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  3. Math

    What is the estimate of 3 5/6
  4. Riddle

    What come once in a moment, twice in a minute and never in a thousand years?
  5. Riddle

    Who makes it has no need for it. Who buys it has no use for it.who usesitcan neither see it or feel it. What is it?
  6. Riddle

    You are dead. In a room with two doors. One leads to heaven. One leads to Hell. Infront of each door stands a man. One man tells only the truth. The other only tells lies. You have one question to ask one of the men. What would that question be and to which man?
  7. English

    I'm dead. I'm in a room with 2 doors. One goes to heaven the other goes to Hell. Infront of each door stands a man. One man can only tell the truth. The other can only tell lies. What question do I ask to get to heaven
  8. Math

    Huan is redesigning his bedroom, which is the shape of a rectangle. a Huan knows the area of his bedroom is 180 square feet. What are all the possible whole number dimensions of Huan’s bedroom?
  9. Math

    First Bank charges $4.50 per month for a basic checking account plus $0.15 for each check written. Citizen's Bank charges a flat fee of $9. How many checks would you have to write each month in order for the cost to be the same at both banks?
  10. stats homework

    to estimate p, the proportion of all newborn babies who are male, the gender of 10,000 newborn babies was noted. if 5106 were male determine a) a 90 percent confidence interval estimate of p b) a 99 percent confidence interval estimate of p?
  11. stats homework

    the monthly demand for a certain product is a normal random variable with a mean of 50 and standard deviation 10 a) if you have 60 units on a stock at the beginning of the month, what is the probability you will still have stock remaining at the end of the month? b)what is the...
  12. economics

    Questions from Andreas Software Business A. How many software programs should Andrea sell to make the most profit? __________ What would her profit be? ___________ What is the marginal revenue for this number of programs? ____________ The marginal cost? _____________ B. If ...
  13. riddle

  14. thermodynamics

    the specific volume of water vapor at 150 kPa and 120 degree celsius is 1.188 cubic meter/kg. determine the molar-specific volume and the density of the water vapor.
  15. Math

    I have a 76 average in the class. We have one more test, and tests are weighted at 60%. What grade do I need to get to an 80?
  16. Grammar

    Some people of ancient times used cubits.
  17. Algebra

    How do you write the equation for this: Five less than twice a number is one.
  18. Algebra

    two airplane fly toward each other from points 900 miles apart, at the rate, per hour, of 300 miles and 250 miles. when will they meet if they start at the same instant?
  19. Birds and Bees

    you then got a lot to shove up your ass
  20. Math

    I need some help with this please. Find the height of a triangle where area=14 and base=4
  21. science

    1. A car slows down from 23 m/s to 14 m/s over a time period of 3 seconds. The car’s mass is 1330 kg. What is the car’s acceleration, momentum, and force.
  22. Math

  23. Math

    suck my as
  24. Math

    which side is it skewed to?
  25. Statistics

    In a certain Math class, the probabilities have been empirically determined for various numbers of absentees on any given day. These values are shown in the table below. Find the expected number of absentees in a given day. Number of absentees, x 0 1 2 3 4 Probability, P(x) 0....
  26. Statistics

    . Two cards are drawn at random, without replacement, from a standard 52-card deck. Find the probability that: (a) both cards are the same color (b) the first card is a face card and the second card is black
  27. Maths- Calculus

    The region R bounded by y=e^-x and y=0 and lying to the right x=0 is rotated about the y-axis
  28. science (physics)

    A copper wire with cross sectional area 0.00030cm^2 is to be used in lifting a 100g object.How fast can the object be accelerated if the wire is to stretch not more than 0.10%? What i know is that first find the elongation & then that will help to find acceleration..
  29. algebra

    a rectangular plot of farmland will be bounded on one side by a river and on the other sides by a single strand electric fence . with 800m of wire at your disposal,what is the largest are you can enclose, and what are its dimensions ?
  30. math,algebra

  31. math10

  32. math

    Thank you very much Reiny. Done it. :) :)
  33. math

    Why -x^2?
  34. math

    A garden in the farm of a square, is surrounded by a path which is 1m wide on two opposite sides and 1/2m wide on the other two opposite sides. If the area of the path is 17msquared, calculate the : Perimeter of the garden Area of the space covered by the garden and the path
  35. math

    1.352 pounds is what fraction of a short ton? A. 169/250 B.77/100 C. 2/4 D. 140/223
  36. english

    what is a run-on sentence?
  37. English

    so its B. its the answer. is it right?
  38. English

    Which group of words below is the predicate of the sentence: The quarterback threw the ball down the field. A)The quarterback threw B) Threw the ball down the field C) ball down the field D)down the field
  39. English

