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how to simplify: {cos(x)/sin(x)} / (sin^2 (x))

1-cos^2 (x) = sin^2 (x) is this correct?

8th Grade Algebra
I am having problems understanding how to solve problems like the following: a2 + b2 = c2 Please help me where I can understand solving problems such as the one above.

Min wants to enlarge a 4-in. x 6-in. photo so theat the longer side will be 14 in. How long will the shorter side be?

Well im not really sure but i think it would be less expensive for the second space

Social Studies
ok i will try that. Thank you.

Social Studies
i know, but i can't seem to find information on it

Social Studies
Where can i find information for key military development in the middle east for 600-1450c.e

socil studies
why was the declaration of independence written and who wrote it?

thanks :]

I need an attention grabber for my essay about comparing 2 genres of media, a TV news show and a gossip website. Can anyone help me with an attention grabber, I've basically written the whole essay already I just need a really good attention grabber... Any Help?

10th grade Geometry
Use your new 30– 60– 90 and 45– 45– 90 triangle patterns to quickly find the lengths of the missing sides in each of the triangles shown.

thank you i figured it out.

how to find the amplitude and phase shift of : y= 3 + cos(5x+ pi/2)

nevermind i figured it out.

what is the period for: $ y= 7/ (cos (1/5)x)

You're likely to encounter formal service in all of the following settings except which one? A. A gourmet restaurant B. A wedding C. A church outing D. A dinner party


okay thank you.

so if the numerator is one degree higher than how would you find the oblique asymptote? such as q(x) = (x^2 + x - 9)/(2 x - 4)

how do you find the oblique asymptote? ex. q(x) = x^5/ (x^3 - 125)

Use the given function to answer the following questions. g(x) = (5 x^2) / (x + 1) Without graphing, find the oblique asymptote. If there is no oblique asymptote, enter NONE.

I now if jasmine has 100 bug's she was to bug's how many bug's are ther.

What information should be in a bubble chart in order to write an essay about an adventure?

thanks for the help

Where can i find information on Confucianism?

Poem: Young by Anne Sexton
What is the structure and language of the poem, Young?

y=x-5 4x+y=-12

4th grade spelling
think the second one

RE- religious education
I just wanted say a big thankyou to everyone who was kind enough to help me. you guys are life savers ! happy new year every one

religious education - again
im sorry to ask again for help but i am still struggling with my re poster. are there any sites i can go on that shows me any examples. i just don`t know what to put on the poster. should i put buildings or animals. its got to be palestine in jesus` life so does that mean to ...

art - again!
sorry ive used that bit but am struggling what else to write after this im not very good at this type of work. thanks for your help again

religious education
i need to design and create a tourist poster for palestines in jesus`s time. im having problems with it because i have googled it and it shows a poster with a black tree on the left hand side and buildings in the middle of the poster. im a bit confused i don't know if to ...

how can I write a sentences with prepersitional phrases?

Honors World History
Finals are coming! Can someone tell and explain to me what the 6 characteristics of civilization are?

Old testment
My Teacher is ask Question About The Old testment. She wont me to write a 750 -1000 word eassy and I don't know were to stared

9th grade
Please answer the following questions in brief paragraph form. Use complete sentences with proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Place your answers in the box below and then click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. 1. What are instances in your own experience ...

This site is dumb, all all don't even ANSWER questions. You just state short responses. How pathetic.

1. Name a Protist that has both plant and animal characteristics. 2. What compound is usually identified by the use of iodine? 3. What important gas is released during photosynthesis? 4. Contrast photosynthesis and respiration. 5. Is movement characteristic of plant or animal ...

4th grade
a special set of rules, called the...blank..., can be used to solve expressions with more than one operation

A special set of rules, called the ------------blank, can be used to solve expressions with more than one operation.

thnks those are great websites!:)

two reasons why it is useful to understand population distribution and density patterns.

7th grade

Population Density - Geo
i know this but how would i do it for the whole world? sperate for every single country?? number of people number (line) = (line) = ppl land area number per km2

Population Density - Geo
how would i do it in population density though??

Population Density - Geo
ive only been waiting 25 mins and other ppl r getting help like 5 mins later

Population Density - Geo
predict the number of people that may live on planet earth in 100 years. how would i figure this out??


predict the next two numder in this sequence: 1,4,16,64_,_

Would a field represented by a contour map change over time

18x-42=15x-18 -15x -15x 3x-42=-18 +42 +42 3x=24 x=8 Now, you plug the 8 to the equation. 18x-42=15x-18 18(8)-42=15(8)-18 144-42=120-18 102=102 Final Answer:Jack and Jessica both earned $102.

