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  1. Math

  2. social studies

    blahhh is correct
  3. Math

  4. History

    thanks leo! 100% you the real mvp
  5. Math

    Volumes of Prisms and Cylinders Find the volume of the rectangular prism: 297 in^3 Find the volume of the triangular prism: 216 ft^3 Find the volume of the cylinder: 8,491 mm^3 Find the volume of a cylinder with a diameter of 16 mm and a height of 5.7 mm: 1,146 mm^3 The final ...
  6. Art

    I used these and I got 100 percent on all of them I sware I'm not lying I'm not that kind of person B C A D A B C A C D
  7. math

    mine says 10 questions
  8. Spanish

    Unit9 L 4 B D D C C C B D A C D A C B A C A B D D B C A
  9. Math

    Jerome has 1/4 of the groups video games at his house. Mario has 2/5 of the groups video games at his house. What fraction of video the groups video games is either at Jerome's house or Mario's house?
  10. Math

    Lesson 14 equal equations and inequalities unit test math 7 unit 4 (unit Test) Please help I know a bit but not alot Answers or help? thank you
  11. chemistry

    determine the number of grams of Ne gas that must be added to a container in order for the volume to increase to 38.2 L at constant pressure and temperature if the container had an initial volume of 25.0 L and 2.0 moles of Ne
  12. Government

    6. Which criteria must a law meet in order to pass the government's strict scrutiny test to reasonably discriminate? 8. Which of the following actions would provide a citizen the most influence on government decision making?
  13. Chemistry

  14. Us government

    19. How is Snyder v Phelps an example of competing rights? Be specific in your answer. The court case of Snyder v phelps is an example of competing rights because the rights of privacy and speech are making distress and this came into conflict with the freedom of speech. 20. ...
  15. physics

    A uniform metre rule of mass 90g is pivoted at the 40cm mark. If the rule is in equilibrium with an unknown mass m placed at the 10cm mark and a 72g mass at the 70cm mark,determine m.
  16. History

    The answer is B.
  17. trig

    my appologies here is the exact question copied: Find sin(2x), cos(2x), and tan(2x) from the given information. sec(x) = 4, x in Quadrant IV
  18. trig

    secx = 4 in Q2 find sin2x,cos2x,tan2x
  19. math

    A parking garage has floors above and below ground level. For a scavenger hunt, galas friends are given a list of objects they need to find on the third floor and fourth level below ground, the first and fourth above ground, and ground level. a. If ground level is 0 and the ...
  20. geometry

  21. Math

    A triangular lot is 120ft on one side and has a property line of 700ft. Find the area of the lot in acres (figure not drawn to scale)
  22. Math

    In Exercises 16–18, use the following information. At a college, 43% of the students are women, 15% of the students are art majors, 4% have not chosen a major, and 8% are women and art majors. A faculty member conducts an experiment and selects students at random to ...
  23. biostatistics

    figured it out
  24. biostatistics

    Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic disease that affects synovial joints. About 1% of the world population suffers from this disease. A synovial test for the presence of the anti-citrullinated protein antibodies is commonly used when rheumatoid arthritis is suspected. This ...
  25. Chemistry

    Really appreciate it! Thanks for the break down.
  26. Chemistry

    I get that you're supposed to balance; however, I was confused on how to do the reduction and oxidation electron equations (the simplist way). Looked at too many examples online but nothing was clear. 1) Cu + HNO3 ? Cu(NO3)2 + NO2 + H2O 2.) KMnO4 + H2SO4 + FeSO4 ? MnSO4 + ...
  27. physical science

    Which description does the phrase "mechanical advantage" most closely relate to? A. The same amount of work using less force. B. The same amount of power using less work. C. The same amount of work using less power. D. The same amount of power using less pulleys.
  28. science

    Recall from previous activities in this lesson which era is sometimes referred to as the Age of Mammals. Locate and click on this section of the geologic time scale, and list the other possible names that could have been used to describe this era, and why?
  29. math-precalculus

    A Ferris wheel is 50 meters in diameter and boarded from a platform that is 1 meters above the ground. The six o'clock position on the Ferris wheel is level with the loading platform. The wheel completes 1 full revolution in 6 minutes. How many minutes of the ride are ...
  30. math-precalculus

    Outside temperature over a day can be modeled as a sinusoidal function. Suppose you know the temperature varies between 73 and 87 degrees during the day and the average daily temperature first occurs at 8 AM. How many hours after midnight, to two decimal places, does the ...
  31. Astronomy

    The correct answers: 1. C 2. B 3. B 4. A 5. C 6. A 7. B 8. D 9. A 10. A
  32. math

