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  1. math

    A bag contains 4 white, 3 blue, and 5 red marbles. 1. Find the probability of choosing a red marble, then a white marble if the marbles are replaced 1/12 5/36 5/6 5/12 2. Find the probability of choosing 3 blue marbles in a row if the marbles are replaced. 2/11 1/220 1/27 1/64...
  2. Chemistry

    49.0 mL of HClO3 is completely titrated by 68.4 mL of a Sr(OH)2 solution whose concentration is 0.3893 M. What is the molarity of the HClO3 solution? Sr(OH)2 + 2HClO3 = 2H2O + Sr(ClO3)2
  3. Math

    What is the probability of getting an even number when rolling a six-sided number cube?
  4. maths

    Want to say 206 or 10,826
  5. math

    Describe a situation that models a linear pattern and then describe a situation that models a nonlinear pattern.
  6. Calculus

    A function has f''(x) = 10 and has f'(4) = 0 and f(2)= 4. Find f(x).
  7. math/combination probability

    or is it (1/3)^15??
  8. math/combination probability

    what is the probability of getting all questions right on a 15 question, 3 multiple choice (each) with just guessing? i did 15 C 3 and got 1/455
  9. Social Studies Help please its a quiz

    Dix also joined a growing movement to improve conditions in prisons. Men, women, and children were often crammed together in cold, damp rooms. When food supplies were low, prisoners went hungry—unless they had money to buy meals from jailers. Five out of six people in ...
  10. S.S help please thank you

    oh I didn't put the choices oops sorry A. The Reform Movement drew on ideals of individualism, equality, and salvation. B. In the 1800s, religion had more influence over Americans than the country's established political ideals. C. The Jacksonian era is praised for ...
  11. S.S help please thank you

    I think its D???
  12. S.S help please thank you

  13. S.S help please thank you

    Political Origins Religious Influences • The ideals of liberty and equality in the Declaration of Independence inspire people to try to improve society • Second Great Awakening stresses free will rather than predestination • During the Jacksonian era, more ...
  14. S.S help please thank you

    Which of the following best summarizes the information shown in the graphic organizer?  (1 point
  15. math

  16. maths

    The speed of light is about 2.99x10^8 m/s. If a rocket travels at one-fifth the speed of light, find its speed in km/h (in scientific notation correct to 2 significant figures)
  17. social studies

    please help, i have no clue! they all seem like a good answer to me.. The Macdonald-Cartier bridge that stretches the Ottawa River and connects Ontario to Quebec is named for two Canadian politicians, one ______ and one _______. A.English, German B.Inuktitut, French C.French, ...
  18. Math

    It's the ratio of a can.
  19. Math

    The ratio of the cost of a tennis racket to tennis balls is 18:1. If a can of balls cost $5.35, what is the cost of the racket?
  20. Astronomy

    It is hotter than the sun
  21. Science 6B

    BZG Is Correct. 4/4 100%.
  22. math

    2g – 1 = 3g + 6  how do i do this equation?
  23. Math - algebra

    On Day 1 of the state fair, Austin sold 15 handmade stools. On each of the next 9 days, he sold 5 stools. The linear function f(d) can be used to represent the total number of stools Austin sold, where d is the day of the fair. Solve the problems below. The first one is done ...
  24. Physics

    What makes a hydrometer with a spherical bulb good for measuring precise density? What makes this shape better than others?
  25. Chemistry ASAP please?

    Also are a and b correct
  26. Chemistry ASAP please?

    For electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 576.3 nm: (a) What is the frequency of the radiation (in s-1)? (b) What is the energy (in J) of one photon of the radiation? (c) What is the energy (in kJ) of one mole of photons of the radiation So a I go 5.202x10^14 b)3....
  27. PreCalc

    If 3x^3+ax^2+3x+2 leaves a remainder of 4 on division by (3x-1), find a.
  28. friction

    7 8 9 10
  29. science

    Bison, Zebra, and kangaroos have similar ecological niches but cannot be shown in the same food web, why? (doesn't mater where they live)
  30. gr. 9 Sience

    5 foods that contain the high energy products of photosynthesis
  31. Socioloy

    Why is the 1970s considered to be a decade of change for the American media?
  32. PreCalc

    The “Hatch Shell” in Boston has the arch with semi-elliptical form with a horizontal major axis. The base of the arch is 110-foot long and the highest part of the arch is 40 feet above the scene. Find the height of the arch of the “Hatch Shell” 33 feet away...
  33. Geography

