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  1. Sociology

    What role does culture play in society?
  2. Sociology

    Provide examples of any societal dangers that might occur when the results of poor research are publicized.
  3. science

    what does 4s^2 mean
  4. science

    A coastline on Earth experienced a high tide at 6 a.m. At what approximate time will the next low tide occur, and why? 6 p.m., because the coastline will turn 90 degrees from the moon 6 p.m., because the coastline will turn 180 degrees from the moon 12 noon, because the ...
  5. Math

    How do you find the product of 15 × 3 1/5 using distributive property?
  6. Learning another language

    Not the best way but a good website to learn a new language (German), is Duolingo. Its free to use and easy! Hope this helps
  7. Chemistry

    If 50.0 mL of a 1.00 M solution of CaCl2 (solution A) is mixed with 85.0 mL of pure water to produce solution B and then 42.5 mL of solution B is mixed with 52.0 mL of solution A to give solution C, what is the concentration of CL^-(aq) in the final solution?
  8. science

    two forces,80N and 100N acting at an angle of 60° with each other,pull on an object what single force would replace the two forces
  9. Trig

    rewrite in polar form x^2+y^2-6y-8=0 r^2=6r+6sin theta +8 r^2=6rsin theta +8 r^2=6r+6cos theta +8 r^2=6r cos theta +8
  10. Trig

    rewrite in polar form x^2+y^2-6y-8=0 Please help totally don’t et this :/
  11. Math

    Let R denote the region in the first quadrant bounded above by the line y 1 and below by the curve y -3, 0 3 x < 1. Find the centroid of the region R. You may use your calculator to evaluate any definite integrals invol ved.
  12. math

  13. math

    A charity raffle offers a first prize of $1,000,000, a second place prize of $100,000 and a third place prize of $10,000. A total of 500 000 tickets will be sold. What price should be charged for a ticket in order for the charity to make a 60% profit on this raffle?
  14. Calculus

    *That is y = 1/x^3
  15. Calculus

    The region R is bounded by the x-axis, x = 1, x = 3, and y = 1/x3. a.) Find the area of R. b.) Find the value of h, such that the vertical line x = h divides the region R into two Regions of equal area. c.) Find the volume of the solid generated when R is revolved about the x-...
  16. Trig

    If sin a=0.31 cos a=0.95 sin b=0.47 and cos b=0.88 what is sin (a+b)? 0.78 -0.17 0.98 0.72
  17. Algebra

  18. Algebra

    The answer is 3 small and 4 large. I just do not know how to get there...L cannot equal 9 there are only 7 cards. Thank you please help me know how to solve.
  19. Algebra

    Solving using 2 equations in two variable: Jason bought a total of 7 postcards for 1.80. If small cost 20 cents and the large ones cost 30 cents, how many postcards of each size did he buy?
  20. chemistry

    A narrow ray of yellow light from glowing sodium (?0 = 589 nm) traveling in air strikes a smooth surface of water at an angle of ?i = 40.5°. Determine the angle of refraction ?r.
  21. Physics

    A narrow ray of yellow light from glowing sodium (?0 = 589 nm) traveling in air strikes a smooth surface of water at an angle of ?i = 40.5°. Determine the angle of refraction ?r.
  22. Physics

    oh nah lmao
  23. Math

    Which does the Y intercept this function represent Y equals 2+ 4X
  24. Chemistry

    How many grams of a sodium salt would you need to prepare 500 ml of a buffer at pH = 3.29, using 0.100M solution. (Use 3 sig fig , atomic wts to whole number)
  25. Geometry

    Determine center of circle that contains the points (4,1), (-3,7), and (5,-2)
  26. Trig

    I apologize I guess I entered it wrong. Thank you for your help
  27. Trig

    Sin. But the answer I get is 57. And the option only contains 29.7 55.2 60.3 34.8
  28. Trig

    A telephone pole that is 14ft y’all has fallen against a house. If the top of the telephone pole touches the house 8ft. Above the ground, what is the angle that the telephone pole makes with the ground? Stuck on this question on my quiz not sure how I should set this up ...
  29. Algebra 1

    2 jets leave airport at 3pm, one traveling east other west. The westbound jet averages 625km/h and the eastbound jet 825 km/h. At what time will the jets be 725 apart?
  30. Algebra 1

