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  1. ok so C then.
  2. history

    Which was a contributing factor in President Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb? The president needed to experiment with the impact of atomic weapons on a military target. The president wanted to display the might of the United States military to scare the Soviets...
  3. History

    What was the purpose of the documentary film The Eternal Jew? to dispel myths of Jewish inferiority and notions of German superiority to educate Nazi officers about Hitler’s plan to exterminate Jews to convince Jews to voluntarily migrate out of Europe to the Holy Land to...
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  5. History

    Which best analyzes criticisms of the New Deal? a.The New Deal was seen as promoting American dependency on the federal government. b.The New Deal was widely condemned for decreasing the power of the United States Supreme Court. c.The New Deal was criticized for increasing the...
  6. A?
  7. none of these really sound right and my text just confuses me
  8. history

    How did Otto von Bismarck help to bring about German unification? He convinced the Austrian emperor to form a pan-German military alliance. He became a strong influence on the king and encouraged the buildup of the military. As minister president, he achieved political ...
  9. Physics

    A progressive wave equation is given by y=a sin (200(pie)t -(pie)x/17)
  10. ah, I see! thank you
  11. Math

    Solve: dA/dt = -10A, A(0) = 5 ------------------ I tried getting A by itself: A = -1/10 * dA/dt A(0) = 5 = -1/10 * dA/dt but I'm somewhat sure that's wrong; so integrating I get: int(dA/dt) = int(-10A) A = -5A^2 which doesn't make sense to me intuitively since the ...
  12. I KNEW IT YAAAA...sorry (>///<)
  13. never mind that is true>.
  14. you need a doctoral degree... don't you?
  15. so then it would be either A or C correct?
  16. History

    Which identifies the Nazi paramilitary organization responsible for implementing the exterminations of the Final Solution? Gestapo Luftwaffe SS (Schutzstaffel) Brownshirts im confused i read thur the text but still can't find the answer but i believe it could be B?
  17. Its A
  18. It says its wrong??
  19. Thanks...Again your a real big help
  20. History

    the belief that the government can stimulate economic growth by increasing military spending Which term was defined? military Keynesianism military Marxism military Capitalism military Utopianism again i just want you to check. C?
  21. thanks!!
  22. history

    Which temporary solution was adopted in 1924 to address the economic problems caused by Germany’s inability to make reparations? Young Plan Marshall Plan Versailles Plan Dawes Plan its D right? Just want to make sure.
  23. Thanks (IwI)
  24. My text says that Germany could not afford to pay its war reparations. It also says that much of Germany were angry at the government for accepting the Versailles Treaty. I think it is D.
  25. ok
  26. world history

    Which identifies an argument that the Nazis used to claim that the Weimar government was weak? The Weimar government refused to pay any of its war reparations. The Weimar government followed a democratic process to govern. The Weimar government formed a military alliance with ...
  27. the airway, the lungs, and the muscles of respiration. The airway, which includes the nose, mouth, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi, and bronchioles, carries air between the lungs and the body's exterior.
  28. thanks
  29. Languages

    how do say "lets get some food" and "help me" in sign-language???
  30. Thank you, Ms. Sue.
  31. History

    For generations after the book was written, calling a black person an “Uncle Tom” was a real insult. Relating it to the book, do you feel that was an insult? Support your answer. Book: Uncle Tom's Cabin. Thank you for helping.
  32. Math

    A girl has 98 beads,and all but 14 were lost. How many beads did she loose?
  33. maths

    if n varies inversely as kv/k+v and it is equal to 16. When k=4 v=8 find the relationship between k v and n
  34. Maths

    A woman involved a sum money 8890 partly at 10percent and partly at 15percent if the total interest is 560 per annum find the amount invested at 15percent
  35. Math

    Mabel bought some notepads for $56. If she was given a discount of 30%, she would be able to buy 40 notepads more. What was the original price of each notepad?
  36. science

    a man with a mass of 90,6 kg walks to the back of a train at a velocity of 1m/s while the train moves at a constant velocity of 36km/h in a easterly direction. what is the weight of the man
  37. English

    Identify the meaning relation for each example. Possible answers are synonymy, antonymy, polysemy, homophony, contradict, hyponymy, hypernymy, paraphrase, contradiction. a) chair / furniture b) run: verb meaning to walk rapidly / run: a point in baseball c) Phil owns a dog, ...
  38. Thank you for the clarification. Would it be correct, then, to answer like this: Subjects: two, Adam and Julio Direct Objects: two, 'a red car' and 'that Julio drives a red car'
  39. English

