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  1. physics

    Here is an equation called Coulomb's Law that might help you find the answers: Force of electricity= k x (q1 x q2)/r^2 k= Coulomb's constant= 9x10^9 q1= charge 1 q2= charge 2 r= distance between two charges Just plug in numbers to the equation and find the force. Then...
  2. Pysics

    Remember that the net momentum before a collision is equal to the net momentum after a collision. Let momentum= p, mass= m, and v= velocity. Even though a pound is not a measurement unit of mass, it is linearly correlated with it, so let's use pounds to measure measure ...
  3. Biology

    The cells in them are the ones that control them
  4. Chemistry

    what mass of hydrogen chloride gas is required to produce 250 ml of hydrochloric acid solution with a pH of 1.57
  5. Chemistry

    what mass of hydrogen chloride gas is required to produce 250 ml of hydrochloric acid solution with a pH of 1.57 pH 1.57 H3O = 10^-1.57= .027mol/L .027(4)= .108mol/L 36.46(.108)=3.9g
  6. Algebra

    A bottle rocket launches into the air. The equation h=-16t^2+64t+9 gives the height of the ball, h in feet, as a function of t, number of seconds after launch. What is the maximum height the ball reaches? How many seconds does it take the ball to reach that height?
  7. Math

    Hi, Can you please show the steps for C(10,8)(1/2)^8 (1/2)^2 + C(10,9)(1/2)^9(1/2) + C(10,10) (1/2)^10 to = (1/2)^10 ( 45 + 9 + 1) I am a bit confused. Thank you in advance :)
  8. Maths

    2x^3 - 12x^2 - 32x
  9. Dosage calculations please

    Ordered: Tegretol 150 mg po BID Supplied: Tegretol 20 mg / tablet 1. How many tablets would you administer per dose? 2. How tablets would you administer per 24 hours? 1. 150/20 x 1 = 7.5 tablets per dose 2. 150mg/2 = x/24 =1,800 tablets ? I am very confused on second question.
  10. Dosage calculations

    I did this 0.5/ 100 x 1 = 0.005 but the answer is 1.5ml.
  11. Dosage calculations

    The physician ordered 0.5 mL of meperidine hydro chloride. The med's drug label reads 100mg/mL. The patient will receive __________? I have no idea how to do it please.
  12. Math

    The measures of the sides of a right triangle form an arithmetic sequence of common difference 2. What are these measures?
  13. Chemistry

    I'm stuck.
  14. Chemistry

    Also I found the Ksp values from my text. It says Pb = 2.53E–8 and Sr = 3.44E–7. Could you re-write with those values so that I can understand it better please? I really appreciate your help.
  15. Chemistry

    Hey Dr. Bob. I'm not sure where you got the 1.6E-8 from?
  16. Chemistry

    A solution contains 0.0390 M Pb2 (aq) and 0.0390 M Sr2 (aq). If we add SO42–(aq), what will be the concentration of Pb2 (aq) when SrSO4(s) begins to precipitate? I am just completely lost on this one.
  17. math

    The age of a man and his son adds up to 36years old.if the father is 30years more than his son .how old is the father and the son?
  18. Statistics

    A sign on the petrol pumps of a chain of petrol stations encourages customers to have their oil checked, claiming that one out of every four cars should have its oil topped up. Assuming this claim is true: (b) What is the probability that at least half of the next 10 cars ...
  19. Business Statistics

    (a) Of the next 10 cars entering a petrol station, what is the probability that exactly three of them should have their oil topped up?
  20. History Help!

    Is it d?
  21. History Help!

    It says that they wanted the rich land, but none of my answers relate to this. @Reed
  22. History Help!

    1.How did New England's textile industry affect women? -New technologies required men to work far from their wives and families -The jobs in this field were considered "mens work," and women were not hired -The need for unskilled labor provided low-paying factory...
  23. chemistry

    Given overall reaction: P4 + 10Cl2 ---> 4PCl5 Delta H for the reaction = ? PCl5 -----> PCl3 + Cl2 Delta H = +157 kJ P4 + 6Cl2 ----> 4PCl3 Delta H = -1207 kJ Calculate the Delta H for the overall reaction.
  24. Physics-mechanics

    A child's toy car runs off a battery that can supply 105 Wh of energy. If all losses (including friction) consume 45.0% of the energy available and the rider and car have a combined weight of 910 N, determine the height of the largest hill the child can climb in the car in...
  25. algebra

