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world history
what was the transatlantic world like on the eve of the European age of discovery

social studies HOT packet
what are four principles of government found in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Explain each briefly and give at least one specific example of each one....

bibliographies mrs.sue please?
thank you i am completely done with my project now. you helped me a lot.! thank you so much

social studies fair due tomorow ms. sue please??

social studies fair due tomorow ms. sue please??
What is supposed to be in a conclusion? The teachers in my school stick to demonstrations and visuals not essays so i have a small idea but not much... i have a project on the ziggurat of ur and have no ideaa how to make the conclusion or what to put in it?

social studies fair need help badly.!!!
thank you so much.!

social studies fair need help badly.!!!
my social studies fair project is due tomorrow and i have no idea how to start my actual report i was fine and doing great until i got to the page with the usage,history, and construction of the ziggurat of ur on it.. i need a 7th grade rubric or example of a different essay...

3rd grade math

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Lucy have 211 coins how much she have

8th Grade Algebra
Thank You very mcuh. :]

8th Grade Algebra
I got 15 T-F Questions and 5 Essay Questions. is that right ??

8th Grade Algebra
1) An exam will have 20 questions worth a total of 100 points. There will be True-False questions worth 3 points each and short essay questions worth 11 points each. Several students ask how many essay questions there will be, but the teacher won't tell. How many essay ...