. The percent Discount would be 100-81/100 or 19%. So.. how dis we do this? Each time we paid 90% of the price. so .9 x .9 =.81 paid.. so our discount is 19%
  69. maths

    tan 20 = 50/x tan = opp/adj.
  70. math10

    Any easy way to deal with absolute value inequalities is to treat them like equations to begin with. You have 2 parts: x^2 -x -3 = x^2 -x -3 They are identical, so everything cancels here. Now take the opposite of the second polynomial. x^2 -x -3 = -x^2 +x + 3 2x^2 -2x -6 =0 ...
  71. Math

    You could graph these points and extend a line through the points to see if the lines cross at one point that would give you one answer. Since the problem states that they are linear, they won't have 2 answers. If the lines are parallel, no solution. If they really are the...
  72. Math

    If points are all on the same line, then the slope has to be the same no matter what two points we use. Take the first two points and find the slope. change in y/change in x 4 - 3 divided by 8 - 6 1/2 so the slope is 1/2 Now, set 1/2 equal to the slope equation that you create...
  73. Biology

    B b B BB Bb b Bb bb You see your possibilities. Now, can you get your percents?
  74. math

    y = 5x + 8 y = 3.5x + 14 You need to graph each equation on the same graph paper and see where the two lines cross. That point is your answer. I will give you a start. The first graph has a point (0,8) and the second graph has a point (0, 14) Find two more points for each ...
  75. math

    green 1/2 chance of even number white 2,3, 4, 5, 6 = 5/6 AND both happened 1/2 times 5/6 = 5/12
  76. Math

    Do you really understand how to do these problems? 350 is 70% of what number is = of means multiply. One way to do the problem is to write out the equation based on the sentence 350 = .70 (n) Divide 350 by .70 you will get 500 Another method is called IS over OF 350/n = 70/100...
  77. health and pe

    No.. not refusal. withdrawal means you are trying to get the drug out of your system.
  78. Algebra

    x = larger y = smaller x + y = 14 y = 14 - x 5 more than the larger 5 + 14 -x 5 + 14-x - 3x Now, simplify 19 -4x is the variable expression.
  79. Calculus

    You got it right bro
  80. English - capitalization

    The president invited Senator Smith to the White House for a meeting before preparing his address to the United States congress. Which of the following is an error in capitalization in the sentence above? A. The word "House" should be lower case. B. The word "...
  81. English - punctuation

    Thank you. And yes, B needs one more comma between "strong" and "heavyset" And I agree with you on D.
  82. English - punctuation

    which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? A. The horse rode to our house, the beach, and around the church, before he started to tire. B. The strong heavyset fighter won his first fight, and he was featured in the newspaper. C. The ladies's hats were all ...
  83. English

    Yea, "although" ruined it all. So I chose C.
  84. English

    Although the path to success seemed clear, they were unable to take advantage of their position, and the other team triumphed. It was a humbling, but not catastrophic, failure. Which of the following is an independent clause from the sentences above? A. Although the path to ...
  85. Subject-verb agreement

    Hey Damon, I agree with you. Physics is much easier than English :D. So is it C the correct answer?
  86. Subject-verb agreement

    which of the following sentences demonstrates proper subject-verb agreement? A. News travel fast. B. Measles usually spread through respiratory fluids. C. Physics is a difficult subject to learn. D. They study of various sciences are compelling. A and D are not correct. C is ...
  87. English

    Thank you again.
  88. English

    After heart surgery, the patient spent all night quietly dozing until she was awakened by the cacophony of the hospital employees. Which of the following is the meaning for "cacophony" used in the sentence above? A. Harsh sounds B. Conversation C. Routine duties D. ...
  89. English

    I got it! It should be: Getting out of the car, the nurse who was late for work, put the manual into a large blue tote bag.
  90. English

    Hi Ms. Sue I don't know because the question itself is confusing So I think the correct sentence should be: The nurse, who was late for work, getting out of the car put the manual into a large blue tote bag. I don't know if it's correct or not. Which part of the ...
  91. English

    The nurse, who was late for work, put the manual into a large blue tote bag getting out of the car. Which of the following is misplaced in the sentence above? A. put the manual B. who was late for work C. getting out of the car D. into a large blue tote bag My answer is A. ...
  92. English

    Thank you, Ms. Sue!
  93. English

    The smugglers stood before the judge, who was known for her strict manner, and entered their pleas with feint hopes that the evidence would not prove their guilt. Which of the following homophones should be used to correct the error in the sentence above? A. Gilt B. Faint C. ...
  94. calculus

    i did get 8pi/3 but it wasn't one of the choices. Maybe there is a mistake in the question
  95. calculus

    the region bounded by the graph f(x)=x(2-x) and the x axis is revolved about the y axis. Find the volume of the solid. I did the integral using the shell method, but the answer wasn't correct.
  96. Math

    Just put in the 3 for the y. 3(3+2) add the 3 + 2 then multiply by 3.
  97. math

    Just treat them as x and y. No trick to the mixed numbers because it will happen automatically depending on the numbers use. x + y = 16 x - y = 5 add the two equations 2x = 21 Can you finish from here?
  98. Math

    Usually, you use the chart method when you are trying to find the value of the money left. In this case, I don't see the values. It is no different that saying you have 43 more red markers than blue markers. After he give away 17 blue markers, he had twice as many red ...
  99. Math

    x + y = 16 x - y = 15 add the two equations 2x = 31 so x= 31/2 or 15 1/2 So then y = 1/2
  100. U.S. History

    I agree with B.
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