    I have a rectangular prism with a volume of 48 cubic feet and a height of 3/4 foot. The base of the rectangular prism is not a square and the width is greater than 2 feet. What is the length and width of the rectangular prism?
  26. chemistry

    Calculate the pH after addition of 16.36 mL of 0.1349 M HBr to 25.00 mL of 0.1444 M NH3. Kb(NH3) = 1.800e-5. Answer: 9.059 PLEASE SHOW STEPS!
  27. math

    The new capacity is 4+x=y Where x is the pure anti-freeze, y is the total capacity. 4+x=y 0.25(4)+x=0.5y 1+x=2+0.5x x=2 He needs to add 2 gallons of pure anti-freeze.
  28. Math

    f the air temperature at ground level is 90degrees°​F, the air temperature x miles high is given by ​T(x)equals=90minus−19x. Determine the altitudes at which the air temperature is from 52degrees°F to 42.5degrees°F.
  29. statistics

    what is the range of probability
  30. Physics

    Amotorvehicle of mass 1200kg is travelling along alevel road at 54km/hr.The breaks are then applied and the speed of the vehicle reduced to 18km/hr over adistance of 50M .if the afriction motion resistant is constant at 160N .calculate the effective braking force of the brakes...
  31. Statistics

    A flower shop wishes to add the valuable Waimea orchid to its product list. They purchase a large shipment of bulbs from a supplier in Kauai. It is established by Mendelian theory that the predominant colors in the Waimea orchid (blue, red, violet, orange) will occur with the ...
  32. Statistics

    A marketing researcher decides to test whether coffee drinkers have a favorable view of coffee labeled as “Fair Trade.” He has 15 randomly selected coffee drinkers taste his company’s Morning Blend, then the exact same coffee labeled Fair Trade Blend. They are ...
  33. Chemistry

    mols H2=1.106 mols I2=0.218 molar mass of H2=2.016 and divide 2.23g by 2.016 moles of H2 to moles of HI=2.212 moles of I2 to HI=0.436 so limiting reagent is I grams of HI=511.6 (2*255.8) percent yield=8.4% (43.1/511.6) What did I do wrong?
  34. Chemistry

    What is the percent yield of the reaction below if 2.23g of hydrogen gas react with 55.3 g of iodine to produce 43.1g of HI. use the equation below: H2+I2=2HI the answers: a) 21.8 b) 77.3 c) 33.7 d) 87.1 I started by trying to find the limiting reagent. I multiplied the 2.23 g...
  35. Physics

    An electric kettle has a power of 1.2kw. How long will it take to heat 3 kg of water to the from 20¡ãC to 100¡ãC?
  36. Trigonometry

    A wheel has a 12 inch radius rotating at 620 RPM. What is the speed of the car in MPH?
  37. electrical electronics

    Find the value of the remaining components of a common emmitter amplifer circuit given Ic=3mA, Tr=ZTx300, hfe=80, F=40Hz, Ve=2.5 show workings
  38. electricity and magnetism

    Four equal point charges, +3micro coulomb, are placed at the four corners of a square that is 40cm on a side. Find the force on any one of the charges.
  39. Physics

    A device that can alter the resistance in a circuit is known as a: a. switch b. potentiometer c. circuit breaker d. ammeter
  40. math(mechanics static)

    Three identical sphere with the same size and same weight. A 100N sphere is placed at th top of the 3 spheres. Find the contact force between the 3 spheres & the 100N sphere.
  41. life orientation

    Four aspects when choosing subjects
  42. Math

    the answer is 23 confirmed.
  43. Physics

    a speeding car is driving at 120 km/h when it passes a police cruiser that is driving at 100 km/h. One second later, the police cruiser accelerates uniformly at 15 km/h until it reaches a speed of 135 km/h. how long does it take the police cruiser to catch the car
  44. Math

    Convert 9 pounds 6 ounces into Kg.
  45. Math

    How to solve this problem? Here is what I have done so far. question --> 12(1/2)% x (1/2)/(3/4) First i solved the fractions (1/2) x (4/3) =4/6 I changed the 12(1/2)% into a decimal by solving 1/2, which is .5 which equals to 12.5 Answer is 1/12 but I have no idea how it ...
  46. math

    log(3) 9 = 2 The 3 that I put in ( ) should be lowered to a subscript.
  47. math

