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  1. physics

    I worked it out and got 4.8N
  2. science

    The acceleration of gravity on the surface of Venus is 8.9m/s^2. Would a ball thrown upward on Venus return to the ground sooner or later than a ball thrown upward with the same speed on the earth?
  3. science

    A force of 20 N gives an object an acceleration of 5m/s^2. (a) What force would be needed to give the same object an acceleration of 1m/s^2? (b) What force be needed to give it an acceleration of 10m/s^2?
  4. math

    0.5, 3/5, 1 3/4, 0.9 in order from least to greatest
  5. chemistry

    How do you find q in q=mC delta t without the mass
  6. trigometry

    1. A 16-foot ladder on ground level is leaning against a house. If the base of the ladder is placed 5.0 feet from the house, what is the angle formed at the top of the ladder? A. 24° B. 18° C. 72° D. 20° please help I don't know how to do this
  7. Calculus

    calculate the derivative (2,5) (2.1,5.3) h'(2) if h(x)=(f(x))^3 k'(2) if k(x)=f(x))^-1 g'(5) if g(x)=f^-1(x)
  8. Physics 11

  9. Physics 11

  10. Physics

    You run a race with your friend. At first you each have the same kinetic energy, but then you find that she is beating you. When you increase your speed by 21.0%, you are running at the same speed she is. If your mass is 77.0 kg, what is her mass?
  11. calc

    agree thank you steve
  12. calc

    find the derivatives of the given functions. g(t)=sqrt t(1+t)/t^2
  13. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please

    1)D 2)C 3)B 4)C 5)B
  14. Math PLEASE HELP FAST!!!!

  15. history

    ms.sue,thank you for the answer, but i have to discribe the things Juan Ponce De Leon discovered in his journey to the new land! My homework question is, discribe the things he discovered in his journey to the new world like plants,animals,people and land???
  16. history

    what did Juan Ponce De Leon discover in his journey to the new world: plants,animals,people,land?
  17. math

    If a hiker walks trail B (1 mile in length) at 6 mph and trail C (3 mils in length) at 2 mph, what is the hiker's overall average speed, in mph, for hiking on the two trails?
  18. Math on time

  19. Math on time

    Trying to understand how to solve this? Paige spends 1 hour on her homework. She spends equal amounts of time on all subjects. If Paige spends ½ hour on Spanish, how many subjects does she study?
  20. Math

    The area of certain rectangle is 288 yd. the perimeter is 68 yd. if you double the length and width, what will be the area and perimeter of the new rectangle.
  21. Math

    A plane leaves Boston at 10 am (Boston time) and flies non-stop to LA, 2700 miles away, at 580 miles per hour (mph). On the same route, a second plane is flying non-stop from LA to Boston at 620 mph. If the second plane lease LA at 10 am (LA time), how many miles from LA will ...
  22. English/Essay

    Could someone tell me if I have done my essay the right way? Please its due Monday?? "The internet is a much easier resource for students than a library” The first reason the internet is a much easier resource for students than a library, you can Find specific ...
  23. 9th grade algebra

  24. math

    (+6) + (-11) + (+5) + (-7)
  25. Pie Charts

    On the pie chart it reads: 1999 U.S. Electricity Generation by Fuel Type (Billion Kilowat hours) Coal: 1882, 51% Natural Gas:565 15.3% Petroleum: 119, 3.2% Nuclear: 728, 19.7% Hydroelectric: 307, 8.3% Other Renewables: 89, 2.5% What was the total amount of electricity ...
  26. 8th grade math

    Jerome, Kevin, & Seth shared a submarine sandwich. Jerome ate 1/2 of the sandwich, Kevin ate 1/3 of the sandwich and Seth ate the rest. What is the ration of Jerome's share to Kevin's share to Seth's share? 1. 2:3:6 2. 2:6:3 3.3:1:2 4.3:2:1 5.6:3:2 please help!
  27. Social Studies

    I don't have an atlas and I need help finding the location. I need the nearest city and the country that it's in. Thank you. 1. 31° s, 64° w 2. 13° s,71° w 3. 16° s, 68° w
  28. algebra

    matching graphs inequailty
  29. Physics

    16) A curve of radius 120 m is banked at an angle of 18°. At what speed can it be negotiated under icy conditions where friction is negligible? 2 m/s 12 m /s 20 m /s 5 m/s 11 m/s
  30. algebra2

    how do you find out the vertex when graphing inequalities of quadratics in equations like this y<x^2-16 it factors out to like x+4 x-4 and I know that i can use that to find the x intercepts but the way to find the vertex i don't understand
  31. Math

    What multiplication fact can be found using the arrays of 2x5 and 5x9
  32. english

    another word for nothing more than? For example, if you say that advice is nothing more than
  33. algebra 2

    sorry i needed to add more info for this to make sense the problem is asking to write the quadratic equation that has those roots. so in this case i'd use those roots to find -b/a but i don't get how that correlates to -b/a?
  34. algebra 2

    how is 7-3i + 7+3i = 14/1 we're doing sum and product of roots, and i don't get how this is equal to 14
  35. Algebra

