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  1. BIO PLease help

    Which of the below are mechanisms cells can use to control activity of a gene? A) Regulating mRNA stability B)Regulating protein stability c)Positively regulate gene expression D)Regulating enzyme activity of a protein E)Regulating protein stability F)Postively regulate ...
  2. Bio

    . which stament is true( more then one can be true) 1) EF-Tu moves the mRNA by one codon 2)EF-G delivers aa-tRNAs to the ribosome 3)Translation initiation occurs by 70S riboosomes binding to mRNAs with fMet-tRNA 4)Translocation refers to the chemical step of peptide bond ...
  3. chem

    The radius of a single atom of generic element X is 197 picometer(pm) and crystal of X has a unit cell that is face centered cubic calc the volume of the unit cell. Please help and show all work
  4. math

    1. The 5th, 9thand16th terms of a linear sequence are consecutive terms of an exponential sequence GP. Find the common difference in terms of the first term�
  5. science

    5. Suppose a skydiver (mass = 75 kg) is falling toward the Earth. When the skydiver is 100 m above the Earth he is moving at 60 m/s. At this point calculate the skydiver’s…….
  6. Math

    A sailboat traveled 30 miles in 2.5 hours at the same speed, how far can the boat sail in in another 4.5 hours?
  7. Math

    Is the sum of 425 and 390 less than or greater than 800. How do you know?
  8. Science

  9. business

    Please need a vision statement for a chocolate store. Do know where to start
  10. Maths

    To solve the simultaneous equation 1.4x + 3y = -1 2y - 3x = -12
  11. grammar

    Which personal pronoun correctly completes the sentence? Mom gave the sandwiches to Paul and __________. A. me B. I C. his D. hers
  12. Chemistry-ish

    okay thank you
  13. Chemistry-ish

    What is the pH of a solution that has a OH- concentration equal to 1x10-5M? 14-x 14-5=9 can I use that simple of math 9?
  14. Chemistry

    Please check my work: What is the pOH of a solution containing [H+] = 1x10-11 M? log H=14-11 3 right
  15. Chemistry

    (Ammonium) NH^3 is classified as what technically? its not just an acid or a base is it? So would it be either depending on the circumstances?
  16. life oriantation

  17. Operations

    Thank you all for clarifying my question
  18. Operations

    what does this mean please help .Does their facility location reflect their global strategy?
  19. Language

    It’s D
  20. Math help plz!!

    Minus 676 by 1,092
  21. MATH

  22. math

    Allana used Fraction 3 over 5 yard of fabric to make a scarf. Can she make 2 of these scarves with Fraction 1 and 7 over 10 yards of fabric, and why? No, because the quotient of Fraction 1 and 7 over 10 Division sign Fraction 3 over 5 is 1 and 1 over 50 No, because the ...
  23. math

    A right rectangular prism is packed with cubes of side length Fraction 1 over 6 inch. If the prism is packed with 12 cubes along the length, 3 cubes along the width, and 2 cubes along the height, what is the volume of the prism?
  24. Math

    Julia spent 1/3 of her birthday money. Then she lost 1/2 of the rest. She now has $10.00 dollars much did she get for her birthday.
  25. math

    c or b
  26. 5th grade math

  27. Pre Algebra Probability

    it is 5! = 120
  28. math

    Nikki's school day last 7 hours, 20 minutes. How many minutes does Nikki's school day last? Explain how you found the answer
  29. georgia state history

    The map of Mississippian Indian settlement is most likely displaying which cultural characteristic prior to European contact? A) the official end of nomadic herding B) the establishment of long houses along primary rivers C) the creation of earthen mounds, known as earthwork ...
  30. health

    Hmmmm.... what is the answer.
  31. English

    Please Help me with the closing any suggestions Overall, how the delivery was characterized and how he used the presentational aids, made me understand how to present a speech.. The strength that the speaker had on his speech was the tone of voice, and his gestures. An ...
  32. Science

    Helper is 100% correct, i got 100% on my science unit test for connections academy 7th grade science
  33. math

    what is -18/-13
  34. geography

    which best describes why there is so little agriculture in the Appalachian Plateau region
  35. math

    how could you rewrite the expression (3+5)+8 using the Associative property of addition
  36. science

    Turning on the switch in a flash light starts a chemical reaction in the batteries. The chemical energy is turned to light energy and the flashlight lights up. Which part of this an example of a process?
  37. Math 4th grade

    417,547 the digit is 4
  38. Science

    How is a model of an atom different from a real atom?
  39. Algebra with pizzazz

    She was practicing for a moonshot
  40. science (check!)

