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What is the prepositional phrase in The man sat on top of the historic rock. Underline on top and of the historic rock

Q. Sammy loves miniature golf. Last year he played 572 games of miniature golf. Assuming that Sammy played the same number of games each week, how many games per week did Sammy play last year? Hint: there's 52 weeks in a year! A. Do I divide 572 by 52?

English help
D is the correct answer

find the area of y=x sqrt(x^2+16), bound by the x-axis and the vertical line x=3 I got 22.5 is that correct?

Math Ms. Sue is a fraud and does not help you
Food Express is running a special promotion in which customers can win a free gallon of

is this sentence considered a metaphor sentence "I think I should indicate why i am her in Brimingham, since you have been influenced by the vie which argues against "outsideres coming in."

EArth Science to DAmON
thanks:-) i know you can answer it..

EArth Science to DAMONpl
If sea level has risen by 20 cm over the past century on the coast of North America,by how much do you think it has risen over the past century on the coast of India?Explain.

A solution of K2CrO4 was titrated with AgNO3, using a silver indicator electrode (E=0.799V) and a S.C.E. electrode (E=0.241V). The product, Ag2CrO4, has a Ksp = 1.1x10^-12. What is the potential at the equivalence point?

Daniel drove a jet ski 60 mph for 2 hours. He made the same trip the next day with a current and it took him 1 hours. How many miles an hour was he going on the second day?

the number of mosquitoes that brown bats can eat in an hour has a mean of 600 and a standard deviation of 200. a study observed a random sample of 80 little brown bats. hat is the minimum no. of mosquitoes that the upper 25% of little brown bats eat in an hour? Please.. I need...

y = 6 3/7

2nd grade
ihave few onethan ten my value ten20 what two number can be

word unscramble in french
une sluboe

type a word problem in then. maybe i can help?

search stem and leaf in google and you might find a site that will help you.

What is the molar mass of anhydrous salt in CuSo4 5H2O

help!I am stuck: 2x/4 + 4 = 10x/4 + 10 add -4 to each side. 2x/4=10x/4+6 multpily each side by 4 2x=10x + 24 subtract 10 x from each side. -8x=24 divide each side by -8

A survey has found that 3/4 of the people in a city own pets. Of those who own pets, 2/3 have cats. What fraction of thsoe surveyed own cats? You need to find 2/3 of 3/4. Since of means multiply, you need to multiply 2/3 times 3/4. What answer do you get? i got 72/144 which i ...