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Also, write the polynomial and factor form.

Find all rational zeros of the polynomial. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) P(x) = x3 + 6x2 − 15x − 100


i must have plugged in a wrong number to give me 1.6

simplify and write scientific notion for the answer. Use the correct number of significant numbers. 1.9 * 10^-6/ 9.5 *10^4 The answer that i got was 1.6 * 10^-11

i got that the first time but wasn't sure if i did it right or not but thank you

is the correct answer t=8/5


is this the right answer -5a^13b^-17

Simplify the following exponential expression. 120a^4b^2/-24a^9b^-15

microsoft office applications 1
Cick on the paragraph symbol in the toolbar.

Algebra - for bobpursley
Thank you!

Algebra - for bobpursley
Thank you. I missed this one, too - A yard cleanup services charges a $380 fee plus $14 per hour. Another cleanup service charges a $260 fee plus $20 per hour. How long is a job for which the two companies' costs are the same? 380+14h = 260+20h I got this after subtracting...

Algebra - for bobpursley
Problem given: 14-4(2k+4) = -2(4-3k) 14-8k-16 = -8+12k -8k-2 = -8+12k plus 8k to each side ~~> -2 = -8+20k plus 8 to each side ~~>6 = 20k divide both sides by 20 ~~> 3/10 = k

it is assumed that the toothpaste market is perfectly competitive and the current price of a case of toothpaste is 42.00. CPI (the company) has estimated its marginal cost function to be as follows: MC (Marginal Costs) =.006Q (Quantity). The board would like to know how many ...

Demonstrate that 32^n - 11 is a multiple of 15. write a conjecture for it.

The National AIDS Behavioral Surveys interviewed a sample of adults in the cities where AIDS is most common. This sample included 789 heterosexuals who reported having more than one sexual partner in the past year. We can consider this an SRS of size 789 from the population of...

1st grade
Maybe 3 divided by two so that the two bones can be split up between the three dogs.

-4x^4 x^1/2+(-7/(x^2 x^1/2))

Math - Magic Square???
My daughter is in 2nd grade and has a worksheet called Magic 26. It wants her to use the numbers 1 -12. Each row, column, and diagonal must equal 26. The four corners and four center numbers must equal 26 too. (example of puzzle below) Please help solve. THANKS!!!!! {____}...

You ask a neighbor to water a sickly plant while you are on vacation. Without water the plant will die with probability 0.85. With water it will die with probability 0.55. You are 89 % certain the neighbor will remember to water the plant. You come back from the vacation and ...

An experiment consists of tossing a coin 14 times. (a) How many different outcomes are possible? (b) How many different outcomes have exactly 9 heads? (c) How many different outcomes have at least 2 heads? (d) How many different outcomes have at most 10 heads?

Yr 10 Geography
An explanation of the roles and actions of different levels of governments relevant to Australia's Culture

how do you graph 3x-y=5?

Mathematics - Trigonometric Identities
cscx-cotx forms an identity with?

Math--need help fast

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