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fractions, decimals,and percents
What are some uses for fractions, decimals, and percents? FIND AT LEAST 2 AND TELL WHY!

1st grade
its like hour our and butt but and buy and steal and steel and wok and walk.

2nd grade
what is the scrambled word for this oedown?

the frog who moved to paris just so he could order french fries

2nd grade
are you drunk what are you talking about dude.

2nd grade
what is the synonym for brown?

Number Sense: What number is 10,000 less than 337,676?

please paraphrases the following paragraphs: "Whenever we suggested any plan, there was shrinking-the odds were fearful. Our path was beset with the greatest obstacles; and if we succeeded in gaining the end of it, our right to be free was yet questionable-we were yet ...

17 11/(12 ) ÷6 1/10

please help me fix the gramma, and give me some comment on the essay, what do i need to edit?? In the story of “The Sky is Gray”, the main character, James, takes the journey from the farm to the town with his mother. During the journey, he suffers many hardships, ...

Is there a site that gives the pronounciation for all verbs? and their conjugations? Thanks

acrostic poems
help me with an acrostic poem about the school

start by treating the problem like it is a quadratic. Let u = x^2 u^2 - 6u + 5 Factors as: (u-5)(u-1) (x^2 -5)(x^2 -1) =0 Whenever there is = 0, Normally, you have to solve for x and not stop at the factoring step. Set each factor = to zero. (x^2-5)=0 or (x^2 - 1) = 0 x^2 = 5 ...

when was the Davul drum invented?

Chemistry DrBob
me thinks u right

2 H2S (g) + SO2 (g) <===> ƒnƒn3 S (s) + 2 H2O (g) 1) At 298 K, the standard enthalpy change, H¢X, for the reaction represented below is -145 kilojoules. (a) Predict the sign of the standard entropy change, S¢X, for the reaction. Explain the basis ...

Biology - oxidative phosphorylation
Some things I don't understand: If oxygen accepts electrons from the electron transport chain, how does it become a molecule of water? ie where does the hydrogen come from? In chemiosmosis, protons are pumped against their concentration gradient across the inner ...

Explain the metaphor of adam and eve sin?



can someone proofread this for me and make comments.. thanks Compare and Contrast / A College Education Patrick Allitt maintains that Undergraduates should be able to Specialize and that liberal arts are a matter of choice for those undecided, but that specialization be ...

Social Studies
what did raffaello Santi effect the world with?how?pls help me its for my midterms!

Social Studies
What did Raphael Sanzio have effect on the world?Pls help!

pol. science
"The Bill of Rights was intended to limit the powers of the national government to infringe on the rights and liberties of the citizenry." Explain this statement and describe, showing a thorough knowledge of historic events, how the principles in the Bill of Rights ...

doesnt (-) make the numbder postive like (-10)=10 and (-7)=7 that's right

can someone check and see if i did this right An 800 g solution of acid and water contains 128 g of acid. What percent of the solution is acid? 100=128/800*100 128/800=6.25 6.25*100=625

inhibited is to qualms as a. retentive is to memories b. indiscrimative is to standards c. skittish is to reservations d. resolute is to misgivings

related rates: a ladder, 12 feet long, is leaning against a wall. if the foot of the ladder slides away from the wall along level ground,what is the rate of change of the top of the ladder with respect to the distance of the foot of the ladder from the wall when the foot is 6 ...

That did not help in the least bit, thanks for nothing!

Hi for poetry i need to research futurism and the founder f.t.marinetti. the thing is i cant find any poems written by him, all i can find are his manifestos which are super long. so if u can help me find any poems written by him that would be awesome thanks :)

k= A(Y)/L MPa=Pa(1/1000)^2(mPa) K=4.4*10^5

A) 7.7*10^7 Pa

marriage of figaro
does mozart compose the music in the opera in such a way that he puts the nobility as above the peasantry?

Biology - Diffusion
I know diffusion is movement of matter from high to low concentration. Does that mean that it will try to make the molarity of both sides equal?

