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  1. SS Please check answers

    your not helping at all
  2. Mathematics

    System 5x+8y+6z=14 2x+5y+z=12 -3x+6y-12z=20
  3. Chemistry

  4. Math

    pie chart
  5. chemistry

  6. geometry

    In the diagram, circle A is tangent to circle C, and segment BE is tangent to circle A. The radius of circle A is 11 meters and the radius of circle C is 8 meters. Find the area of triangle ABE to the nearest square meter.
  7. math

    What is the value of t in the solution to this systems of linear equations? 2s – 3t = –1 3s – 4t = 0 a)–5 b)3 c)-7/3 d)4
  8. math

    i got 8s-12t=-1 and 9s-12t=0 i don't get how you subtract this?
  9. math

    how do you subtract this?
  10. math

    What is the value of u in the following system of linear equations? 4u + 3v = –1 3u + 2v = 1 a) 5 b)-11/2 C)-7 d)19/3
  11. math

    Look at the revenue for videos rented (v) on a given day at two different video rental stores below r = 2v + 10 r = 1.6v + 18 After how many video rentals will the revenues of both stores be equal? a)25 b)45 c)70 d)20
  12. Chemistry

    Na2SO4 solution is slowly added to a solution which contains .10 M Ba (2+) and .1 M Pb(2+). which of the following statements descrives the result of the addition of Na2SO4
  13. Math

    the perimeter of a rectangular field is 140m. If the length is increased by 15m and breadth is decrease by 5m, the length will become 3 times the breadth. Find the length of breadth of the field.
  14. math

    the ages of a son and father are in the ratio 3:8. if the son is 35 years younger than his father. find their ages.
  15. physics

  16. Chemistry

    you're the best! thank you!!
  17. Chemistry

    The Ka of a monoprotic weak acid is 8.11 x 10 ^ -3. What is the percent ionization of a 0.125M solution of this acid?
  18. Chemistry

    Assuming complete dissociation, what is the pH of a 2.55 mg/L Ba(OH)2 solution?
  19. Language Arts

    Or C
  20. Language Arts

    Oh OK I was asking it for homework help and it was an abcd question. I'm thinking it might be D then
  21. Language Arts

    Help Ms. Sue! Please check if I'm correct on this question. * Which of the sentences below is the best option for a thesis statement? A.) An after-school program at the community center might involve classes, sports, and other activities in which children can take part. B...
  22. Physics

    A 50.0-kg box is resting on a horizontal floor. A force of 250 N directed at an angle of 20.7° below the horizontal is applied to the box. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the surface is 0.300. What is the acceleration of the box?
  23. Science (physics)

    A particle P is launched from a point O with an initial velocity of 60m/s at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizontal. At the same time, a second particle Q is projected in the opposite direction with initial speed of 50m/s from a point level with point O and 100m from O. You ...
  24. Algebra

    3 real numbers that form a geometric progression have sum equal to 175 and product equal to 17576. What is the sum of the largest and smallest numbers?
  25. Trigonometry

    I think I did use the sine law but I am just not sure how to get a+b?
  26. Trigonometry

    I calculated it and a got a totally different answer
  27. Trigonometry

    Let N be a 5-digit palindrome. The probability that N is divisible by 4 can be expressed as \frac{a}{b}, where a and b are coprime positive integers. What is the value of a+b?
  28. Chemistry

    I keep getting 5.17 pH. but that's wrong. do I use the equilibrium values to plug into the equation?
  29. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH at the equivalence point for the titration of 0.130M methalamine (CH3NH2) with 0.13M Hcl. The Kb of methyl amine is 5.0x10-4.
  30. Education

    1. in a study examining preschoolers' responses to their peers distress, researchers used ___ to record each instance in which a child cried, followed by other children's reactions. a. time sampling b. systematic collection c. event sampling d. structured observation 2...
  31. Math

    If someone is attached to a 20 ft rope, which is attached to the corner of a building, how far can they move? If the bulding is 22 ft X 15 ft?
  32. inequality

    find the solution to the following inequality 2(2x-6)>x+3, then graph the solution.
  33. College Chemistry

    A temperature of 20o C is equivalent to approximately
  34. Math

    A field trip costs $8.50 per student. If 125 students are going on the trip and a total of $1011.50 has already been collected, how many students have not paid yet?
  35. chemistry

    it's octahedral: (ep) F - - F As F - - F Cl
  36. chemistry

    it is lower
  37. calculus

    Suppose f satisfies the differential equation dy/dx=y+1 and f(0)=1. In other words, f′(x)=f(x)+1 and f(0)=1. Use Euler's method with a step size of 0.5 to approximate f(1.5).
  38. calculus

    Consider the interval I=[6,7.6]. Break I into four subintervals of length 0.4, namely the four subintervals [6,6.4],[6.4,6.8],[6.8,7.2],[7.2,7.6]. Suppose that f(6)=19, f′(6)=0, f′(6.4)=−0.5, f′(6.8)=−0.1, and f′(7.2)=−0.1. What is the...
  39. Calculus

