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how do you Write a point-slope equation for the line with the given slope that contains the given point. with m=-3;(-2,-5)

Yes this is my first year ive never been so stressed in my life. im starting to get worry line ive never had any ughh..this is so stressing i cant take it.. i cant have Christmas break cuz im behind on so many lessons hopefully i leave connections next year >:|


determine the value of k such that g(x)=3x+k intersects the quadratic function f(x)+2x^2-5x+3

Alegaba 2
Two sides of a triangles are equal in length. the length of the third side is three meters less than the sum of the lengths of the other two sides. What is the length of the longest side of the trangle if its perimeter is 29 meter?

Explain how to find the sum positive eight plus negative ten using game chips, then give the answer.

health projects
i need ideas how to make a reproductive system of the female? i don't have no clue how to make it

A whale swims due east for a distance of 4.2 km, turns around and goes due west for 3.0 km, and finally turns around again and heads 1.8 km due east. What is the total distance traveled by the whale?

Spanish-7th grade-Please check
If I just have a picture of la sala and it's neat and tidy and has a television in it, which would be the correct response? 1.Mi familia acaba de limpiar la sala. 2.Mi familia mira la television. 3.Mi familia necesita limpiar la sala. 4.Mi familia limpia la sala. I don'...

Spanish-8th gradePlease check
Thank you, I see the mistake

I'm so sexy!

social studies
would the growth of Christianity still be affected if the emperor Constantine had not become a Christian?

Kiron invests $22,700 at 14% interest. About how much interest will he earn in 6 months? a.$19,068 b.$3,178 c.$1,589 d.$530

COuld you please tell me if Ive translated these French words and phrases right? Est-ce qu(e) - Phrase introducing a question Ne Quitte pas - Wait a minute? Maintenant - Now Il y a des defiles et beaucoup de bals: -There are some parades and many dances Ce soir - tonight/...

oh okayy! thanks so muchhh <3

The mass of the Moon is 7.35 x 10^22 kg. At some point between Earth and the Moon, the force of Earth's gravitational attraction on an object is cancelled by the Moon's force of gravitational attraction. If the distance between Earth and the Moon (centre to centre) is ...

math helpy
Evaluate: 16^-3/4

Religion and Global culture
Yes, they would. Bad apples in every bunch.

A sample of sulfer, mass 2.56 g is burned in excess oxygen inside a calorimeter of heat capacity 923JK and insulated by 815g of water. If the sole product of combustion is SO2, what is the expected increase in temperature? I don't need the answer, just the solution so I ...

when 1.00g of sucrose C12H22O11 was combusted in a calorimeter to give CO1 and H20, the temperature rose from 25.00 to 27.32 C. The calorimeter itself had a heat capacity of 837JC and was submersed in 1500.0g of water. Find the heat of combustion of sucrose. How would I go ...


The value of y changes by 3 units when x changes by 0.1 unit. About how fast is y changing?

vector A has a magnitude of 57 m and points in a direction 20 degrees below the positive x axis. vector B has magnitude of 70 m and points in a direction 57 degrees above the positive x axis. Find the magnitude of the vector D = A-B.

4th grade
by subtracting and doing good in school

a square carpet has a perimeter of36 ft.find the length of each side of the carpet

The Andrews Corporation produced satellite dishes, was purchased by another compay, which was a cable company: The Total Cost function for the New Company is: TC = 1,000 + 16Q – 16Q2, where the demand curve for Satellite Dishes is PS = 400 – QS and that for the cable...

Organic Chemistry
What are proper techniques to induce crystallization from a saturated solution? (Select all correct answers.) Allowing the solution to cool down. Scratching the outside of the container with a glass rod. Seeding the solution. Adding a solvent that lowers the solubility of the...

Consider the electric field created by a very long charged line of negative linear charge density -2.50 nC/m. A small positive point charge of 7 mC moves from a distance of 9 cm to a distance of 17 cm. How much work is done by the electric field?

Univ Physics-resistance
I think I got part A and B. I need help on part C. How do I do it?

Univ Physics-resistance
A hollow cylindrical resistor with inner radius r1 and outer radius r2, and length l, is made of a material whose resistivity is rho. A.Find the resistance for current that flows radially outward. Divide the resistor into concentric cylindrical shells and integrate. Express ...

The rate constant for a certain reaction is = 4.30×10−3 s^-1. If the initial reactant concentration was 0.400 M , what will the concentration be after 19.0 minutes? Rate would be first order therefore I used. A=A initial*e^-kt I keep getting .0030 M but supposely I...

