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Car a starts from rest and speeds up with constant accelleration until it reaches its max speed. Car b starts from rest, at the moment car a is at max speed, and speeds up with constant acceleration. How much time elapses between when car b starts moving, and car b passes car ...

Is this set a subspace of R3 or not? Explain why or why not. Span{[1 2 1],[-1 1 3]} I've tried to do a three variable three unknown equation to solve for the scalars for each of the vectors but when doing it got very wrong numbers.

english speech
is there anything else i need for my speech

english speech
should it be around one page

english speech
yeah im writing it word for word like im going to say it and then make flash cards

english speech
i'm typing down a speech that i need to prepare for english, how much should i write for a 5 min speech

so would A) fgnq3o;4y96983pgdisp8y8t475-65;7-9 B) gqfg-r;r-7[9=]7=y63640687kh c) jhgwg-906490-19384658302((*&^%$#@ right?

Fred hits a baseball 3 ft above ground at a velocity of 100 ft per sec and at an Angle of 45 degrees with respect to level ground. The path of the baseball is given by the function f(x)=-0.0032x^2+x+3 where f(x) is the height of the baseball in ft and x is the distance from ...

PLease help! anyy would be appreciated !thx what is an example of a quadratic function that touches its axis and also its reciprocal? -discuss about the vertical asymptotes of the reciprocal an why they occur? -what can we say about the vertex of the quadratic and ...