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To subtract 91 from 99 do you need to regroup?explain

Why is it 2?

The scale is 1 in= 4 in. 1:4= .25 or 25% So 12/48= .25 or 25% 24/120= .2 or 20% The ratio does not match the height ratio.

i thought you just do length times width times height.

chem 221 #3
during the preparation of synthetic banana oil lab. Calculate the amount of isopentyl acetate that should be present in the reaction mixture at equilibrium based on 300 mmol of acetic acid and 150 mmol of isopentyl alcohol as starting quantities. Use equilibrium constant of 4....

chem 221 #2
during the lab preparation of synthetic banana oil

chem 221 #2
Describe and explain how each of the following experimental errors or variations might affect your results. (a) You forgot to add sulfuric acid b. You left out the sodium bicarbonate washing step c. Your thermometer bulb was 1 cm higher than it should have been

Chem 221
I know during the preparation of synthetic banana oil the gas that was released was CO2, but what are the balanced equations for two reactions that took place during the operation?

5th grade math
I am work a problem change .7 to hundreds. I think the answer is .07. Am I right and how can I check my answer

Math(Misleading Graphs)
I need help with this math. I'm not sure how to do it. It's to confusing!!