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    30. c 31. d 32: d
  2. History

    Which group creates the largest land empire in the 12th and 13th century? Chinese Mongols Muslims Russians I say, Muslims. Is this correct??
  3. History

    In my note, i wrote latin west and western europe. Are these to mean the same thing??
  4. History

    is the last one Latin west???
  5. History

    What are three heirs of ROme after the fall of the Western Empire? I think I know two, which are...Byzantine and Islamic. But what is the last one?? or is my two answer right??
  6. math

    one more please!! a bike club wants to make license plates for the neighborhood bikes. each license plate has a letter followed by a digit. how many different license plates can be made??? explain please so i can understand how to find the anser THANKS!!!!
  7. math

    ben has 15 puzzles and 27 cds, when he takes a trip he likes to bring one puzzle and one cd as entertainment. how many trips can he take with a different puzzle and cd pair?? and please show how to solve it.....
  8. History

    Was craft guild back in the days same as inspector of today or apprenticeship??What I want to know is a Craft guilds are basically early versions of what that helps unify workers today?
  9. math

    How do i do this practice math problem? Julie Molony opened Julie’s Maids Catering Service on July 1, 2010. During July the company completed the following transactions: July 1 Invested $14,000 in common stocks in the business. 1 Purchased a delivery truck for $10,000, ...
  10. English (literature)

    Can someone compare both William Bradford and Thomas Morton's reasons for coming to the new world? thank you.
  11. pre algebra

    How do I sketch a||b, b||c, c perpendicular to d in one picture?
  12. biochemistry

    someone please answer thissssss
  13. History

    How did Byzantines preserve the traditions of the Romans? could you list few for me??
  14. History

    Sweet! I knew it! Thank you :)
  15. History

    What was the name of the people who settled Gaul that became modern France? Was is the romans??? or the celtics???
  16. History

    Which group is most associated with the fall of the Western Roman empire? Was it Carthaginians, Gauls, Huns, or the Greeks?? I thought it was Egypt or Visigoths but my answer came back as wrong :(
  17. History

    I meant *I am not sure it its right**
  18. History

    When was the height of Egyptians, Athenians, Alexander's empire, and Roman Empire? I am having hard time finding the exact or round about year to these. I've found two so far, but I am sure if its right. please help so i can study for my test! thank you! This is what i...
  19. quantum physics

    ass 6 q6:Now, consider the case where N4 elements are marked instead of just one. If we run one iteration of Grover's algorithm and measure, what is the probability that we see a marked element? q7: Which of the following observables correspond to a standard basis ...
  20. Social Studies

    Yes it is A.
  21. math

    Working together, 2 groomers can brush 8 horses in 3 hours. How many hours would it take 3 groomers to brush 12 horses at this rate?
  22. math/chemisty

    Find the volume of a starburst candy (220 cm cubed). The mass is 5.14 grams. Calculate it's density. How many starburst would it take to fill your locker (139,200 cm cubed)? Use dimensional analysis to solve this problem.
  23. chemisty

    Find the volume of a starburst candy (220 cm cubed). The mass is 5.14 grams. Calculate it's density. How many starburst would it take to fill your locker (139,200 cm cubed)? Use dimensional analysis to solve this problem.
  24. Math

    What is the product of 9 and 1.333333333?
  25. math

    Jim has 1/3 as many goldfish as Hannah. Hannah has 5 times as many goldfish as Ping. If Ping has 15 goldfish, how many goldfish does Jim have?
  26. math

    To make punch for her upcoming party, Mary used a recipe that calls for 1/2 cup of fruit juice per serving. If she has e gallons of fruit juice, what is the greatest number of servings of punch she can make? (note: 1 gallon=16 cups)
  27. math

    There are some frogs and some lily pads at a pond. If lily pads with frogs on them have two frogs each, then there is one lily pad with no frogs on it. If each lily pad has exactly one frog on it, then there is a frog with no lily pad. How many frogs are at the pond?
  28. math

    The heights of the five starters of a college basketball team are 6'6, 6'7, 6'9, 6'11 and 7'. What it the mean height of these players , in inches?
  29. math

    In the xy-plane, lines a and b intersect at point (5,-2), and lines b and c intersect at point (-3,3). What is the slope of line b? Express your answer as a common fraction
  30. math

    What is the product of the digits of 71?
  31. MATH

    the numerator of a fraction is one-half the denominator! If the numerator is is increased by 2 and denominator is decreased by 2, the value of the fraction is 2/3. What is the numerator of the original fraction?
  32. MATH

  33. Math

    Raisin sell for $3.99 per pound. How much will 33 1/3 pounds of raisins cost?
  34. Math

    For what positive integer n is 2n+3n+4n=nn?
  35. Math

    If x and y are positive integers such that xy =8, what is the maximum possible value of x + y?
  36. math