    This is similar to one I answered yesterday. between 0 and 5 inclusive the function = 2 between 5 exclusive and 10 inclusive function = 11-t between 10 exclusive and 14 inclusive function = 7 The cheapest would be 2 so that would be Nov. 7 and 8. c(12) used last one 7 c(5) use...
  48. algebra

    x = amount at 12% y = amount at 8% x + y = 12000 .12x +.08y = 1240 multiply by 100 to clear decimals 12x + 8y = 124000 -8x -8y = -96000 4x = 28000 x = 7000 y = 5000
  49. Pre-algebra

    I agree.
  50. Math

    Please what are the steps to solving this problem? I am stuck. question= 12 1/2% x (1/2)/(3/4) 12(1/2)% = 12.5 (1/2) x (4/3) 4/6 = 2/3 I don't know what to do next.
  51. MATH.

    y = x^9 times 5 + 6 trade the letters x = y^9 times 5 +6 Solve for y (x-6)/5 = y^9 take the 9th root of each side the 9th root of (x-6)/5
  52. math

    46 and 76 other means you add them together. 23/61
  53. Math

    You need a circle here. x^2 + y^2 = r^2 x^2 + y^2 = 100
  54. Math

    It is 27/161 161 dispensed of which 27 were white so that means 27 of the 161.
  55. Math

    The same as we have been doing in early questions. Can you tell me how you would set this up?
  56. Math

    We need more information to answer this question. 5/8 b + 5/9 g +48 =????
  57. math

    80 times 356 60 times 275 45 times 369 Add the answers you get for each multiplication and you will have your answer That should give you your answer.
  58. Math

    I think you want to give your brother 1/3 of what is left over right? You need the 3/4 for your shelf. If that is the case. 3/4 of 8 = 6 you take 6' for yourself and there is 2 feet left over and you will give your brother 2/3 ft. If it means that you give your brother 1/3...
  59. math

    12/4 = 3 so we have 12 1/4 cups plus the extra 1/4 cup gives us 13 1/4 cups.
  60. Math

    55 shows 45 were sold out 45/55 simplify.
  61. Common core standard. math

    W = 5/6 L A = L times W A = l times 5/6 L 360 = 5/6 times L squared 360 times 6/5 = L squared Multiply 360 times 6 divide that answer by 5. Now take the square root to find L.
  62. Math

  63. Math

    pentagon has 5 equal sides. Divide 16 by 5 to get your answer.
  64. Math

    It looks like the cheapest time would be between Oct. 20th and Oct. 23rd. c(9) would be 8 c(2) would be 3 The difference is 5.
  65. math

    77 trains and 55 were full 55/77 or 5/7 would be the probability written as a fraction.
  66. Math

    3 and 7/8 would be between 3 and 4, but closer to 4. You have to see if the ruler is marked in 8th or something else. If it is marked with 8ths, then count out 7 from the 3.
  67. Math

    I just did this below.
  68. math

    3.64 -3.25 divide by 3.25
  69. Math

    (x -3)(3 2/5) = 15 3/10 (x-3) (17/5) = 153/10 (x-3) = (153/10)(5/17) x-3 = 153/34 x-3 = 4 1/2 x = 7 1/2
  70. Algebra 2 b

    30 + x + x = 100 30 + 2x =100 2x = 70 x= 35
  71. math

    the slope you need the change in y divided by the change in x. -2 - 0 divided by 3 - (-1) -2/4 = -1/2 so I agree with you. y = -1/2 x + b you can choose either point and put in the x and y and solve for b. 0 = -1/2(-1) + b 0 = 1/2 + b -1/2 = b This is odd, but it can happen y...
  72. math

    And so we will multiply the two probabilities green even 3/6 or 1/2 white greater than 2 4/6 or 2/3 probability is 1/2 times 2/3 = 2/6 or 1/3 or as a decimal .333
  73. MATH

    Nina = sam + 4 (Nina +1) = (Sam +1) +3 Sam + 4 + 1 = Sam + 4 5 = 4 for a final answer which is a false statement; therefore there is no solution. Something is wrong with the problem as written.
  74. database

    what is InnoDB
  75. engineering

    an overview of MyISAM and InnoDB
  76. prt 305

    factors that affect location decisions
  77. electrical technology

    A battery of 9 V charges a capacitor of 47 ìF through a resistor. What resistor value needs to be used to obtain a voltage across the capacitor of 8 V when 10 seconds have elapsed ? You will need to obtain the standard equation for the voltage across the capacitor ...
  78. math

