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  1. physics

    no idea
  2. MRP Operations Managment

    On Hand is the quantity of the item that is on hand at the beginning of period 1. Lead time is the amount of time from when an order is placed to when it arrives. See page 278. Lot Size - LFL means lot-for-lot, we order material only as it is needed. See page 282. Lot size &#...
  3. chemistry

  4. 7th grade social studies Ms. Sue please

    Yes they are all correct :)
  5. math question

  6. math question

    How do you write 1/2 as a percent?
  7. math

  8. math

    0.46*50=23 votes right
  9. math

    In the election 46% of the class voted for Celina. If there are 50 members in the class, how many votes did Celina receive?
  10. VERY URGENT math question

  11. VERY URGENT math question

    40 popcorn balls? I am right i think.
  12. VERY URGENT math question

    Owen was stacking popcorn balls on a table. He put sixteen balls on the table. He added three more layers. Each layer had four fewer balls than the previous layer. How many popcorn balls in all did Owen put on the table?
  13. math

    You kinda hurt m fellings I am only 7 years old and in 2nd grade you know.
  14. math

    How many pounds of candy selling for $2.25 a pound should be added to four pounds of candy selling for $4 a pound to create a blend, which will sell for $3.25 a pound?
  15. Math

    An airplane flying at a speed of about 100 mph was once overtaken and passed by a flock of sandpipers! Suppose that a flock of these birds can fly at 110 miles per hour with a certain wind and at 90 mph against it. If they fly a certain distance with the wind and the same ...
  16. science

    Can venus be seen at night without a telescope?
  17. Math

    Actually it's C because 25% is equal to 1/4. So that means that 3/4 is what the rest of the world produces. To make it simple 1/4 + 3/4= 4/4= 1whole. Got it now?
  18. physics

    A toy cannon fires a .11 kg shell with initial velocity vi=10m/s in the direction 52 degrees above the horizontal. The shell's trajectory curves downward because of gravity, so that time t=.61 s the shell is below the straight line by some vertical distance deltaH. find ...
  19. Statistic

    I’m having problems creating the flow chart, so I am unable to insert the numbers. This is what I have done this far, and I’m not sure if I’m accurate with the calculations. (1) A school cafeteria is operated by five persons performing the activities listed ...
  20. algebra

  21. math 5th

    number puzzles You say this number when you start at 0 and count by 15. You say this number when you start at 0 and count by 25. This number is less than 200. This number is even.
  22. Physics

    no one answered your question for years...
  23. chemistry. am i doing this right?

    how do i find the rate then?
  24. chemistry. am i doing this right?

    1.) One of the trials in this week's experiment in chemical kinetics was determined to be 10.60 seconds. Evaluate log10(rate). log10(rate) = Would I just plug 10.60 in for the rate?
  25. physics

    it's supposed to be time, not distance as answer
  26. physics

    how do i make a velocity vs. time graph? i have a graph of acceleration vs. time and i am told to find distance between a certain amount of time and i was told to make a graph. is there any other way to find distance or is the velocity vs. time graph necessary?
  27. physics

    For the one dimensional motion of an object along an axis, choose all the statements that are True. 1.) If the object reverses direction and goes the opposite way, the sign of the velocity changes. 2.) If the acceleration has the opposite sign than the velocity (and is not ...
  28. chemistry

    Calculate the heat outflow when 2 kg of dry saturated steam at 8.0 bar is converted into ice at -lO0C.
  29. Physics

    Where is the 0.707 coming from? And I plugged k= 8.99 x 10^9, q= 2.65 x 10^-6, and s= 0.408 into the net force toward the center equation to get 0.347N. So this is the magnitude that all of the charges would have, correct?
  30. Physics

    There are four charges, each with a magnitude of 2.65 microcoulombs. Two are positive and two are negative. The charges are fixed to the corners of a 0.408-m square, one to a corner, in such a way that the net force on any charge is directed toward the center of the square. ...
  31. Quemistry

    L has twice the volume of container J. Container J is at a temperature of 100 K, and container L is at 200 K. How does the pressure in container J compare with that in container L
  32. Business

    B is correct answer
  33. econ

    Suppose the country of Maverick has specialized in the production of a good but has not yet entered into trade. At this point in time, Maverick has A. Moved to a level of production outside its production possibilities curve. B. Shifted its production possibilities curve ...
  34. Chemistry

    Calculate the concentration of H+(aq) and the concentration of OH-(aq) for the following solution with the following pH at 298K showing all your working. pH = 3.20
  35. Math

    this is not a linear equations Jeffrey's Bank Account Week Balance 1 $10 2 $24 3 $38 4 $52 5 $66 6 $80 using the infomation from the table, write an equation that represents the balance in jeffrey's bank account as a function of the number of weeks i forgot how to find...
  36. math

    Find the derivative of the function y = sqrt of s^11 + 1 the entire thing is under the square root and and 1 is not in the exponent. Is the answer 1/2 (s^11 +1)^-1/2(11s^10)?
  37. Chemistry

