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Where does an object weight most?

the diagonal of a rectangular plot is 250m long. If the length of a side is 125m, find the angle of the diagonal makes with this side

Two simple of sizes 8&10 are drawn from two normally distributed population having variance 20 and 36 respectively. Find the probality that the variance of the first sample is more than twice the variance of the second sample

whay are the effective study techniques

1. Question : In a Presidential election, the candidate must Student Answer: win both the popular and electoral vote. win the Supreme Court vote. CORRECT win a minimum of 270 electoral votes. win majorities in ¾ of the states. Instructor Explanation: The answer can be ...

(x-alpha) (x-beta)(x-gama) = x^3 - 12 x^2 + 44x+c. So x^3 - x^2 (alpha+beta+gama)+ a(alphabeta+betagamma+gamma alpha)=alpha beta gama = x^3 - 12 x^2+44x+c, then alpha+beta+gama = -12.

principal=Rs.3,750,rate of interest=8%p.a,time=2years

Use the sqaure root property to solve the equation. 7x^2-4=0

just distribute, then combine like terms: if it helps break it down: 4(7x),4(-1)=3(2x),3(1)=-4(x),-4(6) so then you have: 28x-4=6x+3-4x-24, then just combine like terms, you goal is to isolate the variable

7(x-2)+3(x+2)=5(x-6) 7x-14+3x+6=5x-30 -distribute 10x-14+6=5x-30 -combine like terms 10x-8=5x-30 -get x's on 1 side 5x-8=-30 5x=-22 -isolate the x x=-22/5

Algebra (I think)
40(x)+13(1.5x)=833 =40x+20x=833 =60x=833 x needs to be isolated, so divide 60 from 833 x=833/60 x=14 hourly rate =$14.00 overtime rate=1.5(14)=$21.00

You just use the equation vf=vi+at. Your initial velocity would be zero since it's starting from rest, your acceleration in this case would be 4.8 m/s^2, and your time would be 2.3 seconds. Your answer will be 11.04 m/s.

Chemistry- college
A: you can either look at the properties table or use -74.9kJ/mol= x + 92.3 kJ/mol and solve for x which is -167.16...... juse the equation deltaH= Sum deltaH of products - sum deltaH of reactants idk how to do B yet

if the mass of protons are halved and that of neutrons doubled to that of the actual values, what percentage change would have been found in the atomic mass of chromium whose actual atomic mass is 52.

use the equation M1V1 = M2V2

math function rule input/output
need help doing my homework

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