  33. Algebra

    A $4,000 principal is invested in two accounts, one earning 3% interest and another earning 4% interest. If the total interest for the year is $126, then how much is invested in each account?
  34. Math

    You are correct. Thank you.
  35. American Government

    Yup it was B. 1. ABC 2.C 3.BC 4.B
  36. History

    1) D 2) B 3) D 4) A 5) B, D
  37. 7th grade ss unit 1 lesson 13 test

    I am stuck on the test ss 2b one the lesson 13 test Why is mining important to the economy of the Untied states? I but mineral I am so stuck on this test
  38. math

  39. math

    Answer is 10 and 40

  41. Social Studies

    1. C 2. D 3. D 4. B
  42. Science

    What is methanol?
  43. Chemistry

  44. math

    One side of triangle is 5 more than 2 times the shortest side. The third side is 23 feet more than the shortest side. The perimeter is 72. Find all three sides.
  45. Math

    The land area of Statesville, NC, is 20.5 square miles. If the entire US population (currently about 320.2 million) were put inside the city limits of Statesville, determine the number of square feet that each person would have. Round your answer to two decimal places. [Hint: ...
  46. Math

    You need to buy some chicken for dinner tonight. You found an ad showing that the store across town has it on sale for $2.89 a pound, which is cheaper than your usual neighborhood store, which sells it for $2.99 a pound. Is it worth the extra drive? First, determine what ...
  47. Math

    A 6 inch personal pizza has 630 calories, with 240 of those from fat. A 16 inch pizza is cut into 8 slices. Estimate the number of calories in one slice of a 16 inch pizza.
  48. Math

    It takes a hose 4 minutes to fill a rectangular aquarium 8 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 14 inches tall. How long will it take the same hose to fill an aquarium measuring 24 inches by 27 inches by 31 inches?
  49. Social Studies

    farmers and astriocats is right
  50. French

    I think for the most part I have most right. I need help with all. Possibly by sunday night then to make it easy.
  51. French

    I have until sunday evening. Thankyou. It is quite a lot. I apologize but your work has been very helpful the past couple of times!
  52. French

    Can you fix any grammar I may have done wrong. Help Mme! Merci beaucoup. ______________________________________ 1. In the beginning of the film, the Magesty Cordelia talked to Joliterax about how Caesar almost annihilated the British army. *** Au début du film, la ...
  53. science

    calculate the moles of oxygen atom in 6.2 g of calcium carbonate?
  54. math

    your brother is 1/3 your age.your sister is 6 years older than your brother. your sister is 10 years old. write and solve and equation to find your age a
  55. american goverment check answers

    Anon was right! 100%
  56. math

    If a gallon of milk costs $3.00, how many gallons could be bought with $42.00?
  57. Geometry/Trig

  58. AP Calculus

    Ship A is sailing due west at 8km/hr when it sees ship B northwest of its present position. If ship B is sailing due south at 3km/hr, then how close will they come on their courses?
  59. Physics

    figured it out nvm
  60. Physics

    A row of seats is parallel to a stage at a distance of 8.70 m from it. At the center and front of the stage is a diffraction horn loudspeaker that has a width of 7.50 cm. The speaker is playing a tone at a frequency of 9600 Hz . The speed of sound is 344 m/s. a. What is the ...
  61. SS

    google your prob a 40 year old on google look up stuff how did you get here and Your trash at combacks Dusty bih boi made looking ass
  62. Algebra

    My answer was A for #5 forgot to put a star
  63. Algebra

    For questions 1-5 solve the equation. 1.-2v-7=23 (A)15 (B)8 ? (C)-8 (D)-15 2. X/3-10=-12 (A)-6 (B)-66 (C)6 (D)66? 3. d/3+10=7 (A)51 (B)20 ? (C)0 (D)-9 4. 2(2-2x)=-3x (A)-4 (B)4 ? (C)6 (D)0 5. 2.9n+1.7=3.5+2.3n (A)3 (B)-3 (C).3 (D)1 For questions 6-7, Simpifly the expression. 6...
  64. Chemistry

    A laboratory technician wants to determine the aspirin content of a headache pill by acid–base titration. Aspirin has a Ka of 3.0 × 10-4. The pill is dissolved in water to give a solution that is about 10-2 M and is then titrated with KOH solution. Find the pH at ...
  65. Chemistry

    Determine the mass of NH2CH2CO2Na and the volume of 0.150 M HCl solution required to make 1.35 L of a buffer solution at pH=10.75 and at a total concentration of 0.33 M. pKa(NH2CH2CO2H)=9.88. a.Mass of NH2CH2CO2Na: b. Volume of HCl solution: Hi Im sooo confused. 9.88=10.75+log...
  66. History