    An structural isomer of bromobutane (C4H9Br) can be hydrolysed using aqueous sodium hydroxide to produce butanol. This can be represented by the following equation: C4H9Br(l) + OH-(aq)  C4H9OH(l) + Br-(aq) This reaction was investigated experimentally and the following...
  38. math

    1lb candy 502 pieces cost 16.8 cents ounce,how do you find out the cost of 1 piece of candy?
  39. Math

    Find the derivative: y = square root of x(x+14). The square root is only on the x. Please show work and explain. I don't know how to do this. Thanks!
  40. Geography- Market Areas

    h t t p : / / w w w . w i l e y .c o m/ college/kuby/0471701211/compchact/ch09/index.htm?newwindow=true get rid of spaces
  41. Geography- Market Areas

    The GIS assumes that you will root for the team nearest you. Thus, it draws market areas based solely on the distance to the nearest baseball team. In real life, however, other factors can affect or distort the market area so that the distance is not equally divided between ...
  42. Calculus. please helppp!!

    1) Two cars travel in the same direction along a straight road. The figure below shows the velocity, V, of each car at time t. Car B starts 3 hours after car A and car B reaches a maximum velocity of 40 km/hr. a. For approximately how long does each car travel? Car A: ...
  43. Math

  44. Chemistry. Please help!!

    Calculate the final temperature when a 18.7 gram sample of ice at 0 degrees C is placed into a styrofoam cup containing 113 grams of water at 71.6 degrees C. Assume that there is no loss or gain of heat from the surroundings. Heat of fusion of ice = 333 Jg^-1 Specific heat of ...
  45. Chemistry. Please help!

    it's ok. i figured out the last ones. thanks so much!!
  46. Chemistry. Please help!

    For the problems below, I have the answers written but from questions d-i, I don't understand how they got the answer. I tried doing it and somehow I messed up with the formula with 3/2 and 5/2 so please show work on how they got the answers for d-i. In answering this set ...
  47. math

  48. math

    If there are 32 students and 5/8 walk to school . How many walk to school. HOw is this problem worked out
  49. calculus. please helppp!!

    that worked. thank u so much!!
  50. calculus. please helppp!!

    is there a way to use difference quotients for it?
  51. calculus. please helppp!!

    urghh it says that's not right!
  52. calculus. please helppp!!

    the values changed. now its table is: (0, 14) (2, 38) (4, 60), (6, 77) (8, 93) (10, 104) so i said the first derivative is positive, second is negative. f^' (2) ---> between x=0 and x=2, it's 12 between x = 2 and x = 4, it's 11 average = 11.5 f^' (8) ---->...
  53. calculus. please helppp!!

    its says the answers are wrong. doesn't specify which one. so I'm not sure if the actual answer is wrong or if its the negative sign.
  54. calculus. please helppp!!

    i tried the for x = 2, -12.25 and for x =8, -8.5 and the website says it's wrong. it doesn't say which one is wrong. should the values be negative or positive?
  55. calculus. please helppp!!

    for x = 8 do u use between x =6 and x=8 and between x=8 and x=10?
  56. calculus. please helppp!!

    so then for x = 8, u do the exact same steps by dividing the numbers by 2?
  57. calculus. please helppp!!

    yeah for 2 but when I tried that for x = 8, I have a huge gap between the two numbers for 8. I got between x=0 and x =8, it is -88. then dividing that by 8, i got -11. then when i did between x= 8 and x =10, i got -55. then dividing that by 8, i got -1.875 and now I'm stuck
  58. calculus. please helppp!!

    1.) values of f(t) are given in the following table: t 0 2 4 6 8 10 f(t) 137 112 88 68 49 34 Estimate (f prime) f^' (2) and f^' (8) Please show work so I can understand. I'm really stuck. if the table comes out messed up, the values are: (0, 137) (2, 112) (4, 88) (...
  59. calculus

    I'm getting confused on x= 8 would you do between x=0 and x= 8, the change is -88 and then divide that by 8 = -11 between x= 8 and x= 10, y changes -15 and then divide that by 8 to get -1.875 but then what?
  60. calculus

    oh ok. but wut about f^'(2). how do i find that from the table?
  61. calculus

    i just saw the table is messed up so the values are: (0, 137) (2, 112) (4, 88) (6, 68) (8, 49) (10, 34)
  62. calculus

    1.) values of f(t) are given in the following table: t 0 2 4 6 8 10 f(t) 137 112 88 68 49 34 a. Does this function appear to have a positive or negative first derivative? Second derivative? * I think both derivatives are negative b. Estimate (f prime) f^' (2) and f^' (...
  63. Science

    How many grams of oxygen are collected in a reaction where 230. mL of oxygen gas is collected over water at a temperature of 25°C and a total pressure of 697 torr?
  64. language

