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  1. Math

    Honor calculus students.. I think it would be skewed. More higher scores than lower scores. I don't think there would be much variation. What do you think?
  2. algebra PLEASE HELP ASAP

    1) I agree 2) 8/43 times 12/43 3) I am not sure what the question is asking. There is a weird symbol. 4) no replacement 5/14 times 3/13
  3. Math

    (19 + 21 + 22 + 28 + 18 + x) divided by 6 = 27 multiply both sides by 6 19 + 21 + 22 + 28 + x = 27(6) Now solve for x.
  4. Math

    I just did this one or one like it a few minutes ago. Please look for that post.
  5. math

    Sounds like the 46 is the diameter of the circle. area = pi times r-squared area = 3.14 times (23)squared or area = 22/7 times (23) squared
  6. math

    I would think that most of the heights would be very, very tall with a few shorter. The tail would be on the left with data clumped to the right. If the tail is on the left, it is skewed to the left. Do you agree?
  7. Math

    3/8 times 1/.03 = amount of vanilla in millimeters.
  8. 7th Math

    1.5 x .946 x 7 every 3 days would get you 7 times in 21 days.
  9. jiskha

    It is free and everyone here volunteers their time.
  10. health

    You need to relax and think. What gets rid of body wastes? Would it be muscles? Do you know what cardiovascular is? How about excretory? I bet these words are in your texbook or else search them on the web. Come back with your answer and someone will check it.
  11. 7th Grade Math

    145.16 rounded to the nearest hundredth.
  12. 7th Grade Math

    90 miles times 1/.62 miles will give you the number of kilometers. so.. you are dividing .62 into 90 This will also be your miles per hour because the question is per hour to begin with.
  13. math

    5 times .75 = how much you need. Subtract 2.5 from your answer to see how many more cups you need.
  14. Math

    We can't see the video for 84
  15. Math

    kilograms/pound 200/440 you want to divide 440 into 200 pounds/kilogram 440/200 divide 200 into 440. You do not just reduce fractions to lowest terms because the question asks for unit rates. This means you need a "1" in the denominator.
  16. math

    200 words/minute
  17. math

    word per minute is a unit rate 1000/5 reduced will give you your unit rate.
  18. Math

    I think of combinations of co-captains. ( combinations starts with (co) Suppose there are 10 people on a team, how many ways can you choose co-captains. Remember since they are equal Joe and Sam are the same as Sam and Joe. For permutations.. think about a President and vice-...
  19. MATH

    I will do the first row 37 38 39 Can you do the rest?
  20. Math

    5 times 4 = 20
  21. Math

    8^2 - 8/2 64 - 4 = 60 writing 60 in primes 2 times 2 times 3 times 5
  22. Science

    I think so.
  23. Math

    .55x = 2 x = 2/.55 or 200/55 = 40/11 That is correct if your teacher wants the answer as an improper fraction otherwise 3 7/11
  24. Math

    6 7.5 8 23 32.5 The median because the data is skewed. Look at the difference between 7.5 and 8 is only .5 Difference between 8 and 23 is 15 To use the mean, you want the difference between the median and Q1 and Q3 to be about the same. Otherwise use the median.
  25. Math

    hours would be between 0 and 24. Would you want integers - that would include hours only and no parts of hours. Would you want real numbers that would include 1.5 hours, 1.25 hours, etc.
  26. Math

    Use a VENN diagram here. 15% like none 45% - overlap like literature 70% - overlap like music These are supposed to add up to 100% The add up to 130 which means that 30% would be in the overlap of liking both .30 x = 60 x = 200 x = 400
  27. algebra

    y= mx + b there is no b so b = 0 You will start your graph at (0,0) m = -1.5 means that the graph will slant downward from left to right -1.5 = -3/2 or 3/-2 you can move down -3 and to the right 2 or up 3 and to the left 2 to start your graph. Follow this pattern. x has to = 2...
  28. Geometry

    1. A point on the ceiling of a room is 12ft. from each of the vertices of a triangle on the floor whose legs are 6ft. A and 8ft. respectively. find the length of the ceiling. 2. With a 12ft. pole marked in feet, how can one determine the foot of the perpendicular let fall to ...
  29. Geography

    Without seeing the PPT, but just reading the sentence. Increase population decrease. Does this make sense to you?

