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4th grade
What are the communtative property of addition?

what are the themes in Gary Crew's Strange Objects?

you need to write one of these to calculate things on spreadsheets? 7 letters

us history
what did the square deal call for/

you have to be a smarty pants (nerd) to know

Algebra II
What is the phase shift of y = –csc(3x − ð)?

social studies
what does Georgia's land do as you move from the seacoast to the norhwest corner of the state

equations and inequalities

A bank has loaned out $750,000, part of it at 5% per annum and the rest of it at 8% per annum. If the bank receives $52,500 in interest each year, how much was loaned at 5%?

Business Ethics
I just want to know where to find the info on the FCPA concerning Lima, Peru businesses. I have looked all day under everything under the sun and everything above the sun with no results. If it doesn't apply to Lima I would like to see it in print somewhere. Does anyone ...

french 1
quourpio spa?

a company purchases a used machine for $178,000 cash on January 2nd and readies it for use the next day at $2,840 cost. On January 3rd, it is installed on a required operating platform costing $1,160, and is further readied for operations. The company predicts the machine will...

social health
what do social health mean.

what is a constant and control in a experiment

Geometry.HELP! i have finals tomorow!
how do you find the slope when given an equation? like y=blahbalah

then how do you find the slope when only given (x,y) (x,y)

did i do this correctly? Instructions: For the following reactions, identify the precipitate and write its balancet net ionic equation: H2SO4+BaCl2->HCl+BaSO4 answer: 2SO4+Ba->Ba(SO4)2

your cellular phone plan costs $11 per month plus $.12 per minute of phone want to pay no more then $20 per month.What are the most number of minutes (m) that you can allow for phone calls each month?

Social Studes
What events led to the founding of New York and New Jersey?

4 apples left

What event has occurred prior to chapter 1 that has led to Hester's imprisonment?

college essay
Write about your academic interests and the personal or academic experiences that have led to or nurtured those interests. What did you enjoy learning about in high school either through your classes, extra curricular, leisure activities or your involvements in the community? ...

college essay
Describe a time where you have acheieved a phenomenal accomplishment? Answer: Five months ago I became a State Officer for Future Business Leader of America, also known as FBLA. Since my freshmen year, I knew that I wanted to become a state officer for Pennsylvania. I was ...

college essay
Which of the following would you prefer and why. The opportunity to take a wide range of courses across a range of disciplines including the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, or the opportunity to focus on courses in one discipline that deeply interests you? Answer: I...

i'm having trouble with converting fractions to decimals, and determing leaqst to greatest and vice versa. I have a problem that ask to order ther fractions and decimals from greatest to least: 0.75, 7/10, 1/7 ?

ratio and propation
2n-1 over 18 equal 15 over 25

social science
describe the role of water in biosphere?

Social Studies
Who are the most historical figures of the Bahamas and why?


Joel has $20. He needs a calculator that costs $12 and some notebooks that cost $2 each. Part A: Write an inequality that can be used to find the number of notebooks,n, that Joel can afford to buy. 12+2n ≤ 20 ***PART B: What is the graetest possible value of n? Show your...

Joel has $20. He needs a calculator that costs $12 and some notebooks that cost $2 each. Part A: Write an inequality that can be used to find the number of notebooks,n, that Joel can afford to buy. 12+2n ≤ 20 PART B: What is the graetest possible value of n? Show your ...


Joel has $20. he needs a calculator that costs $12 and some notebooks that cost $2 each. Write an inequality that can be used to find the number of notebooks, n, that Joel can afford to buy.

Math repost for Jasmine
this helped me lmao


find the probability that of 25 randomly selected people, atleast two share the same birthday

the roller coaster has two seats in each of 12 rows. Riders are assigned to seats in the order they arrive. if you ride this roller coaster once, what is the probablilty of getting coveted first row? How many times must you ride in order to have atleast a 95% chance of getting...

social studies
where was the first major battle of the civil war

8x4-3= 8 x 4 is....? Then subtract 3. You should use parentheses to clarify whether you mean 8x(4-3) or (8x4)-3. They are not the same. If you were keying in the numbers and operations on a calculator, the multiplication would occur first, but writing it the way you have done ...