83 and 78

Covert 125 centimeters to yards.

predict the next two numders in this sedquence: 1,4,16,64_,_

4th grade
I need to learn how to divide.

dont need help i finished it already thanx anywaiizz....especially to ms sue thank you! xD

*has chininse music influenced western music?and why? *Have any of china's traditional instruments been “westenised”?which ones? *Is there a particular piece of music that is used for special ceremonies or events in china?

College Physics!!!
If instead, the swimmer makes 25.5 laps in the same pool in 1.5 h, determine the total distance the swimmer traveled, the swimmer's total displacement, the swimmer's average velocity, and the swimmer's average speed.


does the china's wealth had an impact on the kind of instruments that are traditionally used?

Make a interrogative sentence for plentifull

I have to make this density graph on a standard sheet of graph paper of this area outside. Each side of the area is a meter (in real life). What would be an good scale to use for my graph on graph paper?

what does a practical nurse do

when was Vasco da Gama born i already year but i need the month and date

hi i was wondering if

Heck i don't no that is why i came to this site for help DUH?!?!?

Which of the following statements about UV radiation is/are FALSE? (Select all that apply). ? a. UV B radiation covers a longer wavelength spectrum than UV A radiation. b. UV B radiation has sufficient energy to break any covalent bond. c. UV B radiation covers a frequency ...

language art
analogy New York Mets: Baseball::_______:_________ I'm stuck Please help. Thanks!

is it like first we take out the mean of the 5 nos...then ....i don't know i didn't understand what does 92 represent?

the exact average of a set of six test scores is 92. five of these scores are 90 98 96 94 85. what is the other score?

Thanks a lot lily.....u really helped me out..thanks......

My question is: On the six tests in her social studies course, Jerelyn's score were 92, 78, 86, 92, 95, and 91. Determine the median and the mode of her scores. If Jerelyn took a seventh test and raised the mean of her scores exactly 1 point, what was her score on the ...

On the six tests in her social studies course, Jerelyn's score were 92, 78, 86, 92, 95, and 91. Determine the median and the mode of her scores. If Jerelyn took a seventh test and raised the mean of her scores exactly 1 point, what was her score on the seventh test...

Weekly mileage totals 24 runners 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 Max- 55 Min -15 Q1 -20 Q2- 35 Q3- 40 1 What percent of runners run less than 40 miles a week? 2 How many runners run less than 20 miles a week

1 what is the most important issue or problem facing our word today? 2 what is the most important or problem facing our country today? 3 how should the next president address these issues? what action should he take?

What do i write about myself then? can u suggest anything or give any sort of example..... plz. its urgent

I have been asked to do a project, in which i have to discribe myself with out writing my name. can anyone help me what i should do?

4th grade
What are the communtative property of addition?

what are the themes in Gary Crew's Strange Objects?

you need to write one of these to calculate things on spreadsheets? 7 letters

us history
what did the square deal call for/

you have to be a smarty pants (nerd) to know

Algebra II
What is the phase shift of y = –csc(3x − ð)?

social studies
what does Georgia's land do as you move from the seacoast to the norhwest corner of the state

equations and inequalities

A bank has loaned out $750,000, part of it at 5% per annum and the rest of it at 8% per annum. If the bank receives $52,500 in interest each year, how much was loaned at 5%?

Business Ethics
I just want to know where to find the info on the FCPA concerning Lima, Peru businesses. I have looked all day under everything under the sun and everything above the sun with no results. If it doesn't apply to Lima I would like to see it in print somewhere. Does anyone ...

french 1
quourpio spa?

a company purchases a used machine for $178,000 cash on January 2nd and readies it for use the next day at $2,840 cost. On January 3rd, it is installed on a required operating platform costing $1,160, and is further readied for operations. The company predicts the machine will...

social health
what do social health mean.

what is a constant and control in a experiment

Geometry.HELP! i have finals tomorow!
how do you find the slope when given an equation? like y=blahbalah

then how do you find the slope when only given (x,y) (x,y)

did i do this correctly? Instructions: For the following reactions, identify the precipitate and write its balancet net ionic equation: H2SO4+BaCl2->HCl+BaSO4 answer: 2SO4+Ba->Ba(SO4)2

your cellular phone plan costs $11 per month plus $.12 per minute of phone want to pay no more then $20 per month.What are the most number of minutes (m) that you can allow for phone calls each month?

Social Studes
What events led to the founding of New York and New Jersey?

4 apples left

What event has occurred prior to chapter 1 that has led to Hester's imprisonment?

college essay
Write about your academic interests and the personal or academic experiences that have led to or nurtured those interests. What did you enjoy learning about in high school either through your classes, extra curricular, leisure activities or your involvements in the community? ...

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