    I think it is C but I'm not sure
  34. Geography

    South American region
  35. Geography

    All of the following are the result of the increase in large-scale, green revolution agriculture in the region, except: A. more than 2 million small farmers have been forced to sell their land in Brazil alone since 1985. B. there has been an increase in poor farmers heading to...
  36. SS

    4. Which of the following statements best summarizes Washington viewpoint on American foreign policy
  37. math

    what is a description of the ratio 52:12
  38. Math

    The area of a football field is 57600 square feet what is the area in square yards?
  39. Language arts

    I Dont know how to really sum this up
  40. Language arts

    Consider this line from “Two Kinds”: For unlike my mother, I did not believe I could be anything I wanted to be. I could only be me. In a paragraph, explain how those words describe the conflict between the daughter and her mother. Is there a winner in the conflict? ...
  41. Physics

    Water flows through a pipe of radius 4 cm at a rate of 3.5 m/s. Suppose each water molecule is singly ionized (highly unrealistic). a) What is the electric current density associated with the flow of these ions? b) What is the electric current in the pipe?
  42. Physics

    An electric filament can heat 200 cm^3 of water from 5°C to 95°C in 6 minutes. If the voltage source is a 12 V battery, how much current does it draw?
  43. math/statistics

    From a shipment of 70 transistors, 4 of which are defective, a sample of 5 transistors is selected at random.
  44. Algebra Equation

    70 is the sum of 22 and Mabel's height.
  45. US Government

    Thank you!
  46. US Government

    The President can choose to get rid of democracy. A) True B) False (the correct answer?)
  47. Washington state history

    ok thanks
  48. Washington state history

    please help. Which industries remain as important to Washington’s economy today as in the 1800s? Select all that apply. A.biotech B.entertainment C.forestry D.mining development F.tourism
  49. washington state his

    thank you
  50. washington state his

  51. washington state his

    please help. Which of the following best identifies how Washington’s economy changed overall after World War II? A.It scaled back agricultural production. B.It shut down most manufacturing operations. C.Its activities became more diverse. D.Its dependence on foreign trade...
  52. Math

    The length of a rectangle is 5 meters more than twice the width, and the area of a rectangle is 42 square meters. Find the length and width of the rectangle.
  53. Math

    At the city museum, child admission is $5.40 and adult admission is $9.30. On Friday, 134 tickets were sold for a total of $957.60. How many adult tickets were sold that day?
  54. physic

    Sample 1, Original Length 250 mm and 10 mm Diameter, Length after testing 250.23 mm the force used for the test was 15KN Sample 2, Original Length 250 mm and 14 mm Diameter, Length after testing 250.21 mm the force used for the test was 15KN 1. Calculate the Stress and Strain ...
  55. chemistery

    explain the progress of the reaction in terms of kinetic energy explain how various factor affect the rate of reaction
  56. math

    not a good answer are u kidding me
  57. Math calculus

    a cylindrical vat must hold 5m^3, the vat must be wider than it is tall, but no more than 3 m in diameter. What dimensions will use the least amount of material?
  58. Science

    If a 1 tonne car travels at 16.7 m/s (60km/h) then it would have a momentum of
  59. Language Arts 7

    ITS NOT Cbbbbb you just made me fail as holes
  60. Social studies

    To what extent should canadians try to stop human rights abuse in other countries today?
  61. Chemistry

    what is the oxidation number of Carbon in C6H12? thank you!
  62. Art Help Just a little

    Yes the answer is 100% correct
  63. Art Help Just a little

    Lets hope this answer is right if not i will correct it.
  64. science

    what is the molar ratio between barium hydroxide and potassium hydrogen phthalate if they were reacted together in an acid base titration
  65. math

    Find the exact values for the lengths of the labeled segments a, b and p. Note that r=3 is the radius of the circle, and s=2 is the arc length from the point (3,0) around the circle to the indicated point.
  66. Johnson

    A perimeter of EFGH is 100cm.what is the length of side FE?
  67. reading

    Like the main events
  68. reading

    Well she said it didn't made sense and didn't had important parts about the chapter.
  69. reading

    Sorry for the misunderstanding what i meant is what are important parts to put in the summary because i read the book and did the summary but my teacher said it was bad.
  70. reading