    Each team in a soccer leaguehas played every other team 5 times. Current league standings are: Team A 37 Points Team B 34 Points Team C 28 Points Team D 26 Points Team E 20 Points If a team receives 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss, how many of ...
  36. Chemistry

    What is the molality of a solution formed by dissolving 1.95 mol of KCl in 17.0 mol of water (MM of water = 18.02 g/mol), answer in 3 sigfigs?
  37. math

  38. math

  39. Physics

    A uniform rod of length L and mass m initially at rest is struck by a horizontal force F0 a distance x below the pivot O. The rod is free to rotate about its pivot without friction. If F0 is the average value of the force and Δt is its duration. (a) What is the speed of ...
  40. Science

    How much force was used to move a box 42m if 13,734 J of work was done on it?
  41. physics

    What is the angular momentum of a figure skater spinning at 4.4 with arms in close to her body, assuming her to be a uniform cylinder with a height of 1.6 , a radius of 15 , and a mass of 53 ?
  42. Physics

    A class of 11 students taking an exam has a power output per student of 122 W. Assume that the initial temperature of the room is 18.8oC and that its dimensions are 6.40 m by 14.5 m by 3.50 m. What is the temperature (in oC, do not enter units) of the room at the end of 54.0 ...
  43. Physics!

    If a water heater has a capacity of 54.4 gallons and a 4910 W heating element, how much time is required to raise the temperature of the water from 19.8oC to 60.0oC? Assume that the heater is well insulated and no water is withdrawn from the tank during this time.
  44. Physics

    Sorry, rotational inertia I = 6.4 * 10^-3 kg*m^2. I really am stuck on this, can't figure out how to use angular momentum/torque relations to connect the dots and be able to solve for what they're asking ;\.
  45. Physics

    A gyroscope with rotational inertia 6.4 10-3 kg·m2 is precessing in a horizontal plane at 0.46 rad/s under the influence of a 0.31 N·m torque caused by a force pointing vertically downward. How fast is the gyroscope spinning on its axis?
  46. chemistry

    I don't think this makes sense... there are not any oxygens on the left so Im pretty sure it doesn't work, unless you just add oxygen to the left im not sure you can do that though... If so it would look like this KNO3 --> KNO3 + O ^add O to this side as well Once ...
  47. arrays and expanded algorithm

  48. chemistry

    Fe(s) +Pb^2 (aq)---->Fe ^2+ (aq) +Pb(s) which reactant has been oxidized
  49. English 8R - Homework Check (plzzzz read)

    Very obvious you have copied... we have all done it before... just put it in your own words (especially in the beginning)
  50. Science

    wuz up
  51. Calculus

    A rectangular cardboard poser is to have 150 sq ft in for printed matter. It is to have a 3inch margin at the top and bottom and a 2inch margin at the right and left. Find the dimensions of the poser so that the amount of cardboard used is minimized.
  52. math

    explain why the equation x^(5)-3x+1=0 must have a solution with 0 < x <1
  53. Chemistry

    Determine how many mL of solution A (acetic acid-indicator solution) must be added to solution B (sodium acetate-indicator solution) to obtain a buffer solution that is equimolar in acetate and acetic acid. Solution A: 10.0 mL 3.0e-4M bromescol green solution 25.0mL 1.60M ...
  54. Physics

    because b and m_o are constants and i believe that e^-kt is taken as a constand as well. Leaving dx to be integrated between 0 and x(t). am i correct? more opinions welcomed please
  55. Physics

    I think that the answer comes out to be v(t)=(uk-g)t - b*m_o*(e^-kt)*x(t)
  56. Physics

    A rocket ascends from rest in a uniform gravitational field by ejecting exhaust with constant speed u. Assume that the rate at which mass is expelled is given by dm/dt=mk, where m is the instantaneous mass of the rocket and k is a cosntant, and that the rocket is retarded by ...
  57. BC Calculus

    Use linear approximation to estimate sec^2(pi/4 + .025) Need help quickly please!! :)
  58. Physics

  59. math

    Samuel solved the equation h – 234 = 1,192 and found the solution to be h = 958. Is he correct? He is right I think because when you subtract 234 from 1192 it equals 958 right?
  60. Calculus

    simplify log2(4x^2 2^x)
  61. math

    In an election, Kate lost to Lee by 32 votes. Because the vote was so close, they decided to have a re-vote. All of Kate's supporters voted fro her again, but some of Lee's supporters switched their votes to vote for Kate. Kate won by the revote by 6 votes. How may of ...
  62. math

    What is the distance between the rectangular coordinates (1,16) and (10,4)?
  63. goverment

    in the recent presidential election, romney's comment "binders full of woman" really offended people. why were people so offended, i don't really understand, did he mean something bad?
  64. calculus

    Write h(x) = 6x^4 - 2x^2 + 1 as a composition of two functions f and g
  65. Literature