    45/200=.225 not satisfied (p-hat) 155/200=.775 satisfied(q -hat) Standard dev. The square root of (.225)(.775)/200 Margin of error = z-score times the sd 95% that leaves 5% with 2.5% in each tail or .025 which gives us a z-score from the table or from the calculator of 1.96 1....
  31. Cape he loped high school

    You sell lemonade for $2 and orange juice for $3. You sell 100 cups for $240. How many cups of lemonade and how many cups of orange juice were sold
  32. Alerbra/Math

    I need help on this question. The supplement or an angle is 18° less than the measurement of the angle
  33. Data Analysis

  34. ELA

    how does the author reveals the theme of the drummer boy of shiloh
  35. math

    Cyndee wants to invest $50,000. Her financial planner advises her to invest in three types of accounts: one paying 3%, one paying 5 1/2%, and one paying 6% simple interest per year. Cyndee wants to put twice as much in the lowest-yielding, least-risky account as in the highest...
  36. algebra

    A miniature-doll collector has a total of 254 unique dolls. The collector can afford to add 3 unique dolls a week to the collection. Which algebraic expression represents the number of unique pieces the collector has at the end of w weeks?
  37. 7th Grade Math

    b - because she starts with 200 and spends x dollars + sales tax .06x x + 0.6x = 1.06x Subtract what you spent with tax. 1.06x from the 200.
  38. Algebra

    x + y = 12 x - y = 4 Add the two equations together to eliminate the y. 2x = 16 x = 8 so y = 4 Check these values in the original equations.
  39. Stastics

  40. probabilities

  41. math

    Richard because a 16 x 16 grid has more squares than a 10 x 10 grid. 1/4 of a larger number gives us a larger number. They each shade a different number because 1/4 of 10x10 is a different number than 1/4 of 16 x 16.
  42. math

    80 seats Multiply 80 by .75 to get your answer.
  43. Length of similar shapes

    I answered this below just a few minutes ago.
  44. Math

    I wrote tan of 30 instead of tan 31 If you use tan 31, you should get 1338.
  45. Math

    Tangent = opp/adj tan 31 = x/2227 find tan 30 degrees and multiply that answer by 2227.
  46. math

    Use t and substitute into the equation. D = 5 + 5(0) = 5 D = 5 +5(1) = 10 etc.
  47. Math, please help

    How about the time it takes Joe to complete some task. He takes more time that Steve. 8 times 3 minutes less than .. can you do the problem now?
  48. Math

    m = 5k because every value in M is 5 times as big as the value in K. To help you do others like this problem divide each K into each M to see if you get the same value.
  49. math

    take away means to subtract. we will subtract 30 from j j - 30 or j minus 30
  50. maths

    Are you adding and rounding? 3 1/5 + 1 + 2/5 = 4 3/5 since 3/5 = .6, I would round to 5.
  51. Math

    16 more than a number divided by 4 16 + n/4 Antoine is correct. Zach's would be the sum of 16 and n divided by 4.
  52. length of similar shapes

    If they are similar then there sides are all in the same proporiton. 25/10 = 2.5 the ratio is 2.5 4cm long times 2.5 = 10 How would you find the width 7cm times ___ = ____
  53. chemistry

    25(.5) = 25(x)
  54. Math

    On your graph on the x-axis, you will have time 1, 2, 3, 4, On your y-axis put the miles d = 20t
  55. Math

    t = 19+ 15 L I think your teacher will want the 19 included in the total time. If not, then t = 15L
  56. Stastics