    Thank u sooo much :-).
  65. language

    1. (Glue, plural) 2. (place, plural)
  66. language

    Underline the present-tense verb. Tell whether it is singular or plural. 1. A craftsperson uses small shells or pieces of large shells. (uses ,singular) 2. most people glue the shells into the frame. (frame, plural) 3. Then they place it on a flat surface. (surface, plural). 4...
  67. language

    Please let me know if I'm right Shaped, past.
  68. language

    2. Shaped, past.
  69. language

    Rolls, present
  70. language

    Rolls, past
  71. language

    (Rolls, past)
  72. language

    Write the verb in each sentence. Write whether the action is past, present, or future 1. A Potter adds sand to the clay (adds, present) 2. Then he rolls the clay into long, pipe-shaped pieces. (Pipe-shape, past) 3.Another potters will use a potter's wheel . (will use, ...
  73. Information Systems

    Hi ..Can somebody suggest me some good ideas or topics for senior projects related to Information Systems. Thank You !
  74. Algebra

    (1/2)*(30)*(38)= 570
  75. chemistry

    how can you tell if a combination in a mixture forms a precipatate or not?How can you tell from the sollubility table?
  76. english

    Leadership Traits of Effective Managers. I NEED SOME GOOD ARTICLES FOR THIS TOPIC.
  77. Economics

    The index most widely used by the government and the private sector to measure changes in the cost of living is the (a) the GDP deflator, (b) Producer Price Index, (c) The interest rate, (d) Consumer Price Index
  78. chemistry

    what is the binding energy of an electron in a photosensitive metal (in kj/mol) if the minimum frequency of light that can eject electrons from the metal is 6.3 x 20^14 Hz?
  79. chemistry

    thank you
  80. chemistry

    radium-266 may emit a photon of light with a frequency of 4.5x 10^19 s^-1 when it undergoes nuclear fission. what is the wavelength in pm of this photon?
  81. Physics

    A boy kicks a football with an initial velocity of 20 m/s at an angle of 30 above the horizontal. What is the vertical component of it's velocity at the highest point of it's trajectory?
  82. Physics

    A hockey puck slides off the edge of a table with the initial velocity of 20m/s. The table height is 2.0 m. What is the accleration of the puck right after it leaves the table?
  83. social studies

    what is common for pilgrims and our life?
  84. physics

    Hayes fires a projectile from his air gun. The gun provides a constant 300 N of force on a 0.1 kg projectile as it travels through the 0.3 meter barrel. How fast is it going when it leaves? It starts from rest and there is no friction.
  85. Algebra

    invested $1,110.00, how much was his rate of interest?
  86. problem solving

    The greatest common factor of two nubers is one. What do you know about the numbers.
  87. math

    it is 9 am yor family vacation stars in new york city with a final estination in miami. you travel 58 miles every hour if you do not stop for meals or first head to washington d.c.and you must stop for 1 hour lunch at noon. use rounding to estimate how many ...
  88. cal

    If a ball is thrown into the air with a velocity of 41 ft/s, its height (in feet) after t seconds is given by y = 41t − 16t^2. Find the velocity when t = 1.
  89. math

    a boy is blowing a spherical balloon at a rate of 50 cm3/ what rate is the radius of the balloon changing when the radius is 10 cm?give your answer to 2 decimal places.
  90. math

    a boy is blowing a spherical balloon at a rate of 50 cm3/ what rate is the radius of the balloon changing when the radius is 10 cm?give your answer to 2 decimal places.
  91. chemistry

    calculate how many mL of 6M HCL are needed to prepare 100mL HCL solution with a concentration of ~1M?
  92. chemistry

    Which is a balanced equation for the following reaction? tin + oxygen → tin (IV) oxide
  93. Chemistry

    What is the final temperature after a 21.8 g piece of ice is placed into a styrofoam cup containing 114 g of hot water at 68.2 degrees C. Please explain because I don't even understand how to start.
  94. physics

    You are trying to find out how high you have to pitch a water balloon in order for it to burst when it hits the ground. You discover that the balloon bursts when you have pitched it to a height of 14 m. With what velocity did the balloon hit the ground? The acceleration ...
  95. physics

    Judy, by chance, spots a potted plant falling outside the window at 2.04 m/s . Further down the same building, Judy’s boyfriend clocks the pot at 56 m/s . How far apart are the friends? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 .
  96. Math

    At a party, if 1/3 of one sheet cake and 1/6 of another sheet cake remain uneaten, what fraction of a whole sheet remains uneaten .
  97. physics

    A 1200 kg car on a horizontal surface starts from rest and accelerates uniformly to 72 km/h in 20.0 s. Friction exets an average force of 450 N on the car during this time. a) what is the net work done on the car b) how far does the car move during this acceleration now i ...
  98. Math

    For 3 person relay, a coach can choose from 4 of his top runners. How many different 3- person teams can he choose?
  99. chem

    a piece of (density= 10.5 g/ml)dropped into water displaces 21.56 ml of water. what is the mass (in grams) of this piece of silver?
  100. computers

    I need some good links for technology newsletter related to information technology.
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