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Which of the following was an important consequence of these events? * 1 point Most Southern slave-owners peacefully freed their slaves. Most African Americans moved to the North. Americans became involved in a Civil War. New slaves were transported from Africa to the United ...

How a comet changes when when it comes close to the sun? It explodes***

he coordinates of point A are (3, 4). The coordinates of point B are (4, 1). If point M is the midpoint of segment AB, what is true about AM and MB?

Find the side length of a square that has an area of 36 square yards.

Thank you!

Spanish 2
Conjugate Past Tense Resulta que todo el mundo _____ que mi novio me estaba enganando porque el ____ con otra chica y los dos estaban bailando juntos y besandose toda la noche. Choices: decir, tener, querer, poner, saber, poder, and venir I tried different choices, but I feel ...

What is greater than 30 and less than 50 and has a 6 digits

Electrophillic addition of HCl to 2-methyl-2-propene?

Phoenix of Arizona
If 80% of the applicants are able to pass a driver's proficiency road test, find the mean, variance, and standard deviation of the number of people who pass the test in a sample of 300 applicants.

Jhonatan ate 9/12 of a hotdog, he saved 4/9 of it for his little sister. How much of the hot dog did his little sister eat?

1. A chocolate bar is made up of 12 equal pieces.Tom ate 3/4 of a chocolate bar. Sarah ate 2/3 of the same kind of chocolate bar. Tom said he ate more chocolate than Sarah. Is he correct?

how will the side lengths,angle measure,and perimeter of the image compare to those of the original?


5th grade Math
i need to know three ways to show that 7/8 is greater than 5/6.

Letter Addition I am given xyz+ab=cdef and xyz-ab=bga How do I solve this?

8.4 times 10 - 6

How do Isolve this, 10q-25q to the 2nd power

A stadium has two sections Tickets for section A cost $a each Tickets for Section B cost $b each Johanna paid $105 for 5 section A tickets and 3 section B tickets. Raiyah Paid $63 for 4 section A tickets and 1 section B ticket Write 2 equations in a and b to represent the info...

Two fifths of the students in a class of 1200 own pc,s, how many students do not own pc's. 2/5 x 1200=480 1200-480=720 is this correct? 30% of the students who own pc's also own play stations, what fraction of the students in the school own play station? How do i work ...

Ok Sue i have a it now and i made a note of it so it can help me with others in the future, thanks alot.

math (sue)
can you do one for me as an example pls sue and i can take it from there

Math (ratio)
A total of 1200 students attend a top view high school The ratio of teachers to students is 1:30. How may teachers are there at the school? Dont want the ans just the working

global history
why did austria declare war on serbia?

If the velocity of circulation is constant, real GDP is growing at 3 percent a year, the real interest rate is 2 percent a year, and the nominal interest rate is 7 percent a year. a)What is the inflation rate? b)What is the growth rate of money? c)What is the growth rate of ...

The Fed conducts an open market purchase of securities. Explain the effects of this action in the short run and the long run on: a)The quantity of money b)The quantity of money demanded c)The nominal interest rate d)The real interest rate e)Real GDP f)The price level Take a ...

The Fed conducts an open market purchase of securities. Explain the effects of this action in the short run and the long run on: a)