    What are all the other ones!!
  41. business and finite calc

    2) The amount of gasoline sold every week at a gas station is Normally distributed with a mean of 30,000 gallons and a Standard Deviation of 3,000 gallons. What is the Probability that in a given week that the amount of gasoline sold is between 28,000 and 35,000 gallons?
  42. Math

    I studied for four hours. I added 2 more hours every day for a week. How many more days do I have to study until I have spend 20 hours studying?
  43. math

    Barry stacks 78 boxes of DVDs in a wearhouse each box has 116 DVDs nineteen of the boxes are shipped how many DVDs are left in the wearhouse
  44. math

    I looked at marycruz's answer and I cam up with 30 because if marycruz said ",15 bags of 2-pound ", then you have to multiply 15 x 2. And you get 30
  45. Math

    (Yes Maddie j is so correct) got 4/4 100%!!!! Thank you!!
  46. english

    what logical fallacies do you see in each one and need a breif explanation 1.Resistance is futile 2."It's the economy, stpid" 3.Yes we can (obamma campain)
  47. Math

    write a ratio comparing widths, lengths, and the perimeter of a rectangle 6 inches by 9 inches and a rectangle 8 inches by 12 inches. Show whether these are are equivalent or not.
  48. Physics

    The radius of planet X is 5.0 bleems. It takes 4 earth years to complete it's orbit. Another planet, Z, orbits the same sun and has an orbit with the radius of 12 bleems. How long does it take for planet Z to complete an orbit?
  49. Math

    From the definition of Angular Speed: the second hand travels a whole revolution of 360 degrees which has its equivalent as 2π. So, the equation will be (1.12in)(2π/60min)=0.117in/min Hope I helped you in solving. Best Regards
  50. Math

  51. equivalent fractions and the numberline

    they are equivalent by they have has the same length like
  52. world civilization 1 his 103

    • How has the nature and technology of warfare evolved, from earliest times to 1500 CE?
  53. Physics

    A ladder 20m long rest against a vertical wall so that the foot of the ladder is 9m long. Find correct to the nearest degree the angle that the ladder makes with the wall.
  54. Physics

    A ladder 20m long rest against a vertical wall so that the foot of the ladder is 9m long. Find correct to the nearest degree the angle that the ladder makes with the wall.
  55. chemistry

    I went to our school's tutoring lab and received the explanation I needed to understand this. However I have another related question. I don't know if you will see this or not. Suppose we have a similar problem, except using Aluminum and HCl. The ratio is different. I ...
  56. chemistry

    472 mL of H2 gas was collected over water when 1.256 g of Zn reacted with excess HCl. The atmospheric pressure during the experiment was 754 mm Hg and the temperature was 26 degrees C. A. Write the balanced chemical equation (I have this) Zn + HCl ---> ZnCl2 + H2 B. What is...
  57. Math

    why doesnt an elephant smoke?
  58. accounting

    n its first month of operations, Whispering Winds Corp. made three purchases of merchandise in the following sequence: (1) 320 units at $4, (2) 420 units at $6, and (3) 520 units at $7. Assuming there are 220 units on hand at the end of the period, compute the cost of the ...
  59. physics

  60. health

    I had no idea so many people from ashworth were using this lol im from ashworth too
  61. chemistry

  62. mathematical modeling

    Use the 68-95-99.7 rule to solve: The amount of Jen's monthly phone bill is normally distributed with a mean of $48 and a standard deviation of $6. Fill in the blanks. 95% of her phone bills are between $_____ and $_____.
  63. Physics