If a circle has 81 square centimeters and a circumference of 16 centimeters then what is the radius?

y = -6 when x = -2 y varie directly with x. what equation relates x and y? x/y = -2/-6

2,375 is monthly mtge. What is my monthly take home pay if 30% is used to pay mortgage? 30% of take-home pay is $2,375 so 30% represents $2375 so divide 2375 by .3 to get your take home pay, which is $7916.67 check: 30% of 7916.67 = 7916.67*.3 = $2375 (nice take home pay, even...

how to become a us citizen
you have to have a green card

.They would have to trade different resources . .They would probably have to claim land that the Indians already have claimed.

what should you ask yourself when looking for an independent variable in an experiment? I would ask whether that variable can be manipulated or not. Here is more info on experimental variables that might be helpful. An independent variable is the potential stimulus or cause, ...

us history
the importance of literacy tests What is your question about this topic?

social studies
who authorized a group of french merchants to create colonies in north america You posted over twenty of these homework questions. What do you think are the answers?

social studies
What where the people in north africa like, what was their surroundings like Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "North Africa people" to get these possible sources: http://www....

can someone correct this for me plz.... Write the equation of the line L satisfying the given geometric conditions. (#1)L has y-intercept (0, -3) and is parallel to the line with equation y = (2)/(3)x + 1. My answer:

Algebra I
2x+8=4x+12 2x-8=4x-08 2x=4x+4 -4x -2x=4 ----- -2 x=-2

social studies
how did native americans adapt to their environment I will be happy to critique your thinking on this.

social studies
what kind of civilization did mesoamerica develop I will be happy to critique your thinking on this.

social studies
how did native americans adapt to their environments This question is FAR too broad. There were many, many groups of people (and therefore civilizations) that developed in what we now call North America. You'll need to decide on one or two groups to concentrate on or ...

social studies
what are the advances of early culture groups in north america This question is FAR too broad. There were many, many groups of people (and therefore civilizations) that developed in what we now call North America. You'll need to decide on one or two groups to concentrate ...

social studies
what kind of civilivation did north america develop This question is FAR too broad. There were many, many groups of people (and therefore civilizations) that developed in what we now call North America. You'll need to decide on one or two groups to concentrate on or narrow...

social studies
how did asians migrtate to america Scroll down to From Siberia to the Americas

social studies
explain how the agricultural revolution led to the establishment of perment settlements The first agricultural revolution, also called the Neolithic Revolution, occurred as long as 25,000 years ago. However, most people consider the agricultural revolution of about 7,000 to 9,...

math, algebra
can someone correct this for me. Problem: A student is nearing the end of a course, and has scored 700 points out of a possible 800 points so far. The student would like to get an A in the course. If there are 1,000 total points available by the end of the course, and the ...

For math we have to do a percent booklet. First we had to change 66% to a decimal which is 0.66. Then change it to a fraction. whish is 66/100. Then simplify it ( 33/50 ) Finally I need two drawings of examples of 66%. I have been trying to think of them for two days now. I&#...

Chemistry - solubility
Arrange compounds in order of increase lattric energy MgCl2.SrCl2. BaCl2.MgF2. Bal2

how would i find an equation of a line that goes through points(1,6) and (3,10)?? thanks A straight line is y=mx+b Substitute the points to make two equations. 6=m(1)+b 10=m(3)+b Two equations; two unknowns, m and b. Solve for m and b, then plug back into y = mx + b. That will...

unit rates
whats the unit rate of..... drive 1,800 mi in 30 h

algebra, math
can someone explain to me in written words what is the difference between the following two statements x+2 and 2x x+2 is adding 2 to x 2x is multiplying x by 2 what is 2(3*3) It is 2*3*3=18.

unscramble tofeiasrv

Please help with this one. I've worked it out in so many ways and can't tell what's correct. sinA sinA ----- - ------ 1+sinA 1-sinA Which answer is correct for the problem above? a) 1+cotA b) sinA tanA c) -2tan^2A d) secA cscA common denominator: 1-sin^2 A and that...

math, word problem
How do I write the equation for this problem in order to solve it.I can solve it as long as someone shows me how to get the equation. (1)Science. Solve the following application. Jose rode his trail bike for 10miles. Two-thirds of the distance was over a mountain trail. How ...