    Which is the group of words is a fragments sentence: A) After the store don't run around. B)After the store. C) Don't run around.
  40. English

    Why is it none of them? My answer is it okay to choose as a run-on sentence?
  41. English

    Pick which group of word below is a run-on sentence: A) Don't run around. B) After the store don't run around. C) After the store.
  42. Algebra 2

    Does this verbal phrase translate into the algebraic expression correctly? Five more than a number divided by four x/4+5
  43. English Writing parts of speech

    yes is write why are all the school busses yellow? B
  44. math

    find the base and height of triangle in ratio 8to 5 and area is 320
  45. Business 318

    8. An open systems perspective places great significance on understanding the relationship between an organization and its __________. (Points : 1) personnel practices. internal resources. chain of command. capital structure. environment.
  46. Math Check

    multiply and put in simpliest form 5/7 * 3/13
  47. Algebra 2

    How many arrangements are possible using the letters in the word FUZZY if each letter "Z" is distinctly different than the other? How many arrangements are possible if the letter "Z" is interchangeabe with the other? Explain your reasoning.
  48. Physics

    A particle moving along the x-axis has its velocity described by the function v =2t squared m/s, where t is in s. Its initial position is x = 2.8m at t = 0 s. At 2.7s , what is the particle's position?
  49. Math

  50. Physics- bobpursley

    It's weird because I'm only give 25m and 5m in this problem. It looks like this kinda | | 5m | |_________________ 25m I'm suppose to find the horizontal velocity with this
  51. Physics- Horizontal Velocity

    How do you calculate the horizontal velocity of an object in a projectile problem?
  52. Math( Can you help me with starting this problem)

    Oh okay, thanks
  53. Math( Can you help me with starting this problem)

    = 4pi r^2(15)??
  54. Math( Can you help me with starting this problem)

    How fast does the radius of a spherical soap bubble change when you blow air into it at the rate of 15 cubic centimeters per second? Our known rate is dv/dt , the change in volume with respect to time, which is 15 cubic centimeters per second. The rate we want to find is dr/dt...
  55. mathematics of investment

    A note for 9,000 dated August 12, 2002, is due on October 20, 2002 with simple interest at 9%. If the note is discounted on August 20, 2002 at 13%, how much the proceeds be?
  56. mathematics of investment

    Accumulate 3,200 for 2 years and 6 months at 5 1/2% simple discount.
  57. mathematics of investment

    Mark Lopez went to his bank to find out how long it will take for P10,000 to amount to P10,700 at 12% simple interest. Express answers in days.
  58. accounting 2

    if amores has the capital of 1,616,000 while andrada is to invest sufficient cash to give him a one-third interest in the partnership. how much andrada's capital?
  59. mathematics of investment

    date of investment sept. 4, 2002 and date of maturity feb. 12, 2003. what is the approximate no. days and actual no. of days?
  60. mathematics of investment

    on what day will 8,000 earn 180 interest when invested on April 25, 2002 at 9% simple interest? use ordinary interest and actual time.
  61. physics

    A steel ball of mass m=5 g is moving at a speed of 250 m/s toward a large mass M=2.2 kg which is connected to a relaxed spring, as shown below. When the ball reaches the large mass it collides and bounces off without losing any kinetic energy. The large mass is connected to a ...
  62. Physics

    A crane is lowering two boxes downward at a constant velocity. The cable from the crane is attached directly to the upper box, m1, which has a mass of 95kg and a second cable hanging from the upper box supports the lower box, m2, which has a mass of 140kg. Determine the ...
  63. physics

    A ball on the end of a string is whirled around in a horizontal circle of radius 0.467 m. The plane of the circle is 1.24 m above the ground. The string breaks and the ball lands 2.49 m away from the point on the ground directly beneath the ball’s location when the string...
  64. Algebra

    T-Riffic T shirts for a $20 design fee plus $8 charge per shirt printed, what is the algebraic rule?
  65. Chemistry

    Thank you
  66. Chemistry

    How much energy(in calories)would it take to heat 13g of water 2 degrees Celsius?? 1.00cal/1g C = 13 x 2 = 26 Calories Is that right?
  67. Business Math

    Portion is found by _____ the rate times the base
  68. Business Math

    Base is found by __________ the portion by the rate
  69. Business Math

    Treadmill, cost is x, amount of markup $880.00, selling price of $2,335.00, what is percent markup based on cost?
  70. government

    I say 3 too
  71. Business Math

    The Flower Power Bakery makes 200 cherry cheesecakes at a cost of $2.45 each. If a spoilage rate of 5% is anticipated, at what price should the cakes be sold to achieve a 40% markup based on cost?
  72. Business Math