    54 to 96 reading the first number as the stem and the other numbers as the leafs. the range is the difference between those 2 numbers.
  79. precalc

    2 log(3x+1) = 3 log(x-2) Get this step by using the law of logs regarding exponents. log(3x +1) /log (x-2) = 3/2 log (3x + 1 -x +2) = 3/2 log (2x + 3) = 3/2 can you finish from here?
  80. Math

    Could it be?? 171 this number has 1 hundred 7 tens and 1 one. or many, many other choices.
  81. math

    Get a common denominator of 35 2/5 times 7/7 = 14/35 2/7 times 5/5 = 10/35 He uses 24/35 what is left.. subtract from 1 or 35/35
  82. Statistics

    Find the z-score 72-69 divided by 2.8 = 1.07 for a z-score. What percent are over 6 feet tall, so we want the right tail. You can use a z-table to find the value. Unfortunately, not all z-tables are constructed the same way. If you have a TI-83 or 84 calculator, you can use ...
  83. algebra 1

    It is difficult to work with a negative coefficient of x^2. Factor out the -8 (-8)(2x^2 - 12x - 25) (-8)(2x + 5)(x -5)
  84. algebra 1

    One method is that it looks like a perfect square since the first and last terms are perfect squares. (2x+3)^2 However, if you do the check you will get 12x for the middle term and not 16x. So.. that method doesn't work. another method would be the guess method (2x )(2x ) ...
  85. Math

    Here you need to use the law of logs. Anything that is added will be multiplied, anything that is subtracted will be divided, anything that is multiplied will be taken to a power. log(base5) (8/2)(15/2)^3 divided by 81/8 Simplify this first and then continue.
  86. math

    The board is 7 feet which is 84 inches. Do you have a typo regarding that length or the 99 inches?
  87. statics

    To make both: .6 times .6 = .36 Make at least one of two: 1st 2nd make .6 make .6 miss .4 miss .4 make .3 miss .7 Makes at least one means one or two made (.6)(.6) + (.6)(.4) + (.4)(.3 multiply and sum and you should get your answer.
  88. stats

    n = (z times sigma divided by E)^2 n = (1.96)(1.2)/.05 = 15.68 now square 245.8 or 246
  89. maths

    Multiply by 4 to get your answer.
  90. math

    Divide 4.35 by .05 to get the number of nickels. Then relate that back to the problem. Do you need to add or subtract 5 nickels to get the answer?
  91. Geometry

    You want to compare length to length and width to width to make your ratio. 10/4 = x/6 cross multiply: 60 = 4x x = 15 Check the answer to see if you get the same ratio 10/15 is that the same as 4/6 Yes.. they both reduce to 2/3.
  92. Math

    You would pay 28% which means you will be able to keep 72% (100-28) You will then have 72% of 7% or .72 times .07 will give the correct answers. (1-.28)(.07) is the specific formula. Can you come up with a general formula?
  93. math

    From these numbers it seems that 3/12 would be broken so that is 1/4 or 25%. Multiply 3000 times .25 to find out how many might be broken.
  94. Statistics

    Ho: null hypothesis Ha: alternative hypothesis When you do a test, if you p-value is small enough than you can reject the null hypothesis which means there is not enough evidence to support the null. If the p-value is large than you fail to reject the null You are usually ...
  95. math

    A confectioner has 300 pounds of a chocolate that is 1 part cocoa butter to 7 parts caramel. How much chocolate that is 1 part cocoa butter to 15 parts caramel should be combined with the first in order to create a new chocolate that is 1 part cocoa butter to 9 parts caramel? ...
  96. World Geography

    How has the region attempted to change its future so that they will be less dependent on oil wealth in the coming decades? A. By improving education B. By increasing government control in the economy C. By ceasing to export oil to other parts of the world D. By shifting their ...
  97. World Geography

    Which religious group is found in the western parts of Eastern Europe? A. Roman Catholics B. Eastern Orthodox C. Muslims D. Protestants I put B but that was incorrect
  98. Math

    one can of concentrate to four cans water makes juice. If I have 24 cans of juice, how many cans of water did I use
  99. physics

    determine the thrust produced if 1.5 x 10^3 kg of gas exits the combustion chamber each second, with a speed of 4.00 x 10^3 m/s
  100. Math

    Not sue why Ms Sue answered 6/10 when the question is, how old is Eli?
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