    A train went 210 miles further than a bus. The train went four times further than the bus. how far did each vehicle travel?
  31. Economics

    Thank you! Was unclear due to the suggestion that choice A is the first step leading to choice D.
  32. Economics

    Text suggest both choices A and D are true.
  33. Economics

    Banks create money whenever they: A: accept a deposit. B: receive monthly payments on their loans. C: receive interest on existing loans. D: lend excess reserves to a borrower.
  34. Math

    Which is likely to have a mass close to 2 kilograms A.a grown elephant B.a pineapple C.a 3-year old child** acron
  35. physics

    Thanks a lot.
  36. physics

    Suppose an obstruction in an artery reduces its radius by 16%, but the volume flow rate of the blood in the artery is remains the same. By what factor has the pressure drop across the length of this artery increased?
  37. Java Programming

    Add 2 constructors to the Course class. One that takes no arguments and initializes the data to all 0’s and “” (empty strings). And one constructor that takes all 4 arguments, one argument for each property and then sets the properties to these arguments that ...
  38. Algebra

    This is a proportional reasoning question. The proportion is blue/total paint=blue/total paint so the question gave you 2blue/(5 total from 2blue+3yellow) and you are asked How many blue for 12 gallons. So 2/5=BLUE/12 (12)[2/5]=12[Blue/12] and solve : )
  39. Maths

    So you have 9x4 = 36 meters in total of cloth (as found by the first cutting of curtains). So now if they didn't make any cuts to the 36 meters of cloth with the 4m curtains you still have 36 meters, and now just divide it into 3 meter curtains (36 divided by 3)
  40. Math

    The grade 10 curriculum has this as a two equations in 2 unknowns system of equations. Let x be the hardback books and y the paperbacks. 31x + 35y = 613 38x + 85y = (1004 - 613) I would suggest using "elimination method" to solve for y. Mult equation 1 by -38, and ...
  41. Please need help Asap

    A=P(1+i)^n A = 2673(1 + (.12/12)^(12x4) Sub it into your calculator : )
  42. Math Help ASAP IM STUCK!!!!!!

    If you sketch/graph the two points you can see that it is a vertical line : ) thus an undefined slope.
  43. History

    Got it. Thanks!
  44. History

    I would kinda agree. Would you consider Transcendentalist texts and books a uniquely American literary style?
  45. History

    Could you please explain why you believe it is that? I'm just torn as I think it spread transcendentalist ideas, but there's no mention at all of Enlightenment ideas and I don't get how the popularity of newspapers would contribute to the spread of it.
  46. History

    However, my text does not have anything to support the expansion of educational opportunities for women and minorities. It does mention the types of texts that became popular at that time, possibly pointing to answer A? Any input from Ms. Sue or anyone who would be willing to ...
  47. History

    Hi, so I have this question. The growing popularity of newspapers, magazines, and books in the United States during the 19th century contributed to which of these? The emergence of a uniquely American literary style The expansion of educational opportunities for women and ...
  48. Math

    Solve the following equation =0.017=2x^2/(0.0550-x)(0.165-x). I was told it was 0.00196. But I got like 0.00247. Is 0.00196 correct?
  49. Statistic

    Calculate the following probabilities (to 2 decimals) using the table of joint probabilities. A1 A2 B1 .4 .3 B2 .2 .1 a. P(A1|B2) = b. P(B2|A1) = c. Did you expect the answers to Parts (a) and (b) to be reciprocals? That is, did you expect that P(A1|B2) = 1 / P(B2|A1)? Why is ...
  50. Chemistry

    So first I found the Conc. of N2 and O2, and got 0.0550 and 0.165 respectively. I then made an ice table and got the following equation; 1.7x10^-3=(2x)^2/(0.0550-x)(0.165-x). Once I got X i plugged it into the equilibrium expressions derived from the ice table to get my answer...
  51. Chemistry

