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what puts together protein in a cell

How does a deductible cut the cost of insurance?

When buying a new house, is APR the same thing as annual interest rate?

i would like to know how to get to the answer of this question... n+4 and n-8 and 3n

mike can run the mile in 6 minutes and dan can run the mile in 9 minutes. If mike gives dan a head start of 1 minute, how far from the start will mike pass dan?

- nothing, our teacher told us to write 13 page paper saying that we have to come up with a thesis to prove something about american history-any topic. so i've never leanred about her.

language arts 8th grade

Draw two parallel lines on yuour paper. Locate four points on the paper, each an equal distance from both lines. Describe the figure you get if you continue to locate points, each an equal distance from both line. I don't get where to put the points.

CheckPoint: Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint
Wow people who are giving others crap about "cheating" is bs, why the heck are you even on this website. I am on here because I have a problem with two questions. I think that's getting help. Not cheating now cheating would be taking every answer and not doing it...

During a six hour period, the temperture dropped 18degrees F. Find the average hourly change in the temperature.

Cost Accounting
Based on public information for Walmart, can you discern what the cost drivers are for Walmart? If you can, what are they? If not, what cost drivers do you beleive are relevant for Walmart?

Critical thiinking
(1) It is an article of faith among some economists that the significant inventions of the contemporary world are the results of the innovative genius of big business organizations. (2) Yet in the United States, the current trend toward corporate mergers has been accompanied ...

Respond to the following questions (25 points): 1. Which publicly traded company will you use for the final project? 2. Based on publicly available information for your company, can you tell if the company uses an activity-based costing system? What advantages do you think an ...

2. Based on publicly available information for your company, can you tell if the company uses an activity-based costing system? What advantages do you think an activity based costing system provides or would provide (if any) for this company? Explain your answer based on the ...

Respond to the following questions (25 points): 1. Which publicly traded company will you use for the final project? 2. Based on publicly available information for your company, can you tell if the company uses an activity-based costing system? What advantages do you think an ...

Thank you Sue!

How does management use an operating budget? How do they use an activity-based budget? What are the similarities and differences between these types of budgets?

could smoking effect evolution?

how are toxins processed in your body? are they digested like food?

for blood what would be the difference in seeing a) plasma b) red blood cells c) white blood cells d) and platelets under a low powered microscope vs. a high powered microscope

* Do you mean play or the real guy?

I mean MArc Antony in THE Tragedy of Julius CAesar by Shakespeare

what path does a toxin take through your body? I know it is digested and absorbed into the blood stream by the small intestine but does it take a different path than food? Please help!

is this how you say we were going to watch nous voyions

Organizational Culture
Objective of Exercise: Use Appendix Q to research organizational culture. Write a 100- to 200- word customer base description and the 300- to 400- word set of customer service standards. Also, write a 500- to 750- word essay in APA format on an organizational culture you ...

How do I solve this? (2x^1/2) * (6x^2 - x^1/2) Here it is in words to make the equation clearer (two x to the one half power) multiplied by (6x squared minus x to the one half power)

A machine earns the company revenue at a continuous rate of 62000 t + 43000 dollars per year during the first six months of operation, and at the continuous rate of $74000 per year after the first six months. The cost of the machine is $155000. The interest rate is 5.5% per ...

because if you choose one this you give up another.

Yes, personally, but no could also be argued I suppose.

Gen 105
50 word su mmary on reniforce or contradictedsomething about yourself

Gen 105
50 word summary describing how each site either reinforce or contradicated something about yourself

Gen 105
50 word summary how each site reinforced or contradicted something about yourself

grammar 8th grade
one group is a horse. the next group is a dog. join the sentenses and you get: one group looks like a horse and the other looks like a dog.

T/F Malibu Beach Parties finds that the tastes and preferences of its customers change more rapidly than in the past. The manager is constantly looking for external ideas from customers, suppliers, competition, and the sales force I think this answer is false becuase sales ...

International Business
Describe the driving business forces in both the foreign and domestic environment. In what ways do they operate differently? Why? Provide an example.

Explain why dominant traits might not necessarily be the traits that show up most frequently.

what? i don't get it. ISn't 1.72*10^3 the number of electrons for 2.7uC?

If a penagonal prism has 7 faces and 10 verticies How man Edges does it have

math, I think I have it now...

I need a few more ideas but what i've got so far is that it shows chivalry because the knight are rescuing her...but that's all i can think of

illusionsgallery. com/ Rescue-of-Guinevere-Hatherell.html How does the picture above represent chivalry and how does it relate to the Arthurian Cycle?

its actually cloning Dolly

Cloning Colly- A body cell was removed from sheep #1 and the nucleus and its DNA was removed from the body cell. An egg (gamete) was removed from sheep #4 and its nucleus from the egg was discarded. The nucleus and its DNA from sheep 1 is inserted into the egg of sheep 4 and ...

ok thank-you!

oh ok i understand is 13.12. Thank-you!

what is 13.12066116 rounded to the nearest hundredth

oh ok thank-you

"The photographs which the man brought showing bridges and cities, trains, boats, big buildings, were not impressive to us...Having had no experience with the diminished scale of things in a photograph, we gained no magnitude." Does this sentence say that the people ...

COM215 Axia College
Need help with COM215 Week 4 Day 7 Ques ASSIGNMENT Assignment WEEK 4 Informative, Positive, Negative, and Persuasive Messages Due Day 7 (Individual Forum) Scenario 1: Write an informative message that tells one of your colleagues at work or one of your friends how to enroll at...

cultural diversity-reposted question

Cultural Diversity

I teach English Literature. Please know that a huge population of Latinos live in Massachusetts. Instead of the place in the setting, look at the time of year. Why would someone pawn something at this time? Why is the items associated with the cultural band? Yes, the idea is ...

