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A man drop a stone of mass 2kg room the top of a building of height 15m when it reaches the ground find its kinetic energy.

A child pushes a wagon with a passenger of total mass 42 kg along a horizontal surface as fast as the child can run, and then releases the wagon, which continues for another 16 m before stopping. The coefficient of kinetic friction acting to slow the wagon is 0.18. What was ...

The path of water from a hose on a fire tugboat can be approximated by the equation y = −0.0055x2 + 1.2x + 10, where y is the height, in feet, of the water above the ocean when the water is x feet from the tugboat. When the water from the hose is 3 feet above the ocean, ...

A rectangular piece of sheet metal is 4 ft longer than it is wide. (See the illustration.) The area of the piece of sheet metal is 96 ft2. Find its length and width


A model rocket is launched with an initial velocity of 250 ft per second. The height h, in feet, of the rocket t seconds after the launch is given by h = −16t2 + 250t. How many seconds after the launch will the rocket be 500 ft above the ground? Round to the nearest ...

a wire of resistance 5omega is bent in the form of a closed circle . what is the effective resistance between the two points at ends of any diameter of the circle?

A rikhshaw covered 2 km/hr and return back at a speed of 11 km/hr find the average speed of the rickshaw

Math, Calculus
A right circular cone has a constant slant height of 12 feet. Find the radius of the base for which the cone has maximum value

In an A.P.the third term is 4 times the first term and the 6th term is 17. Find the series

how friction help in opposing a football

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