    Sorry for postiong twice. But I really need to know if the answers I am getting are correct; Nitrogen and oxygen react to produce nitric oxide according to the following equation: N2 (g) + O2 (g) ? 2 NO (g) The equilibrium constant for this reaction is 1.70 x 10-3. Suppose ...
  52. Chemistry

    wait but isnt NO 0.0778?Because it says NO is 0.0778. So 2NO would then be 2 times the molarity no?
  53. Chemistry

    did you get 6.0315x10^-3?
  54. Chemistry

    So I used an ice table and got the following equation; keq= (2x)^2(x)/(0.275-2x)^2. I plugged in x as 0.0778, and solved.
  55. Chemistry

    The compound NOCl decomposes to nitric oxide and chlorine according to the following equation: 2 NOCl (g) ? 2 NO (g) + Cl2 (g) Suppose that 0.550 mol NOCl is placed in a 2.00-L flask at a given temperature. When equilibrium has been established, it is found that the ...
  56. Math

    You could also change your mixed fractions to improper and you would have 11/5 - 6/5 which is equal to 5/5 which is equal to 1 : )
  57. S.S

    In the election of 1856, Millard Fillmore was the Know-Nothing candidate and received 21 percent of the popular vote. What conclusion could be drawn from this fact? A. A significant number of people opposed slavery. B. A significant number of people were in favor of temperance...
  58. S.S

    ok thank you for helping :)
  59. S.S

    5. The Underground Railroad used escape routes that went throughout the South. Based on that fact, which of the following conclusions could be made? (1 point) A. The Southern states were leaning toward emancipation of the slaves. B. Slaves were hopeful to acquire jobs in ...
  60. Trigonometry

    A pilot wants to maintain a course of 40° and a ground speed of 300 mph against a 45 mph wind from 20° west of north. What should his heading be?
  61. Trigonometry

    a small blimp has an air speed of 24km/h on a heading of 42°. The wind's speed is 9 km/h and its direction is 312°. Find the ground speed and drift angle of the blimp.
  62. Trigonometry

    An airplane is traveling at 650 mph on a heading of 255°. The wind is blowing from a bearing of 320° at 28 mph. What is the ground speed and the actual bearing of the airplane? P.S. I prefer the law of cosine/sine method
  63. Trigonometry

    An airplane with a speed of 485 km/h is traveling with a heading of 83.5°. The wind velocity is 38 km/h in the direction of 191°. Find the ground speed of the airplane. P.S. How do you solve this problem by only using the law of cosine/sine method?
  64. Math

    The triangle inequality theorem states that the sum of the lengths of any two sides of a triangle is greater than the length of the third side. The lengths of two sides of a triangle are 15 ft and 27 ft. Find the possible lengths of the third side. The third side must have a ...
  65. Trigonometry

    A person can swim at a speed of 2 kilometers per hour in still water. If he heads across a river at right angles to current of 5 kilometers per hour, find his speed in relation to the land and the direction in which he actually moves.
  66. Trigonometry

    An airplane is headed southwest (bearing 225°) with an air speed of 550 miles per hour, with the wind blowing from the northwest (bearing 135°) at a speed of 110 miles per hour. Find the drift angle, ground speed, and the course of the airplane.
  67. Trigonometry

    An airplane is headed on a bearing of 140° with an air speed of 500 miles per hour. The course has a bearing of 128°. The ground speed is 580 miles per hour. Find the drift angle, the wind direction, and the wind speed.
  68. Statistics

    That means the center of the x-axis on your normal curve has the number 15 (the mean of 15), then 1 z score to the left is the number 11, and one to the right of the 15 is 19. We know that 68% of all the data pieces lay within one standard deviation of the mean. Continue ...
  69. Statistics

    Use your stats tables to locate your answers : ) Remember that your tables read less than : )
  70. Algebra 1

    Or... just put your 4mp and 3mp together and factor the trinomial : ) 4m^2 + 7mp + 3p^2
  71. Algebra 1

    You have a few options... If you group the terms then you will have a common factor at the end. (4m^2 + 4mp)+ (3mp + 3p^2) This should get you started : )
  72. Math

    The sum is 15 so... x + y = 15 and their difference is 7 so... x - y = 7 Your choices are substitution (where you re-arrange equation 1 for x or y... and sub it into equation 2). Or elimination where you add up equation 1 and 2, in elimination the y's zero out and you have...
  73. Mathematics