    What is a summary for chapter 2 slam by Walter dean Myers
  71. Math

    There are two triangles for which A=30?,a=5,and b=8 The larger one has c= ? and the smaller one has c= ?
  72. Simple interest

    Charlotte borrows $9000 over 5 years to buy a second hand car. The loan must be repaid over 5 years at 12% p.a. simple interest calculate the monthly repayment if the payments are spread equally over the 5 years.
  73. physics

    An alpha particle (charge = +2.0e) is sent at high speed toward a gold nucleus (charge = +79e). What is the electric force acting on the alpha particle when the alpha particle is 3.3 ? 10-14 m from the gold nucleus?
  74. Chemistry

    If you wanted to create a equimolar buffer using 1.0 mol of NaHS in 1.0L of water what acid would you need to add? how many moles of that acid do you need to add?
  75. unit 1 lesson 13 the human body

    does any one know the answers for the unit 1 lesson 13 quize for cathalena ward
  76. Science

    correct answers has correct answers. (100%) hahah
  77. Social studies

    did u ever do it?
  78. MATHS

    The quadratic function f(x) has roots at x=4 and x=-2 and has value of 2 at x=0. Does f(x) have a minimum or maximum? Find the value of the /minimum/maximum value of f(x).
  79. physics

    A long straight vertical wire of diameter 2.0mm carries a steady current upwards. At 30mm from the centre of the wire, the magnetic field strength is 0.10mT. Sketch a graph to show the variation of magnetic field strength from the wire surface to a distance of 40mm from the ...
  80. physics

    An unstable nucleus with a mass of 18.0 ? 10-27 kg initially at rest disintegrates into three particles. One of the particles, of mass 5.0 ? 10-27 kg, moves along the positive y-axis with a speed of 9.0 ? 106 m/s. Another particle, of mass 7.4 ? 10-27 kg, moves along the ...
  81. physics

    Two cars (A and B) of mass 1.1 kg collide. Car A is initially moving at 18 m/s, and car B is initially moving in the opposite direction with a speed of 9 m/s. The two cars are moving along a straight line before and after the collision. (Enter the magnitudes.) If the two cars ...
  82. physics

    How much heat is absorbed by a 30g iron skillet when its temperature rises from 24oC to 93oC? Joules do i addition everything?
  83. physical science

    How much heat is absorbed by a 30g iron skillet when its temperature rises from 24oC to 93oC? Joules do i addition everything?
  84. Math

    How many 4/5-foot planks can be cut from a board which is 12 feet long?
  85. math

    If a jet flies at a speed of 600 km/h, how many meters does it fly in 10 seconds? There are 1000 meters in 1 km
  86. Math

    you guys are just a peacie of it spam omg you guys can get sewed and everything .l
  87. hypothesis

    Because it is just an idea that has to be proven to know that it is true.
  88. hypothesis

    Here is google definition for Hypothesis- a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.
  89. Geography

    Search google there is many examples of link canals.
  90. geometry

    Look at the questions that were previously answered below I think they will help you solve this.
  91. Math- fractions

    Multiply both of the fractions to make the denominators the same. For example 2/3 *4/4 and 3/4 * 3/3.
  92. science

    Which one do you think will help protect the environment? I would discard 1 and 4.
  93. Calculas

    (x?¹-1) / x-1
  94. Calculas

    lim (x?¹-1)?x-1 as x approaches 1. I know the answer is -1 but I am not sure how to solve the numerator x?¹-1.
  95. Algebra

    i dont know
  96. Science

    well i was hoping someone could some how paste the questions in cause i cant seem to copy from the assessment
  97. Science

    lesson 9: energy and the environment unit test science 8 A Unit 4: Energy and the environment Please HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!
  98. calculus

    find the maximum and minimum value of the function f(x)= x-x^3 on the interval [-2,2] I also need help with this question What is the largest possible product of two negative number whose sum is 1?
  99. Physics

    5. If a wave has a wavelength of 20m and a speed of 100 m/s, what is the period of the oscillation? v = wavelength / period 100 = 20 / period 100*20 = periodperiod = 20 / 100 2000 s = period OR period = 20 / 100 period = 0.2 s I don't know which one is correct, please help?!
  100. Physics

    1. A rectangular coil 0.065 m by 0.080 m is positioned so that its cross-sectional area is perpendicular to the direction of a magnetic field. The coil has 66 turns and a total resistance of 7.6 ? and the field decreases at a rate of 2.5 T/s. What is the magnitude of the ...
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