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Please help me answer this.. Suppose that 2^(x/2)= p 3^(x/3-1)= q [5^(x/2)]/3 = r Express (0.48)^x in terms of p, q and/ or r. this question came from our reviewer.. please and thank you!

college math
Please help me solve this Find the value of k so that the polynomial Q(x)= x^3 - k^2x^2 + k(5x-9)- 12 has a remainder of 1 when divided by x + 2

6th grade - EARTH SCIENCE
What are three interesting facts about the upper mantle of the earth? and 3 interesting facts about the lower mantle of the earth?

3526..if it ends in 6, it will be divisible by 6. Can you think of others?

algebra I
3/4x-7=8+-6x Add 7 to both sides. 3/4x=15-6x Add 6x to both sides. 6 3/4x=15 Divide both sides by 6 3/4. 15/ 6 3/4=?

The space shuttle releases a satellite into a circular orbit 700 km above the Earth. How fast must the shuttle be moving (relative to Earth) when the release occurs?

You're welcome. :)

You could say 2, 3, and 5.

1. They were so happy that they forgot to eat their lunches.

maths m
-16(2)^2+64(2)+6= -16(4)+128+6= -64+128+6=

Water is added to 25 ml of a .911 M KNO3 solution until the volume of solution is exactly 500ml. What is the concentration of the final solution.

Sorry, I didn't finish and I accidentally hit enter. AB AC AD AE BC BD BE CD CE DE (E has already played all of the teams.) That's 10 games.

5 teams: ABCDE These teams will play each other: AB AC AD AE BC BD BE CD CE

I actually experimented with the numbers for under 5 minutes, and got it. I'm not going to give you the answer but I will give you a hint that can help you get to the answer quicker. You are going to add all of the numbers, except 2 which you will multiply. Good luck.

What do you need help with?

Just add 12 hours and get 2100 for the p.m. equivalent.

Spanish 1
You use ellos (them). You use ellas if you were talking about all females. If you are talking about all males or males AND females, you ues ellos. Usted (Ud.) is used as you, formal. Ustedes (Uds.) is used for when you're talking to a group of people and want to be formal...

3rd grade

3rd grade
It's value is 40.

I think it's 120.

width is 8, length is 10

-2x(4x^2-2x+1) You can use quadratic formula to factor the inside.

20(w^2+5w+2) Quadratic formula again..

leadership,management and ethics
No one is going to make the presentation for you. Is there anything specific you need help with?


Use she instead of her.

The sedative Demerol hydrochloride has the formula C15H22ClNO2. How many grams are in 0.020 mol of Demerol hydrochloride? I got 6.640g is this right?

Calculate the number of grams in 1.86 moles of K. I got 72.54g is this right?

This question makes no sense.

(1/2)/(5/8), change to percent. I think this is how you do it, hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong. Just a heads up that I'm not 100% positive on this one.


Correct. Good job!

2. I would say I spoke with him yesterday is more formal.

3/5+4/5=7/5=1 2/5 x/3-y/3=x-y/3 7/a+2/a=9/a

4th grade
I think that's too hard for him considering he's in fourth grade... Ok, so you have three digits ___ ___ ___ They must add up to 5.. Since you know the tens digit is three times the ones digit and all of your digits must be low to add up to 5, the tens digit must be a ...

x-6=10 Add 6 to both sides. x=16

Multiples of 6 that are 2 digits: 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66, 72, 78, 84, 90, 96..Now which one has it's tens digit as half of it's ones digit?

Math 2nd grade

What do you need help with? Please post a specific question.

4.297*80=343.76 In standard notation, the decimal goes after the first digit and then you count how many places you moved the decimal and that's the exponent.. 3.4376 x 10^2

Everything looks good. The only thing I would change, if anything, is instead of "word cards", I'd just put "cards" because then you explain the cards.

after 12y+36=36+12y.. the sides are both the same so y can equal anything


4(x-2)=7(1+2x) 4x-8=7+14x Subtract 4x from both sides. -8=7+10x Subtract 7 from both sides. -15=10x Divide both sides by 10. -15/10=x Now reduce.

Hi I have some graph problems I need help on. Sketch a graph of velocity vs. time. A cart is moving to the right on a horizontal surface while a constant net force of 3 newtons acts on it to the left. the force acting on the cart stops after a short period of time. At this ...

ok so that means numbers 1 and 2 would be impossible, and I got for 4 that it could be possible if the object is getting heavier to pull. But for 3 I'm not sure. Thanks

Hi I need help to figure out if these situations are possible or impossible thank you. constant velocity, non-zero net force constant speed, non-zero net force velocity to the left, net force to the right decreasing velocity, increasing magnitude of net force

5th grade
Didn't I solve one similar to this earlier for you? Try this one. If you maximum is 18, you know your minimum has to be 18-13=___. Then put the median in the middle. Make sure you have more 7's than any other number. Then fill in random numbers.

