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At what time do the hands of a clock form an acute angle

English (Check)
Okay, thank you so much!

English (Check)
Choose the sentence that contains no error in writing a title. Yes, we're performing in a one-act play called Nathan's Home. Do you think you could set Simon's poem, Wolf Moon, to music? And now, Teresa will play her new song, "Silvernight." <----- ...

English (Checking please)
What is the effect of the speaker’s many exclamation points and imperative statements in “Beat! Beat! Drums!”? They create a gentle tone. They create a hesitant tone. They create a light-hearted tone. They create an insistent tone. <----- The images in the ...

push factors for Acadians, africans, islenos, the irish, and the germans. And a pull factor for each group to come to Louisiana

A solution of household bleach contains 5.25% sodium hypochlorite, NaOCl, by mass. Assuming that the density of bleach is the same as water, calculate the volume of household bleach that should be diluted with water to make 500.0 mL of a pH = 10.10 solution.

A race car has a mass of 705 kg. It starts from rest and travels 39.0 m in 3.0 s. The car is uniformly accelerated during the entire time. What net force is exerted on it?

math 7th grade
8^2 divid 16x2-5

What is 3y to the 4th power divided by 6y to the negative 4 power

find t he fractional part of each number 2/3 of 9 and 1/6 of 12

How do you do fractional parts of a number?

the sum of two fractions is 7/12. therre difference is 1/12. they have the same denominators. what are the two fractions?

just write one

Imagine that the gasoline that you are burning in your car this week was refined from petroleum that was produced from jurassic-age rocks in Arkansas. What is the primary source of energy that has been reclaimed to power your car? Explain. Hint: What is the "heat engine&...

how did you get the first three answers?

A garment company makes two types of woolen sweaters and can produce a max of 700 sweaters per week. Each sweater of the first type requires 2 pounds of green wool and 4 pounds of pink wool to produce a single sweater. The second type of sweater requires 4 pounds of green wool...

benzoic acid: covalent magnesium chloride: ionic petrolatum: covalent potassium iodide: ionic sodium sulfate: ionic sucrose: covalent

Why do atoms combine to form compounds? Because it would create stablity. Thank you

What are the levels of organization in a living system? LEVEL 1 - Cells Are the basic unit of structure and function in living things. May serve a specific function within the organism Examples- blood cells, nerve cells, bone cells, etc. LEVEL 2 - Tissues Made up of cells that...

A rotating door is made from four rectangular glass panes, as shown in the drawing. The mass of each pane is 95 kg. A person pushes on the outer edge of one pane with a force of F = 80 N that is directed perpendicular to the pane. Determine the magnitude of the door's ...

I am confuzzled with my health hw. It is only yr8 and i cant do it! its only 7 paragraphs and i shall explain it. Paragraph1. Question. Define anger, agression and give examples of both. Describe my own anger and what happens mentally and emotionally. I know what to do and ...

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