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At the starting gun a runner accelerates from the rest at 1.5 m/s squared for 2.2 seconds. What is the runner's speed 2.0 seconds after she starts running?

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Please check my post again

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Oh now I get it! Thank u so much for ur help:)

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K this was my equation 120in/n=1.386 How do I solve for n?

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Yah that's wut I thought so I tried again and I know I sound dumb but is it .0115 ?

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Alright, my final answer is 166.32 is this correct?

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Um so is it like this : 0.693 x 120 = 83.16 120/n=83.16 =9979.2?

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I don't get how to get N, please show me cause I don't understand

Radioactivity or science
A radioactive isotope source has a mass of 120ug. If the isotope had a half life of 20s, what would be the mass if the isotope after 2 mins?

Moms day question
I would get her something to make her feel special because moms r very special and they have done so much for their kids. Giving birth is no joke so get her something that will make her know that u appreciate her. Maybe something she likes or even something original like a ...

algebra 1
Factor x^2-48x-48=0

Subject: Buying a House Is "Steps in Buying A House" a good thesis.

How long, to the nearest year, will it take an investment to triple if it is continuously compounded at 18% per year? I used A=Pe^rt to get the wrong answer 20 years. Don't understand what is wrong Thanks

Business Math
How long will it take a $400 investment to be worth $700 if it is continuously compounded at 12% per year? I got the answer 6.71 years, but it was wrong, using the A=Pe^rt Thank you

Buying a House Is "Steps in buying a house" a good thesis

How would you design an experiment to determine the osmolarity (amount of water) in an egg?