    I just took the Connexus test. It's B A C 3/3
  67. math

  68. American Government

    Thats all right!
  69. Chemistry

    Give a simple test that would allow you to distinguis between the following pairs of anions. Tell what you would do and what you should observe for each anion. A. CO3^2- and SO4^2- B. Cl- and SO4- C. CO3^2- and Cl- Now, for each cation A. B^3+ and Ca2+ B. Ca^2+ and Sr+ C. Ca^2...
  70. English please help

  71. civics

    Object-to-New-Local-Government-Laws I found this in wikihow but I don't know if it will help also it doesn't let me post the full website I'm sorry
  72. university physics

    m1v1i+m2v2i=(m1+m2)vf Hope this helps :)
  73. Chemistry

    Use two concentration tables to calculate the concentrations of the species present in a 0.0400 M solution of CsBrO. a.[HBrO] b.[BrO-] = 0.0400M c. [H3O+] d.[OH-] hi. how would I attempt this problem. can you walk me through it or give me a hint.
  74. Chemistry

    For a 0.47 M solution of LiClO compute the pH. Hi. I am confused about this question. I calculated the pH...but my answer is wrong. what am I doing wrong??? pH=-log(0.47) pH=0.33
  75. Math

    The stockholders’ equity at the beginning of the period was $200,000; at the end of the period, assets were $255,000 and liabilities were $40,000. If the owner made no additional investments or paid no dividends during the period, did the business incur a net income or a ...
  76. Math

  77. Health!

    There is statistics about suicide in general but I could not find any on antisocial personality disorder!
  78. Health!

    Statistics of Suicide regarding Antisocial Personality Disorder

    Little helper is right
  80. criminal justice

    When we claim that certain moral values or principles (e.g., do not steal) apply or should apply to all people, everywhere, we are saying that some values or principles are:
  81. phyd

    How long would it take for a small pebble to fall from the top of the Grand Canyon to its deepest part?

    The first 10 A C C B B D C C C B
  83. Wold History

    Having a hard time in World History! Please let me know if these are right and if not please tell me the answers! 1. How did the religious beliefs of the ancient Israelites differ from those of other nearby peoples? The Israelites believed in many gods, while other peoples ...
  84. stats

    So I think the way the professor wanted to answer this is knowing the empirical rule because its normal 65%= 1 SD 95%=2 SD 98%=3 SD all from the mean Variance of 25 gives us a Standard deviation of 5. 80% is the mean. So moving 2 SD up gives us 90% Its normal and the empirical...
  85. Social Studies (Check Answers)

    Note: There have been people who set their name as "Ms. Sue" before, and they try to confuse people.
  86. Math

    Find three consecutive even integers such that the sum of the smallest and largest is 36
  87. Wold History

    He's Correct
  88. Wold History

    Which of the following most directly resulted from the Neolithic Revolution? •Populations increased. •Complex cultures blended. •Religion became less important. 2. Which of the following best describes the emergence of social classes in early civilizations? &#...
  89. math

    1.8e+6 in simplest form?
  90. physics

    A highway curve forms a section of a circle. A car goes around the curve. Its dashboard compass shows that the car is initially heading due east. After it travels 620. m, it is heading 30.0° south of east. Find the radius of curvature of its path.
  91. American Government

    Yes becky right
  92. Algebra II

    Let f(x) = 2x − 6. Solve f^−1(x) when x = 2. I think it is 4. f(x) = 2x - 6 y = 2x - 6 x = 2y - 6 +6 + 6 x + 6 = 2y ----- ---- 2 2 x + 6 ----- = y or f^-1(x) 2 x = 2: 2 + 6 8 ----- = --- 2 2 8 --- = 4 2
  93. Social Studies

    D correct
  94. Social Studies

    B correct
  95. hard core physics

    A car is at motion.It horns an hears the echo of the sound after 6 sec.find the speed of the car.
  96. Physics

    A 22 kg suitcase is being pulled with constant speed by a handle that is at an angle of 23 ∘ above the horizontal. If the normal force exerted on the suitcase is 150 N , what is the force F applied to the handle? I don't understand how the equations are suppose to be...
  97. Stats

    A genetic experiment with peas resulted in one sample of offspring that of 421 green peas 155 yellow peas. Construct a 95% conf. Interval for yellow peas. _<p<_
  98. Please check my answers for science!

    4/4 thanks anon
  99. LA

    @Ms.Sue your wrong stop giving everyone the wrong answer it's mrs cratchit like wow
  100. Social studies

    JOY Is right
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