    I believe it is n-2 when doing a two sample t.
  57. Stastics

    I agree with c.
  58. Itt tech

    All you do is substitute -3 for x. 5(-3) + 8 = 0
  59. Stastics

    The 99% confidence interval is wider than the 95%. If something is in the 99% then it has to be in the 95% interval Since it seems that a and d would be correct, it makes me think that your teacher is trying to show you that confidence intervals can always be different because...
  60. stastics

    for t to get larger you will need the numerator of the problem to get larger and the denominator to get smaller. The formula has the difference between the means divided by the standard deviation. I would say d. The standard deviation decreases and the difference between the ...
  61. Statistics

    9% more Do you want to do a two sample test to see if 41% is statistically greater than 32%. If so, we need more information.
  62. Math

    rectangular area for cattle and uses a straight portion of a river as one side of the​ rectangle, as illustrated in the figure. Note that there is no fence along the river. If the farmer has 16001600 feet of​ fence, find the dimensions for the rectangular area that...
  63. counseling

    Don't see the choices.
  64. Algebra

    1-3 are correct. I don't see the x in #4 You would chose your x, so the value on the radical sign would never be negative. It would have to be > or equal to zero. If your question is square root of (3 +3x) then you want this expression to be equal to or greater than ...
  65. Stastics

    I agree with your confidence interval. Nice work. Since .80 isn't within the interval, you are correct to say no as the answer to that question. random variable p should be the percent or proportion of student who drive.
  66. Business Math

    Lisa Richter deposited $5,000 at 4% compounded semiannually for three years. At the beginning of the fourth year, Lisa deposited $2,500. What would her balance be at the end of five years assuming she is still earning 4% compounded semiannually?
  67. Trigonometry

    Right triangle tan of 38 = x/125 Find the tan of 38 and multiply by 125 to get your answer.
  68. Math

    12 because 12 divides into both 36 and 12 If you were asked to factor,the answer would be: 12(3x+y)
  69. Chemistry

    At equilibrium at 1.0 L vessel contains 22.00 mol of H2, 20.00 mol of CO2, 13.00 mol of H2O, and 5.700 mol of CO at 427◦C. CO2(g) + H2(g) ⇀↽ CO(g) + H2O(g) What is the value of K at this temperature for the reaction?
  70. math

    Question 1 To make the confidence interval, you need to find the mean and the standard deviation for the data. Since this is a small sample and you don't know the population standard deviation, you will use "t" instead of "z". Using a t-table you will ...
  71. LA

    There is no passage.
  72. math HELP

    can't see the graph.
  73. stat

    50-60/20 = -.5 z score Look that up to find the % You want z<-.5 10-60/20 30-60/20 -2.5 and -1.5 are the z-scores find the % by finding -2.5<z<-1.5 Can you submit your answers so they can be checked.
  74. math

    y = 25+10x or y = 10x+25 y = 18 + 15x or y = 15x + 18 Here are you two equations. to solve by substitution 10x + 25 = 15x + 18 Solve for y and then find x.
  75. Dosage calculations

    Thank you!
  76. Dosage calculations

    1000 mL has been infused in 8 hours at 150 ml/hr. After 3 hours, how many have been infused? 1000/8 = 125 ml 125 x 3 =375ml? Therefore after 3 hours 375ml has been infused Is this correct?
  77. Chemistry

    We did an experiment where we had to figure out the amount of water molecules in CuSO4xH2O (x being the value to find). If the stirring rod used was wet and was used to stir the beaker would this result in a higher x value? Is this a experimental or human error. Obviously this...
  78. Physics

    a 2x10^-6 point charge travels a distance of.002m between two parallel charged plates from the negative end toward the positive end. The field has a strength of 500 N/C What is the change in voltage?
  79. child development

    the continues development views hold that
  80. Physics

    An electric field measured near a point charge of 3.0 X 10^-6 C has a strength of 1.50 X 10^5 N/C How far is the point from the source charge
  81. Health