    13. Scan this line from Cowley's poem: "its hills bent low within my reach." How many feet does this line contain? A. 5 B. 7 C. 6 [D. 4]
  66. Literature

    c is the correct answer finished the tesr
  67. Literature

    5. As we find with most songs, in poetry [A. there's no specific point of view.] B. each couplet must rhyme. C. sound and content have equal weight. D. meanings are hidden in imprecise words.
  68. Literature

    2. In The Call of the Wild, the bond between Buck and Thornton is best explained by observing that A. dog and man were like mirror opposites. [B. dog and man were both in touch with their primordial nature.] C. Buck had helped Thornton pay off his debts. D. Buck found Thornton...
  69. chemistry

    what fraction of an original sample of a radioactive isotope remains after three half-lives have passed? 1/8?
  70. Statistics

    A 50-question true-false exam is given. Each correct answer is worth 10 points. Consider an unprepared student who randomly guesses on each question. In your solution, please be sure to show the exact steps you used to arrive at the answers. A. If 5 points are deducted for ...
  71. Calculus

    thank you
  72. Calculus

    Find the derivatives of the function f(y)= sinh(sinh(7y).
  73. chemistry

  74. math

    A candle is 17 in. tall after burning for 3 hours. After 5 hours, it is 15 in. tall. Write a linear equation to model the relationship between height h of the candle and time t. Predict how tall the candle will be after burning 8 hours.
  75. Physics

  76. world history

    its A
  77. world history

    4. Which pope wanted Christians to unite to redress what he saw as an imbalance of power between Christianity and Islam? A. Pope Urban II B. Pope Clement VI [C. Pope Benedict] D. Pope John Paul
  78. Percentage

  79. world history

  80. world history

    13. _______ was the first thinker to postulate that numbers are real, not abstractions. A. Hui Shih [B. Pythagoras] C. Parmenides D. Aristotle
  81. world history

    its d
  82. world history

    i cant find where it says this
  83. world history

    12. The Chinese philosopher Xunzi wrote that if a person attempted to cure rheumatism by beating a drum and sacrificing a pig to the gods, then the A. rheumatism wouldn't get better because proper therapy required playing a flute and sacrificing a chicken. B. rheumatism ...
  84. world history

    11. Which of the following is not one of the new thoughts of or about God that were formulated in the Axial Age? A. Many Gods B. Divine God [C. Single God] D. Involved God
  85. world history

    8. What strategy did Buddhist and Christian missionaries employ to spread their faith that Muslims didn't? A. Conversion of kings and other elite figures B. Use of artifacts C. Forceful conversion of others [D. Conversion of merchants]
  86. world history

    is it c
  87. world history

    7. In the development of the Roman Empire, the Romans treated citizenship as A. a benefit worthy only of peoples who had freely joined them. [B. belonging only to native Romans.] C. meaningless because the Roman Empire was tyrannical. D. something to be shared with conquered ...
  88. world history

    6. After its conquest by Alexander the Great, the government of the Persian Empire A. was transformed into a democratic monarchy. B. became a democracy. C. was ruled by a traditional Macedonian monarchy. [D. was maintained more or less intact.]
  89. world history

    5. What religion, which had potentially universal appeal, was created by Gautama Siddhartha in India? [A. Buddhism] B. Hinduism C. Zoroastrianism D. Jainism
  90. world history

    3. What geographic feature at times made life difficult for the Moche of South America? A. Mountains [B. Desert] C. Lack of access to the sea D. Unpredictable rivers
  91. world history

    2. In forming his government, Asoka recruited what group to serve as bureaucrats? A. Traditional Brahman elites [B. The Buddhist clergy] C. The military elite D. The rising merchant class
  92. world history

    1. Which of the following were major items of trade in the West African states of Ghana and Gao? A. Bananas and copper B. Cacao beans and slaves [C. Gold and salt] D. Coffee and sugar
  93. american history

    Thomas alva edison
  94. biology

    6. During division in cellular reproduction, the DNA and cytoplasm of the parent cell is distributed to two A. chromosomes. B. clones. C. simplified cells. [D. daughter cells.]
  95. economics

    When the price of X is $1 and the price of Y is $1 and income is I, Joe Panther spends $100 on good X. One day Joe is walking down Downer street and is dismayed to discover that the price of good X has increased to $2. However, moments later Joe is delighted to find a $100 ...
  96. chemistry

    The metabolic oxidation of glucose, C6H12O6, in our bodies produces CO2, which is expelled from our lungs as a gas. C6H12O6(aq) + 6 O2(g) → 6 CO2(g) + 6 H2O(l) Calculate the volume of dry CO2 produced at body temperature (37°C) and 0.980 atm when 25.5 g of glucose is...
  97. physical science

    explain why elements in a group on the periodic table have similar chemical properties?
  98. Science

    If an aluminum cube has a mass of 20g and the length of each side was 2cm, between what to liquids would it float.
  99. Physics

  100. chemistry

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