    Half of a third of x equals a fourth of y plus a fifth of y. If'x=27, what is the value of y?
  37. Math

    A state creates license plates that each contain two letters followed by three digits. The first letter must be a vowel and duplicate letters and digits are allowed. How many different plates are possible?
  38. Math

    Solve the fraction problem and reduce the answer to simplest form 85 5 8 - 29 7 8 =
  39. calculus

  40. business law

  41. Math Growth & Decay

  42. algebra

    (s) is at least 5 times as great as the number of bieber fans (b)
  43. algebra

    i got this question off a benchmark
  44. algebra

    (a) of 3000 she makes 55 an hour (h) and how many hours will it take to have an account balance of 3220 a: a=3000+55h;3220 b: 3000+55h =a:5h c: 55+3000h= a=4hours d:a=3000 +55h;4hour
  45. science

    what are the changes of statein which energy is increased
  46. science

    a boat weights 10,000 newtons what is the magnitude of buoyant force acting on boat in the fliud
  47. science

    a 100 pound life guard dives underwater to save a 150 pound person who is drowning the life guard will be able to lift the person to the surface because a:the buoyant force acts as an upward force on the person b:the force of gravity is less in water c:the force of water is ...
  48. algebra1

    6x+2/3x+3 division sign 2x-2/4x+4
  49. algebra

    6x+2/3x+3 division sign 2x-2/4x+4
  50. algebra1

    6x+2/3x+3 division sign 2x-2/4x+4
  51. algebra1

    he drove an average of 50 mph for 6 h for the 1st 4 hours he drove 47 mph what was his speed for the ast 2 hours
  52. geometry

  53. algebra

    if ne person can do 25 sqare feet in 4 hours and another in 5 hours how much concrete can they do working together in 8 hours\ \ \
  54. algebra

    Andy’s average driving speed for a 4-hour trip was 45 miles per hour. During the first 3 hours he drove 40 miles per hour. What was his average speed for the last hour of his trip?
  55. akgebra

    One pipe can fill a tank in 20 minutes, while another takes 30 minutes to fill the same tank. How long would it take the two pipes together to fill the tank?
  56. rty

    april, bill, candace and bobby are to be seated at random in a row of 6 chairs
  57. algebra

    find the vertex of 400-16tsquared
  58. algebra

    An object that is projected straight downward with initial velocity v feet per second travels a distance s vt 16t 2 =+ , where t =time in seconds. If Ramón is standing on a balcony 84 feet above the ground and throws a penny straight down with an initial velocity of 10 ...
  59. algebra

    An object that is projected straight downward with initial velocity v feet per second travels a distance s vt 16t 2 =+ , where t =time in seconds. If Ramón is standing on a balcony 84 feet above the ground and throws a penny straight down with an initial velocity of 10 ...
  60. algebra

    if x is a x real number what is the sum of x and the opposite of x a-1 b-0 c:-x d- x+1/x
  61. algebra

    what ca be concluded from the box below x+3>7 then x+3-3>7-3 a:x-3 b:x+3-3>7-3 c:
  62. algebra

    find the vertex of 400-16tsquared
  63. math

  64. Math

  65. us history

    what roel did jacksons popularity play n the election of 1836 and 1840
  66. chm

    You are heating crushed ice and a small amount of water and monitoring the temperature of the icy slurry until it reaches the point were the ice is nearly melted. How does the temperature change during this process? The temperature drops as the ice absorbs the heat and ...
  67. Chem

    idk man
  68. chm

    If a neutral element has 8 neutrons and 7 electrons, which expression correctly identifies the element?
  69. fractions

  70. chm

    Which of the following is a covalent compound composed of nonpolar covalent bonds? Answer >>H2 H2O CF4 CH4 NaF
  71. chemistry

    What is the osmotic pressure, expressed in the unit mmH2O, of a solution containing 125 ug of vitamin B12 (C63H88CoN14O14P) in 2.50 mL H2O at 25 degrees C? Answer: 9.33 mmH2O
  72. Chemistry: Freezing point

    An aqueous solution is prepared by dissolving 1.08 g of human serum albumin, a protein obtained from blood plasma, in 50.0 mL of water. The solution has an osmotic pressure of 0.00770 atm at 298 K. What is the molar mass of the albumin? Answer: 6.86 x 10^4 g/mol
  73. Chemistry

    A crystalline white solid is a mixture of glucose (C6H12O6) and sucrose (C12H22O11). Is it possible that a 10.00 g sample of the solid dissolved in 100.0 g H2O might have a freezing point of -1.25 degrees C? Explain. Answer: No. The freezing point would be -1.03 degrees C
  74. Chemistry

    A 1.065-g sample of an unknown substance is dissolved in 30.00 g of benzene; the freezing point of the solution is 4.25 degrees C. The compound is 50.69% C, 4.23% H, and 45.08% O by mass. Info you might need on benzene: Normal Freezing point,degrees C: 5.53 Kf, degrees m^1: 5....
  75. Chemistry

