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A glass of ice water was made by adding six 25 g ice cubes to one liter of water. If the water was initially 25C and the ice cubes were initially at -15C, what is the final temperature of the ice water?

bobpursley, you need to read up on Mazlow's hierarchy of needs. Children's basic physiological needs must be met before they can focus on fulfilling the need to learn and grow.

From what I have gathered in my Penn F literature book it is B. Both connotative and denotative.

The following linear equation ,y= b0 = b1x, is a regression line with y-intercept b0 and slope b1.

The value of the correlation coeficient can be between 0 and 1.

social studies
Who had the smoothest transition from communism

What is the Net Ionic Equation for the following: a.) NH4Br, NaOH b.) Li2CO3, HClO4 c.)Pb(NO3)2, Kl

Divide. Express your answer in simplest form. 1 3/5 , 1/4

is this true or false? The linear correlation coefficient, r, is a numerical measure of the strength of the relationship between two variables representing quantitative data.

math 117
A launched rocket has an altitude in meters, given by the polynomial h+vt-4.9^2, h is the height in meters v is the velocity in meters per second and t is the number of seconds for which it takes the rocket to become airborne. If the rocket is launched from the top of a tower ...

mitosis and meiosis
what does mitosis mean?

The facts of a case a. are largely irrelevant, in that the judiciary has wide freedom with decisions. b. affect which law or laws will apply to the case. c. are important only if the case involves a statutory dispute. d. are important only if the case involves a constitutional...

What is the measure of angle DBC if the measure of angle ABD is represented by 4x, the measure of angle DBC is represented by 3x and the measure of angle ABC is 77 degrees?

use technology to find the P-value for a two tailed test with n=28 and a test statistic t=2.032 P-value =???? Help please! i don't understand this

If the change in position Dx is related to velocity v (with units of m/s) in the equation Dx = Av, the constant A has which dimension? a) m/s2 b) m c) s d) m2 I'm not sure how to eliminate the seconds from the velocity. Thanks in advance for any help!

conseptual physics
if you hold one end of a metal nail against a piece of ice, the end in your hand soon becomes cold. does cold flow from the ice to your and? why?

input/x,-2,0,2 rule/-x+3 output/y

Integrated Physics and Chemistry
Energy that is dissipated during heat flow cannot usually be used to produce work. True False

H2 + F2--> 2HF deltaH = 518.0 kJ H2 ----> 2H deltaH = 436.8 kJ F2 ---> 2F deltaH = 158.2 kJ (a) calculate Delta H for H + F---> HF (b) what is the standard enthalpy change of formation of F2 Help please!!! i think this is easier than i'm making it. for (b) ...

If the temperature at sea level were 23C,what would the air temperature be at a height of 2 kilometers under average conditions?

crime wave HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA it is soooooooooo... funny---for those of u who didn't get that ---that was a joke HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i am so halariously smexy

A nitric acid solution is found to have a pH of 2.70. Determine [H3O+],[OH-], and the number of moles of HNO3 required to make 5.50L of the solution.

algebra readenes
what happens when you watch tv to much?

Med Term
help me by writing it

i need help with this experimental design.the topic is...what happens to your image that is initially observed in a flat mirror from 10 feet away and then you move further away to 20 feet? But i need to know how do I make up procedures (steps-in outline form) for this ...

What happens to your image that is initially observed in a flat mirror from 10 feet away and then you move further away to 20 feet?

A plumber charges $45 for a service call, plus $70/h for her time. a. Find the cost of a two hour service call. b. How long was a services call that cost $150? Also ....... as the weight held by a spring increases, the length of the spring increase proportionally. suppose a 2-...

students can use any of the items above to build an electromagent. which item is NOT needed to build an electromagent?

In the diagram below of isosceles trapezoid DEFG, DE ll GF. DE = 4x − 2, EF = 3x + 2, FG = 5x − 3, and GD = 2x + 5. Find the value of x. the answer is 3 but idk how, please help

chemistry finding moles
I know the formulas to a mole which equals 6.02x10 to the 23rd power but i have no idea what to do with the formula when converting grams to moles visa versa or atoms or molecules, and i have no idea what goes with what as far as what resources you're supposed to use. Some...

True or False? Two identical beakers of water that have been over the same size flame for the same length of time will ALWAYS stay at the same temperature, no matter how much water is inside.

Determine the prcentage composition of the compund HCl?

Can some one help me in this math problem please?? This is the problem I need help with .. 10x-6(x+2)=36

A car travels along a straight road, heading east for 1 h, then traveling for 30 min on another road that leads northeast. If the car has maintained a constant speed of 48 mi/h, how far is it from its starting position? Round your answer to 2 decimal places.

