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  1. Principles of Accounting

    Exercise 5-3 Analyzing and recording merchandise transactions-both buyer and seller LO P1, P2 Santa Fe Company purchased merchandise for resale from Mesa Company with an invoice price of $26,300 and credit terms of 2/10, n/60. The merchandise had cost Mesa $17,937. Santa Fe ...
  2. Science

    Cottage roof timber from Ireland. Date: 906 ± 35 years
  3. NH4NO3 explosive?

    Ammonia is used in its anhydrous form gas and the nitric acid is concentrated. This reaction is violent owing to its high exothermic nature.
  4. NH4NO3 explosive?

    Yes it is. it is used at mining
  5. Calculus

    A light is hung 15 ft above a straight horizontal path. If a man 6 ft tall is walking away from the light at the rate of 5 ft/sec, how fast is his shadow lengthening and at what rate is the tip of the man’s shadow moving?
  6. Chem 400

    Direct reaction of solid iodine (I2) and gaseous chlorine (Cl2) produces an iodine chloride,(IxCly), a bright yellow solid. 0.678 g of iodine (I2) is mixed with 0.851 g of chlorine (Cl2). After the elements react, some chlorine is left over along with a single compound that ...
  7. Chemistry

    M1V1=M2V2 so 0.1 M x 1.5 L= 2.52 x ?L ?L of 2.52 M stock solution= 0.05 L To find out how much water you need to add just subtract 1.5 L of original solution from 0.05 L. so 1.5 L - .05 L = amount of water in L then just convert you answers to mL.
  8. Chem 400

    What about microliter conversion to ml?
  9. Chem 400

    A 55 uL of hexane is injected in a mass spectrometer. how many protons are in the 55 uL injection? (density Hexane= 0.6548 g/mL)
  10. Chemistry

    Yeh its 14.9 lb/in^2
  11. Chemistry

    Assume that the width of your body (across your shoulders) is 50.8 cm inches and the depth of your body (chest to back) is 25.0 cm. If the atmospheric pressure is 14.9lb/in^2, what mass of air (lb) does your body support when you are in an upright position?
  12. Science! Help

    thx guyz
  13. Chemistry 400/ Chem 1A

    I got 4.854 g of H2SO4. Thank you so much. I did it right the first time just has trouble understanding the problem in my head. To find grams of excess reactant I just have to convert moles of ethanol to g right?
  14. Chemistry 400/ Chem 1A

    A chemist mixes 5.216 g of potassium permanganate, 2.318 g of ethanol, and excess sulfuric acid. These chemicals react as follows: 4 KMnO4 + 5 C2H5OH + 6 H2SO4 ---> 4 MnSO4 + 5 CH3COOH + 2 K2SO4 + 11 H20 What mass of sulfuric acid is consumed in this reaction, assuming that...
  15. physics, math

    Part A & B are 0.10m apart. A point charge of +3.0*10^-9C is placed at A and a point charge of +1.0*10^-9C is placed at B. X is a point on the straight line through A and B. If a third charge C or charge 1.5*10^-9 is placed at X, where must X be for the resultant force to be ...
  16. P.E

    Your correct thanks
  17. algebra

    1. x=Y/2+3 2. y= -y/2 - 1/3
  18. Math Question

    Five students measure their height using different units. Andrew is 176 cm, Brittney is 5'4", Calvin is 1.8 yards, Don is 54 inches, and Elisha is 1.6 metres. Arrange the students from shortest to tallest. I don't know how to deal with different units! A truck ...
  19. science

    A force of 20 n gives a ball an acceleration of 4.0 m/s3 on a lever frictionless surface. what is the mass of the ball?
  20. Physics

    A 250g wood block firmly attached to a horizontal spring slides along a table with a coefficient of friction of 0.40. A force of 30.N compresses the spring 20cm. If the spring is released from this position what will be the block's speed when it passes equilibrium position?
  21. social studies

    thx guyz
  22. Math 6

    You discussing little poopie scrub
  23. social studies PLEASE CHECK

    3. is B
  24. sitcom analysis

    raising hope: what does jimmy see in sabrina?
  25. sitcom analysis

    why does jimmy feel his relationship is doomed? raising hope:
  26. statistics

    only be is right! the other parts are wrong
  27. Precalculus

    The height (in centimeters) of a candle is a linear function of the amount of time (in hours) it has been burning. When graphed, the function gives a line with a slope of -0.4 . Suppose that the height of the candle after 13 hours is 24.8 centimeters. What was the height of ...
  28. trig

    Find csc(theta), tan (theta), and cos (theta), where theta is the angle shown in the figure. Give exact values, not decimal approximations c=10 b=7 a=7.14 the right angle is locate between sides a and b and the theta angle is an acutle angle sides b and c. i have sin theta as ...
  29. trig

    Suppose that Magnus' blood pressure can be modeled by the following function {{{p(t)=83-18sin(71pi*t)}}} Magnus' blood pressure increases each time his heart beats, and it decreases as his heart rests in between beats. In this equation, p(t)is the blood pressure in ...
  30. Applied Math (Biological application)

