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100/9.86= 10.14 100/90.9=1.1 (10.14+1.1)/2= 5.62m/s

Beer cans are right circular cylinders. My Mathematical Mead, my Polynomial Pilsner, and my Square-Root Stout cans from the Schmidt Brewery, have dimensional units called "brewskies". Using the zero product rule, they have a volume (in cubic brewskies) equal to a ...

Mighty Mouse (who flies at a constant speed of 1400 ft/sec) was standing next to a cannon that was pointed straight up. A cannonball was shot vertically into the air with an initial velocity of 880 ft/sec. Exactly one second after the cannon was fired, Might Mouse flew up to ...

Your LCD is actually 6. Multiply the 1/2 by 3 to get 3/6. 3/6 plus 1/6 is 4/6 or 2/3.