A parallelogram ABCD has lengths of sides and angles given below. Find the length of the diagonals AC and BD. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) AB = DC = 6 and AD = BC = 3, A = 40°

what is the excluded values for the fraction a --- 3-2a

algebra 2
how do u solve 3m-n=2m+n, for m

An open box is to be constructed so that the length of the base is 4 times larger than the width of the base. If the cost to construct the base is 5 dollars per square foot and the cost to construct the four sides is 3 dollars per square foot, determine the dimensions for a ...

C= -1293,9

Algebra 1
1/9=3/y do cross multiplication and then divide to find y.

graphs of sin
Is it 2pi/3????

graphs of sin
find an equation of the form y = c+a sin(bx) with the max of 2,min of -2, and period of 3. So far i've got 2sin___ . I don't know how to find the period.

where did you get the 2Plrad?

The angular speed of a large pulley wheel that has a radius of 15, is 50 revolutions/min. Find the angular speed and the rim speed of the smaller wheel that has a radius of 5. The rim speed is going to be the same. I got the angular speed but I can't figure out why the rim...

you measure 5.3g of KOH and dissolve it in enough water to make 400 ml of solution. what is the molarity of this base? You want to neutralize this base with a 3.7M H2SO4. How much sulfuric acid is necessary to do this? x=5.3g/39+16+1 = 5.3/56=.095m M=moles/L of solution = .095...

ok i don't really understand the answer to this question.

the temperature of water in a 100 mL container was raised from 26.7 degrees C to 62.3 degrees C. how much heat in calories was added

Early Childhood Education
1.c 2.a 3. b

what is the specific heat capacity of substance X when 34.80 g of X is heated from a starting temperature of 20.5 C to 40.9 C by 2.54 kJ of energy

A submarine has run into trouble and is stuck at the bottom of the ocean. Several people are on board and must make their way to the surface without any diving gear. The air pressure aboard the submarine is 3.100 atm. The air temperature inside the submarine is 10.01 ¢XC ...

Using the activity series, write a balanced chemical equation for the following reactions: 1. iron metal is added to a solution of copper (II) nitrate 2. zinc metal is added to a solution of magnesium sulfate 3. hydrobromic acid is added to tin metal 4. hydrogen gas is bubbled...

Determine the median of the following numbers25,28,22,27,25,20/30,23,27, and 29

A car is driven 110 km west and then 25 km southwest. What is the displacement of the car from the point of origin (magnitude and direction)? ... degrees south of west

im studying for test and I am supposed to write about "what are gender roles, how do they effect,, influence, inform our conceptions of masculinity and feiminity. I especially don't get the femininty and masculinity part. Thanks and I appreciate ur help!

find the concentration of HCL if the pH of the solution is 0.50

Perform the indicated operations

4.72 moles of sulfur trioxide molecules contain how many oxygen atoms? i know the answer is 8.53 x 10^24 but i do know how my professor got it **this is one of my practice exam question!

If you have two tables and in Table 1, is using the indirect method and you have the measurements, 11.37 and 12.57 cm. In Table 2, is using the direct method which has the measurement of one item out of 100 with the measurements of 0.642, 0.741, and 0.683 cm. What is the ...

pre algebra
Multiple the first equation by -1: -y=-x+2 Add it from the second one to get: y=4x+1 +(-y=x+2)= 0=3x+3 Subtract 3 from both sides: -3=3x Divide by 3 x=-1 Plug it in for one equation: y=(-1)-2 y=-3

1652 x (3.82 moles/4 moles) = 1577.66

Science - Physical
Earth's magnetic field induces some degree of magnetism in most of the iron objects around you. With a compass you can see that cans of food on you pantry shelf have north and south poles. When you pass the compass from their bottoms to their tops, you can easily identify ...

American Food Services, Inc., leased a packaging machine from Barton and Barton Corporation. Barton and Barton completed construction of the machine on January 1, 2011. The lease agreement for the $4 million (fair value and present value of the lease payments) machine ...

On June 30, 2011, Georgia-Atlantic, Inc., leased a warehouse facility from IC Leasing Corporation. The lease agreement calls for Georgia-Atlantic to make semiannual lease payments of $585,423 over a three-year lease term, payable each June 30 and December 31, with the first ...

y^2-4y-12=0 Please help. :)

wxmaxima help math mate!
so what will the arEA BE?

wxmaxima help math mate!
one expression is y=log(-100493/40000)x the x is next to the (-100493/40000) same with the other expression y=atan(-100493/40000)x, y=exp(100493/40000x) approximate the region bounded by the given curves. be sure to specify a range of x and y that results in a good picture of ...