    I basically need help finding the rest of the solutions.
  31. Applied Math (Biological application)

    The deformation y(t) of heart muscle from its rest position after t seconds can be modelled as a spring-mass system, described by the differential equation: my" + vy' + ky = F(t) where m, v, and k are positive constants denoting the mass of the myocardial tissue, and ...
  32. Trigonometry

    Looks like its a triangle within a triangle problem. Still researching to try to find out how to solve
  33. Trigonometry

    figures above are correct not sure why it has me listed as Stephen. Also, hypotenuse of CB is 2537.98496522845. they are two attached triangles. CAB is the outermost triangle. CD is the opposite side of both triangles. CAD with the angle of 32 degrees. CAD has a hypotenuse of ...
  34. Trigonometry

    Mountain officials want to build a new ski lift from B to C as shown in the figure below. The distance from A to C is 1480 feet. They measure angle DAC to be 32 degrees and angle DBC to be 18 degrees. What is the distance A from to B? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of ...
  35. English

    Thank you Ms. Sue... Thank you Emmanuel
  36. English

    I am 3/7 of a chicken,2/3 of a cat and 2/4 of a goat. What am I?
  37. science help asap!!!

    hey thx guyz tis really helped me out:)
  38. math

    4x7-9^4= please help me im super stuck
  39. evolution article. Please help!!!

    Hi , I am having a very difficult time finding an article that contains a misconception about evolution . The article had to be be published within in this past year. Please help !!! thank you!!
  40. math

    The 7th inning needs $35000 in four years to buy new framing equipment. How much should be invested at 4%interest compounded annually.
  41. Physics

    A 55.0kg cheerleader uses an oil-filled hydraulic lift to hold four 130kg football players at a height of 1.20m. If her piston is 19.0cm in diameter, what is the diameter of the football players' piston?
  42. phyics

    A hand exerciser utilizes a coiled spring. A force of 86.9 N is required to compress the spring by 0.0231 m. Determine the force needed to compress the spring by 0.0432 m.
  43. phyics

    An object on a vertical spring oscillates up and down in simple harmonic motion with an angular frequency of 25.1 rad/s. Calculate the distance d by which the spring stretches from its unstrained length when the object is allowed to hang stationary from it.
  44. phyics

    When responding to sound, the human eardrum vibrates about its equilibrium position. Suppose an eardrum is vibrating with an amplitude of 5.0 x10-7 m and a maximum speed of 3.3 x10-3 m/s. (a) What is the frequency (in Hz) of the eardrum's vibrations? (b) What is the ...
  45. phyics

    An object on a vertical spring oscillates up and down in simple harmonic motion with an angular frequency of 25.1 rad/s. Calculate the distance d by which the spring stretches from its unstrained length when the object is allowed to hang stationary from it.
  46. phyics

    A 0.20-kg object is attached to the end of an ideal horizontal spring that has a spring constant of 120 N/m. The simple harmonic motion that occurs has a maximum speed of 1.1 m/s. Determine the amplitude A of the motion.
  47. phyics

    An object in simple harmonic motion has an amplitude of 0.202 m and an oscillation period of 0.620 s. Determine the maximum speed of the motion
  48. math

    celeste hiked 1.8 miles in 0.75 hour. What is her average rate of speed?
  49. Science

    How long will a skateboarder be out if they decide to travel for 654 meters with a velocity of 1.2 m/s
  50. Statistics

    A local grocery store wants to estimate the mean daily number of gallons of milk sold to customers. Assume the number of gallons sold follows the normal distribution, with a population standard deviation of 5.10 gallons. A random sample of 60 days shows that the mean daily ...
  51. Geometry

  52. Multiplication

  53. math

    25/5 -4 * 2/9
  54. math

    express each answer in exponential form using the indicated bases 4x4x4x4,base 2
  55. S.S. help plz

  56. biology

    what is answer
  57. math

    order the fractions 1/3 2/5 2/9 1/3 and 4/1 from least to greatest
  58. physics

    4(a) What is the magnitude of the gravitational force of the Earth on a surveillance satellite of mass 1040 kg that is in a grazing circular orbit 100 km above the surface of the Earth. (b) Find the magnitude of the acceleration of a satellite in such a grazing orbit. (c) ...
  59. 3rd grade math

    they are all bigger than 2/5
  60. math 3rd grade

    hey bud, the rule is y=x ... input x =1 and output y = 1 then 1 = 1 and y = x
  61. physics

    I still don't get it. cna you explain
  62. physics

    At what height above Earth's surface is the gravitational acceleration reduced from its sea-level value by 0.60%?
  63. english

    one purpose of the summary is to ?
  64. science

    Suppose that the 1.3 km span of the golden gate bridge had no expansion joints. Calculate how much longer the bridge would be if the temperature of the bridge increases by 35 degrees celsious
  65. health

    c is wrong
  66. physics

    The four tires of an automobile are inflated to a gauge pressure of 1.7 × 10 5 Pa. Each tire has an area of 0.023 m2 in contact with the ground. Find the weight of the automobile. Answer in units of N
  67. physics