    A rifle with a mass of 1.2 kg fires a bullet with a mass of 6.0 (0.006kg). The bullet moves with a muzzle velocity of 600 m/s after the rifle is fired. a. What is the momentum of the bullet after the rifle is fired? b. If external forces acting on the rifle can be ignored, ...
  64. Physics

    A force of 20N applied parallel to the surface of a horizontal table,is just sufficient to make a block of mass 4kg move on the table.calculate the coefficient of friction between the block and the table.
  65. Physics

    The answer is 13.75
  66. Western Civilization

    How did encounters among the Persians, Hebrews and Archaic Greks help shape the Clasical Age of Greece?
  67. Western Civilization

    How did the Greek encounters with the Near and Middle East shape political, economic, and cultural developments of the Hellenistic world?
  68. Humanities/Western Civilization

    Describe the conflict between church and state in the medieval period.
  69. Humanities/Western Civilization

    Why are the 14th and 15th centuries often referred to as the centuries of crisis for western Europe?
  70. math

  71. algebra

    The power P needed to propel a boat is directly proportional to the cube of the speed of the boat. A 100 hp engine is needed to propel a boat at 15 knots. Find the power needed to drive the boat at 20 knots.
  72. lang

    What is preposition phrase in the follow sentence: When you are seasick, you are not really sick from the sea.
  73. statistics

    Therefore, how to solve this problem is simple. If you have noticed, the question says, "Let represent the number of times a student takes Western Civilization until the first passing grade is received." The variable that is supposed to go in between the words '...
  74. statistics

    P(n) = p(1-p)^(n-1), where p is the probability of success in each trial, and n is the number of trials.
  75. Math PIZZAZZ

    What are the answers with Algebra with pizzazz objective 5-b:What happened to the guy who lost his left side
  76. Science (Chemisty)

    Why do you never find liquid bromine in your neighborhood?
  77. Science (Chemisty)

    In an old "Star Trek" episode, Captain Kirk and Spock come across a life form called the Horta made mostly of silicon compounds. Based on silicon's place in the periodic table, do you think silicon compounds are a reasonable choice for an alien life form? Why or ...
  78. Physics

    A hockey puck with mass 0.237 kg traveling along the blue line (a blue-colored straight line on the ice in a hockey rink) at 1.4 m/s strikes a stationary puck with the same mass. The first puck exits the collision in a direction that is 30° away from the blue line at a ...
  79. math

    i am having troble with fractions can u help
  80. 8th grade math

  81. diagramming a sentence

    Diagram the following Sentences: 1.) John Wycliffe taught at Oxford University and translated the Bible into English. 2.) The birds sang their first song of the spring; they uttered a few rapturous notes and waited for an answer in the silent woods 3.) The mayflowers open ...
  82. Algebra

    (5x^3-6x^2+8)/(x-4). (4) 5 -6 8 5 14 72 For the remainder I divided 72/4 for 18. So the whole answer would be 5x^3+14x^2+18. But the book's answer is 5x^2+14x56+232/(x-4). Where did these numbers come from and where did I mess up?
  83. Algebra

    (4x^3-9x+8x^2-18)/(x+2)-use synthetic division to divide. I set it up like this (pretend the parentheses are the synthetic division box). (-2) 4 8 -27 4 0 -27. For remainders, according to my book, we're supposed to divide the remainder by the divisor. So it would be -27/-...
  84. English

    what instrument vibrates when you blow into it?
  85. science

    how does your ears give you balance?
  86. math ( average)

    What is the next step after adding and dividing?
  87. Chemistry

    well this sucks. i have to write a lab report on this. i know the above reacton forms a blue soilution, and cu(no3)2 is blue in water...hmmm...
  88. Writing

    I have spent 2 weeks writing a paper and I am trying to perfect the introduction. Below I will paste the introduction tell me what I can do to better and what questions you have and what it make you think of... “The disease of jealously is so malignant that it converts ...