331+193 This depends on whether you're rounding to the nearest 10 or 100. If rounding to the nearest 10, 331 rounds to 330 and 193 rounds to 190, so then you'd do 330+190. If rounding to the nearest 100, 330 rounds to 300 and 190 rounds to 200, so then you'd do 300...

I have this problem about drawing graphs. For the following 6 situations, sketch a graph of velocity vs. time. A cart is moving to the right on a horizontal surface while a constant net force of 3 newtons acts on it to the left> The force acting on the cart stops after a ...

if a piece of copper has a mass of 20g and a volume of 10mL giving a density of 2g/mL, what happens to the density when the piece of copper is cut in half?

math 8th grade
-r-10r=-11r (because -1-10=-11) n-4-9=n-13 (-4-9=-13) -4+7(1-3m)=-4+7-21m=3-21m

8th grade
The square would have to have each side 2y.

5th grade math
2 2 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 6 7 8 First fill in the max. You know it has to be 8. The range of 6 tells you the min has to be 2 (8-6=2). You can then fill that in. The median has to be 5 so 2 5's in the middle spot will ensure that it's 5. The mode has to be 6, so we need at ...

Math 2nd grade
A number cannot have greater than 7 tens and less than 8 tens. There is no number between 7 and 8.

Intermediate Algebra (Math)
You are good up until here.. -1.50x + 400 = 370 (this is correct) Then when you subtract 400 from both sides you get -1.50x=-30 Divide both sides by -1.5 x=20 lbs of pistachios, and 30 lbs of almonds

Intermediate Algebra(Math)
Your first row should be: 6.5x + 8(50-x) = 7.4(50)

math 5th grade
17a^2=2209 Divide 2209 by 17. Then take the square root of that number.


2, 6, 6, 10

The 7th square number is 49, so it has to be bigger than that.

It's bigger than 49, and it must be a multiple of 10 (since it doesn't end in a 5) your choices are 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, etc..Now check your other conditions and find your number.

10+5y=77 Subtract 10 from both sides. 5y=67 Divide both sides by 5. y=67/5

Algebra-please check
Correct. You could actually check these problems yourself by plugging in your answers.

There should be more information..if not, what are the directions?

Boil it?

There's 100 cents in a dollar, there's 100 ______ in a meter.


Yes, they are correct.

8+n=1 Subtract 8 from both sides. n=-7


2x^2-3x-20=0 Use the quadratic formula.

math.7th gradee.
Parenthesis means to do that operation first. The order of parenthesis changes the problem. Did you learn order of operations? PEMDAS. Look at the difference between these problems. (4+3)*2=7*2=14 4+(3*2)=4+6=10

False. The 3 is multiplied by 2 to get 6, and the 4 is multiplied by 3 to get 12. In order for the statement to be true, they would both have to be multiplied by the same number. 3/4=6/8=9/12

3rd grade
You need to add 2 digits plus 2 digits of the lowest numbers. 12 + 34 = ?

4 x 6 = 24, Laura. Sorry Lola, I can't figure it out either.

9m+2m-8=5(m-2) 11m-8=5m-10 Subtract 5m from both sides. 6m-8=-10 Add 8 to both sides. 6m=-2 Divide both sides by 6 and reduce. m=-1/3

8th grade
Did you mean 3m=8? Divide both sides by 3 and get m=8/3.

All you did was move around the paranthesis, so that's the associative property.

x+2y=10 3x+2y=18 Multiply the first equation by -1 to cancel the y's: -x-2y=-10 3x+2y=18 Now add the rows 2x=8 x=? Now plug that back into either original equation to solve for y.

(16+____) +(14-7)=18+22 16+____+7=40 23+____=40 ____=?

math question.


What elements? You forgot to list them.

5th grade
Round: 200/5=?

Divide both sides by 4 to get x<-4

32 tens and 8 you think of one

No, it's not right. What are you trying to say?



I think they are both poorly written, but the second one is slightly better. The first one sounds as if an elementary school student wrote it.

9.85 x 10^3

algabra 2
x+x-2+x+4=38 3x+2=38 3x=36 x=12 12, 10, 16

philosophy of religion
Explain thoroughly and elaborately what Martin Buber means by real atheism as the eclipse of God. - any help will do. i'm desperate. i'm having a hard time understanding this subject. you can just tell me what atheism is according to buber even not thoroughly and ...


5/2v-4=7/2v Subtract 5/2v from both sides. -4=v

Organic Chemistry
separation and purification scheme how would i begin this? we have a mixture of the following:50% benzoic acid, 40% benzoin, 10% dibromobenzene they give us 1M NaOH, 6M NaOH, 1M HCl, 6M HCl, 1M NaHCO3, saturated sodium chloride, diethyl ether, 95% ethanol, methanol, isopropyl ...

EARTH science

7th grade
5x-10=2x-7 Add 10 to both sides. 5x=2x+3 Subtract 2x from both sides. 3x=3 Divide both sides by 3. x=1 This way is the more common method although Emily did get the correct answer.

13, 14 are wrong..I'm not going to check anymore..If you need help (step by step) on one or two problems, please re-post. It seems that you are just guessing.

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