    Draw 4 circles that make your venn diagram. Start in the middle and work your way out. That is place the 3 in the very center of the 4 connected circles : ) Remember that you will have the number 5 outside of the four circles but inside of your Universal set box : )
  74. maths

    Re-arrange for y=mx+b then look at the m value (the slope), re-write your equation with the new slope... which is 5/2 (when you re-arrange the equation). Then use y=(5/2)x + b and sub in your ordered pair (x,y) which is (4, -2)and solve for b : ) Then re-write the equation ...
  75. math

    It is in the real number system, as well as the rational number set (it is not irrational because it stops (terminates) at the 7.
  76. Math

    24*(1/4) = 6 So 24 - 6 = 18 18* (2/5) = then add that to the $6 he spent the first time : ) and you have your answer.
  77. Math

    For #3 if you just count them... 1st oldest 2nd oldest 3 4 5 6 7 Niko (8th oldest, and 12th youngest) 11th youngest 10th 9th 8th 7th 6th 5th 4th 3rd 2nd first youngest... And count those lines you will see the number of students is not 21
  78. Math

    For #1 B is the correct answer :)
  79. math

    You could graph the circle and the line and SEE the point(s) of intersection. Or since the line is already re-arranged for y, sub that into the cirle equation and solve for x. And then solve for y : )
  80. Math

    Correct : ) Using the tangent ratio.
  81. Maths

    You could also look at it as a proportion.(cm/km) = (cm/km) (1cm/1km) = (3.4cm/x) Solve for x. Note: this would not be the most intuitive way... but it would get the question completed if you don't see an easier way.
  82. Science

    Do you recall your teacher saying something along the lines... "The velocity of an object is the rate of change of its position with respect to a frame of reference, and is a function of time. Velocity is equivalent to a specification of its speed and direction of motion...
  83. Science

    What do you believe are the correct answers??
  84. Math - Trigonometry

    Yes. You have rounded. But it is correct : )
  85. Math - Trigonometry

    Did you use tan48 = x/4 ? and then solve for x.
  86. math

    60 +35+25+20 = 140 but your logic is good. And your answer of 60 for just Netflix is correct as well : )
  87. math

    One method is to use equivalent fractions until you find a difference of 36. For instance 4/10 = 8/20 and the difference between 20 and 8 is 12. 4/10=12/30 and the difference between 30 and 12 is 18. 4/10=16/40 and the difference is 24... etc
  88. math

    Make it into a proportion... percent is out of 100. So 56/x = 15.625/100 and solve for x
  89. Math

    Thank you so much for your answer, Damon, i'm new to trigonometry and i'd like to know why it's necessary to do 2 - 1.5 to get 0.5? Thanks! much appreciated.
  90. Math

    A ladder is placed so that its foot is 2 m from a wall. The ladder touches the top of a 2 m fence that is 1.5 m from the wall. State how you know the two triangles in the diagram are similar. How high up the wall does the ladder reach?
  91. math

    Let L be the length then the width is (L-3) and we know area is L(W) So Area = (L)(L-3) and Area is 28 so 28=(L)(L-3) use the distributive property then move your equation to the right hand side and solve for the roots : ) Hint the factors of the quadratic are 7 and 4, you ...
  92. Science

    Why don't you make a poster for your portfolio. The information is just a google search away, or use your textbook to get the facts : )
  93. Math

    (2/5)x200=80 So the first charity got 80 200 - 80 = 120 which is left. 120x(1/3)=40 The second charity received 40 cans. so 120-40 = 80 cans left to give to the third home.
  94. Math

    Since 10 times 15 is 150 and 8x15=120 we see that each unit is 15 feet.
  95. maths

    Start with a Principal of $1 and see it grow to $1.75, thus I=PRT and you have I, P and T so solve for R : )
  96. Math

    Use the z-score formula to get your value then look it up : )
  97. Math

    YES : )
  98. Octotarian!

    Wow! Congratulations Ms. Sue! You are sharp as a tack : ) It is exciting that you are still excited to help students understand their studies.
  99. math need help fast

    Wow! Congratulations Ms. Sue! You are sharp as a tack : ) It is exciting that you are still excited to help students understand their studies.
  100. math

    0.492063492 divided by 226
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