    What mass of sucrose, C12H22O11, should be added to 75.0 g H2O to raise the boiling point to 100.35 degrees C? Molal boiling point of water: 0.512 Kb, degrees C m^-1 Answer: 18 g sucrose
  76. chm

    Why are the atomic masses listed in the periodic table not whole numbers? Answer Scientists have yet to make the precise measurements. That would be too much of a coincidence. ??>>The atomic masses are average atomic masses. or >>Today's instruments are able to...
  77. chm

    How would you classify the following material?swimming pool water homogeneous mixture<<< heterogeneous mixture a pure element a pure compound depends on how many children have been in it
  78. algebra 1

    If it is 1/(a-y) = 1/y then cross multiply to get y = a -y solve for y in terms of a.
  79. Math

    pace is 400 meters/48 seconds You could use a proportion; 400/48 = x/192
  80. Math -algerbra

    Are you just taking the square root of the x? If so: x - square root of x = 12 or is it x = sqrt(x+10) + 2? if so: x -sqrt(x+10) = 2 Square both sides: Then solve.
  81. math

    It means when y = 0 then x = 1 0 = 1^2 + b(1) + 1 0 = 1 + b + 1 Solve for b.
  82. Algebra 1

    3n - 4n -4 = 1/3(n+4) -n - 4 = 1/3 (n+4) multiply all parts by 3 -3n -12 = n + 4 -4n = 16 n = -4
  83. Chemistry

    4.0 g/1mole = .54 g/x mole This is a proportion. Cross multiply to find the answer
  84. Please help on geometry - analytic geometry

    It helps if you plot the points first, then you can find the length of the sides of the triangle. area of a triangle is 1/2 base times height.
  85. Algebra 1

    That isn't the answer. That was just an example of what consecutive even numbers mean to show why we are using n, n+2 and n+4. My equation is the same as yours.
  86. Algebra 1

    Even numbers have a differnce of two. 2, 6, and 8 are consecutive even numbers. Let n = 1st Let n + 2 = 2nd Let n + 4 = 3rd 3(n) - 2(2n+2) = 1/3(n+4) Here is the equation. Can you solve it?
  87. Math

    l + 2w = perimeter l + 2w = 24 l = 24-2w Area = l times w (24-2w)w = Area. 24w -2w^2 = Area. If you are doing this using calculus, you would take the derivative of the area and set it equal to zero to find w.
  88. Guidance and Discipline

    What are the choices?
  89. math

    x = the number you start with after round 1: you have x/2 1/3 of those are eliminated which means 2/3 remain Multiply x/2 times 2/3 = x/3 Next round 1/4 are eliminated which means that 3/4 remain. 3/4 times x/3 = x/4 Can you finish from here with rounds 5 and 6 it should end ...
  90. Math

    x = 1st number and y = second number 2x + y = 24 2x - y = 12 Can you finish from here? Add the two equations to eliminate y and solve for x. Then find y. Be sure to check both x and y in both equations to be sure you are correct.
  91. math

    There are 100 students... and 40 boys. What is the probability of getting a boy? Student wears eye glasses. It looks like 40 wear eye glasses so 40/100 again. I am not sure if the question is two separate problems or they are trying to say .. if you picked a boy and that he ...
  92. graphing

    I put the numbers in using the stat function of the TI-83. I hit STAT and edit to put in the numbers in L1 and L2. Then I did Stat -Calc and I chose Quadreg and L1 L2 from keyboard and enter.
  93. graphing

    I am taking a chance at this one. See if you agree or not. (0,0) is the initial starting point (55, 0) is the ending point 24.8 is the max height which occurs 1/2 between 0 and 55 so that gives us another point (27.5, 24.8) I used the quadratic regression on the graphing ...

    Try a google search. I don't see any history tutors online right now. If you can't find anything repost.
  95. Math

  96. Math

    You need to multiply all of the exponents by the 1/4 write 81 and 3^4 first then multiply the 4 times 1/4 =1 so you just have 3^1 which is 3. Now, can you do a and b?
  97. math

    L = 3+ 2W see how I created this equation from the first sentence? 77 = LW I will write this by substituting for L 77 = (3+2w)w 77 = 3w + 2w^2 You want to write this in the form of ax^2 + bx + c= 0 because that will allow you to factor and find the width. You will get two ...
  98. math

    this value is given to the nearest cent. To round to the nearest tenth or ten cent would be 114.30 to round to the nearest cent.. I would need something like 114.291 that would round to 114.29
  99. history

    I bet you could find this in a google search. I don't see a history person online right now. I might guess Mao.
  100. Math 0098

    See if you can do this one. It is the same idea as what I just helped you with. Work it out and I will be happy to check your answer.