    Consider the ellipse plotted by x^2+9y^2=9. Find the y-coordinate of the point on the ellipse that is farthest from the point (0,1). Your answer should be expressed as a fraction of whole numbers.
  40. math

    A 2 feet piece of wire is cut into two pieces and once piece is bent into a square and the other is bent into an equilateral triangle. How much wire should be used for the square to ensure that the total area enclosed by both shapes is minimized?
  41. Social Studies

    Yes thanks guy BBD got a 100%
  42. Math

    Write the following number in standard form (4X10 4th power)+(3X10 3rd power)+(2X10 2nd power)+(5X1)=
  43. Chemistry

    in an experiment, ammonia gas, NH3(g) was bubbled through distilled water. Some of the dissolved ammonia gas, NH3, reacted with the water to form the aqueous ammonia ions, NH4. When red litmus paper was placed in contact with the aqueous solution, the paper turned blue. This ...
  44. Physics

    Find the electric field between the plates of a capacitor given the following: (1) C= 10pF (2) the capacitor is connected to a 25 V battery (3) there is a vacuum between the capacitor plates (4) plate separation is 2 mm
  45. Chemistry

  46. calculus

    F(x)= ln((3x+6)^4 (x^3 -2)^5 ) F'(x)=
  47. Language Arts

    I took the quiz and it the answer is "Bleach is a poison"
  48. Philosophy

    First, translate the following statement pair into the symbols of propositional logic (use the letters P and R) (a) We will have a picnic unless it happens to rain (b) We won’t have a picnic only if it happens to rain Second, use truth tables to classify the above ...
  49. chemistry

    Calculate the theoretical yield (g) of precipitate formed when 10.0 mL of 0.50 M magnesium nitrate is added to 5.0 mL of 0.50 M potassium phosphate? [You must first write the balanced chemical equation.] Which reactant is present in excess?
  50. Algebra

    Ellen is 11 years older than Maja. Last year Ellen was twice as old as Maja. How old is Maja now?
  51. Math

    n + 2/5=1/2
  52. Physics

    A child throws a ball with an initial speed of 8.00 m/s at an angle of 40.0° above the horizontal. The ball leaves her hand 1.00 m above the ground. What is the magnitude of the ball's velocity just before it hits the ground?
  53. Chemistry

    The \rm p \it K_{\rm a} of this reaction is 4.2. In a 0.74\it M solution of benzoic acid, what percentage of the molecules are ionized?
  54. geometry

    in triangle lmn altitude lk is 12cm long through point j of lk is a line drawn parallel to ms, dividing the triangle into two region with equal areas find lj
  55. Algebra

    A talon scout
  56. Chemistry

    1) Frank and Oswalt report a molar absorptivity of 4700 L mol^-1 cm^-1 for thiocyanatoiron(lll) ion. What absorbance would you expect for a soloution that it 1.0e-4 M in thiocyanatorion(lll) ion, if the path length is 1.00 cm? 2) At a given temperature, the equilibrium ...
  57. Math

  58. Chemistry

    2 SO2 (g)+O2 (g)→2 SO3­↑ How many grams of SO3(g) are formed if 8.45 grams of oxygen are used?
  59. programming

    I need to figure this problem out, I am using visual studio C#. • Powers - Write an application that displays a tables of squares and cubes of an integer from 1 to an upper limit. The user should enter the upper limit and press the calculate button. The application should...
  60. Physics

  61. Physics 2 with calculus

    The wires leading to and from a 0.12--diameter lightbulb filament are 1.5 in diameter. The wire to the filament carries a current with a current density of 4.0×105 . what is the current density in the filament?
  62. Math

    Write the word form for 450, 708 Is it four hundred and fifty thousand, seven hundred and eight
  63. physics

    A 50.0-kg box is sliding on a rough horizontal floor, and the only horizontal force acting on it is friction. You observe that at one instant the box is sliding to the right at 1.5 m/s and that it stops in 2.5 s with uniform acceleration. What magnitude force does friction ...
  64. Trig/precalc

    Cos[x + (7 Pi)/4] + Cos[x - (7 Pi)/4] = 1
  65. Calculus

    ok thank you
  66. Calculus

    Find the derivatives of the function k(x)=sqrt(sin(2x))^3 I think I have the answer and was wondering if i had it correct k'(x)=2sin(x)^3+8sin(x)
  67. calculus

    Find the derivatives of the functions k(x)=(x^3+e^x)^4
  68. Ronit

    Current= change in charge / time Charge = 240 coulombs time= 2 minutes convert minutes to seconds so time = 120 seconds 240 c/ 120 s= 0.5 A
  69. Spanish

    Translate: I have a big nose. Is it: Tengo la nariz grande. or : Tengo una nariz grande. My teacher says you must use el, la, los, and las with body parts.
  70. physics

    A golfer hits a shot to a green that is elevated 3.00 m above the point where the ball is struck. The ball leaves the club at a speed of 16.1 m/s at an angle of 52.0¢ª above the horizontal. It rises to its maximum height and then falls down to the green. Ignoring air...
  71. math-trig

  72. Languege arts

    Nice job helper i needed help with that and u got them all right thanks! :)
  73. math

