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Math Help Please ASAP Connections

The development of the amniotic egg made early reptiles less dependent on water? True False

Algebra 2
Write in recursive form, an=3 a n-1 + 4, a1 =7, for n greater than or equal to 2

Algebra 2
(7x-2)^1/4+7=12, solve

Algebra 2
A 10 person student council will be selected from 18 students at a school. How many poss are there for this council?

Algebra 2
How many different four digit numbers can be made using the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. If no number can be used more than once.

Algebra 2
The braking distance of a car varies directly as the square of the speed. If braking distance of a certain car is 49 feet at 30 mph, find the approximate braking distance at 65 mph

A tank at present is 0.875 phone which is 21 litres how much water does the tank hold when full

Algebra 2
If numbers and letters can be repeated, how many different 6 - digit license plates can be made if the first two positions are letters and the last four are digits

Algebra 2
Yes, English letters

Algebra 2
If numbers and letters can be repeated, how many different 6 - digit license plates can be made if the first two positions are letters and the last four are digits

unit 6 lesson 11 rates ratios and proportions
does someone have answers for unit 6 lesson 11 test please I really need it now I just need help, please! :(

Thank you Steve

I invested a certain amount of money at 4% and an amount $2000 less than the first amount at 5%. If the income from the 5% investment is 3/4 of the income from the other, find the amount of money that I invested at 4%.

Health HELP ME!!
OMGG im in conneuxs that helped me so much tyyy


x = 500?


350 is 70% of what number? a 500 b 420 c 245***** d 280 am i right?

HEALTH PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@grace thank you so much i needed that!

ANSWERS 100% 1. D 2.D 3. B 4. A

Math, trignometry,Algebra
The curve y=sin(x)+pi/2 will experience which transformation from the function y=sin(x) 1)A shift pi/2units right 2)none of the above 3)A shift pi/2 united down 4)A shift pi/2 units up 5)A shift pi/2 units left

language arts
bob she was just defending herself that's all

Social studies
How does temperature affect settlement distribution?

Social studies
How does elevation affect settlement distrubations

A= 4,8,12,16,20 B= 1,2,3,4,6,8,12,24 Hope this helps Lucas.(:

100 possible answer questions. Hope this helps David.(:

MATH !!!
1. B 2. B 3. A Hope this helps Annabelle.(:

There are several theories upon which the ethical inquiry qualitative methodology can be based. These theories include virtue theory, deontology, and utilitarianism, and they provide a basis on which an ethical inquiry study can be built. Because the theories vary greatly in ...

a)105 students b)90 students c)35 students d)15 students e)35 students Hope this helps Lucas.(:

I am really sure that the answer to your question is D. colonization is an inevitable necessary evil.

The answer to that question is D. Hope this helps Anonymous.(:

I am 99% sure that the answer is C.

Thanks babe💋

The product of seven and a number is the same as five times the number, increased by ten. What is the number?

A particular bacterium is found to have a doubling time of 20 minutes. If a laboratory begins with a population of 300 of these bacteria, and there is no change in the growth rate, how many bacteria will be present in 55 minutes?

Write the number for 2 hundred plus 5 tens 0 ones

Write the number for 5 hundred plus 7 tens plus 8 ones

Math please!!!
Place twelve $10 bill on the place value template. Then exchange ten of the bill for one $100 bill and write the result in expanded form?

A function is given. Determine the average rate of change of the function between the given values of the variable. f(x) = 6 − x2; x = 2, x = 2 + h

If one bottle of shampoo costs $6 for 8 ounces and a second bottle $4 for 5 ounces of shampoo . Which has the lower unit rate ? How much lower of a unit rate is it

Help me!, Physics
A 60g piece of ice at an intial temperature that is unknown is placed into a glass of 250g of water sitting at room temperature when it is 80 degrees F in the room. The glass and ice come up thermal equilibrium at 4 degrees Celsius. What is the original temperature of the ...

