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Social Studies
Did anybody do the pretest??

NPV = -initial investment(outflows) + (cash inflow/(1 + rate)^Year)) and so on for period of time calculating for. In this case, it would be -$80,000 + ($18,000/(1+.08)) + ($18,000/(1+.08)^2) + ($18,000/(1+.08)^3) + ($18,000/(1+.08)^4) + ($18,000/(1+.08)^5). Calculate this out...

science, physics
A 4 μC point charge is on the x-axis at 1.1 m, and a 3 μC point charge is on the x-axis at 2.7m. Find the magnitude of the net electric field at the point on the y-axis where y = 3.7 m . The value of the Coulomb constant is 8.98755 × 109 N · m2/C2. ...

In a relay race, runner A is carrying a baton and has a speed of 3.0 m/s . When he is 25M behind the starting line, runner B starts from rest and accelerates at .10 m/s^2. How long afterwards will A catch up with B to pass the baton to B?

• A charged particle with charge q is moving with speed v in a uniform magnetic field. A second identical charged particle is moving with speed 2v perpendiculuar to the same magnetic field. The time to complete one full circular revolution for the first particle T1. The ...

metal spring can be used as a solenoid. The spring is stretched slightly, and a current is passed through it.what will happen to the spring in the resulting magnetic field will cause the spring

A 10 kg block sits motionless on a table in spite of an applied horizontal force of 2 N. What are the magnitudes of the reaction force and friction force acting on the block?

completely factor 256z^2-4-192z^2+3

I'm from American HS as well Dasia. lol. I'm going to say noun.

Professor Klinger says that all of your ideas come from interaction with the enviroment rather than anything that you were born with. The professor is advocating a theoretical perspective based on what veiw?

I am trying to word the following sentence better I would appreciate any help! Obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are diseases that are not particular to whom the disease affects.


How does the geographic location of a place impacts the way people live and work?

How many grams of sucrose would you dissolve in water for a total volume of 500mL to make a 5% solution?

10th grade
What were the differences between the Whigs and Tories in the seventeenth-century England?

critical thinking 205
what is an example of prejudicial and non prejudicial?

7 divided by 10 1/2

I know this might be basic.....but I am still not sure about subject of elasticity? How do I know the effect, if no price or quantity demanded is given? Assuming that the price elasticity of demand for automobiles in the United States is 1.2 and that the income elasticity of ...

Okay, I am writing an 'I am a..' metaphor poem, and i cannot think of anything. I have tried to get my family to help, but they are completley useless. Please help me! Its due tomorrow! Are you a chameleon who changes in a different environment? ferocious bear? timid ...

math/making dot arrays
my son is in fifth grade and he is making dot arrays he said that the even numbers are called factors but isn't sure what the odd numbers are called, anyone know? Factors are numbers that you multiply together to get another number. These can even or odd.