    13 2/9 - 8 8/9
  74. math

    13 2/9 - 8 8/9
  75. math

    No have to be curved
  76. math

    Hello. I am having a little bit of touble with algebra, distributive property. The question is -20 (19-a) can you please help?! Thanks!
  77. Spanish

    I need to decide if these capitalized words are preterite or imperfect and I just don't get it. Could someone help me out please? Here is the story: I need help with this story. Could you please tell me if the words that are in all CAPITAL letters are preterite or ...
  78. algebra

    determine the given quadratic function has a minimum valueor maximum vale. Then find the coordinates of the minimum or maximum point. f(x)=x^2=2x-9
  79. algebra

    You are a godsend For everyone else: C C A B D
  80. Intro to Computer Engineering

    When solving 5x^2-50x+125=0, a space alien got x=8 for one of the two roots. What possible base could the alien be using? (Note: the coefficients are also in this base. That is 5,50,125 are all in this mystery base as well)
  81. math

    Your teacher is a moron. The problem clearly states "Marty ate more pizza." So either Marty had a bigger pizza or whoever created this problem was lying.
  82. Chemistry

    The program still states this is incorrect
  83. Chemistry

    You carry out an exothermic reaction inside a Styrofoam cup calorimeter, using a temperature probe to monitor the temperature throughout the reaction. You find that the temperature increases 7.40 °C during the reaction. The specific heat of the reaction solution is known ...
  84. math

    write the hidden question or questions in the problem Billy Bob wins $500 in a school raffle. He decides to keep $120 for himself, give $60 to charity, and divide the rest equally among his 5 brothers & sisters. How much will each brother zor sister Receive from billy bob?
  85. Biology

    In a population of jaguars, a gene with two alleles encodes the fur color. Allele B causes melanism (dark fur) and is dominant over allele b, which results in light colored fur. Suppose that there is a migration event, producing a population with 60% BB, 20% Bb and 20% bb ...
  86. Pre calc

    Please finish y+7=6/7x-30/7
  87. Physics

    a) If the lizard has a specific heat of 4.2 J/(g x C), what is rate of increase of the lizard’s temperature? (b) Assuming that there is no heat loss by the lizard (to simplify), how long must the lizard lie in the sunlight in order to raise its temperature by 5.0 C?
  88. Physics

    A lizard of mass 3.0 g is warming itself in the bright sunlight. It casts a shadow of 1.6 cm^2 on a piece of paper help perpendicularly to the Sun’s rays. The intensity of sunlight at the Earth is 1.4 x 10^3 W/m^2, but only half of this energy penetrates the atmosphere ...
  89. Physics

    A 20 g lead bullet leaves a rifle at a temperature of 47 degrees celcieus and travels at a velocity of 500 m/s until it hits a large block of ice at 0 degrees celcuis and comes to rest within it. How much ice will melt?
  90. Chemistry

    if the H+ in acid mine drainage is 6.3 x 10^-5 mol/L, the pH of the drainage water is ___. It would require ___ gal of 0.1 M Ca(OH)2 (2 is a subscrip) to neutralize the proton acidity in 1000 gal of such drainage water.
  91. Math 6

    6 3/8 ft.
  92. Mechanics....Urgent!!

    Find the magnitude and direction of the equilibrant of two forces, one being horizontal pull of 18 N and the other a pull of 23 N at 50 degrees to the 12 N force.
  93. Mechanics & hydromechanics

    Find the magnitude and direction of the equilibrant of two forces, one being horizontal pull of 18 N and the other a pull of 23 N at 50 degrees to the 12 N force.
  94. Mechanics & hydromechanics

    Three forces pulling on a body are in equilibrium. The direction of one is due south, the direction of another is 80 degrees east of north, and the third force acts in the direction of 35 degrees west of north. If the magnitude of southerly force is 38 N, find the magnitudes ...
  95. Mechanics & hydromechanics

    A uniform 98 N pipe is used as a lever. Where the fulcrum must be placed if a 504 N weight at one end is to balance a 192 N weight at the other end?
  96. Mechanics & hydromechanics

    A uniform plank AB of length 4.6 m and weight 508 N is suspended by a vertical rope at each end.A girl of weight 305 N stands in the position 1.6 m from one end.Calculate the tension in the rope at one end using the other end as axis of rotation.
  97. Mechanics & hydromechanics

    Where a 1208 N weight must be hung on a uniform 214 m pole so that a boy at one end supports one-third as much as a man at the other end.
  98. Mechanics & hydromechanics

    A block of wood is pulled along a Horizontal table by a force of 33 N inclined at 30 degrees above the Horizontal.Find the vertical and horizontal components of the force.
  99. Mechanics & hydromechanics

    Three forces pulling on a body are in equilibrium.The direction of one is due south, the direction of another is 80 degrees east of north, and the third force acts in the direction of 35 degrees west of north.If the magnitude of the southerly force is 38 N, Find the magnitude ...
  100. Mechanics & hydromechanics

    Find the magnitude and direction of the equilibrant of two forces, one being a horizontal pull of 18 N and the other a pull of 23 N at 50 degrees to the 12 N force.