Help! Desperate, physics
a 40 kg child slides down a frictionless playground slide from a height of 2.0m. What is her speed at the bottom of the slide? Would the answer to part A change if she jumped straight down instead of sliding? How would the answer to part A change if the slide were not ...

A U.S. resident traveling in Japan notices that the temperature in degrees F is easily calculated to be 3.7 times the temperature in degrees C. What is the temperature in degrees F?

x + 6 = 18 Substract 6 to both sides x + 6 - 6 = 18 - 6 x = 12


(?)=4 means that some thing is a distance of 4 units away from zero on the number line. What could that number(s) be ? why?

solve 4(x-3)-1(2x+7)=-14-4x

sal and thomas went to the mall to buy games for their xboxes. Thomas had $5 less than sal had. Together they have $43. If the used games they were considering buying were $20 (including sales tax),can both of tem buy games with their own money ? Why or why not ?

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What about C?

A rectange has dimensions of 1 and 6. Another rectangle was drawn from it using a scale factor of 1.5. A. The area of the large rectangle is how many times the area of the small rectangle? B. The perimter of the large rectangle is how many times the perimeter of the small ...

How many moles of chlorine are needed to react with 2.5 moles of sodium?

Thank you so much Reiny :D

Combine like terms. 12.) 7r4 + 13r2 + 9r 13.) 3 - 4x - 15x - 6x - 1 Thanks to whoever helps me :D

That's easy 3/9 are tire swings double the denominator and the numerator to equal 6/18 . That means there are 6 tire swings.

#48 is b #49 is a #50 is c #52 is d

9th Grade Classes
i don't understand about u.s. and canada. :-(

Rounding Decimals
.1 .02

7th grade marking period project
I need help im a 7th grader that has to do a project. They want me to decide what the scale wil be for oyur scale drawing or model? use a unit of measurement that will be easy for you to work with? write thescale factor down. Show the work for converting the actual dimensions ...

what is the condensed structure for the reactants and products of the following: cis-2-chloro-2-butene + HI-----> ??

what is the condensed structures for the reactants and products for 2,3-dimethly-1-butene + water (with acid catalyst)--------> ??

programming java language
For faster sorting of letters, the postal service encourages companies that send large volumes of mail to use bar code denoting the ZIP code (see figure below). Student XXXX PO Box 34689 Jeddah 21478 KSA There are full height frame bars on each side. The five encoded digits ...

programming.Java language
Write a program to plot a face. Provide a class FaceViewer and a class FaceComponent.

A rectangle has length & width in the ratio of 3:2.If the length is increased by 8 & width is increased by 50%.The ratio of new perimeter to original perimeter is 8:5.Find the area of new rectangle

A rectangle has legth & width in the ratio of 3:2.If the length is increased by 8 & width is increased by 50%.The ratio of new perimeter to origial perimeter is 8:5.Find the area of new rectangle.

8th grade
-Make a 4 quadrant graph or for this 1 quadrant is fine. -graph the y-intercept which is (0,1) -the slope is the growth factor 2/3 (rise over run) -from (0,1) go up 2 and move to the right 3 times -draw a line connecting the 2 points - and done *whenever u see a fraction refer...

5th grade
San Juan, Puerto Rico is located at about 18 degrees North, 66 degrees West. How far away, in degrees, is San Juan from the prime meridian? How do you know?

witch one is a viral disease? 1.tuberculosis 2.smallpox 3.anthrax or 4.tetanus?

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How many five-letter sequences are possible that use the letters a, p, j, e, x once each?

why is the soil profile in a rain forest different?

why does horizon B contain mineral from horizon A ?

how do organisms help soils develop?

6th grade math
it's 1/9

What's indirect measurement?

How would the demand-supply curve look if Japan sells dollars for yen?

what is the major product of dehydration of an acohol?


english- mood/tone

I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BESIDES, I'M YOUNGER THAN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M ONLY IN 4TH GRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO THERE'S MY ANSWER...