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what is the graph of the function y = 2 x 2^x graphs below i think it is graph c

how many moles of oxygen are there in 50.0 grams of KClO3? Given: 50.0 g KClO3 Find: ? mol O K= 39.10 g/mol Cl= 35.45 g/mol O= (16.00)x3= 48.00 g/mol Total: 122.55 g/mol KClO3 50.0 g KClO3 x 1 mol KClO3/122.55 g/mol KClO3=0.408 mol KClO3 0.408 mol KClO3 x 3(oxygen)=1.22 moles O

3rd grade math (not algebra!)
Ehh I just knew

3rd grade math (not algebra!)
4 yellow bikes 8 blue bikes 6 green bikes 4+8+6=18

social studies
Constantine began to support Christianity when his life changed. According to Constantine, the Greek letters for the word Christ- chi rho- appeared in the sky above hom. Over these letters were the Latin word- in hoc signo vinces- meaning " In this sign you will conquer...

The straight line x+2y+4=0 passes through (4,k), then value of k=?

The center of a circle is A(-3,3) an B(1,6) is in the circle. Find the area of the circle in terms of pi. a^2 + b^2 = c^2 radius is 5 and 25pi

How to do: 4x+80=3x