A right circular cone is inscribed inside a sphere. The right circular cone has the radius of the base of 4 inches and the height is greater than 2 inches. The sphere has a radius of 5 inches. What is the ratio of the volume of the cone to the volume of the sphere? Leave your ...

y=log(100493/40000x), y=atan(-100493/40000x), y=exp(100493/40000x) approximate the region bounded by the given curves. be sure to specify a range of x and y that results in a good picture of the region. you need two integral to represent the area

College algebra

describe the relationship between mass movement and gravity?

algebra 2
What is the quotient: (–3x3 + 16x2 + 13x – 6) ÷ (3x – 1) ?

The general trend of American's attitudes toward the unmarried has been from an attitude of _____ in the 1950s to an attitude of ______ in the 2000s A.) Non-acceptance; acceptance B.) Neutrality; non-acceptance C.) Non-acceptance; neutrality D.) Neutrality; tolerance

jo-jo had two mice, every month the number of mice doubled. in how many months would there be 2048?

For some reason when posted the answers show differently. Here are all the answers, which are correct: 1.0.057 2. 68% 3.r is not significant at 5% or at 1%. 4.0.820 = 82.0% 5.y = 1.7 + 1.9x 6.14.97 7.Kelly 8.r is not significant at 5%. 9.Positive linear relationship 10.70th ...

1. Question : Find the area under the normal distribution curve between z = 1.52 and z = 2.43. Student Answer: 0.929 0.436 0.493 0.057 Instructor Explanation: See section 12.6 of the textbook. Points Received: 1 of 1 Comments: 2. Question : The area under a normal ...

Physics 2(Plz Help! :) :) ;))
A bullet leaving a rifle at an angle of 45 degrees travels a distance of 10 Km determine: A). The muzzle velocity B). What angle would you have to shoot the same bullet to go HALF the distance? Lower angle

Physics(I Have No Idea!!) :)
A ball is thrown at 30 m/s horizontally off a building. it lands 100 meters from the base of the building. How high is the building?

thank you so very much!

Add it How are these words alike? add more. made,play,train...

Use the triple scalar product to determine whether the given points lie in the same plane. A(1, 2, 3), B(3, -4, 8), C(7, -1, 1), D(5, 5, -4)

Economics involves many graphs and tables and determining supply and demand based upon these. If you are not strong in math you may be better off to seek another course that does not involve math (or science since you stated that is also not a strong area). An example may be a...

what was the first sample in the ChemQuandry and where is it used


Algebra 2
How do I solve polynomial equation by finding all complex roots? The problem is: factor each expression and find all complex roots of x^3+64 I got as far as x^3+64=(x+4)(x^2-4x+16) Now how do i find the roots of (x+4) and the roots of (x^2-4x+16) Thanks

A stone is thrown from a 50m high cliff and lands 5 seconds later, 40m from the base of the cliff. At what speed and angle was the stone thrown?

Francisco has $2000. He invested part at 7% and the rest at 12%. If his annual return was $215, how much did he invest at each rate?

y = log7(x^2 - 6x - 2) this is base seven is the answer 2x-6/(x^2-6x-2)

A point source of light illuminates an aperture 4.00m away. A 18.0 cm -wide bright patch of light appears on a screen 2.00m behind the aperture. I have been trying to use the equation w=(2*wavelength*distance)/aperature width. However, I am not given wavelength and the type of...

Find the mass of barium metal (in grams) that must react with O2 to produce enough barium oxide to prepare 1.1 L of a 0.10 M solution of OH^ -.

how is nickel used in glass?

calculus wxmaxima
i found it but like i understand what youre saying i just don't know how to plug it in wxmaxima is it possible if you can show me thanks very much

calculus wxmaxima
does anyone know how to approximate the are and circumfrence of the region bounded by the given curves y=cos(x^2 +(100493/100000)), y=1+x-X^2 i already did the area but i need help with the circumference

u.s. history
How did the South, with fewer supplies and resources, manage to stall a Northern victory for four years?

calculus wxmaxima

calculus wxmaxima
okay so i put y=1+x-X^2 found the derivative 1-2*x then i pluged that in into sqrt(1+1-2*x)^2) then i did the romberg thing so is this right i got -1.4336 for this one

calculus wxmaxima
okay so for the first f(x) i plug in cos(x^2 +(100493/100000))find the derivative then do i do the same for y=y=1+x-X^2 ?

calculus wxmaxima
i understand but i just don't know how to plug it in wxmaxima is it possible if you can show me thanks very much

calculus wxmaxima
Thank you very much but i am still confused with the arc length or the circumference

calculus wxmaxima
does anyone know how to approximate the are and circumfrence of the region bounded by the given curves y=cos(x^2 +(100493/100000)), y=1+x-X^2

A temperature of a 10m long metal bar is 15C at one end and 30C on the other end. Assuming that the temperature increases linearly from the cooler end to the hotter end, what is the average temperature of the bar? Also, explain why at least one place on the bar must have this ...

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