    The lungs are? A. Connected by the mediastinum B. Separated by the mediastinum C. Divided into 7 lobes D. Divided into 9 lobes C?
  82. Physics

    If one charge (+5 uC) is placed at origin and a second charge of (+7 uC) at x = 100 cm, then where can a third charge be placed and of what size, so that it has no electrostatic force on it. I know the magnitude of the force will not matter, however, I'm not sure as to how...
  83. chemestry

    0.63g of pb powder were disolved in excces nitrate(v) aci to forn leadnitrate solution, all the lead nitrate solution were reacted with sulphate,give the ion equationof the reaction between lead nitrate and sadium sulphate solution?determine the mass of the lead salt formed in...
  84. calcus

    water partially fills a hemispherical bowl of radius 40cm so that the depth of the water is 20 cms. write down an integral representing the volume of the water in the bowl
  85. Dosage calculations - Bob, please help

    Weight - 20 pounds 6 ounces Ordered dose - 1.5mg per kilogram per day recommended dosage from drug label - 3mg every 8 hours. 1.What is the individual dose? to find the individual dose i'll first convert pounds to kg which is 9.26 kg. I will then multiply 1.5 x 9.26 = 13....
  86. Dosage calculations please

    What is the maximum dose client could have? I would multiply the weight x the recommended dose which equals to 863.5 mL.
  87. Dosage calculations please

    Nurse orders 375mL every 8 hours, client weighs 38 pounds. Recommended dose is 50ml 1. pounds to kg -> 17.27 kg 2. individual dose is 17.27 x 375 = 6476.25 mL 3. Daily dose is 6476.25 x 3 because 24 hours divided by 8 = 3. therefore the daily dose is 19,428.75 mg. Is this ...
  88. Dosage calculations please

    Ahh and I would multiply 38 x 4 to get the daily dose because 24 hours/6 = 4 therefore the daily dose is 152mg
  89. Dosage calculations please

    The nurse is to administer the recommended dose of Garamycin 2 mg per kg every 6 hours. The child weighs 42 pounds. 1. What is the weight in kg? 2. what is the daily dose? Round to the nearest whole number. 3. What is the individual dose? 1. 42/2.2 = 19.09 2. daily dose = 19....
  90. Maths Physocs

    J and K are cycling together. K is riding a bike with a wheel radius of 35cm, crank wheel radius 11cm and chain wheel radius 4cm. She is pedalling at 60 rpm. How fast is she going? -->What is the significance of giving 3 different types of radius? --> know to find ...
  91. Social Studies Please tell a summary

    Can some one HELP!!!!! Select one form in movement from the progressive era. Provide details and examples that Sapor how this movement change South Carolina.
  92. yakima community college

    can't you just use the 5/9 celsius to fahrenheit conversion equation? Don't be lazy, just write down the formula and plug in the numbers where there are letters
  93. help my son's math

    Jamie = Antonio + 8 Antonio = 3 times Beth If Beth completed 6 then Antonio completed 18 Jamie completed 26
  94. Math

    This is a probability problem 5!/(3!2!) =10 different ways.
  95. Health

    The answer is not B
  96. Health

  97. Health

    The skin helps eliminate waste from the body through _____. A. Striation B. Respiration C. Irritation D. Perspiration B?
  98. Please Help ! Calculus

    x + y = 42 y = 42-x x(42-x) 42x-x^2 derivative 42 -2x =0 x=21 y =21
  99. Geometry

    An easier way would be to find the perpendicular and use pythag. Thm c^2 = a^2 + b^2 15^2 = 4^2 + b^2 b = 14.45 A = 1/2 bh A= 1/2 8 x 14.45 you will get the same answer as above. Depending on the level you are working at this might be what your teacher is looking for.
  100. Math

    I have 3 nickels, 1 quarter, and 1 penny in my pocket. If I pick out a coin from my pocket, do not replace it, then pick out a second coin from my pocket, what is the probability that the second coin that I pick out of my pocket is a nickel? So far I have come up with this: P(...
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