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A basket of 50 golf balls contains 22 yellow balls. If 8 balls are selected at random from the basket, determine the probability that none of those selected is a yellow ball.

You will receive Sh. 20,000 five years from now. The discount rate is 8 percent. What is the value of your investment today?

suppose that the function f(x)=3x+10 represents the cost to rent x movies a month from an internet movie club john now has 10 dollars how much more money does john need to rent 5 movies next month?

College Math
If you can earn a 3% average return on your investments, how much invested capital must you have to earn $98000.00 per year. Round your solution to the nearest penny if needed

At what distance is the electrostatic force between two protons equal to the weight of one proton?

American Givernment
Help me create a mnemonic for and about special interest groups.

benjie spent 1/3 of his money on clothes and 1/4 of the remainder on food. if he had 180 pesos left, how much did he have first?

math college
find each quotient 35 divided by -5

what is the simplest form of 2 2/5?

suppose you inves $8000 and the value grows to $12000 in 10 years. What yearly interest did you earn assuming that interest is coumpounding continuously?

Math 62
solve x-2y=2 and 2x-4y=3 then graph each equation

Math 61
solve step by step 2/3y=12

math 61
write an equation and solve A rectanglar swimming pool has width of 25 feet and an area of 1250 square feet. What is the pool's length?

Math 61 Algebra
A person's hair length is proportional to the number of years it has been growing. After 2 years a person's hair grows 8 inches. The longest moustache on record was grown by Sain of India. Sain grew his moustache for 17 years. How long was each side of his moustache?

Can you explain how anger and fear are inhibitory, and exhaustion and lack of focus are excitatory?

Does a dead body ,decaying give off or make chloroform ? What other gases are detected while decomposing..

width = 4 length + 7

What was the Armistad controversy? And, what rold did it play in the abolition of slavery? I think you mean the Amistad controversy, right? =)

How do I figure out whether I side with the Federalists or the Anti-Federalists? Read these and then decide: and =)

What kind of government did the Articles of Confederation call for and what were its major flaws and achievements? This site has an explanation of the Articles of Confederation.