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Three Children – A couple are planning to have 3 children. What is the sample space for three children? (What are all the possible outcomes for three children? Assume that boys and girls are equally likely, so that the sample events are equally likely.

life is fun

What amount must be remitted if the following invoices, all with terms 4/10, 2/30, n/60, are paid on May 10? $850 less 20%, 10% dated March 21 $960 less 30%, 16 2/3% dated April 10 $1040 less 33 1/3%, 25%, 5% dated April 30

Algebra 2
Did I answer these correctly? 1.f(x) = 2x + 3 g(x)= 2x^2 + 2x Find f(g(x) ) 2(2x^2+2x)+3 =4x(x+1)+3 = 4x^2+4x+3 2. f(x) = 5x + 3 g(x) = 2x^2-2x + 2 Find (fg(x) ) (5x+3)(2x^2-2x+2) 2(5x+3)(x^2-x+1) 10x^3-4x^2+4x+6 3.f(x)=3x g(x)= -2x^2 -2x Find (f - g)(x) 3x-(-2x^2-2x) =3x+2x^2...

Multiply and simplify I've read the book a million times and still feel confused as to how to do everything a^3+a^2b+a+b/9a^3+9a * 16a^2/8a^2-8b^2

Physical Science

find three consecutive odd integers such that the sum of the first and the second is 201 less the square of the third

Find the first arithmetic mean between 100 and 135 given the following sequence: ..., 100, ___, ___, ___, ___, 135, ... A. 107 B. 114 C. 121 D. 128


A spherical ball is being filled with air. When the radius r=9cm, the radius is increasing at a rate 4 cm/s. How fast is the volume changing at this time (leave your answer approximate)?

Idont no I need help

social studies
In what sense is violence seen as a cultural and social phenomena?

thanks a lot! that was my homework and i don't know why it has that i was confused too.

Carla spends 6/4 hours exercising everyday for 12 days.She spends 1/2 of her exercise time everyday lifting weights.How much time does Carla spend lifting weights during the 12 days? I think the answer is this: 6/4hrs.=360min. The answer is 90 hours or 540 minutes 360\4=90 90\...

There are 10 packets of ham. Of the packets, 2/5 are turkey ham. Each packet of turkey ham weighs 1/3 pound. What is the total weight of the turkey ham?

distilled water because all the germs have been eradicated out of the water.

Isn't it foresight.

i need a website for verb or verb phrase,and also for principal part of the verb This page has everything you need to know about verbs.

In each group,choose the sentence that has correctly drawn a line between the complete subject and complete predicate for each of the following sentences. The boy lost his lunch money. is there a website to help with this? Just about any sentence diagramming website (such as ...

unscrabble saocitnenrov fiubyeta jax, joe, jill, max, kayla, john, or whoever -- Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Our tutors try to give you the information to help you complete your assignment on your own. Try these:

psych and amnesia
I need a way to present info on amnesia that is funny, and that will really interest my pears and my teacher. Any ideas? Your "pears"? I am not certain there is much humor in this condition, I would avoid making fun of the condition. It is devastating to those who ...

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