World History
The Mongols in india were foreigners who were also: A.) Confucians B.) Buddhists C.) Muslims D.) Christians

my teacher marked these phrases as wrong but i don't know what about them is wrong: 1. je revelerais sans prevenir 2. j'ai vendu mes robes plus jolies both of them need "un mot a ajouter"

history - greece
essay question is: the golden age of classical greece (500-323 BC) is the first great age of humanism in the evolution of western civilization. if this is true, how might we account for its development in the greek renaissance (800-500 BCE)? Show how the greek humanism has ...

13 and 15


What are two chemical and two physical properties of water? Please help me. Thank you. physical properties: boiling point, freezing point,density, color, electrical conductivity chemical properties: reactivity with sodium. Reactivity and decomposition with electrictiy.

we put 2 mirrors perpendicular to each other and then an object in front. the result is 3 images of that object. how does the middle image occur? The middle image appears directly behind the intersection of the two mirrors, and is a double-reflection off of two mirrors. There ...

for our lab, we had to fill a semi-circle plastic dish (with a scratch on one side) with water and find the index of refraction of water by putting a pin on one side of the dish, looking through the water, and put a pin on the other side of the dish to line up with the first ...

math (unit rate)
unit rate is like say you ate 3 pancakes for 6 dollars. the unit rate is 2 dollars a pancake

culture ethnics
how do you think an average american's perceptions of each group are created? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If I understand your question, most people tend to "stereotype" other ethnic groups. Often it is what they see in the movies, etc. (...

science science science science science science
b. because the gravity of the pull is between the moon and the earth.

What number is less than10^-8? a)0.000001 b)0.0000001 c)0.00000001 d0.0000000001 10^(-8) = 0.00000001 figure it out from there. hint: (c) = 10^-8

history-french revolution
This radical revolutionary was fatally stabbed by another revolutionary. A. Legislatvie Assembly B. Emigres C. San-culottes D. Left-wing E. Right-wing F. National Assembly G. Olympe de Gouges H. Maximilien Robespierre I. Guillotine K. National Convention L. Georges Danton ...


In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, women began to struggle the equality in the society. After the long struggle for women's equality in public, women finally pass the Married Women's Property Acts in 1882. It gave women the right to dispose their own...

grammar and comments
During the eighteenth century and nineteenth century, Britain was undergoing many social problems. In the book of Frankenstein, Mary Shelly tried to show us the role of women during the time. Women during that time did not receive the fairness treatment as women today. They ...

help check grammars and comments, thank you
-identify a major social problem -analyze and comment upon the effects of the chosen social problem -use historical documents to analyze the effects of the chosen social problem during the time. (does my essay off topic?) During the eighteenth century and nineteenth century, ...


I have to write an essay about one of the social problems during the Industrial Revolution according to the book call "Frankenstein". I don't know which topic should I choose that have enough evidence from the book to write a 7pgs essay. This will talk about ...

I have to write a 7 pgs essay about the social problems during the Industrial Revolution according to the book "Frankenstein". I don't know what topic should I choose to write about. Focus on who was making money and who was being exploited, the conditions of ...

During my four years in high school, I have taken a lots of classes to prepare for college. As I took ELD classes ( English Language Development ) during my freshman and sophomore year, I realized that I could not meet the college's requirement. So in my senior year, I ...

As a immigrant, I know that I have less chance to get into the University of California than other people. But I never give up the thought of getting into UC. As I mentioned before, I have taken as many college prep classes I could to meet the UC's requirements. Some of my...

what is phyiscal region? What is a physical region? A physical region is an area that shares a similar type of landform or physical characteristic. In South Asia, we find three physical regions: The Himalaya Mountains The Indo-Gangetic Plain The Deccan Plateau Source: (Broken ...

how do jupiter's moons stay in orbit around jupiter They rotate around jupiter. If you rotate around an object you are accelerating toward it, even though the distance can stay the same. This so-called centripetal acceleration multiplied by the mass must equal the ...

You are given the following: there are 27 pieces of data mean is 60 standard deviation is 25 You realize that one of the pieces of data is inputted wrong..... it was a 25, but it is suppose to be 52.... find the actual mean and standard deviation for the actual set of numbers ...

wow, anonymous you're so helpful. not. work and step-by-step would help.

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