    Carousel Toys has Romper Buckaroos, wooden rocking horses for toddlers, on a 30% markdown sale for $72.09. What was the original price before they were marked down?
  73. Business Math

    The Mills Lunch Shop prepares fresh take-out entrees each day. On Tuesday, 40 baked chicken dinners were prepared at a cost of $3.20 each. A 20% spoilage rate is anticipated. Mills Lunch Shop sells dinners at an 80% markup based on cost. They decided to offer a $1.00 off ...
  74. Business Math

    Dylan's Bicycle Shop offers a new bicycle on sale for $259.92 after a 10% markdown. What was the cost of the bicycle to Dylan if the markup was 30% based on the cost? Round
  75. Business Math

    In October, a hardware store purchased snow shovels for $8 each. The original markup was 50% based on the selling price. In December the store had a sale and marked down the shovels by 20%. By January 1, the sale was over and the shovels were marked up to 15%. In March, the ...
  76. Business Math

    The Sweet Candy Shop buys 600 pounds of chocolate covered strawberries at $5.59 per pound. If a 10% spoilage rate is anticipated, at what price per pound should the strawberries be sold in order to achieve a 60% markup based on cost?
  77. Business Math

    Beacon electronics advertised a portable TV set on sale for $272.49 after a 35% markdown from the original price. What was the original price of the TV set? Round to nearest cent
  78. Math

    The Soft Step Floor Company purchases carpeting for $5.12 per sq. yard and marks it up 55% based on the selling price. What is the selling price per sq. yard? Round to nearest cent
  79. Math

  80. Math

    The quick plumbing supply sells a set of faucets for $79.95. if a 45% markup based on cost was used, what was the cost of the faucets to quick plumbing?
  81. Biology

    When you have type 1 diabetes your body does not produce enough insulin. You have to eat correctly to maintain insulin levels. So if your heavy, you have to eat properly and loose weight. If your not use to eating properly, you will feel as if you are starving at first, but ...
  82. Math

    A whole seller buys plastic lamps for $18 each and sells them for $30.60 What is the percent markup based on cost?
  83. math

    simply (ab) cubed/ (3a) squared * b
  84. math

    find the domain, range, y and x-intercept, vertical asymptote, maximum, minimum, one-to-one, and horizontal asymptote of: a. f(x)=x^2-6x+5 b. f(x)=x^2-6x+5 on domain [-1,6]
  85. algebra

    A gardener has 120 ft of fencing to fence in a rectangular garden. one side of the garden is bordered by a river and so it does not need any fencing. a. what dimensions would guarantee a garden with an area of 1350 ft ^2 b. what dimensions would guarantee the greatest area? ...
  86. Math

    A gardener has 120 ft of fencing to fence in a rectangular garden. one side of the garden is bordered by a river and so it does not need any fencing. 1. what dimensions would guarantee a garden with an area of 1350 ft^2? 2. What dimensions would guarantee the greatest area? ...
  87. stats

    If light bulbs have lives that are normally distributed with a mean of 2500 hours and a standard deviation of 500 hours, what percentage of light bulbs have a life less than 2500 hours? A) About 25% B) About 50% C) About 75% D) About 68%
  88. Chemistry Science

    calculate the mass of carbon dioxide that would be produced when one gas of tank of gasoline (use octane) is burned in the air. assume an 80 liter gas tank and 0.703 g/ml as the density of octane
  89. Algebra

    The vertex of a graph is (2,-2) is it a minimum, yes or no?
  90. Physics

  91. percentages/word problem

    $103.00 rounded
  92. percentages/word problem

    $272.49 = ( 1- .35) x $272.49 / 0.65 = $419.22 rounded
  93. math

    $5.90 rounded
  94. math

    A= $222.15
  95. math

  96. Pre-Calculus

    Find a quadratic function f such that f(1)=3, f(2)=5/2, f(-1)=1 I came out with 3 a+b+c=3, 4a+2b+c=5/2, a-b+c=1. And I know that I should do synthetic division but I am stuck.
  97. math help please

    Sorry but i forgot to pose what subject it was.
  98. Reiny and steve do this for me please

    1. Consider the functions f(x)=1/(x)+4 and g(x)=2/(x). Graph f and g on the same grid. a) Determine the points of intersection of the two functions. b) Show where f(x)<g(x). c) Solve the equation 1/(x)+4=2(x) to check your answer to part a). d) Solve the inequality 1/(x)+4&...
  99. chemistry calculations

    when 2.750 g of the oxide of lead is heated to a high temperature,it decomposes to produce 0.0640 g of oxygen gas and 2.686 g of some new lead oxide compound.How can you use this data to determine the formula of the new compound?
  100. math

    It is $35.98
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