    Consider the following sentence: "Adam believes that Julio drives a red car" How many subjects does this sentence contain? List them. How many direct objects does this sentence contain? List them. --- I think there are two subjects, Adam and Julio. As for direct ...
  40. Honestly you guys are legends thanks so much!!
  41. Calculus

    Write the integral in one variable to find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the first-quadrant region bounded by y = 0.5x^2 and y = x about the line x = 5.
  42. i want to know the answer first
  43. Physics

    Question 22 Unsaved If the gravitational force exerted by the Moon on an astronaut landed on the Moon is 113.6 N, what is the mass of the astronaut?
  44. 200 Newton and 1 meter along the board
  45. Math

    .Over a 24-hour period, the temperature in a town can be modeled by one period of a sinusoidal function. The temperature measures 70°F in the morning, rises to a high of 80°F, falls to a low of 60°F, and then rises to 70°F by the next morning. What is the ...
  46. chemistry

    a student accidentally mixed sodium carbonate an calcium carbonate. state how he would obtain pure sodium carbonate from the mixture
  47. A d
  48. In “who knows if the moon’s,” what is the moon seen as? (1 point) a city a balloon a cloud a sailboat
  49. 1000g_1kg 22.5g_x x_22.5g^1kg/1000g m_0.0225kg
  50. Math

    An examination fee is partly constant and partly varies directly as the number of subject entered. When the examination fee is 55000 three subjects are entered when that examination fee is 700, five subjects are entered. Write a law of variation and find the number of subjects...
  51. math

    Palo Alto College is planning to construct a rectangular parking lot on land bordered on one side by a highway. The plan is to use 560 feet of fencing to fence off the other three sides. What dimensions should the lot have if the enclosed area is to be a? maximum?
  52. Math

    The minute hand of a clock is 6cm far does the end of the hand travel in 35minute
  53. Math

    For a constant area, the length of a rectangle varies inversely as its width. The length of a rectangle is 27 ft when the width is 10 ft. Find the width of a rectangle with the same area if the length is 18 ft.
  54. math

    Blake and Luke can paint a room in 15 hours. Luke can paint the room by himself in 25 hours. How long does it take Blake to paint?
  55. Maths

    What does the term adaptation mean? how does adaptation explain the patterns of distribution of plant and animal species in the world? I need help.. Can someone give me the answer? Thanks.. :3
  56. math

    Solve the following equation for B: A=[h(b+B)]/2
  57. Math calculus 2

    Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region enclosed by the curves y=5*(sqrt(x)), y=0, and x=2 about the line x=9.
  58. math

    Abigail lives in an off-campus apartment. Some days she rides her bike to campus, other days she walks. When she rides her bike, she gets to her first classroom building 36 minutes faster than when she walks. If her average walking speed is 3 mph and her average biking speed ...
  59. math

    Solve: {(3r+s)/(10r^2-3rs-s^2)}+{(2r-s)/(2r^2+rs-s^2)}
  60. Math

    Solve: ((3/n)-(2/m)) ------------------------ (9m^2)-(4n^2) ----------------- mn ----- AND / = fraction bars
  61. Chemistry

    How many grams of Na2SO3 (Sodium Sulfite) must be added to 225 mL of 0.0777 M sulfurous acid (H2SO3) to prepare a buffer at pH = 7.4000? H2SO3 has a pKa1 = 1.857 and pKa2 = 7.172.
  62. 0.08
  63. thank youuuuuuuuuu!
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  65. history

    Define the term “Cold War”. Why were both the Soviet Union and the United States fearful of starting an outright war with each other? Detail one event or situation that brought both sides close to nuclear war. (Ex. Cuban Missile Crisis)
  66. thank you !!!
  67. Please help MATH

    james is taking a test in his geomtery class. His teacher asked him to determine the equation of the line perpendicular to the line 2x-y=-3 and passing through the point (8,2) , which line should he choose. A. y+ 1/2x=6 B.y+2x=18 C. y-2x=-14 D. y +1/2x=9
  68. math

    In 2010 the birthrate in a certain country increases from 11*(e^(0.04*t)) million births per year to 16*(e^(0.04*t)) million births per year, where t is the number of years since January 1, 2010. Set up the integral and find the projected increase in population that would ...
  69. Calc 3