    A bicycle wheel has a diameter of 57.7 cm and a mass of 2.66 kg. The bicycle is placed on a stationary stand and a resistive force of 156 N is applied tangent to the rim of the tire. Assume that the wheel is a hoop with all of the mass concentrated on the outside radius. In ...
  68. Science

    What is electrolysis and what is the purpose of it? Is it dangerous?
  69. health

    so whats the answer
  70. Biology- check my answer (diff one)

    Which of the following are true concerning living things? Check all that apply. A)They contain a vital force absent in nonliving things. B)They are composed of molecules that contain carbon-carbon bonds. C)They undergo chemical reactions to use energy they acquire from the ...
  71. math

    ms sue can you check my answers please?!?!
  72. Biology-check my answer

    can someone PLEASE check this?
  73. Biology-check my answer

    Hershey and Chase used the 35S isotope to label proteins. How does this isotope differ from the 32S isotope found in greatest natural abundance, and why did they choose 35S instead of 32S? A)35S has more protons than 32S; Hershey and Chase used it because it has a greater mass...
  74. geometry

    Find the slope between the two points and then use whichever point and plug it into this equation: y-y1 = m(x-x1) where y1 and x1 are the coordinates of whichever point you pick and m is the slope
  75. calculus

  76. calculus

  77. math

    The formula is: P(1+r)^n Where p is the principal amount (or amount you start with) r is the rate (.076) and n is the frequency in years
  78. math

    I don't think you asked a question
  79. math

    Multiply 11x5x4 = 220.
  80. Geometry- Preferably Ms. Sue

    No disrespect intended, but you disproved your point with those links Ms. Sue. The second link, at the very bottom it asks this question: Example: A rhombus has diagonals of 6 m and 8 m, what is its Area? Squares have equal diagonals.
  81. Geometry- Preferably Ms. Sue

    In order for it to be a square, the diagonals need to be the same length. In a parallelogram (if you are talking about a rhombus), they do bisect, but the diagonals are not equal in length.
  82. Geometry- Preferably Ms. Sue

    Its B, sorry for not being Ms. Sue
  83. Help please!!health

    Yes. Children can catch a lot of diseases really fast due to the lack of a proper immune system.
  84. math hurry please

    Easiest way, SAT tip of the day... Is to plug each answer in and see which works.
  85. Science

    I've never seen anyone use g/cc before. The usual standard is g/L as they are the standard metric values. However you can definitely use g/mL if used properly.
  86. math

    In order to void the absolute value bars, it needs to stand by itself. So 4=|x-3| Now get rid of the value bars and you get: 7 = x Plug it in and see !
  87. ap world history

    I'm just giving back ;)
  88. ap world history

    Definitely. If you want to be more in depth, you can also include the cultural extent! But I'm sure that's a little too much
  89. ap world history

    Now it's been a while.. But I'm guessing the nature of an empire is similar to the nature of an animal or human. Like human nature, is our human tendencies. So in a similar fashion, the nature of an empire would be the tendencies of an empire: were they more trade ...
  90. Business Ms.Sue

    Well I've never taken a business class... but I think it would depend on the sales coming from wholesale or retail. If there was more wholesale, he would have to incur more expenses initially due to the fact that he wouldn't get paid until the end of the month, ...
  91. Differential Calc (Math)

    WOW! Thank you so much! You rock!
  92. Differential Calc (Math)

    Hm... Never learned this before, so I'm not quite sure if I can use this. However, I appreciate the effort!
  93. Differential Calc (Math)

    I'm not quiet sure how e^2x equals what you put, and lim (1+3x)^1/(3x) = lim (1+u)^1/u = e doesn't seem to make sense either.. Maybe a more dumbed down version? And it is in fact ^1/(3x)
  94. Differential Calc (Math)

    Stuck... can't seem to use l'hopitals, nor can I use logrithmic differentiation... lim (e^(2x)+ x)^(1/3x) x->0+ Thank you so much
  95. Algebra help

    This is one of those problems where you have to set up the peppers as variables. Lets say green peppers are "x" and red peppers are "y". You can then make up a systems of equations to solve for each variable. Dave: 3x + 2y = 3.45 and Ruth: 4x + 3y = 5.00 ...
  96. science

    You didn't give me the scenarios, but I'm assuming that you want the other variable? Since yellow is dominant, the only way to get green is to have two recessive's.
  97. math

    Is it possible to have a figure an area of 9 square units and a perimeter of 30? If not, why? (PS I don't think it is possible.)
  98. History

    i have no clue what so ever so ya sorry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  99. Physics

    A ball is thrown straight up in the air at an initial speed of 30 m/s. Using conservation of energy, find the maximum height of the ball.
  100. statistics

    Which of the following is NOT true with respect to the properties of probability? 0 < x < 1 P(S) = 1, where S is the sample space P(A) + P(Ac) = 0 If two events are independent then P(A and B) = P(A) * P(B)
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