What is 1/1000000 (one divided by a millions) multiplied by 1/1000000 (one divided y a million)?

If a husband and wife have a 50% chance of having a child with autism (50% of their children should be born with it). In reality, would this 50% ratio be more closely approached if they had FEW children or MANY children?

algebra I
(3,4) (9 -7)

Thank-you! This really helped a lot!

I'm doing a project on nationalism where i have to create my own unified country. How can we raise money for a navy and army? Also, how can we export more than we import?

An airplane wants to drop a load of fish inot a small lake in the mountains. The plane is flying at its min speed 40 m/s, and is 50 meters above the surface of the lake. a.) Where relative to the lake should the plane be when the fish are dropped so that they land in the ...

How may Orientalism and prejudice contribute to hate crimes against against Muslims, Arabs, and related groups? =)

List two to three characteristics of Orientalism? Scroll to the bottom for the most recent posts (questions as well as answers). =)

Matter Grade 3
I have to give an ex of a solid, liquid and gas and write a sentence telling what I know about the shape and volume of each. My ex for solid is rock;liquid is juice and gas is air. How would I make sentences describing shape and vol. For rock i did: The shape & volume of a ...

algebra help please
Business and finance. The cost of producing a number of items x is given by C = mx + b, in which b is the fixed cost and m is the variable cost (the cost of producing one more item). (a) If the fixed cost is $40 and the variable cost is $10, write the cost equation. would the ...

Campus Print Shop is thinking of purchasing a new, modern copier that automatically collates pages. The machine would cost $22,000 cash. A service contract on the machine, considered a must because of its complexity, would be an additional $200 per month. The machine is ...

Yoshika Landscaping is contemplating purchasing a new ditch-digging machine that promises savings of $5,600 per year for 10 years. The machine costs $21,970, and no salvage value is expected. The company's cost of capital is 12%. You have been asked to advise Yoshika ...

chemistry... confusing!
a scuba diver breathing normal air descend to 100 m of depth, where the toal pressure is 11 atm. What is the partial pressure of oxygen that the diver experiences at this depth? I know that at 100m that a diver would have to breathe Heliox, meaning that the air in the tank is ...

Can you please put this into iambic penatmeter: It is the end of time as we know it The end of four years is coming very near It is time to look at my yearbook a bit, It's the yearbook of my past times, so dear Iambic pentameter sounds something like this: da-DA da-DA da-...

the nufone communications company must run a telephone line between two poles at opposite ends of a lake. the length and width are 75 feet and 30 feet. what is the distance between the two poles to the nearest foot? The lake is rectangular? Where on the opposite ends are the ...

Simplify- 2(x+2y)-y 5a+2b+3b-7a 2(2r-2)-8(2r+2) Here are some rules that might be helpful: I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

wow... i had the same exact spelling worksheet thatnks 4 the answers!!

living environment
WHY IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PHOTOSYNTHESIS AND RESPIRATION DECSCRIBED AS A CYCLE? chemically, they are reverse processes: photosynthesis makes organic molecules and oxygen water from carbon dioxide and water. Respiration takes in oxygen and then "burns" the energy ...

name each of the articles of confederatrion? Article I - Style Article II - States Rights Article III - Mutual defense Article IV - Laws of other states to be abided; extradition Article V - The Legislature Article VI - Rights denied the States Article VII - Appointment of ...

what happened at the philadelphia convention? got no idea!

what is a federal system of government?'s a government with central powers. Like, it's what we have in the U.S., with the 3 main branches.

one vote per state, no executive or judicial branches, and no national courts were all weaknesses of what government? The Continental Congress of the Amrerican States, before the Constitution was adopted, 1776-1789

Social Studies
What was the name of the government that was developed after the revolutionary war? I do believe that it would be the Articles of Confederation, which eventually failed.. Articles of confederation is not the "name of the government." Do you mean First Continental ...

what was the names of the invading and defending army's at the battle of hastings in 1066 The Battle of Hastings is also known as the Norman Invasion of England. Check this site form more information.

question about "time"
Which is a dimension of time? a continuum,counting from one to twelve, where something occurs, sequencing number patterns? Where somthing occurs. nothing hapens without time

When the numerator and the denominator of a fraction is the same - What is the fraction called? When the numerator and denominator are the same, like 2/2 (two parts of two), 5/5 (five parts of five), etc. we call it the whole number, one.

Hi, i'm kinda lost with this one. a ball is thrown at 15m/s at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizontal , how far does it travel horizontally before making contact with the ground? THANKS IN ADVANCE! You'll need to determine how long the object is in the air first. ...

math, science
Ecology, math and geography are _______. you need to find out what they have in common. ecology, mathe and geography are related

Electricity and Electronics
A circuit contains twodevices that are connected in parallel. If the resistance of one of these devices is 12 ohms and the resistance of the other devices is 4 ohms, the total resistance of the two devices is? 1/R = 1/R1 + 1/R2 You have R1 and R2. Solve for R. It will be less ...

Electricity and Electronics
electrons are emitted from a conductor when the conductor is? heated? I can think of a lot of words that would go here. You really haven't given us much to go on. From the context of your question and how it relates to what you are studying, give us some choices if you don...

Electricity and Electronics
if the resistance of an circuit is 12 ohms and the voltage in the circuit is 60 V, the current flowing through the circuit is? Are you talking d.c.? E = IR, solve for I and I = E/R E = 60 V R = 12 ohoms

brain teaser help
100 P in a D? 100 Pennies in a Dollar

Global History
What is the difference between Communism and Capitalism? communism-system based on common ownership of Poland where I live it was also a political doctrine. capitalism-system in which trade and industry are controlled by private owners.about 15 years ago it was in ...

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