math, question
Is there anywher i can go for further explanations on how to solve for the following statements on how to solve them: Dividing writing each result in simplest form & adding & subtracting The second sentence makes no sense to me.

math , algebra
Let me know if this is correct : (1)Finding the lcm using which ever method for:5,15 , and 20 8:2x2x2x3x5x5 15:2x2x2x3x5x5 20:2x2x2x3x5x5 --------------- LCM:2x2x2x3x5x5 After simplification LCM:120 (2)Find the GCF for each of the following numbers: 36, 64, 180 Prime Factors ...

math factors
what r 6 multiples of 5

Legal Consequences of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
What is the liability of the seller if alcohol is sold to a minor? It depends on that happened? Did the minor kill someone, or die? It depends on the locality? Was this in France, or Mississippi? It depends on other things...the quantity sold, the age of the minor, .. Why aren...

legal Consequences of Alcohol and Drug A buse
What is the penalty if a minor is arrested and convicted of alchol abuse? The specific penalties for breaking the law are different in every state, and also vary according the the opinion of the specific judge assigned to the case, so there is no definite answer to your ...

physical science
calculate the molar mass ofthe substance. divide it by Avogadros number (6.02x10 to 23 power) .)Hydrogen2 2/(6.02 x 10^23) = ?? hun i don't get it the teacher said first H2x1.00 and then (6.02xio^23) but i still don't get it can you help? I assume you don't ...

the word is also

I need to start working on my class final i just started my class at WUO I have to do an autobiographical research paper on race in my community I just don't know where to start or how to start an autobiographical can someone give me ideas or help me with this. I want to ...

To ms. wrightacher (english)
THis is what you responded and my other question is that in the rule it states to use (sic) in the source do i have to put it.If so where would i put it. Inclusive Language-Quoting from Biased Sources. (1)The sentence is: The law from the 1800's mandated that men could buy...

I'm not sure about my answers . The directions state rewrite the following sentece, focusing on the grammar and rule are . If the sentence is already correct write no change. Can you help me correct them please. The grammar rule is for sentences 1 & 2: Inclusive Language-...

ethnicity and race
(1) What differentiates the act of grouping people from the act of stereotyping? (2)How can stereotyping effect group relations? Stereotypes assume that all members of the group have all of the defining traits rather than a plurality or majority have those characteristics. ...

subordinate groups
Directions: Identify and describe inf any of these creations and consequences situations the grip has faced: *Creation:Migration,annexation, or colonization *Consequences:Extermination,expulsion,secession,segregation,fusion,or assimilation The group I'm dealing with is ...


English writing rules
Directions:Correct the following sentence if needed given under the rule of:Inclusive-language-talking about perple with disabilities and diseases. (1) Her brother's friend is an AIDS victim. The problem is the word "victim." Can you rewrite the sentence without ...

English writting rule
Directions:Correcting the sentences given if needed under the rule of: Inclusive Language-Making language nonracist and nonagist.#1-5 (1)She is a very capable black woman (2)His grandmother really enjoys spending the afternoon at the center for senior citizens. (3)It's ...

english writing rules
Directions: Correct the following sentences given if needed under the rule of :Inclusive language-Making language non-sexist. (1) The directors and their wives met the stockholders for a night on the town. (2) Each advisor was contacted by his students. (3) The minister joined...

english writing rules
Direnctions : Correct the following sentence given if needed under the rule of:Inclusive-Language quoting orm biasd sources. The employee guide indicated that men could add their spouses to their health care plan. Substitute "employeees" for "men," since ...

english writing rules
Directions:correcting the sentence given if needed under the rule of: Inclusive language-quoting form biased sources. The law from the 1800s mandated that men could buy alcohol and cigarettes only form a state store. Your instructions are very strange. If you are quoting from ...

social studies
how did the new laws affect the lives of americans in the year following the civil war? the new laws affected the lives of the americans in many ways. for instance, ( um, what are the new laws? if i know i'll be able to answer the question. i'll be on tonight until 8:00)

need help
what are italic words in paragraphs???? In English, we use italics for the titles of books and movies (and anything else that would be underlined, not put in quotation marks). We also use italics for words from another language. For example, if you use a French phrase in your ...

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