Phys sci
what does that mean?

Phys sci
Which one of the following frequency can set the string into resonant vibration? If a guitar string has a fundamental frequency of 500Hz a)250Hz b)750Hz c)1500Hz d)1750Hz

I did a lab where we had to determine the iron content in ore...i am confused about the reactions that occured during the reaction...i need reactions for the following... 1) The samples were treated with 6M HCl until all the iron ore dissolved.Assuming all of the ore is in the...

Algebra 2
I need to know how to solve quadratic equations by factoring. Can you so a step by step explanation to this sample problem? 2 x -12x-28

why was it biased for President William Mckinley to say that the fillipinos are unfit for self government?

Why did Andrew Carnegie want to achieve both horizontal and vertical integration?

social studies
what is the difference between vertical and horizontal integration?

what is the difference between vertical and horizontal integration?

social studies
why would a store owner spend so much money on decoating their store?

Who does more work if your friends pushes a something four times further than you with half the force?

5th grade Math
help in division plis help help help help

college english
Please Help Me Revise My Essay: An unknown author once said, “A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.” Of all the teachers I have had throughout my educational history there is only one that stands out the most: My Human ...

Thank you Ms. Sue, but I was told Wiki was not a reliable source. Is this true?

9th grade
I need to write an essay on something I have accomplished using 5 adjectives and 2 inference words. What are some examples of inference words?

math!!! help please?!
what is the probability of not throwing 7 or doubles for 6 consecutives throws with a pair of dice? help please?!?!!

data management (gr.12)
ok thanks!

data management (gr.12)
ana finds 11 shirts in his size at a clearence sale. How many different purchases could ana make? the answer is 2047, any idea how to answer this? thanks!!

math - gr 12

math - gr 12
the social convenor has 12 volunteers to work at a school dance. Each dance requires 2 volunteers at the door, 4 volunteers on the floor, and 6 floaters. Joe and Jim have not volunteered before so the soicial convenor does not want to assign them to work together. In how many ...

because iron is magnetic so when he put the magnet near the iron it attracted to the magnet,black was just happened to be the color

I trying to find out what life was like in England in 1564 on rich and poor people, what jobs, kind of places they lived, social life, how much money to live, what food and drink they had. I have been unable to find a website that gives me this information. I hope you can help...

On a hot sunny day.... why is the chrome fender of a white convertable car with its top down cooler to touch, than its dark red plastic seats? Is it because the lighter the color is, the less heat is absorbed? why id an asphalt sidewalk warmer to touch on a sunny day than a ...

THERMAL PROPERTIES OF MATERIALS: 1)One average, which is hotter in the summer, a city far away from any large body of water or a similar city located near a large body of water? I'm not sure about the reason why, but I think the answer is a city located near a large body ...

thank you, Jimmy

If I am given the circumference(2368) how can I find the diameter and the radius? Can you help?

If I am given the circumference(2368) how can I find the diameter and the radius?

calculate the mass given element of each of the following compounds a) brimine in 50.0 potassium bromide, KBr b) Chromium in 1.00 kg sodium dichromate Na2Cr2O7

world histoy
why did the United States declare war on Germany?

Um are you trying to say i am dumb...i happened to say i looked for 2 hours because you people only answer peoples questions who beg, so thanks for ur help :P

What type of party system do we have in the united states and why? i need an answer cuz ive been looking for 2 hours and am so frustrated!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

A bank loan officer rates applicates for credit. The rating are normally distributed with a mean of 200 and a standard deviation of 50. Find the P60, the score which separates the lower 60% from the top 40%. I get 212.7, using the normal distribution tool at http://psych....

Each member of the sorority has to make their own bed. Sounds like a little Freudian tounge in cheek here. make their own bed should be make her own bed. Unless boys are now allowed in sororities, in this topsy-turvy world.

Health Project Ideas for a female reproductive system
i need ideas how to make a female reproductive or male reproductive made in clay or play doh other material its for school i'm a medical assistant student

math check please

math correction
Wayne owns 15 shares of Iowa stocks that has a current market value of $47.25 per share. If he sells the sotcks for $50.00 per share, what will his total profit be?

word unscramble

orientalism of muslim and arab american
WOW...Here I am 2 years and 8 months after the question was first asked and only 5 months after the last post, looking of the answer to the same question...and yes I am taking Eth/125 at UofP. I am glad to see that other people were as confused as I am. Also, to let you know, ...

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