    Describe the locus of points in R3 equidistant from the origin (0, 0, 0), and the plane x + y + z = 1.
  70. physics

    An electric wheel chair is designed to run on a singe 7-V battery rated to provide 87-Axh. If the wheelchair experiences an average total retarding force (mainly friction) of 150-N, how far in meters can the wheelchair travel in one charge?
  71. 2120
  72. University Organic Chemistry

    Lab questions to Diels Alder butadiene experiment : Why do the anhydride groups of the maleic anhydride reactant help the Diels-Alder reaction go faster? Why does the diene need to be in the s-cis conformation to give the cyclic product? Why is it not possible for the Diels-...
  73. DN
  74. Pre Calc

    Use the Pythagorean identities rather than reference triangles . Find tan? and cot? if sec? = 5/2 and sin? <0. Please help ! Much appreciated !!
  75. biology

    does 1 gene code for 1 trait? explain
  76. math

    (3x^3+ 5x^2– 11x + 3) ÷ (x + 3) – (x + 2)(3x – 5) is the answer -5x+11?
  77. Mathermatics 2

    Plot three points with second coordinate Equal to (1.3) and join them.
  78. geography help

    What factors are contributing to a aging popluation?
  79. Calculus

    I just need help with one question. A bacteria population starts with 500 bacteria and grows at a rate of r(t) = 548e^(6.5t) bacteria per hour. Determine the number of bacteria after 1 hour. Thank you!
  80. Awesome, thank you! There is one more part to this question I need help with. I tried figuring it out but the number of bacteria I calculated didn't make any sense. It says to determine the number of bacteria after one hour.
  81. Calculus

    I need some help with this Calculus problem. A bacteria population starts with 500 bacteria and grows at a rate of r(t) = 548e^6.5t bacteria per hour. A. Determine the function P(t) which gives the population at time t. C. How long does it take the initial population to triple...
  82. Physics! Help!

    Two planets of mass 3 x 1025kg are release from rest 1.5 x 1012 m apart. What is the speed of the planets when they are half this distance apart? Help! I've been stuck on this for a good bit! I cant seem to find a formula that can help me solve this! I can find the force ...
  83. THX Venus I got %100 on my Measuring Matter quiz!
  84. Social Study 6th

    Who suffered the most from the crowding in the city? the people already living in the city; the people still living in the country; the new arrivals from the country; government officials
  85. PHYSICS! -need help!-

    A proton of mass m undergoes a head on collision with a stationary atom of mass 20m. If the initial speed of the proton is 485 m/s, find the speed of the proton after the collision.
  86. ty ms.sue even tho i could've just googled it but i got addicted to this website :)
  87. Global Studies

    1)Why did Hitler killed jewish people ? 2)How many jewish people were killed during World War 2?
  88. math

    If 2 adult tickets and 1 child ticket cost $8 and if 1 adult ticket and 3 child tickets cost $9, what is the price of each ticket
  89. which is the container
  90. math

    write a two column proof for this Given:QR||TU , S is the midpoint of QT Prove: /\ QSR=~/\TSU /\ IS the triangle sign =~ is the congruent symbol
  91. math

    Write a 2-column proof Given: RS=~TS, V is the midpoint of RT Prove: /\RSV=~/\TSV /\ is the triangle sign
  92. math

    Which ordered pair is a solution to the equation y = 13 ? x?
  93. That link wasn't helpful but thanks
  94. Computer Programming

    Create the psuedocode for an application class named Monogram. Its main() method holds three variables that hold your first, middle, and last initials, respectively. Create a method to which you pass the three initials and that displays the initials twice—once in the ...
  95. Algebra

    Find an equation of the line passing through the points (2,3) and (6,-3)
  96. Boiiiiiiiiiiiii
  97. latin 1

    dominus me amat. dominus me amat quod vitam fili servabam.sum xeno; romae ( in rome) sum sextus. mox liber (free)ero.
  98. Calculus

    1) A particle is moving along the x-axis so that its position at t ? 0 is given by s(t) = (t)In(2t). Find the acceleration of the particle when the velocity is first zero. 2) The driver of a car traveling at 50 ft/sec suddenly applies the brakes. The position of the car is s(t...
  99. Middle East

    In what way the role of women has changed in the history of the Middle East?
  100. Physics

    A skateboarder with an initial speed of 3.1-m/s, rolls virtually friction free down a straight incline of length 18-m in 3.2-s. At what angle (in degrees) is the incline oriented above the horizontal?